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Welcome to Outlander Cast: An Outlander Podcast with Mary & Blake, your go-to source for all things related to the Starz original series Outlander. Join us as we dive into the captivating world of this time-traveling saga, based on the acclaimed novel series by Diana Gabaldon.In this podcast, we recap and review each episode of Outlander, the hit historical drama that has captured the hearts of viewers worldwide. Starring the talented Caitriona Balfe as Claire Randall, a former World War II nurse who finds herself transported back in time to the 18th century Scottish Highlands, and Sam Heughan as the dashing Jamie Fraser, the series offers a mesmerizing blend of romance, adventure, and intrigue.In our engaging podcast, we will thoroughly discuss, meticulously analyze, thoughtfully interpret, and even constructively criticize all aspects related to the show, ensuring we incorporate as much valuable listener feedback as possible. Prepare to immerse yourself in our lively conversations as we explore the countless layers of Outlander, sharing our favorite moments from the show and unveiling the immensely popular "Outlandish Theory of the Week." Whether it's the exhilarating highs or the poignant lows, we'll leave no stone unturned.As we embark on a journey through the various seasons of Outlander, we'll celebrate and dissect the remarkable performances delivered by the talented cast. Prepare to be enchanted by the undeniable chemistry between Caitriona Balfe's Claire and Sam Heughan's Jamie, as their on-screen connection ignites the screen. With the creative expertise of executive producer and showrunner Matt B. Roberts, along with the contributions of Maril Davis and writer Toni Graphia, supported by a team of skilled writers including Barbara Stepansky and Luke Schelhaas, Diana Gabaldon's cherished characters spring to life on the small screen with unparalleled authenticity.From the gripping confrontations with the villainous Jack Randall, masterfully portrayed by Tobias Menzies, to the awe-inspiring vistas of Scotland that serve as the backdrop, Outlander offers a captivating blend of riveting drama and breathtaking beauty. We'll delve deep into the intricate web of the series' time-travel concept, exploring its complexities and unraveling its fascinating implications. Additionally, we'll shine a spotlight on the historical events interwoven within the narrative, particularly the turbulent Jacobite rising that adds depth and resonance to the storytelling.We will unlock the secrets of Outlander and invite you to be an active participant in our discussions. Whether the show is in full swing, resulting in weekly episodes brimming with excitement, or during its off-season when we produce content on a monthly basis, we're dedicated to delivering enriching and entertaining episodes that will keep you captivated.Prepare to embark on an unforgettable adventure as we delve into the world of Outlander, a show that blends passion, time travel, and historical intrigue into an irresistible tapestry of storytelling.With each episode, Mary and Blake, will provide their unique perspectives on the show. Mary, having read the books, offers insights from a book-reader's standpoint, while Blake, a show watcher, brings a fresh and unspoiled viewpoint to the discussions. Together, they'll analyze and interpret the show's themes, character arcs, and plot developments.Outlander Cast: An Outlander Podcast is a must-listen for fans of the Starz original series Outlander. Whether you're already a dedicated fan or just discovering the show, this podcast is worth watching. Join Mary and Blake as they take you on a captivating journey through the Scottish Highlands, unraveling the mysteries of time and love.Tune in to Outlander Cast: An Outlander Podcast, presented by Mary & Blake Media, and join the conversation surrounding this acclaimed series. Let us transport you to a world of adventure, romance, and breathtaking storytelling.

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  • IleneWe
    I enjoy listening to husband and wife podcasts. Mary and Blake have great chemistry and are very, very funny. They also have insightful commentary besides the enjoyable banter! It’s fun, because Mary has read the books and Blake hasn’t, and Blake comes out with these outlandish predictions that are sometimes right on, and sometimes outlandish (and spoiler free)! I love the listener feedback episodes as well. I was a fan of their This Is Us podcast too and often re listen to random episodes. If you’re looking for a nice companion to your outlander experience, listen to Mary and Blake!
  • Jeniko3
    I would follow these 2 anywhere
    I found Mary and Blake on the OutlanderCast and rewatched all 6 seasons while listening to their wicked awesome podcast on my walks after each episode. They tick all the boxes for me - funny, insightful, knowledgable, honest and comforting. I followed their advice and watched the Leftovers while listening to their podcast. I wouldn’t have watched the Leftovers without their podcast to help me through it (it was heavy). Now onto Rise Up and then decide what to watch next. I love the Boston humor and laugh out loud everytime they talk about getting ciggies at the Paki (spelling?) and other Rhode Island and Boston tales. Keep it coming Mary and Blake!
