Metta Hour with Sharon Salzberg


The Sharon Salzberg Metta Hour features Buddhist philosophy in a practical, common sense vernacular. Sharon’s natural wisdom, sense of humor and the ease with which she translates these teachings forge an intimate connection with the listener. From everyday experiences to pithy revelations, each podcast is a journey on the path of self-discovery.

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Recent Reviews
  • Mellow Lion
    What a talk! You were on your game for that one, thank you!
  • JazzFish(yeah thats right)
    I started listening to this podcast after I read Sharon’s book real happiness. Her wisdom and insight is a much appreciated calming presence in my life.
  • Seabeast171
    Humorous, down-to-earth guidance and insight
    I’ve been listening to the early episodes on repeat during the pandemic and feel like I’ve received a masterclass in meditation practice. Thank you Sharon for all you’ve given the world!
  • Laurafaye4411
    This podcast gives us an amazing opportunity to remain engaged! Thank you!
  • Kris, Queen of All
    Sharon’s book “Faith” and healing from my stroke
    I was given “Faith” a few years ago and I enjoyed Sharon’s warm, honest descriptions of her journey. Then I had a stroke. Over the past four years I’ve relied on this book to help me regain my footing. I listen to Sharon’s guided meditations to help me focus as I meditate - we know it helps to heal your brain! And now I’ve found this podcast! Sharon, my teacher, I cannot express my deepest, most heartfelt gratitude for you. You are a cherished and vital part of my healing. I hope you know how you have helped me recover my life. So much love for you!
  • Nishagra
    Simply awesome!
    Sharon Salzberg is an incredible teacher and the best that there is for making the ancient teachings and making the gift of meditation accessible for everyone. I can’t thank you enough for all that you do!
  • alive2create
    This podcast is ENLIGHTENING
    I am grateful to Sharon & friends for putting out this excellent podcast. It’s truly assisting my fledgling practice. I had a long term practice years ago and I drifted away. Now I am back as a beginner again and podcasts like these along with the numerous videos on youtube red are keeping my from going berserk during what seems like a super bizarre national nervous breakdown. Thanks to all you bodhisattva practitioners who have worked diligently to bring this wonderful information to light. 😊 🙏🏼
  • Nate-M-Seattle
    Sharon is a gift to us!
    Thank you, Sharon for this podcast. It makes me laugh and smile!
  • K Buchan
    Golden goodness
    Sharon is an astounding teacher. Never fails to spark insight, inspiration, wisdom, and love. Listen to open the heart and cultivate goodness! 🙏✨
  • AnthonyDissen
    Simply Beautiful
    Such a wonderful podcast full of tremendous wisdom and love!
  • Luna Basil
    I'm just learning about Sharon and I LOVE HER! I'm so thankful!
  • IRunforChocolate
    Really great podcast
    This is a great and heart-felt podcast.
  • Okeyren
    Sharon Salzburg I'm sure doesn't know that she's acted as my personal meditation coach the whole first year I meditated. Her guided meditations continue to be the corner stone of my practice. These interviews are a great way to reinforce all the mindfulness work I've done. Thank you, Sharon!
  • 123456789101112131451617181920
    Sharon is great Narrator is Not
    Sharon is excellent but the introduction is unnecessary and extraneous. Sadly, I think his intro is more for him than for the listener.
  • Noah Lampert
    Sharon Rules
    Sharon is super down to earth but also possesses sky-like wisdom. In short, Sharon is AWESOME!
    Sharon makes it easy.
    IMO She is the best American Meditation teacher on the planet.
  • nataliegerette
    I search for Sharon on podcast interviews because when I run, I love to listen to her wise words. Things happen all day long and it has gotten to a point where I will hear my heart repeating some phrase such as "begin again", or "I did a stupid thing, but Im not stupid, begin again". Learning from this podcast helps in everyday life. Thank you for this opportunity to cultivate compassion , kindness and mindfulness in a pragmatic way.
  • treehug
    i'm glad sharon has a podcast. her teachings are clear and calm and relatable. i love her way. i find myself intrigued by her experiences and how she folds them into deeper understandings. sometimes she has me cracking up and healing at the same time. love!
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