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Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or desperate to quit your day job, this show has you covered. Hosts Chalene and Brock Johnson bring both perspectives - whether your goal is to earn extra income on the side, or take the growth of your online business to the next level. Get top tips to build social media, grow your email list, develop digital marketing strategies, boost automated sales and create additional streams of income on a limited budget. Learn to share your story and convert followers into loyal customers with New York Times Best Selling Author, Business Coach & Serial Entrepreneur Chalene Johnson and her son Brock Johnson, Part-Time Entrepreneur, Speaker and Story-Telling Strategist. Enjoy expert guest interviews and quick episodes with actionable steps. Whether you’re a business owner, aspiring entrepreneur or someone who just wants to make extra money on the side, this is your show!

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  • Cheeve
    Such valuable insights
    I love listening to Chalene and Brock and the guest they have on, such valuable insights for a business owner just starting out.
  • inactride
    Such a big help!
    You guys have been a big part of helping me grow my business with all your expertise on Instagram our following is growing and so is the business. Thank you so much appreciate all you do!
  • MooreMomentum
    Brock is the Man
    Brock is the man, he is so knowledgable about how to really amp up your social media. He has personal experience with it and wants to share that with you. He is building some awesome, positive momentum. Keep it up, man, love what you do!
  • Rebezzel
    Show 600 All about artists
    As an artist I am grateful for you talking about putting your art out there. I would like to hear more podcasts based around the arts! Thank you!
  • Gonzalolo
    I am a small business owner going for 4 years now. This means I’m fresh, I’m always looking for great educational videos! I found this great podcast! I was listening to it for almost half of my day until i got fed up to listening to all these commercials over and over during the middle of each podcast and some of them were the same.
  • jedigelflin
    #641 Episode homework DONE😎
    Per Chalene, in this very helpful & FUN episode, she asks the listeners to take action & leave a review of us using her tip creating a post that enlist a quick response from the audience. Brilliant idea! I did just that and had responses rolling in!! Woohoo! Team Johnson knows how to get attention. Thx so much for all the excellent advice!
  • mcanes68
    Wow … just wow!!
    Chalene, you are amazing. I lisened to your podcast today, 641. I implemented the picture and asked to people to tell me about their day. I posted on IG and FB. FB gave me engagement. I have one like on IG. Progress not perfection. Thank you!!
  • UMAnnie
    Too many commercials mid podcast
    I want to listen to your podcast to learn and right when you are in it, you jump into ad mid podcast. I understand having your ads at the beginning but 2-3 ads mid podcast is too much. Especially for podcast that are only 15 minutes, you have 3 ads. I fast forward but then don’t know if I skipped content. Please make these with less commercials mid podcast, i know you hace advertisers but can you do it at the beginning?
  • klberg
    Must listen for any business owner
    Every week Chalene and Brock offer top notch business advice for Social Media, amazing quick tips for small business and life. Every Tuesday is a quick tip Tuesday and I almost always implement the tips they give. One of my all time favorite podcasts
  • median estef
    Good People!
    The way that this people speak is so trustworthy. When I get to safe money to investment in their programs every time I know I am getting something that is true and it has been test it. Thank you so much for giving so much to us business owners and side hustlers who want to make a profit from what we love.
  • Sherrill F.
    Morning hang out!
    I absolutely love starting my week with this podcast! It’s my “me time” to focus on my side hustle and learn more from the real professionals! Love the approachability!
  • cdavison23
    Clear steps to improve your business
    I listen to many business and social media podcasts and this is my favorite. Many stay too general or are too much into story telling without the hard core exact steps to help us actually improve our business. Motivating stories are great, but build your tribe actually tells you your action plan! I find myself saving episodes and going back to make notes because I often listen when I’m doing other things and I need to write down the specifics they are giving you to help you grow. This podcast gives you the goods to really improve and not just be motivated to improve. Clear, concise and to the point. Thank you guys so much!
  • Shellown
    Erica Marie Episode
    This was such a beautiful journey down memory lane! Thank you so much for allowing Erica to share her story. She’s incredible and has created an amazing, supportive, transparent, loving community where we get great deals and share honest reviews. I’ve been a member of Erica’s group since there were only 100 people so I’ve seen and celebrated the well deserved growth. I can assure you that the group is completely drama free. I’m very protective about who I am willing to share this community with because I know how hard Erica works to keep it as a safe space. Her level of commitment is obvious and I couldn’t be more proud of her!
  • CoolMom06
    Erica’s episode was great!