  • mollie Ogden
    If you like one persons perspective this is your show
    I wanted to love this podcast but all the lengthy sound effects are overkill. Harry Potter, Back to the future, Whitney Houston, Outstanding, Your cousin from Boston, and that’s not even half of them. The sound effects are annoying and lengthy and take away from show. I also can’t take Blake’s “Uber masculinity” and his tangents about wanting to hurt men who look at Mary, it’s actually kind of laughable. On the latest episode he said he wanted to kill a man for asking her to dance, it was way over the top. I also don’t know why that story was thrown in an episode about Outlander? Blake is narcissistic and the way he speaks about a successful actor, Rik Rankin, again is laughable. Sorry some people are actually working on a TV show and you just talk about it, his high opinion of himself and his thoughts on the show are just a major turn off! It’s sad because Mary’s love and knowledge of the show is great and I would love to continue to listen to her but I just can’t.
  • YourCousinFromAZ
    I first found M
  • 1boooooooot987
    New to outlander and Mary and Blake
    I’m new to Outlander (I can’t believe I’m only discovering it now) and I’m trying to not blow through it so quickly so I love listening to Mary and Blake to help me digest each episode. They are so funny and smart. I’m currently at season 6, episode 4 and I’m DYING at Mary going off the rails talking about Liam Nieson and your jaw hurting. Don’t let the complainers sensor you guys I love it so much!!
  • Bloominggirl
    Can’t Listen Anymore
    While there aren’t too many Outlander podcasts, I just can’t listen to this one anymore. As much as I’d like to keep listening, and I’ve been listening to this podcast since the beginning, one of the hosts, Blake, is incredibly rude about viewers of the show or readers of the books, and disregards their opinions if they don’t line up with what he thinks and he’s just unpleasant to listen to. As much as I like Mary, the other host, the podcast just isn’t for me anymore.
  • Librarychickd
    Makes the show even better
    Listening to this podcast really makes the show even better. Blake’s points about editing and cinematography and Mary’s about the music always make me see the scenes in a different, more complex and often more heartfelt way. I love their banter and when I watch an episode I’m always wondering what Mary and Blake will have to say about it.
  • RAlva2020
    5+ Kilt Rating
    I started listening to this podcast several years ago and by far it is one of best podcasts out there. Not only have I learned a lot about how tv shows operate, but I've begun to notice details I've never paid attention to before. It helps me to appreciate not just this show, but tv in general. I feel like a smarter viewer! Beyond facts and details though, this show is honest, upbeat, charming and hilarious! I've burst into laughter several times in the middle of the store while listening. With Blake a show-watcher and Mary a book reader, it makes for a more "interesting" show and helps me see the story from a fresh take. Their listener feedback episode has become something really special, and you can see how much Mary and Blake have worked to build such an incredible community. It's a highlight when I see new episodes pop up, and because I enjoy this show so much, I've started watching some other shows that I might not have considered because of them-- and have thoroughly enjoyed their recommendations-- especially when I could listen to their other podcasts alongside the shows. You won't regret giving them a listen-- it's good stuff.
  • PajaritaJusticiera
    A joy to listen to
    Mary and Blake’s recaps are a joyful companion to watching (and reading) Outlander. Their insights, theories, and Blake’s historical asides feels like chatting about the show with two equally enthusiastic friends around the water cooler after each episode. Highly recommend!
  • Amy S from SE TX
    Such A Surprise
    Stumbled on to the Podcast for Outlander and I love y’all. You make me laugh and I love the historical bits from Blake. Can’t wait to hear more. 👍🏻👍🏻
  • mlpg04
    Beautiful couple
    Love watching Mary and Blake do their Outlander podcast on YouTube and then I listen to them here on Apple podcast also. They’re funny and their chemistry is great. I am always entertained on their analyses for each episode.
  • Nicole6040
    Great Podcast!
    I love Outlander and enjoy adding to the experience of each show by listening to Mary and Blake. They offer great insight and different perspectives. Highly recommend!
  • HaveNoDoutt
    Really though, a fun podcast with so much humor and insight to Outlander. I love that Blake adds so much depth to the podcast with his historical knowledge and filming details/insights. It adds to the very fun and easy to connect to Mary and her lighthearted takes and connecting the books to the show while keeping it spoiler free and….interesting.
