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Wrestling #22

Going In Raw with Steve and Larson takes a look at the week that was in pro wrestling. Steve and Larson bring both their brand of humor and insights to every episode and is occasionally joined by good friends who share their passion for professional wrestling.
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  • Char_vict
    Hella good
    My go to podcast for wrestling content. Sending love to the fellow Sac town boys from SF
  • gritcityguy
    Oooooooooh maaaan! (In JR voice)
    My favorite podcast to listen to for my wrestling news. Steve and Larson make the reviews so entertaining that I don’t even need to watch the actual wrestling shows. I don’t ever have time or make time to watch anyways due to work but that’s why I got Going In Raw 👍🏽👍🏽.
  • drumerman0921
    Top Guys
    Gone through many wrasslin podcast and never found one better than this! The guys are funny and informative. With all the different wrestling promotions/shows running weekly, I know Steve and Larson will keep me up to date!
  • Lamont Allard
    To much speculation
    These guys have bruised knees for SRS. It’s pathetic. Simps
  • ScotNotScott
    Gahhhh dam it pal
    For months I thought Steve was Larson and Larson was Steve. Finally caught a YouTube video and my brain felt broken. Oh and a great wrestling podcast! Funny, positive, and informative. Passable accents, but always an enjoyable listen! Best $0 in the business.
  • happygeauxsox34
    Dumb show
    Stupid imitations, dumb show
  • Clutchcity23
    Great podcast , just need better quality control episodes either skip or freeze and start buffering even if you download them
  • JD#06
    Acknowledge this Podcast!
    I listen to multiple wrestling podcasts, and Going in Raw is by far the best! SteveandLarson are the best tag team in wrestling! Thought provoking questions, great reviews and news updates, and hilarious impressions! I could listen to “Vince” and “Triple H” every podcast.
  • XS2095
    Guaranteed peed on
    By far my most listened to podcast of all time and I have never gotten bored of it
  • patreonappsucks
    Just bad. Nothing more to say 🤷🏻‍♂️
  • Feldspar's gold mine
    Infectious camaraderie.
    Best wrestling podcast there is! Bad Pearl Jam takes though. 🤣
  • k2the e
    Fantastic guests
    I love the show, can’t believe all the people criticizing the celebs (and impersonators) they get. If you have access to the Ed Man, you have him do a prerecorded ad read. Love when Triple H calls in; and to think some people turn it off when the game takes time out of his schedule to preview SD and Raw.
  • Ak-215
    Overall good show
    Lots of recaps and reviews. New and fresh content that is released often. Some good shows on here in addition to reviews too. Cover AEW + WWE and even NXT. I appreciate the shows and the almost daily drops. Worth a listen if you’re into wraslin. Good analysis too.
  • Smsbear
    Love the show, hate the impressions
    Love this show. I don’t always agree with what is said but it makes me think deeper about wrestling. I do hate the end of show impressions. I turn it off as soon as they start.
  • Lucyluv43211234
    I’m out
    I’ve been a fan of this show for years. They were providing great content daily, and as someone who spent alot of time driving, I needed the wrestling shows broken down with fantastic detail! But lately, Steve’s complete inability to let things go, mainly his impressions of la knight, and the other terrible Jim Ross and stone cold, have turned me off of the show so much. His terrible outbursts of “yeah!!” Randomly, not when talking about LA Knight, just annoy me to no end. Hopefully one day, he can stop laughing at all his own jokes all the time, and get back to the grounded show this used to be. The in jokes used to be funny, but he just can’t let them go, and it’s ruined the show for me completely. So long friendos, this is where I get off.
  • Roxas07
    No more NXT 😢
    Lost a star for no more NXT review. NXT is my favorite show and loved hearing your guys thoughts on it. You’ll get that star back if the NXT review comes back. Of course I’ll still listen because you guys rock. Hope you change your mind of that soon! NXT NXT NXT
  • Link12684
    Positivity first
    I’ve been following for the last 8 years and I love these two friendos. They always make sure to bring the positivity of the wrestling world, but also not afraid to call something out as terrible. Always trying to make sense of decisions made and always focusing on growing their community. If you wanna feel like you belong and have positivity, these two are your friendos to listen to.
