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Welcome to The Garyvee Audio Experience, hosted by entrepreneur, CEO, investor, vlogger, and public speaker Gary Vaynerchuk. On this podcast you'll find a mix of my #AskGaryVee show episodes, keynote speeches on marketing and business, segments from my DAILYVEE video series, interviews and fireside chats I've given, as well as new and current thoughts I record originally for this audio experience!

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  • Orchestraboy
    Always Providing Value
    Thanks to Gary Vee for the daily inspiration. I invented a patented product for the restaurant industry, and never gave marketing—or”trading attention”, as Gary says—the respect it really deserves. I thought getting my invention to work and being granted a patent was the hard work, but what I’ve realized is that marketing the product is 95% of the game. If nobody knows who you are, you can’t get anyone to buy. I have slowly come to understand trading attention, and I am such a disciple of brand-building & the long game. That’s all thanks to Gary Vee. We have by no means mastered the communication game, but because of Gary Vee, we’ve started a Podcast and I’ve also started a YouTube channel. None of this was on my radar when I first embarked on this journey, but I’m so glad to have found Gary’s content, because it has LITERALLY been my business education, and continues to be. If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, you NEED to listen to Gary Vee. He may come off as loud and brash (because he is), but he speaks the truth and gives you all the answers you need to succeed. For free, with zero expectations in return.
  • blakexcrum
    The only podcast in my library!! I’ve tried others and I keep coming back!! GARY VEE!! 💪🏼
  • nickgoeswest
    More Consistency from GaryVee
    The same message that this guy has been on for decades: Hard Work, Consistency, Positivity, Giving Back. If you need more content that will push those messages through hit subscribe.
  • Arnie Fonseca Jr
    Thanks Gary!
    As a 60 year old entrepreneur who took a massive punch in the face 10 years ago. Finding your content the last 18 months has changed my life and inspired me to live my next 60 years focused on happiness, gratitude and encouraging others to never give up and believe its never to late to make an impact on others! Thanks 🙏 Arnie Fonseca Jr
  • Chris Goroleski
    One word: AUTHENTIC
    Gary, you are consistent, passionate, inspirational, and above all, authentic. You have change my life for the better, and I recommend listening to you for ANYONE. You touch on so many subjects but all can relate. Forever grateful. 🙏🏼
  • Birdo D Helper
    Passion for compassion
    Gary never ceases to amaze me. He’s genuine, thoughtful, and above all compassionate. Thanks for your tireless efforts to create a more selfless and successful world. Thank you for bestowing your wisdom on us freely. I see you Gary, and I am inspired to be more like you everyday! Cheers to your continued success! It is much deserved!
  • wardenofthenorth
    GaryVee = the impact the Printing Press had in 1450
    GaryVee = the impact the Printing Press had in 1450. He has that kinda impact in the social media microcosm. That’s all I need to say, the rest is up to you.
  • brett@united
    Gary, I have listened to almost all of your content and especially the podcasts.... I have been following to T and it works... the newest podcasts where they have commercial interruptions that “sell” seem to go against what your commitment to NOT sell... just my two cents and I will keep listening but this is just honest feedback
  • jeremyantrim
    Great show everyday!
    I am late to the Gary Vee party, but there is room for more of us! There is tons of good information. He speaks true and shoots straight. This podcast is great if you’re an entrepreneur or just want to make more money or be happier! Thanks Gary!
  • Dn. Fox
    The TRUTH
    The transparency and humility he spills out every time he speaks is truly contagious. Purity and truth can be spotted over nonsense and the truth is just written all over him. It builds a deep level of trust and once you have trust, which leads to love, you have everything. Thank you, Gary.
  • Piece of s#*t
    Love the dude and his impact
    He’s had an enormous impact on myself and the nonprofit I lead.
  • MoveHappy
    Best listen in your morning routine!
    I started following Gary Vee 2 summers ago after a quick google search for top ways to market my new biz online. He spits truth bombs and provides specific information to help you grow your personal & professional brand. His right hand man DRock even helped me connect with a billionaire as a potential speaker at my live event Move Happy World Tour Experience 1.0© later this summer in Nashville! He and his team are MUST Follows on ALL Social Media! Also his Empathy wine 🍷 is good after a full day as regional manager for a start up poker app, running 2 businesses and organizing the live event, doing some other side hustles until my first salary check 🤣 (and giving 100% back to mental health from live event). A girl needs some chill time in the evening 💕
  • abc123hoboken
    Gets me hyped for every aspect of my life!
    There’s no one like Gary. His energy, authenticity, optimism, humor, wisdom... game changers. This podcast is my absolute favorite. Always leave the podcast feeling so reenergized to absolutely crush it. Thank you GV!
  • Zach's Ipod
    Top Shelf
    Every episode Gary will make you realize how easy it is to achieve happiness as long as your not delusional and really want it. Only A he ever got was in Gym and now this Podcast A+ kind sir. Thank you for helping me find my happiness in everything I do.
  • Nilsa-JCy
    Truly Inspirational and Motivational Podcast
    I absolutely LOVE Gary and his truly inspirational and motivational podcasts. I love how he says it how it is and doesn’t sugar coat $$$$. Thank you for making my day. I can’t go about my day without listening to Gary. Thank you for the Jersey City shoutouts!!! You are such a blessing!! Thank you!
