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The C.G. Jung Institute of Chicago houses a library of audio recordings of lectures dating back 40 years. One of the largest of its kind in the world, this collection is a rich and unique educational resource for anyone with an interest in the well-being of the individual, the community and the culture. Speakers include internationally renowned presenters whose work is at the forefront of psychological thought including Robert Moore, June Singer, Murray Stein, John Beebe, Ann Belford Ulanov, Donald Kalsched, Andrew Samuels, Ashok Bedi, Jean Shinoda Bolen, and many others.

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  • Piptweets
    Great podcast!
    Fascinating conversations—highly recommended for anyone interested in Jung, psychology, or personal transformation.
  • Bill Joseph
    Good analysis of Jung, to a point
    Spins too many woke ideologies into Jung's works. As far as I'm concerned it therefore becomes contaminated.
  • WyDu
    Great lectures. Thank you for putting this out there. Though I recommend running some episodes through a noise reduction filter—should do the trick for the muffled audio
  • DJWeatherwax1
    Advice from a murderer?
    Airing Robert Moore’s series on masculine identity seems questionable at best, given that this man murdered his wife and then shot himself.
  • Andrea Pepper
    If you love Jung, you’ll love this.
  • abaabab
    Do not use secondary sources
    Read the books which Jung has written, do not listen to the words of others. They will only try to subvert you from the truth and try to disguise their beliefs as the beliefs of Jung.
  • michaeldanielcastillo
    Most genius Jung podcast I have ever seen.
    The definitive resource. Well done. 〽️
    Love the podcast
    I love this podcast, but I wish the audio was better because there have been several that I couldnt understand due to the muffled audio. It’s also disappointing to have just the first hour of a multi-hour lecture and then not being able to hear the rest. But still worth listening to for some great perspectives
  • DontHurtSpidey
    For the love of Jung
    put a Limiter device on the recordings! The material is great but marred by really bad audio clipping. Please fix!
  • DyaneS7
    Great collection of in depth lectures!
    These are very special lectures that will be of interest to people who have an inner life, given by some of the luminaries of the Jungian world.
  • happy junguian
    great material
    Fascinating lectures! Please keep adding episodes, its such a gift to be able to hear the voices of the many contributors to Jung's work we studied so much!! Marion Woodman on the chrysalis episode pretty much reads the first chapter of her book The pregnant virgin. It's just great!!
  • Nancy Diane
    It is so wonderful to have this resource available to many! I look forward to reading more!!
  • misjustus
    I am so glad!
    I listen to these programs several times and can't wait for new ones. Thank you for sharing these treasures. It's a great source of inspiration.
  • Jane Kelley
    Well Done!
    Listening to Lionel Corbett discuss a dream that teaches his analysand about aging was intelligent and soulful. What a delicious treat for a Sunday morning!
  • Judith Cooper
    Jungian views of Aging
    Terrific informative clear and inspiring.
  • User 777
    Thanks to Hermes for these podcasts!
    Thank you, C.G. Jung Institute of Chicago, for offering this resource. So many of these voices are either no longer on the earth plane, or not teaching actively any longer. This is a gift to the twenty-first century, which so desperately needs Jungian thought.
  • hayeo27
    Enriching perspective.
  • mconfo
    Excellent resource. Can't wait for more!
  • Chokachinchee
    Such a gift!
    Thank you so much for creating this podcast. The Jungian perspective offers fascinating and important information that really needs to be out there in the world at large. Anyone on the path of self development will great appreciate what is being offered here.
  • JPM688691
    Great resource
    This is such a great resource! Thanks to the Jung Insititute of Chicago for making these lectures available!
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