  • onice1994
    A Wicked Pissah Podcast!! 😁
    I am so glad I finally came upon Mary & Blake’s Outlander podcast! I am a crazy in love fan of the Outlander show and books, but I see that I am very late to the party here with Mary & Blake. I just started listening to these fellow New Englanders at the start of Season 7 and have loved every minute of their lively and adorable banter as they intelligently dissect each episode. I can’t get enough of the epic Outlander show, but since I’ve found this podcast, I’m now getting so much more out of each episode and I’m wicked excited about that! So thank you so much Mary & Blake! Once all of season 7 has ended, I’m going to go back and rewatch the entire series before the final (😢)season 8 begins AND listen to all the Mary & Blake podcasts that I’ve missed along the way. I’m now thinking it’s going to be an A-mazing droughtlander for me and I actually can’t wait ☺️! -Karen from Quincy
  • chughes115
    My BFFs
    One of my favorite podcasts (and I listen to pods all day, every day). Mary and Blake are a true delight. The episodes are thoughtfully organized, but never boring. Blake’s laugh is the absolute best - I LOVE it when they both get tickled (which is often). Sincerely a joy to listen to (along with the other shows from Mary and Blake Media).
  • EmmaDz
    binge listen!!
    Not only are Mary and Blake hilarious, they're smart, and articulate in their disection of each episode, I love how they have fun with the G(good)B(bad)G(great) and Blake's outlandish theory of the week (as a book reader I have myself a squeal when Blake is onto something - I can't help it) - If you have the time and no responsibilites requiring much attention listen to their podcast from episode one and don't stop until you hit the most recent episode! this is a must.
  • Robyn Parrish
    As Much Fun as Jamie and Claire
    As a Netflix (now Starz) binge watcher of Outlander, I discovered Mary and Blake’s podcast somewhere in the middle of Season 2. After a couple of listens, I was hooked and ever since have made it a requirement to hear the accompanying recap and listener feedback podcast episodes before moving on to the next show episode. I look forward to each podcast installment as much as the show itself, with Blake’s spot-on observations and critiques, knowledge of the television industry, history lessons and especially his outlandish theories. Mary brings a devil’s advocate side to the discussion as well as her lightening-fast wit, often causing both Blake and myself to erupt into laughter. They are truly as much fun as Jamie and Claire! 5+ kilts!
  • megdoula
    Part of my weekly routine
    I watch the episode, listen to Mary and Blake, then rewatch the episode keeping an eye or ear open for what I might have missed. Both bring a different perspective as a wealth of knowledge, Mary as a book fan and musician and Blake with knowledge of show writing and production. I may not always agree with them but they always entertain! 5 kilts
  • Jen Barrett, aka: The Anti-Lou
    Knockin' it outta the proverbial pahk!!!
    In truth, Mary and Blake deserve ALL THE STARS IN THE FIRMAMENT for their amazing work – they are TOP TIER podcasters and I’ve been a devoted listener ever since season three of Outlander. In fact, Outlander Cast was the first podcast to which I ever listened, and it set a very high standard indeed. I have listened to a ton of different podcasts since, and many have had a difficult time measuring up (and some are downright “gahbage”). Such comparisons have left me with an even greater appreciation of all the time and energy Mary and Blake put into creating such a thoughtful, intelligent, positive, funny, and unabashedly nerdy podcast for fans to enjoy. Blake is reliably knowledgeable about the nuts and bolts of show-making, and his oft-brilliant insights are sure to inspire enthusiasm in even the most casual TV watcher. Meanwhile, Mary brings the laughs and the raw emotional reactions to which we can all relate. Their engaging, conversational tone is made even more intimate by all the space Mary and Blake devote to listener feedback. And guess what? Outlander Cast is only the tip of the Mary and Blake iceberg: they have roughly a KAJILLION other podcasts, covering such shows as Game of Thrones, This is Us, The Crown, and The Last Kingdom, to name just a few. Plus, they are currently hosting a comprehensive, chapter-by-chapter exploration of the Potterverse. In short, there’s something for everyone at Mary and Blake Media. Their podcasts all have the same welcoming, inclusive vibe that makes you feel like you are hanging out with friends – and in a way, you are.
  • pappagallo88
    Five Plus Kilts!
