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Fantasy Football at its very best. Say goodbye to the talking heads of the Fantasy Football world and hello to The Fantasy Footballers. The expert trio of Andy Holloway, Jason Moore, and Mike "The Fantasy Hitman" Wright break down the world of Fantasy Football with astute analysis, strong opinions, and matchup-winning advice you can't get anywhere else. A high quality and entertaining show that will win you your league -- in style. The ONE Fantasy Football Podcast you can't leave off your roster.

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  • Philly Parm
    WR top 10?
    I’ve listened to this pod 3 times. Who are the top 10?
  • cityneedsme
    Helpful Podcast
    This show helped me a lot in the 2022 season. Thank you
  • andynotjeff
    From a Former Footclan Member
    Last summer, I was obsessed listening to this podcast. I'd tune in to each new episode and I even joined the #Footclan this year. There's no doubt that Andy, Mike and Jason are the perfect trio to get your fantasy football advice from! However, there were times where I submitted a question to the show that was not answered very kindly. While I know they're experts on fantasy football, I believe they could work on their people skills.
  • Best dynasty pod out there
    Best FF pod for sure. Possibly best pod of all of 'em
    More dynasty focused content during the off-season would be cool. I stop listening after the regular season is over and "catch up" a month prior to NFL preseason.
  • Popo Neeno
    Nice guys, Bad advice
    They have good energy and the pod is enjoyable as far fantasy football podcasts go, but the advice is straight up bad. Most importantly, the preseason draft rankings were brutal—if you look at their My Guys from the preseason its said to have the same effect as staring at the sun. I stopped listening halfway through the year and immediately started doing better following my own gut.
  • Chewonbeebro
    Remove Mike Wright
    Psyche. I know that won’t happen. But maybe consider reigning in his “humor” and “bits” tenfold. He’s a consistent drag and distraction. Andy (who is great) routinely has to get the show on track and cut Mike’s tangents short as he just adds runtime and lack of substance.” This show would win every year for best podcasts without the extraneous waste that is Mike Wrong.
  • McNoid
    So good.
    You guys have great chemistry, good comedy and a well produced show with great fantasy football insight every week. Love the amount of shows per week, definitely helps get me through my commute.
  • Medic-Nick
    The best podcast. Sit/start
    Hey guys I really need some of your magic. Flex one L. Murray, AJ Dillon, Palmer or Doubs full PPR. Thanks Nick.
  • Svennnjkuiyu
    Good stuff
    Great show! Thanks ballers
  • D Bomb 23
    Not a bad show, would be better if it didn’t glitch so much. Makes it hard to understand
  • Sarkasstic
    Playoff bound
    Fantastic podcast. It’s my first year in a very competitive league and with the help of the ‘Ballers I made it to the playoffs! Their advice has taught me what to look for myself and their segments are so funny. Easy to listen to but also very informative. Will definitely be joining the foot clan for next fantasy season!
  • Carter Smith (Minnesota)
    You guys want an intern?
    Literally listen you every episode. (Well actually I watch the Friday episode for the wheel of shame but still). Football in itself is my biggest passion in life. I love breaking down stats and making predictions and everything that goes along with the sport. I do my own predictions every year and there’s not a game I don’t watch. So anyway, if you’re hiring, let me know. I do also have a question for you guys. Probably won’t get this question in in time since it involves a thursday player but here it goes anyway. I started a dynasty league this year so it’s a little custom scoring but I don’t think it should be a problem for this question (WR TDs are worth 8pts). Rosters are set up to start 2 RB’s, 3 WR’s, and 2 FLEX’s. Please help me pick my starters: CMC Johnathan Taylor Kenneth Walker DK Olave Garrett Wilson Tee Higgins Marquise Brown George Pickens Elijah Moore Jameson Williams. Thank you for your help!
  • kmac_03
    Withstanding this great podcast
    I’ve been a listener since the early days when we learned that the mailbag drop wasn't a drop but the Hitman live. Don’t get me wrong, I love the fantasy advice but there’s no other podcast that makes me laugh out loud with the consistency that this show has. Keeping my ears open for fantasy advice that’ll get me through the playoffs. Thanks for all you do. -Kmac
  • This AP is terrible
    Does Mike “The Fantasy Hitman” do any Preparation?
