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Awarded Best of iTunes, The $100 MBA Show is a podcast where you simply get better at business with our practical business lessons for the real world. These no fluff episodes are packed with only the pure business building training you want.

Omar Zenhom (@TheOmarZenhom) shares some of the best lessons, concepts, examples and insights from inside The $100 MBA training and community. Omar also calls upon some of the industry's top experts as guest teachers on the show. Again, no backstories or promotions, just solid business lessons from the best in the game.

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  • Comfort Captain
    Great Advice
    Omar is great. The quick episodes are direct and to the point. This is so helpful for a busy schedule.
  • Dpippen
    The advice from this show is so practical and immediately actionable!
  • Brenners249
    10 minutes of gold!
    Solid advice without the fluff. Omar has earned my full trust and put my business back on track!
  • 420driver
    Excellent show
    I really appreciate all the insight they pack into every episode
  • Love this show!!!!
    Love this show!
    I love the unique format for this show. I know I can count on Omar
  • RobertFukui
    Highly practical
    I love the shorter format which cuts out the fluff and get right to the meat. Highly practical and takeaways you can implement today.
  • Jnelly76
    Great Show
    One of the best shows if you’re looking for tactical knowledge!
  • mvelasco07
    A must-listen!
    I recently discovered The $100 MBA Show and I’m so glad I did! I’m consistently impressed by the depth of knowledge and insights shared in each episode. I truly learn something valuable every time I tune in. Highly recommend giving it a listen!
  • chvolk
    $100 MBA Is Amazing
    As a businessperson and entrepreneur, I love the concise lessons Omar and his guests have to give. I have recommended $100 MBA to many I work with. Thanks!
  • Runinback
    Great practical information
    Easy listening to help provide guidance to business
  • Natashasaenz97
    Omar does an absolutely wonderful job of producing a show that has both witty banter and informative content! His thoughtful questions guide the interview in a lovely way to create a natural flow to the lessons.
  • Nick349731
    If you’re someone like me who can’t listen to 2-hour interviews, and just want to get to the meat right away, THIS is the podcast for you! I love how concise the episodes are. No fluff, full of value, and really feels like you’re getting … probably better than an MBA all for free. Definitely a Podcast you can binge and get tons of value - highly recommended! 5 stars!
  • Brook Norris
    Great for any business level
    No matter where you’re at in your business ventures this podcast has something for you. Great listen!
    Add this to your morning playlist
    Omar shares great insights and real-life lessons.
  • Tyler Jefcoat
    Very nice show!
    Thank you for the show!
  • Teach 'n Thrive
    Concise and actionable
    This pod does the job. Omar is a gifted teacher who has a breadth of knowledge as an entrepreneur who is in the game, not just talking about it.
  • Mark R @ The One-Idea Rule
    Great Info Delivered in a Focused Format!
    This podcast explores very timely topics with great focus and detail. For example, the recent show on where to do your remote work (a co-working space or a cafe?) takes on an issue that affects so many professionals today. On the surface it may not seem too important, but Omar quickly gets to a related question that matters to all of us: what's the best environment to get your work done -- to be productive? Now that we can choose our work environment (instead of it being chosen for us), this is a variable that really matters. And we can choose wisely, or not. After making the case for the topic's importance, the show gets into (only) related and important details about it. This focused approach is used in all the episodes and guarantees that the listener will not be wasting any time at The $100MBA show. If the topic of any episode is of interest to you, then the podcast will deliver details and explanations about that topic that can help you make decisions with confidence.
  • Steve Farrell @Humanity’s Team
    A Podcast That Delivers on Its Promise
    The $100MBA Show is an excellent podcast for entrepreneurs and small business owners who are seeking practical and actionable advice. The show covers a broad range of topics related to entrepreneurship, including marketing, finance, leadership, productivity, and more. It also features interviews with successful entrepreneurs and industry experts, providing valuable insights and different perspectives. Omar carefully selects his guests who offer a diverse range of experiences, making each episode unique and engaging! It’s a must-listen!
  • Dee Elle Rose
    Great for busy SMB owners
    No fluff, actionable business advice.
  • 543Me
    Great show for new and growing businesses
    Omar is great at finding unique talent and getting his hands into the subject matter (even products) to create a rich listener experience. Wonderful show!
  • Philip Klayman
    Quick Quality Content
    This podcast is fantastic for entrepreneurs and small business owners. Many other podcasts I’ve listened to will give you thoughts or theory on business, but Omar cuts the fluff and gets to the meat. He always delivers timely advice with tangible next steps. Love that the episodes are also quick! Can’t recommend this podcast enough.
  • Mlreesh
    Great concise format
    Business podcasts are usually way too long. Not Omar’s. He gets to the point really fast. Appreciate the work that goes into being concise. It’s not as easy as it sounds.
  • Humanity’s Team Worldwide
    Bite Sized Inspiration
    We love how informative each program is, delivering from a wide variety of areas of expertise. Something for everyone - businesses, non-profits, and solo entrepreneurs a like! -Steve
  • wzachs4
    Great, Actionable Takeaways
    $100 MBA was a game changer for me. Really like the short format, makes it super easy. Each episode is only like 10 minutes.
  • juhgytfresrchnkjhygtrdvjbihguy
    Great ideas
    Omar has a great energy and awesome information
  • theonlyrealkyle
    Very informative
    These episodes are really informative
  • dorothyholla
    Great show for time tested, actionable business advice
    The $100 MBA is one of the best podcasts out there for practical business advice to advance your career. Whether you are an early stage or advanced entrepreneur, there is content that will help you to accelerate your results, building both your business and your legacy. 10/10 recommend.