    I loved the recent episode with Erica. I could relate to so much of what she said and it’s always helpful to listen to someone who is on your level. She had some really great down to earth tips and just overall was easy to listen to. I joined her group and it really is exactly as she described.
  • noshelli
    Erica Marie episode
    The pod cast with Erica Marie was fun to listen to. I’m part of her deals group and have been for years now. She does a great job keeping us all supportive and also feeling supported. Her kind spirit and willingness to be honest, even about the tough stuff, is appreciated! Loved this episode. Thanks for having her on!
  • Just Gil
    Loved my first episode!!
    Just listened to Chalene’s podcast first time and really enjoyed it!! I learned a lot in that 45 minutes! A mom of four who built her business by finding her passion was inspiring. I’ll be back for more!
  • Jh00p
    Erica Marie
    I loved the podcast with Erica regarding building your tribe. Great information. Very informative.
  • alawsa
    So straight forward
    I love the way information is delivered. I love that it sounds like a real conversation I’m part of, even though I can’t just answer back. Everything is simply put, straightforward and thought provoking. For someone who loses focus easily and has a wandering mind, I like everything I learn to be as straightforward as possible. Chalene keeps me completely engaged with valuable topics and relevant information.
  • hemingwayhalfdozen
    Listening to this podcast has allowed me to SKYROCKET my following, engagement, and sales on Instagram and Facebook! @drthomashemingway
  • healthyholme
    Such great info!
    Brock and Chalene share such helpful information that I am able to put into practice right away! Thank you! - @healthyholme
  • Mcslater
    YouTube shorts
    Why would you have someone on about YouTube shorts and doesn’t know anything about YouTube shorts… 5 stars because I’m not an a hole
  • jbxpetite
    Enjoyed Q&A
    Thank you. I really enjoyed the q&a of episode 608, because a learned a lot I did not know and by answering the questions this way it made it simpler to understand.
  • Rondo's LadyBug
    Always valuable
    Each episode carriers fabulous value. Thank you for sharing so much. I often pass them along to my clients (who are all entrepreneurs).
  • the-W-pproach
    Always so insightful!
    I always listen to the show every week! I have literally learned sooooo much just from Charlene & Brock and I’m so grateful that I have found them! Insta: @thewhyapproach
  • AlexisTK5
    So good!
    Today’s episode about fear of judgement was just what I needed to hear. I look up to you, Chalene! Thanks for sharing your insight and experience!!
  • R. Treasure
    Heartfelt and real
    I just listened to the interview with Brian Tracy (both parts) and I truly loved it. Wanted to mention that here since I know how important he is to you as a mentor, Chalene. Thank you for all the wisdom that was shared in this interview!
  • Anthony "the commuter" Bailey
    This Show Changed My Social Media Presence!
    I started listening to this show in April of 2020. Since then, my Instagram following has increased by about 30% by using the tips they shared. It would be much higher if I didn’t have to work 14 hours a day! 😂😂😂 Thanks for everything Chalene and Brock!! You guys ROCK!! Dedicated fan, Anthony Bailey
  • Creative Goddess
    I needed to hear this!!!!
    I’m so close to launching my business and this episode comparing the top 3 social medias helps me understand the pros and cons to each! That Brock explained this so quickly is so appreciated! SHARING this info!! THANK YOU!
  • MissChelseyJ
    Been saving my biz since ‘17
    Seriously, every time I feel like I’m overwhelmed and not sure what I should be doing, build your tribe has a game plan for me. THANK YOU for putting out such incredible content. Particularly the email sales copy one recently, it had a huge impact on my business this week!
  • Tania Steven-Harris
    These people were just called out by a for stealing hundreds of Reels from women on Instagram and posting without their authorization for their own growth. Son gave a gaslighting-style apology, mother said she didn’t do anything wrong. They also taught people to repost viral content from others to grow fast, never mentioning authorization. This is copyright infringement. They are also known from redesigning content from others and posting as their own. Shame on them. They are not experts, just B list celebrities using their privilege to make more and more money.
  • Mariah LaMattina
    Calming my Instagram struggles!
    Thank you for helping me feel less stressed! Just listened to 576&577 and feel like I have a better plan on insta instead of just throwing random content out there. Love learning from y’all!
  • Rex & Deb
    Golden Nuggets for Business Growth and Mindset
    Chalene and Brock are the Dynamic Duo of Business, Marketing, and Mindset. I love how they do it all while keeping Faith and Family first. I Highly recommend Build Your Tribe!
  • Mywellnessblooms
    Short talks & great tips
    I appreciate the short talks and straight to the point tips! Keep them coming please :)
  • simplepodmedia
    Love love love
    This podcast! Been following for years.