    It’s become very clear that Mike “The Fantasy Hitman” Wright does very little preparation for the show. Or maybe he just doesn’t watch football? Jason and Andy are excellent at covering for him when he is completely wrong on simple takes. For example, this past week in the bucs backfield he claimed “white was dominating touches until he fumbled, then fournette got back into the fold” nope! 100% wrong! Jason had to quickly bail him out and point out the touches were pretty much evenly distributed throughout the game regardless of the fumble. “The Fantasy Hitman” misses 2-3 of these an episode. Good thing he has Jason and Andy to quickly and smoothly bail him out ! Pay attention it becomes painfully noticeable once you’re looking for it.
  • LouieandMrBeareatBingBong
    Nice guys, middling advice
    I’ve lost too many trades down the stretch based on their advice, but they seem like good dudes.
  • ogapb88
    This show is awesome!!!
    I have been playing fantasy football for 8 or 9 years now and I have listened to this show for as long as I can remember. My Yahoo fantasy profile hit Diamond thanks to your help guys! Lol keep helping me win these trophies!! Love the show and will continue to listen and support!!! Thanks guys!
  • collinfornia
    BEST FF Podcast!!
    I love listening to these guys everyday when I can’t watch the show on YouTube! Great analysis and a fun time.
  • Lyle43
    Life Changing (I’m serious)
    I first stumbled across the Ballers in 2015 when I was looking for waiver wire advice on YouTube. I immediately fell in love with the show and have been listening ever since. The Fantasy Footballers was the first podcast I ever listened to and without them I wouldn’t have found all the other great podcasts that have increased my quality of life. For that reason, they really did change my human experience for the better, and I continue my Ballers Listening Ritual every day during my lunch break. It’s like church.
  • Lammzyyyy
    Heel / Toe
    Thank god that heel toe conversation this week was at the end of the episode. Listening to you guys try to talk through the heel toe problem was worse than the actual stupidity of the nfl rule. You guys still have the best ffb podcast. Keep it up just don’t talk heel toe again.
  • EZ gg's
    Great Podcast
    Hey guys, long time listener great podcast. I love the enthusiasm. The special events are my favorite though.
  • buffrobb
    Stopped listening to the show and went on a 7-0 run. Seem like nice guys tho. Go Bills🫡
  • Future Glory
    👑Kelce Footclan Run👑
    Hey Ballers!!! You guys are awesome and have been a long time listener. You all we’re talking about league winning players yesterday and I just traded Josh Jacobs for Travis Kelce in a 10 team standard 5 player keeper league. I’m currently 6-4 and my RB depth is CMC, Stevenson and Sanders with Rashaad White, Pacheco and Carter in my bench. I’m in agreement with what you guys said about Kelce being a league winner. What do you think of my deal and my chances to win a title? My QB is Hurts with Gino as a back up. WRs are AJ Brown, St.Brown, Olave and Pittman and my D is the Eagles. Thank you again for all you do. Blessings to you all.
  • TheRealGoliath
    Favorite fantasy football podcast and easily the most entertaining. These guys never miss and because of that neither do I. Thanks for making my work days shorter and my Sundays more successful.
  • jehorton90
    Fun to listen to these guys
    Love to see the 1 star review for “bad recommendations”. It’s called Fantasy football for a reason.
  • lamedog553
    I have Miles Sanders, A.J Brown AND Goedert all on my team through various trades and I know I need to get rid of someone. PLEASE TELL ME WHO TO TRADE !! I’m stuck between Sanders because he’s more mid and an older back. OR Brown because i can get more back. added info, my RB room is definitely stronger than my WR room, plus i also have Kittle with Goedert.
  • j1mmy johns
    Best podcast
    Hi guys I listen every night to help me fall asleep and what was you’re favorite trade since it started
  • Tim in a Bubble
    Great Podcast
    These guys are fun to listen to and I appreciate that I can listen to them with my kids around. They are serious about fantasy football but don’t take themselves too serious.