  • hfdsalgfdu
    I’ve Listened To 2000+ Episodes Of The $100 MBA Show
    I first started listening to the $100 MBA Show around when the 27th episode was released. I’m probably not your typical listener of this podcast. I don’t own a business. I just needed something to listen to for my daily commute that was different in subject and tone from the other podcasts I was listening to at the time. Eight years and two thousand plus episodes later, I’m still listening to the $100 MBA. I enjoy Omar’s positive, upbeat, and encouraging lessons and attitude. He gives real, interesting, informative, and useful advice. Many of these lessons have specific examples that come from Omar’s own experience as an entrepreneur. I’ve learned a lot about entrepreneurship without actually being one. Even without owning a business, I find it worthwhile to listen to this podcast. And If I do start a business someday, I’m much more ready after being a regular listener. After all these episodes, I’m still not tired of the $100 MBA Show. There’s almost always something I find interesting in each one. Some podcasts that I used to listen to are no longer being made, but the $100 MBA Show is still going strong and still feels as fresh as ever. Thanks to Omar and his team for making such a great podcast. One more thing — I also really enjoy the show’s theme music, even after hearing it thousands of times.
  • 1127Hank
    Actionable and Educational Info and Easily Digestible
    Entrepreneur or not, we are all busy and always looking for the “best” or “easiest” way to achieve something. Omar showcases some of the brightest minds in entrepreneurship, who genuinely sound like they live for offering golden nuggets of wisdom. Think of it as your continued education in not just entrepreneurship, but learning about people and the simple fact that we all want to belong and find common ground. It's those very foundations that keep us moving towards our dreams and visions of what success means to us. It's evident that Omar sincerely wants his listeners to thrive and leave a mark in this world.
  • Madison_Mia ,
    Great Podcast
    One of the best podcast ever I listen. Love you!!
  • Hilary DeCesare
    Great show!
    Insightful podcast for entrepreneurs! Thank you!
  • Shamina Taylor
    Great Listen
    I was moved by Omar's solo episode Must Read: Expert Secrets by Russell Brunson. Omar mentioned that two people can be right in their truths and there are multiple ways to reach the same destination, in sales and in business. Your beliefs around business and success will ultimately determine the outcome of it! This such an amazing podcast and I highly suggest it to anyone!
    Practical Usable >>> Huge Value
    I just recently became aware of the $100 MBA show, and if there’s a single approach I absolutely love it is the practical step-by-step approach providing value to the listener. I do a lot of leadership training, and what I do know is that when I provide a step-by-step approach that is the deal maker for providing value to my clients. I’ll be tuning in a lot more. Thanks so much.
  • Stephen M. Key
    It was an honor
    It was such an honor and pleasure to participate on your podcast. Thank you for letting me share my story with your audience.
  • Ritz202
    Amazing lessons
    Quick easy to follow insightful advice. Highly recommended.
  • Creator wizard
    Seriously valuable!
    Omar’s dedicated to this podcast over so many years is absolutely incredible. So much value packed into each episode. Huge fan!
  • HappyRunningFan
    Binge-worthy business advice!
    Super helpful advice to take your business to the next level with zero fluff. Highly recommend!
  • D. Priday
    Practical and tangible business advice
    I have learned so much listening to this podcast. It is concise and informative. It is a must listen for business owners.
  • Cameron Garver
    Very refreshing
    Love the podcast. Great opportunity to set your mind right before the workday and get better every day!
  • candaceamn
    Loved the insight to reality
    Funnels vs websites finished the chatter and made a valuable decision for my new company. Invaluable info!!!
  • Onebison
    On Point!
    Very informative show with actionable and relevant items that can really benefit entrepreneurs!
  • ElizJoy14
    Full of actionable takeaways
    The length of the episodes is perfect for a daily podcast and the content is informative but still digestible. I have gotten a lot of ideas and insights from this show that I’ve integrated or plan to integrate into my business!
  • mjwh520
    Great show
    This show has a near-5 star average rating for a reason! Worth adding to your rotation
  • Alexandra66
    Kate Erickson is an Amazing Teacher!
    Kate is such an engaging teacher. I really appreciate her perspective on scaling an online business with systems. She made this so easy to understand and very actionable. Thanks again Kate and Omar!
  • Kim Beales
    The $100 MBA Show
    Educational - thanks!
  • SkierScott123
    Best Podcast For Entrepreneurs
    Omar shares inspiring stories and empowering insights to help entrepreneurs grow a profitable, thriving business. I’ve enjoyed following along the show for some time now, and particularly enjoy episode 2146 where he talks about creating energetic and financial boundaries between you and your business. I’ll be referring many of my friends and clients to Omar’s podcast.
  • UKChadwick
    Actionable takeaways
    Interesting guests, pragmatic and useful advice
  • oldmannriver
    Insightful and Actionable — Added To the Regular Rotation. You should too.
    Omar shares so many different insights in this show, and brings on a wide variety of experienced and successful entrepreneurs. It is truly impressive that this is a free resource, a huge library of back episodes to go through now. Highly recommended listening!
  • AymanAbdulah2341
    Nobody more approachable than Omar when it comes to Biz
    Omar and team are the most approachable in the world in the biz when it comes to business podcasting. Omar is a genius at taking intimidating topics and make it easy for anyone to approach it. Love listening to both the short forms and longer episodes. 10/10 would recommend.
  • HOPE for Leaders
    How to be an every day millionaire
    Just listened to Chris Hogan’s podcast on how to be an every day millionaire. Appreciated his practical approach to making something that seems very unattainable very attainable. At the end I was inspired to start living his lessons for success!
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