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The Carey Nieuwhof Leadership Podcast is a podcast all about leadership, change and personal growth. The goal? To help you lead like never before—in your church or in your business.

Carey interviews top business and church leaders like Seth Godin, Adam Grant, Nancy Duarte, Simon Sinek, Cal Newport, Patrick Lencioni, Tim Keller, Annie F. Downs, Andy Stanley, Craig Groeschel, Rob Pelinka, Michael Hyatt, Christine Caine, John Mark Comer, Henry Cloud, Gordon MacDonald, Francis Chan, Lysa TerKeurst, Ian Morgan Cron and many more.

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  • Lizw07
    Rich, deep, challenging content
    When I make the time to listen to these conversations, I’m always so grateful that I do. So many episodes are chock full of challenges for my own personal leadership journey, and encouraging along the way. I am never disappointed with the amount of things I can take away. Always worth the listen.
  • Pio Rivera
    CNLP 500: Dr. Karyn Gordon on How to Control Anxiety
    I just finished listening to Carey’s interview with Dr. Karyn Gordon and was amazed with the explanation of the connection between control and anxiety, and how anxiety is a feeling driven by our thoughts. During the interview Dr. Karyn inspires you to focus on the things you can control and know when to “put up your hands” and admit that you are struggling. Thank you Carey Nieuwhof for these insightful conversations.
  • BokkieintheUSA
    Rare skills for a podcast host
    Such an easy listen at the same time as asking excellent questions that draw out the nuggets of wisdom that the guests have to offer!!!!
  • fuegomastertlc
    Great podcast but…
    This is a fantastic podcast, great nuggets, insightful conversations, and awesome guests. My only suggestion is the amount of selling in the beginning, one episode was about 15 mins before the actual podcast started. I respect this leader and blessed by his heart. Save all the selling to the end. Let’s get to the content at the beginning. It seems like a super long sermon introduction that never gets to the meat.
  • Jayleaux
    SO relatable w his daughter on the show
    The content was fantastic , as I have a 16yo and a 19yo. The EarPod issues and the interaction about that is EXACTLY what we all need to hear. It not only does not take away from the message about how teens want to be communicated with, it shows that Jon has a real “Dad” Relationship. Many times, I listen to books on audible , and read books as well as listen to podcasts that make the authors seem many times , as almost untouchable doe to their polished work. This vulnerability is what more of us need to hear. Thank you CN for leaving that in. Listening again soon !
  • Nate Rooted
    Selling Yourself
    Carey is selling himself, polished and put-together, and hoping listeners will buy it. There’s some good nuggets, but it takes a lot of wading through materialism and the so-called good life (rather than abundant life) to find it.
  • Cameron Rodeck
    Great podcast - entertaining & thoughtful!
    Carey does a stellar job with this podcast. He hosts a variety of very interesting guests and leaders and he asks very thoughtful questions and has really meaningful conversations. Highly recommend to both be entertained and challenged to think about your life & leadership. Keep up the great work, Carey & Team!
  • RevFalcon
    The best
    Not every subject is of interest to me. Not every guest reaches out and grabs me. But this is still my go-to podcast…my favorite by far. How helpful it has been during these challenging days in which we live.
  • B.Stuckey
    Jim Burgen
    Wow, what a prideful man. Even after his sabbatical, he remains highly prideful. What a turnoff. This attitude is a common reason of why people are turned away from the church. Disappointing!
  • jackdraymond1
    One of my favorite podcasts!
    This podcast is a free master class and masters degree in leadership! Carey interviews such a wide range of business and church leaders that will challenge you in the way that you lead at home and at work. If you are looking for a starting place, listen to his interview with Tim Keller (episode 339) or pretty much any episode
  • gratitude & joy
    I value this host creates space for dialogue and presents relevant topics for leaders to uncover new take aways and practical wisdom. Thank you for creating this type of content.
  • djhammack32
    Great variety of episodes & guests
    I like how the show has a huge variety of topics, episodes, & guests. There’s something for every leader.
  • Rep4Christ
    The best
    I have been listening to this podcast for 6 months now and I’m hooked! As a new manager, I have learned so much from Carey and the guests he brings on his show. Thank you!
  • MKuha
    Great content
    I’m a new leader in my job and I love the practical content that Carey and his team present. Thanks for allowing all of us to enjoy this growth opportunity every week for free.
  • zhbdufbcitbfgawetjx
    There was no race conversation, no back and forth at all
    Hopefully one day I can learn to steward my white privilege as well as Carey.
  • A blessed Alice
    I cannot say enough good things about Carey‘s podcast. It is encouraging, uplifting and informative. What a blessing it is to listen to the interviews that he does and how it helps leaders in every walk of life. If you’re a leader (& who isn’t in so many areas) you need a listen and glean and grow. Fantastic podcast!
  • Tim Kibler
    Encouraging and extremely insightful
    Carey’s podcast is my go to podcast whenever I am on the road or in the gym. His optimistic take on leadership challenges and his insightful strategies never cease to encourage me when I am feeling overwhelmed. I am always pleasantly surprised with the featured leaders he invites to his podcast and the valuable insights he extracts from them to share with his audience. Congratulations on 500 episodes, Carey! Here is to 500 more!