  • Eliseo Armijo Jr.
    I drive a lot for work and man nothing beats coming back from lunch to see a brand new fantasy footballers episode for the drive to my next stop. I watch everyday and can say this show is hilarious, and packed with useful fantasy information and detailed insight. 10/10 would recommend!
  • O squared
    Great banter, great advice
    You feel like you know the guys because the conversations are fluid, funny, and very helpful. One thing missing: Time stamps in the description for the various topics.
  • Nathanshimodoi
    Commish Question
    Obviously 5/5. What do y’all think about changing scoring setting mid season? The commish inadvertently made it -2 per sack and -1 per int for the QB position. Isn’t that a simple change to make?? Or do we have to ride out the season with this backwards setting?
  • masteryoshthe third
    These guys
    I listen to every episode and take advantage of all the tools tips and ideas that these guys put out to the public. I really appreciate how they break things down and when I make my summations each week I do take in to account what the people who have the info say, and these guys,,,, THEY have the info. Thanks for making us Arizonans look good out here guys. Respect
  • itouchluvver
    6 stars
    Best way to spend my drive to work!
  • Cartacha
    Wow. Bad advice
    My guys - chase edmonds, aj dillon, just to name. A few. This podcast was wayyyyy off. Would not listen.
  • Masterjuju1455
    The Footclan
    Absolutely love this show, I listen to it daily for all of my fantasy news. I wouldn’t have won any of my leagues if I haven’t found this podcast. Thank you for all that you do! And keep doing great things!
  • Bringbacktheatm
    Been listening for years! Great pod
    Always sharp, always fun.
  • CurlyBurd
    So fun, so informational
    You guys are great and have really helped me understand what to look for in each week. These podcasts are a fun listen even for a newb to the fantasy game!
  • strongkyle
    So awesome!!!
    I love this show. Andy, Mike, and Jason are hilarious. A good mix of information while sharing their personal adversities make he’s guys so relatable and fun to listen to. Love these guys.
  • LegitBrooks
    Best Fantasy Show Around
    I have been subscribed and following for years. Andy, Mike and Jason have elevated my knowledge and ability in fantasy football to new heights. I am always asked “why are you so good at fantasy football” and my answer is always a link to this podcast. Thank you for not just the advice but the entertainment. Awesome team. And the DFS Pod has made me quite the DFS player with Betz and Borg. They are very active with fans as well. Just simply unique and the best out there.
  • 123zf
    Favorite show to listen to
  • FeelTheDurn
    Fantasy analysis can be fun
    The guys are great. Fantasy analysis can turn monotonous but never with the Ballers. Super informative and helpful but the Kenny G broken saxaphone will still make me spit out my coffee.
  • brothertonfam
    Simply the best
    Like the title says these guys are simply the best when it comes to fantasy football.
  • BulldozerDupes
    Best fantasy show
    Love how all these guys legit seem like friends just hanging out. Monday punday is my favorite
  • MGB87
    Great show
    I really enjoy listening, even though we don’t agree all the time lol
  • Bucktus
    Great Show!!
    Great podcast!! Entertaining and good advice.
  • Zebomb
    Best fantasy football advice!
    Listen to these guys multiple times a week and man it helps my FF team. It’s not all boring numbers either. These guys make you laugh with their delivery.
  • asfrexf
    Entertaining and Knowledgable
    Great podcast and I love listenting to the guys talk. So much value added to my fantasy football season. I wish I would have found them earlier and highly reccomed. Really give a listen and you will be hooked
  • hoosierfan3
    Love These Guys
    Been listening for over 5 years and have never been disappointed. They make fantasy football more fun
  • Mdritter
    Well done
    By far the most entertaining fantasy podcast out there. The chemistry is always on point and not to be overshadowed by the fantastic intel the fellas give.
  • bread248
    Best fantasy football podcast out
    The show is not only very informative but also seriously entertaining
  • Millz612
    Insightful and funny fantasy football podcast that I listen to daily. I appreciate that they release episodes daily and their shows format is second to none!
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