  • JeweledRiot
    Fave marketing pod!
    What a great podcast! I always have to have a notebook nearby because brock and Chalene provide so much value for free.
  • BingeRecoveryAttempt
    Quick Tip Tuesday
    QTT 573 🤯 amazing! Love Chalene and Brock. So much value in this podcast. So grateful!
  • Dwaneisha_
    How to stop hating your speaking voice
    I’ve been listening to this podcast after seeing it recommended on Instagram and I love all the tips that Charlene and Brock give. Brock’s episode about your speaking voice really spoke to me because I am also young and at times I feel as though I have to overcompensate with professionalism because of my age. While doing my podcast I realized I’ve trained myself to be professional instead of conversational like you mentioned in this episode. Thank you!!
  • trisholeary
    I LOVE Chalene & Brock
    I freaking love both this podcast and Charlene’s other podcast!!
  • Alyssieee
    So Helpful!
    I love Charlene! She is basically my Internet mom. I’m always learning from her and I always feel better, more motivated and ready to accomplish my goals after listening to her podcast, videos or webinars! #Chalene2024
  • SeaFan206
    Continuously insightful and always relevant!
    One of my favorite podcasts to help grow myself and my business knowledge. Chalene puts years of expertise and continuous learning into every episode. Enough to keep you informed on what is coming next is small business development as well as years of genuine know-how on how to build your brand, business and client base from the ground up. 100% recommend!
    Love this Podcast
    I love Chalene’s podcast!!! So many great tips on how to increase your following, narrow down your niche, and stay organized!! She’s an awesome coach!
  • ro blox
    Love the Step by Step Checklist in Episode 545
    Thank you to Chalene for the checklist in launching. I am inspired by Chalene’s fight to change the plastic surgery industry. She is an inspiration to all to be an agent of change to create a better world. Go Chalene! The world’s behind you,💚Kelly
  • Anastasia Violet Lipske
    Chalene is Spot On!!!
    OMGosh I loved the episode: How to Pitch Yourself to Podcasters so much that I've subscribed and will listen to more! Chalene was spot on with what she shared about how to get booked on podcasts! What it comes down to are simple etiquette and best practices. Keep in mind that the ultimate goal of the host/producer is to increase listenership...downloads and subscribers. As a person wishing to be a guest of a show, you need to focus on what their needs are over your own. What's funny is that I have a speaker and podcast guesting agency and got a chuckle out of Chalene's statement about dismissing agencies as I know exactly why. I have seen what many do...a shotgun approach...and that's not groovy! This episode validated everything my agency does as we have a very different approach. I love the way Chalene shoots from the hip and no doubt appreciates that in others! There is no better way to start a relationship with a potential host of a show than to simply be honest and authentic. Thank you, Chalene, for giving such great advice in this episode AND for mentioning BombBomb. I've used them for YEARS and am shocked that more speakers and podcast guests aren't utilizing video emails to do personal reach outs. I highly recommend this podcast for anyone in business and I look forward to hearing more from Chalene and Brock in future episodes.
  • Coach_Steph_R
    Massive Value
    After hearing Brock interviewed on another podcast, I came over here to check out Find Your Tribe. I’ve only listened to two episodes and have two full pages of notes. I am new to entrepreneurship and new to using IG for business. I am learning so much. The tips are practical, relevant and easy to implement. I have renewed excitement for the potential yo grow my biz using social media. Many, many thanks for sharing your expertise with us all!
  • Kngeo
    Loved the Airbnb episode
    Great information. Would have never thought about investing in real estate for Airbnb’s. Thank you for bringing the guest on.
  • Hanndiibsnml
    Love Build Your Tribe!
    I have learned so many tips and tricks from Chalene and Brock! Listening and applying their suggestions has allowed me to get major growth on IG (577% in the last 30 days!) and it’s been a lot of fun! Thank you both for all you do!
  • ASobering
    Such a wealth of knowledge! 🧠
    This is one of the most insightful podcasts that I have ever come across! Brock does such a great job of sharing his wisdom and I love how he leads meaningful conversations with guests who bring so much experience to the table. Highly recommend checking this show out - you won’t be disappointed!
  • sew4heaven
    6 things wish I knew
    This explains what my uncle was talking about that each time you try a business it is not a mistake. Thank you.
  • socialworkmom
    So happy to find you!
    Love love this podcast so much! Everything is so helpful! I love both your approach, your attitude, your strategies!! Real, authentic!! Love love love!! Thank you! 🥰😘♥️
  • create your thrive
    Thank you for the podcast. I am learning so much. 😃
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