  • nisshindan
    My Go-To Podcast
    This has quickly become one of my favorite wrestling podcasts! They recap episodes without it becoming tedious, have hot takes without being trollish, and cover rumors and dirtsheets with a careful eye. Not grindingly negative, not gratingly positive, just a good, fun, well-balanced look at what’s going on in the world of wrestling.
  • cassandrabella6969
    Love this so much!!
    Recently started listening to this and it’s easily my favorite wrestling podcast. Their conversation flows so easily and they’re fun to listen to. I don’t even watch AEW (I know enough about the storylines from stuff I read on Twitter) but I even like their AEW recaps
  • F_S_9
    A Podcast I listen to almost every day
    This is one of those wrestling podcasts that makes you feel like you’re just in a room with your best buddies, talking about current news and catching up on your favorite promotion. Conversation is smooth and easy for me to put on in the background, and still pay attention to while I’m doing dishes, cleaning my house, or even driving in my car. Both Steve and Larson are also incredibly clever and making me laugh from time to time which I look for in a podcast great job, and I would recommend to anyone looking for a new podcast aside from the 50 other ones with a former wrestler/booker complaining about stuff in the past that doesn’t matter. 5 Stars
  • Steve Negs
    Love going in raw look foward to this podcast every day
  • WillviciousMyrtleBeach
    Wrestling fans are the lowest form of scum
    We all know it’s fake, yet you morons harp about wins and losses….and who can fake fight better than another fake fighter. Losers.
  • SMFV07
    Love it
    I pretend in my head that I’m there with you guys. Y’all are the only people I can speculate on what I think is going to happen on each wrestling show you review. I get excited when we are right! That is, when I agree with what you predict, but I love your reaction to what happens whether you predict it, or I do, or WE do! It feels good when WE get it right. I laugh every time I listen. I love the show. I love both of your opinions and the off the wall hopes you have for different wrestlers stories and futures. Keep up the good work! #These guys exist. #These guys can talk, #This is better than silence. #Sometimes.
  • Crawlnstall
    Favorite Wrestling Podcast
    Been listening for a few years, probably 5 or so at this point. My favorite podcast for wrestling by a mile. These guys are informative and entertaining
  • wrexxboy
    Don’t interrupt me
    Love listening to you guys for all my wrestling news. I pop every time Steve does the impersonations especially when “hhh” calls in
  • ReverseDave
    Plus delta
    Great podcast! Love these guys.
  • Omar Sanchez M.
    Best wrestling podcast!
    Looking for a wrestling podcast that has great commentary and good vibes? Check this one out!
  • jamesleeblank
    Too Sweet
    Steve and Larson you guys are awesome! Love listening to guys talk wrastling!
  • Funday Night Heat
    This podcast is awesome!
    This podcast is awesome!
  • Chance Osborne
    My favorite wrestling podcast!
  • Jackson Loving
    Shayna and Killer Kross
    Let’s get the old back
  • zoom great
    Hey just listen to you guys yesterday I’m excited to listen new episode today thanks Steve and Larson
  • Maynor PS
    The prefect podcast.
    My absolute favorite wrestling podcast. I never miss an episode. These guys bring a different perspective to wrestling, are very insightful, and are some goofballs when you need it. They have incredible chemistry and just make time fly by. They are incredible. 5 stars no doubt.
  • Hunter610B
    Top Tier, Best of the Best.
    Been following Steve & Larson for about a year now. Absolutely love their work, consistent quality filled podcasts about professional wrestling. The two really blend well together & are a great random. I look forward to each and everyone of their podcasts each week.