    I give Mary and Blake’s Outlander podcast a rating of 5+ kilts!! This husband and wife team/dynamic duo are quintessential listening for the diehard Outlander fan. I really appreciate not only having a husband and wife perspective on the show, but also a male and female perspective as they are both so, so different. I watch Outlander with my husband but he’s not one to dissect an episode like I would like to, so I always look forward to hearing what Mary and Blake have to say each week and feel like I’m part of the conversation. You guys are great!!! Thank you.
  • lpark15
    My favorite!
    If you are looking for an Outlander companion podcast, go no further! Mary and Blake are my favorite podcasters. I have listened to their podcasts for years, but Outlandercast holds a special place in my heart because it was the first Mary and Blake podcast I listened to. I always look forward to hearing their insight and thoughts about each episode. I find myself laughing and smiling as as if am right there in the studio with them. They are real people having real conversations about Outlander and it makes the podcast so informative and fun! Highly recommend!
  • EmBenWal
    The Best Podcast!!
    It’s just like talking about your favorite show with your best friends who are just as obsessed as you are. I look forward to every new drop of Outlandercast and have listened to multiple others of Mary & Blake. Can’t recommend them and their podcasts enough!
  • lindsey lamson
    Funny and relatable
    Really enjoyable podcast. As a fellow Taurus from the northeast I find a lot of joy from their content.
  • jsjdbhdidkskms
    5 kilts
    Love listening to you two. Gives me all the feels. Keep it up!!!!!
  • GenaGingerCasa
    Mary and Blake are Like Old Friends!
    I started watching Outlander last year and seriously none of my friends watch it, so there’s no one to talk about it with. 😫 I recently discovered Mary and Blake’s Outlander podcast and have found it so refreshing and entertaining. They always point out things that I missed and always keep me laughing! I can’t wait until the next episode, almost as much as the next episode of Outlander!
  • melcrazy
    The Best
    I’ve been a faithful Mary & Blake listener for a while now and it all started with this podcast. I love the book/show perspectives (and how right on Blake is most of the time with his theories!) They are also just fun people to listen to and have such a great married-couple chemistry - like if I bumped into them somewhere I’d have the urge to give them big hugs since I feel like we’re old friends at this point. 🙈 This show is for fans of Outlander who want the recap but much more - laughter, intrigue…and a VERY strong Boston accent. (I’m also from the Boston area so I can say that. 😆) This is my go-to Outlander podcast and I always look forward to their take after watching the show.
  • AZ Kimberly
    Insightful, Charming, Funny - A Must Listen
    I started listening to Mary and Blake during season 2 of Outlander in 2016. It was literally my first podcast and listening to them was a delightful mental escape from my rush hour commute. Over the last seven years, I have continued to followed them and picked up their series on The Crown, Bridgerton, Game of Thrones, Hamilton, and the Last Kingdom. At this point, I would listen to them describe paint drying. I can’t get enough of them. I love that they identify the deeper meaning of the visual symbolism or character actions that I may miss, but also discuss the more obvious fan favorite scenes (Did Outlander just reveal Ian has a son??!!) But most of of all - I love them together. Mary’s laugh is infectious and Blake’s “stats are for nerds” historical observations are entertaining. They make me laugh! In a world that often pits commentators against each other for shock value entertainment, this pair is refreshing! They don’t always agree, but they share their differing opinions with humor and charm. They are professional and prepared, but so authentic and sincere that it feels like I’m listening to old friends discuss my favorite shows and life in general. Even if I didn’t really enjoy the TV show episode - I always enjoy hearing them discussing it!! They make an amazing team.
  • Lorrainesophia
    Favorite Podcast
    Mary and Blake are so entertaining and love their breakdown and insight of the Outlander episodes. I was late to the podcast and listening during Droughtlander, shocked how Blake’s outlandish theories are so accurate. I think I will have to fast forward going forward so not spoiled, lol! Both Mary and Blake are truly fun to listen too! Love their love story too! Highly recommend!
  • Catielady86
    Comfort listen!
    Been with Mary and Blake since the early days and I enjoy every singe one💕
  • DinnaFash Victoria
    Literally the best Outlander podcast out there!