  • Sullivan004
    Leadership Saw
    I listen to Carey and his podcast as much as I can. This is one of the ways I am sharpening my leadership saw. I'm continually learning how to lead better.
  • Good2ToGo
    Has become a trusted guide
    Been listening from the beginning 499 episodes ago. Appreciate the principles and practices. Incredible interviews and relevant topics. Made me a better leader and Jesus follower especially through the pandemic. Love the new theme song! Way to go Carey & team!
  • Lynn at Laguna
    Great Leadership Fuel
    Every time I listen Carey has a speaker with some great new insight or rich learning nugget that I can apply to my coaching, leadership or ministry. A vital listen for me.
  • Robertjs3
    Very well-rounded and practical
    Practical and helpful faith-based leadership to help with our approach specifically for church leaders/pastors.
  • Rick L Gonzalez
    One of my favorite podcasts!
    Carey’s podcast has consistently encouraged, challenged, and promoted growth in leadership. As young lead pastor these lessons have been priceless!
  • noopsy_7
    Well Done!
    Love the way Carey phrases his questions to his guests. They are thought-provoking and they set up the guest to draw out meaningful responses. I love listening to guest Christian speakers because I can see God writing their stories without the feel of being preached at. This one of is my top three go-to podcast!
  • jimnshar
    My All-Time Favorite Author!
    What a Joy & Delight to hear the Beautiful Story directly from Ann!!! Thank you!!!
  • ronabise
    Top podcast in my book!
    As a budding entrepreneur and Jesus lover, Carey’s podcast is my go-to. I can’t wait for each new episode to launch. I know it will inspire me to keep grinding, it will give me new ideas, and most importantly it gives me hope! Thank you, Carey!
    Powerful episode!
    Your recent interview with Dave Hollis, was nothing short of powerful. I am so appreciative of how you dig deeper than the typical superficial questions. You allowed Dave to be raw and real and even allowed yourself to do the same. I was skeptical to listen at first. Preconceived ideas. Even though I’m a huge fan of your podcast, however I was humbled by the impact your interview with Dave was and how he handled himself. Exceptional interview and inspiring podcast. Thank you for releasing it. Love and Life Josh Kalinowski
  • A3E5
    Love this podcast!
    Such great content!
  • Online Church
    Online vs In Person Church
    Thank you for your podcast on online vs in person church. The perspective was great from both Craig and Bobby. We love going to church in person with the fellowship but we also love the option of attending online. I have two daughters with CP and with illness and hospital stays, the online service has been great for us! An added bonus is that my daughter that has attention issues has trouble focusing in church but she listens to the recording all week at home. She receives the fellowship on Sunday morning while receiving the message from her IPad throughout the week. Thanks again for your podcast! I look forward to listening.
  • J Stumbo
    Great Podcast
    I'm involved in leadership both in the church and in business so this podcast has been very beneficial. Carey's content and his guests provide a great mix of leadership insights from the church and the workplace.
  • gbluetwin
    Great podcast!
    This a great podcast love the variety of guest that come on would love to Dr. Caroline leaf , Katharine Hayhoe, and Sandra L. Richter on the podcast.
  • Matt Ashwood
    Great content
    I love the show and your content, but please update your intro. It sounds like an alt rock radio show from the ‘00s.
  • jonathan lindman
    I read both of Carey's books and enjoyed them so much. Didn't see it coming was the most impactful book for 2021. Have started listening to the podcast the last month or so and have been thrilled with the topics. Thanks for using your gifts to bless others.
  • finding joy each day
    Must listen!
    Carey adds so much value to the time I take to listen to his podcasts. He is a master at asking great questions of his guests that always yield insightful answers! He is funny, relatable and humble! Thank you Carey, for sharing your gifts with us! I’m so inspired to walk alongside leaders in an ever-changing world and make a positive impact that multiplies value to others!
  • Alena_01
    Wonderful find
    I am so glad that I found this podcast!
  • Jaker Learner
    Adam Grant conversation
    I am a huge fan of Carey Nieuwhof’s podcasts for many reasons. His conversation with Adam Grant will probably be the capstone podcast regardless of who Carey talks with going forward! Besides finding wisdom in Adam’s research, writings and way of thinking ( plus the affinity to a professor from “my” business school), this conversation touched on so many (re) thinking, (re) affirming, new thinking and learnings/insights on so many topics near and dear to me. Just a sampling of topics touched on: - is my understanding of Christianity built on the character and person of God and values embedded or beliefs/ confessions? -what kind of “church” would attract seekers and learners in a post Christian society? - prosecutor church? Preacher church? Politician Church? Or learner church? - Are we to seek truth as Dallas Willard states and then we find God? - what is the role of work and why is it becoming worship or place of meaning as opposed to a commission or calling where we bring meaning? - can the US ‘s separation of church and state survive the lack of the (Protestant) value systems on which the country was founded?