  • Damon D7
    Love this show
    I just start listening, and they absolutely rock. My favorite podcast and I’ve been listening to wrestling podcast for over 15 years. Really enjoy this show
  • Buzzion
    Cheering them on
    I guess cheering on Jeff Hardy for "cleverly" getting out of his WWE contract by refusing to go to rehab doesn't seem as awesome now does it.
  • the mac life
    Too many ads.
    Jfc this used to be a awesome podcast but now it’s a full on infomercial.
  • CJSetterlund
    Glad I Found You
    I was turned on to Steve & Larson by the crew at WrestleTalk about a year ago. I am so glad I found this podcast and the YouTube channel. Always entertaining and informative. Plus your perspectives are similar to mine since we’re all the same age. I’ll be a loyal Friendo until you guys decide to Future Endeavor yourselves.
  • Randaltron
    Used to be great
    These guys used to be very funny and entertaining, but over the last year or so they decided to dedicate all of their time to making the same terrible jokes and voices over and over again to make themselves giggle. That was before the leaned into the hack move of clickbait titles and thumbnails. It’s like they don’t even want to do the show anymore.
  • Waykann1234
    I used to like this show
  • josh lg
    This show rocks!!!
    I’ve been a die hard WWE fan for as long as I can remember. Now I’ve attended AEW shows, it’s growing on me. Steve and Larson do an amazing job recapping both WWE and AEW for me. Like any other family man, I don’t get to watch every episode on a weekly basis. On my 2 hour drive to and from work, I can listen to the podcast and catchup on all shows I miss. Steve and Larson do a great job of giving predictions and sharing news. They give credit to all the news outlets but is a great hub to bring it all together.
  • Joosten12
    Guaranteed Peed On!!!
    What can I say about Steve and Larson! Oh and the 3rd man brother the Enforcer. But this podcast and the community they have created mean more to me then they will ever now. My interest in WWE is at an all time low but I can always count on Steve and Larson to keep me updated on all the happenings in the WWE Universe. But my the Friendoverse is the crown jewel. Growing up I never really had friends that liked wrestling but since I found The friendoverse that isn’t a problem anymore. It’s a community..No family that makes me never feel alone. Thank you Going in Raw Thank You Steve Thank You Larson and Thank you Enforcer
  • Some guy08
    These guys are funny, and entertaining. I enjoy the impressions Steve does. They’re a little woke but they’re also from California. They watch WWE so I don’t have too. Good weekly reviews.
  • Kushncudi
    Absolute Banger of a Podcast
    Listening From the island of Jamaica🇯🇲, this podcast has become ingrained into my daily life. Love what u guys been doing and appreciate the hard work that goes into this. Keep it up 🔥🔥🔥
  • TNA 4 Life
    Best Podcast Known To Mankind
    Steve, Larson, the Enforcer, and the Friendos have created a fun and supportive community to be part of. These guys don't take themselves too seriously and try to have a positive and lighthearted show that the listeners can enjoy listening to daily. Every episode is a great listen!
  • 47ness
    survey says: another win for the s___ twins
    always fun to catch up on the week to week with this podcast; sure, not necessarily 100% with all their wrestling opinions but at least they discuss and evolve their thoughts openly and that’s saying a lot. p.s. I always mark out to references to “The Knick”. I’m that 0.5% who enjoys it ;)
  • Metacon77
    Insanity I can get behind!
    These two have been entertaining me for years and continue to do so! Keep it up fellas. Going In Raw…Acknowledge me ( or don’t, you know, it cool. Lol)
  • Guhoose
    Hey Friendos!!
    This is the most comprehensive and up to date professional wrestling podcast on the market. Steve and Larson have a great dynamic, and are fun to listen to. From fun dumb inside jokes to news and analysis this podcast has everything you need for professional wrestling.
  • floordweller
    Supporting the Friendos
    Been tuning into every episode lately. Appreciate the personalities and value the opinions. Keep it up!
  • Setht32
    Too Negative too AEW Biased
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