    My sister and I joined the Outlander fandom late and in the beginning of Covid and she discovered and recommended your podcast. I binged all 5 seasons and podcast episodes within a month in 2020! You guys have the best takes on the episodes and have me laughing out loud all the time! We have the same taste in everything. I’m a Potter, Bridgerton, Queen Charlotte, This Is Us, GOT, Succession, Handmaids Tale, Downton Abbey, The Crown and Hamilton lover as well so I’m basically at home here! Outlander Cast gets 5+++ kilt rating every time!
  • Agarrett88
    The best place to nerd out
    I am so excited to have found this podcast! Mary and Blake have multiple podcasts and they are all GOLD! I love the time they pour into this and I spend the entire hour with the dumbest smile pasted on my face, just squealing and busting up laughing! To have somewhere to have a conversation about all of the nerdy things I love is like nothing else. Mary and Blake are a light in the darkness that can often times surround us. If you’re not listening to Mary and Blake, you’re missing out! Whether you’re into Harry Potter, Bridgerton, Game of Thrones, or Outlander, this is the place you wanna be! They knock it outta the park (insert Boston accent here 😆)
  • KristenFred
    Such a satisfying podcast!
    I’ve been with Mary and Blake since 2016, and they just get better and better. If you’ve listened to their This Is Us podcast, you have the emotional insights into their experiences of the world that infirm their very sensitive reactions to Outlander as well. They’re not afraid to discuss trauma, loneliness, loss, but always in the spirit of resilience and great humour. Thank you! I always watch the episodes, then listen to the podcast, then watch again. The highlight of my week during the Outlander season!
  • TC1134662
    Mary and Blake: my Outlander mentors!
    Need more Outlander in your life? Have no fear, Mary and Blake are here! I’m new-ish to the Outlander obsession and this podcast has given me just what I was looking for in taking this passion to the next level. Mary and Blake’s conversation and overall teamwork is so effortless in their podcast! Each host brings a unique perspective as they break down each episode and I love how entertaining they make it all: Blake’s Outlandish Theories, listener feedback, filmmaking insight, the sound bites, Mary’s musical and book knowledge AND her stoicism and commitment in keeping the show spoiler-free for those who haven’t read the books (yet). I don’t know how you do it, Mary, especially when he’s right with his Outlandish Theories! What I love about their show is that it’s spoiler-free for show-only watchers, so you can truly enjoy it all as each episode unfolds. I am excited to say that I am graduating from show-only watcher to book reader and I can thank Blake and Mary for that! (Currently reading Jamie and Claire’s wedding chapter for the first time—swoon!) I found Outlander as a brand new mom during the pandemic and I found Mary and Blake two years later when I was up at all hours with baby #2! Wish I would have found them sooner, but so grateful for their mentorship of me in all things Outlander! Thanks for all you do, Larsens! And thank you for all the laughs, the insights and the absolutely great company! Would highly recommend your podcast to anyone! Sláinte!
  • maryttttk
    Must Listen OL Podcast
    Besides a thorough examination of the Outlander story, Blake and Mary give an excellent analysis of the technical aspects of television making. I love this “stats are for nerds” (iykyk) part of the podcast. Lighting, framing, editing, POV, music, and the Chekhovs are all examined! Wonderful, but Blake, leave the singing to your lovely wife!
  • Trbcsv
    Weekly Highlight!
    I’ve been listening to Mary and Blake for several years now and I look forward to their podcast on Outlander almost as much as I look forward to watching Outlander. I never miss listening to their show and I have listened to some of their other podcasts, too, and they are just as informative and entertaining. Thank you so much for always being authentic and straight forward as you podcast on the shows you guys love, but also regarding “real” life! Y’all are awesome! A fan from the South! 😄
  • Kim from Reno
    A Bonny Podcast Indeed!
    I love Mary and Blake so much, I look forward to their podcast as much as I do the Outlander episode itself! Such a great balance between the two of them. So much fun, laughter, and great insights into each episode that I often don't catch myself. And I can't get enough of their NE accents! Also enjoy hearing listener feedback from all over the world. Keep it up M & B and thank you!!
  • Trish P Chicago
    The Outlander Clan is back
    Here we are in Season 7 and I still love listening to Mary & Blake. I discovered Mary & Blake sometime around Season 2 when no one I knew watched the show. At that time it was like discussing the show with a friend. Since then I’ve read the books multiple times and got a lot more family & friends watching the show. I still enjoy listening to Mary and Blake’s analysis of the show and engaging in the listener feedback.
  • Stephroseanne
    Love this podcast.