  • BenKilloy
    The Truth in Leadership We All Need
    Truth in business isn’t often the first thing that we lead with but the conversations this podcast is having are exactly what we need to shake up the standard of culture. The link from Simon Sinek that we are not becoming less spiritual, but the church is having less relevance on us growing through it really impacted me. I will forever remember that quote. Ben Killoy Host of The Business of Fatherhood Podcast
  • Loren Hicks
    Excellent Podcast
    Carey excels at asking the right questions. Isn’t this is what growing as a leader is all about? Imagine being in the room and listening to conversations with church and business leaders. This is what you experience by listening to this podcast. Grab a pen and paper. You’ll want to take notes.
  • hi vool
    Best Leadership Podcast
    This is my top pick for a leadership podcast. The long format provides insights simply not accessible in 25-minute podcasts. Such a great variety of guests. But you get the best out of each guest because of the rich interview style of Carey. In my opinion, it is the best leadership podcast available.
  • kingsband
    I’ve been listening to various leadership podcasts for the last few years and only recently stumbled into this one. Wow! The episodes are lengthy but every one of them adds value to my life. I’m always excited to have Carey introduce me to yet another insightful leader.
  • Josh Zoerhof
    A Gift and Godsend
    I’ve been a pastor and counselor for over 10 years. This past season of COVID left me with next to nothing left. I was tired, bitter, exhausted and had so little to offer my family and community. This podcast has changed my life (I know that it sounds like I’m over selling it). The leaders are top-notch and the thoughtful insight along with practical applications and materials cannot be sufficiently measured. I feel like every word spoke is gold and my biggest regret is that I don’t always have time to listen again. I’ve literally read or ordered (for future reading) every book that been mentioned since tuning in 3 months ago. At Your Best has already revolutionized the way I schedule, plan, and creat/curate content. My preaching is better, my family life is better, my relationship with Jesus is better. I feel like a new person. I wrestled with writing this at the risk of sounding to over the top, but I am deeply grateful for the work that you put into this podcast, the leadership blogs and writing. You’re a gift and a godsend.
  • joshua0107
    Life Changing
    Episode 448! Amazing sample of the life changing content. I’m not using the term life changing as a buzzword. Literally this content has changed my paradigm on finding the healthy pace in life!
  • Rachael.Belle
    High quality content! What’s with the intro?
    No doubt about the level of content and guests on this podcast—relevant, compelling stuff! But honest first impressions—what’s with the introduction?! I felt like I was hearing a fire sale TV ad from 1992, or maybe a pre-Chicago Bulls-3peat NBA match announcer. It honestly dated the podcast for me—I lowered my quality expectations when I heard the intro, preparing to hear from an out of touch Boomer or Gen Xer, which totally isn’t the case. So for what it’s worth, as a millennial in touch with good branding, I would consider an update there. Aside from that, keep it up!
  • Glencam
    Great leadership content
    I just found out about Carey on Andy Stanley’s leadership podcast, read his new book, At Your Best and then found this podcast. I’m gripped by the content. He is a great interviewer and hosts great guests. Looking forward to more.
  • AmyKuwait
    Thank You!
    Thank you for this amazing podcast! The diverse guest list keeps my mind stimulated. So many concepts & tools learned from your podcasts have had an immediate affect on my ability to lead professionally & in my private life.
  • MYEV3
    Are you Being inspired by your pain?
    I love reading, and I have discovered that Writers have something in common with each other. It is getting the perfect end of their lives and personal experience. The opportunity to share with a reader they are not alone, and the writing it's the definitive therapy for anyone's trauma and emotions, pain. Write and rewrite multiple versions of yourself. A does Help with an uneasy journey.
  • SafariSamT
    Dee Ann Turner on Chick-fil-A’s service culture.
    Carey. You said it this interview was pure Gold. There were so many take aways that I’ll be saving this and keeping. I loved the answers to the question. I need to get back to written Thank You notes. Sam from Minneola FL.
  • youthdude
    The church is not a business
    I’m sure Carey is a faithful man of God, but he represents the Evangelical Industrial Complex as well as anyone, built on big personalities and business principles.
  • Jem Ebs
    My favorite episode ever!
    I have never listened to a podcast/ interview by Carey that I did not enjoy, but this interview with Allison Fallon was fascinating and the most actionable of all I have listened to. I have already shared it with a whole bunch of friends that I thought would benefit from her insight and experience. Thanks, Carey, for bringing such awesome and interesting interviews!! I wish I had your gift for asking questions!! I would recommend this podcast 100%!
  • America76
    I used to listen all the time and I am thankful for the value you added to me. However your recent disparaging spirit towards America and evangelicals and people you label conspirator theorist is an absolute fail. I think you should focus on Canada. Respectfully..
  • SupaDaveD
    Carey and his team do the hard work necessary to bring the listener accurate, insightful, and timely information. Carey has developed a network of friends, entrepreneurs, educators, researchers, and preachers that allows him to really get a pulse on culture and future trends. CNLP is an amazing resource for those who want to be informed, forward thinking, and creative leaders.
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