    I’ve been listening for years and I love Mary and Blake and their banter back and forth as well as the respect they have for one another and their listeners. Great podcast and always one of my first listens for Outlander.
  • Teacher 1968
    I love your show!
    I found your show while looking for something to listen to while walking. I had been spending so much time thinking and I needed a distraction. My son had tried to kill himself and that was what was constantly running through my mind. Why didn’t I see it? What could I have done different? Thank you Lord for saving him and on and on. I went back to the beginning and listened to everything about Outlander. You gave me the distraction I needed and helped me laugh again. My son is in therapy and doing well. He is taking a course in the fall at our community college and his father and I are here for support. You were the joy I needed when I was the saddest I had ever been. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Mary North Carolina (not too far from “Fraser’s Ridge)
  • Buford the pug
    Great Company
    I love your Outlander and also your This is us, Podcast. I only found you guys , this season 5 of Outlander on my Spotify podcast search . I listen to you All day , during my chores , exercises and cooking time. You are a refreshing voice and much needed , great company during our Pause from the world for a bit ... I am from NJ, and I am a Outlander fan from the beginning. Your podcast is the best and without a doubt , the most fun, to review each episode and I love your theories. Mary and Blake , I Am now watching you on your Fun season five Virtual Finale party! What a truly sweet Idea! Mary you are so pretty ! ( I must try your makeup !, Makeup is my life !LOL) You are an adorable and refreshing couple. Love the journey of outlander and sharing it with you guys , is trying a Fun Time. ! Thank you. Ok time for the finale! See you on the after show ! Please keep the podcast going ! Stay safe and healthy. We are all in this together. Sending you both a Virtual warm Jersey Hug! Happy Podcaster Julie Nolan and Madison Penelope. My little brown Shih-tzu
  • SJohn35
    Keep knocking it out if the park!
    I have been listening to Outlander Cast since I started watching outlander when season 4 came out. I have since read all the books multiple times and become a full-fledged outlander nerd. I just have to say that Mary and Blake are the most entertaining hosts and put so much work and effort into this podcast. I have tried listening to other outlander podcast and they just pale in comparison. They really care about their listeners and it shows. Keep knockin it out of the park!
  • Jerih123
    The couple I look forward to listening to
    Blake and Mary are both so fun and entertaining to listen to. I have been listening to their older episodes as well as their other podcasts for some time now. Mary I listen to you guys and think me and that girl could be besties and Blake your take on the show and perspective are always great to hear even if I think you dive in too deep sometimes. Lol but your guys banter back and forth is hilarious and I hope to continue listening to this podcast for a long time still. PS Blake’s outlandish Theories are so spot on sometimes I wonder if he is getting insider information from somewhere. Thanks Jeri
  • NajwaM
    One of My Favorite Podcasts (and I Listen To a Lot of Them)!!
    I found Mary
  • nicspac
    Love Outlander?
    You will love this podcast! Mary and Blake always have me laughing out loud with their witty banter and insight about all things Outlander! Love these two - you won’t be sorry - Best time spent in podcast airwaves! Slainte
  • pizza hot dog
    I’m in love!
    How did I not know about this!?! As a book reader and watcher, I love hearing both opinions and I especially love the Outlandish predictions! They are always so…..”interesting”. Keep up the good work Mary and Blake!
  • lil zasa
    Great podcast
    Thank you for providing a podcast to review all the little things we miss when watching outlander for the first time. It really makes it fun to know the behind the scenes.
  • Vbnhgdchj
    Love them
    Mary and Blake are a delight to listen to. Mary’s voice is so soothing. They have so much insight into outlander. I’ve been listening to them since I started she show. Such a delight. Blake is great at pointing out technical aspects is the show like sound, writing and editing that I would normally never notice. I don’t always agree with their thoughts but it’s always great to hear another perspective.
  • Julie G Yoga
    Thank you!
    I so appreciate your insights, perspectives and your love of all things Outlander. When I watch an episode I wonder, “What will Mary and Blake have to say…?” And then I can’t wait to hear from you ☺️
  • 3boyspml
    Great podcast!
    I love Mary and Blake! I look forward to your recaps of each episode. They are fun and there is usually something you bring up from the episode that I totally missed when I watched🤣.
  • Mooy_Tooy
    Deep analysis and super fun
    I really enjoy this podcast. Mary and Blake are super fun to listen too. A must if you are outlander fan!
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