  • Ohcoolgitl
  • Elly_517
    A must listen podcast!
    I have been listening to Gary V’s podcast and following him on social media platforms since I first heard his interview on The Breakfast Club a couple of years ago. He changed my entire mindset by pushing the message that there is no timeline on success and that not being exactly where you want to be in your late 20s/30s does not mean you have failed and is not a deadline to give up on your passion or dreams. He genuinely wants to see others succeed, and authentically spreads positive energy. A great listen!
  • sw3dge
    The real deal
    I worked for Gary as an intern back in 2011. He is absolutely the genuine and caring person you see online.
  • Steve_81_
    Love this podcast
    I live Gary’s podcasts. That was going to say love but I do love it. I’m changing my life. I am making it happen I am doing. Gary you showed me and I am so stoked on your knowledge and motivation! Thank you so much!
  • Aturmoms
    Great podcast but a couple things.....
    This is a great podcast and being from NJ, I totally understand Gary’s passion and energy. As his message spreads through the country he would do better if he slowed down to relate to other parts of the world. The Northeast is a different breed! Pause 2 seconds before speaking, ask a question and then shut up, ask open ended questions, listen and never interrupt. Gary check out Chris Voss. You would be the best thing out there if you did these couple things. Ed Mylett has mastered this.
  • nacalf561
    Branding and sort of self help
    This podcast is a lot of Gary’s speeches and interviews. Gary Vee creates and runs a top media company, expanding into a wide range of fields (sports management, consulting, wine, tech). He created a massive wine e commerce store early internet. In short, if you’re thinking about starting a company of any scale, in any field, insights from this podcast will be valuable. If you’re interested in tech, or tech business trends, this podcast is super insightful. The whole focus is to deliver value to listeners, he does that very well.
  • Marissa EQX SD
    Best Podcast!
    Your podcast makes my day, makes me laugh and motivates me to maximize my potential. Thank you for your passion and authenticity! Marissa
  • Joel Slaymaker
    Too much
    Just way too much “content”
  • KatieV1980
    Love Gary Vee!
    Love his mix of work hard but also work efficiently and how being happy is a priority. I’ve never had a mentor from afar that mixes hustle with also make sure you’re freaking happy. This is why I will keep coming back. He’s 100% solution based for any entrepreneur. The interrupting makes me cringe if it’s with the wrong guest but I can get over it for the value he consistently puts out. Thank you Gary!
  • Top mandolin
    I have one word. Woah.
  • Kelly T.S.
    Horrible. Can’t stand how rude he is and doesn’t let his guests speak.
  • Lucy NYC
    You want to get really happy?
    That great, Gary we need to be happy to be successful. We’d to be happy to be productive. Need to have self confidence and disregard opinions that slow you down. That will make you happy
  • 1234clown4321
    Gary’s the man!
    Changed the course of my life! Helped me so much with my business and still listen everyday to hear something new I may not have picked up before
  • magz5
    Audio quality
    Love Gary V, and consume as much of this wizards content as possible but I can’t listen to the podcast. The audio quality is so bad it’s distracting
  • MyNameMikePSG
    Help change my life
  • ChicagosGreatest
    Garyvveee greatest of all time
    Thank you for everything you do everyday
  • J77991177
    Listen more than you speak Gary
    Great content but Gary needs to stop talking over his guests and listen to what they say instead of constantly interjecting.
  • Danno_Cosme
    How could you dislike Gary as a person? The guy is always honest and willing to tell you what you need to hear which isn’t always what we want to hear. Work hard, stay consistent and follow the words of this man if you want to succeed at what you do. Five stars.
  • Pact4m
    Garyvee just want to say thank you. Amazing speaker and very humble which make what your doing priceless. Real!
  • Closed kens
    Powerful and moving. You could play this podcast at work, at home, on a hike or in the gym and it wouldn’t change a thing. The emotions and momentum that this podcast produces in your conscious awareness is brilliant. Truly grateful that my aware being could have this experience your presence and messages. Bless up! (Also I hear you like WillNE?)
  • jayp12qw
    Game changer
    Straight up, doesn’t try to be anyone else and goes straight to the solid points he has to make and gives everything he can. Love your show Gary and you’ve helped shape me into a more successful entrepreneur
  • MV=marvoules
    How can I do this I m new to this But I would like to learn it all was the first step?
  • corporate dropout
    Game changer Gary
    You have changed everything for me Gary I look forward to listening to you daily!!!
  • Tjherrick
    Solid real honest .
    Great advice
  • bordyj
    Great content
    I enjoy Gary V. He’s direct and honest, tells it how it is.
  • nottommy145
    Gary Does Not Pull His Punches!
    I heard about Gary a year or so ago but his cussing turned me off. I started listening to him again a few weeks ago and I have to say that his message is spot-on! He does not pull his punches and I appreciate his honesty (cussing and all). He is helping me see the truth in his words. Keep swinging Gary!
  • Willis5150
    Boring. Go listen to Luis J. Gomez
  • hihijr
    I have problems
    Ok I will admit that Gary has said some good things, but half the time he’s interrupting people in the middle of their sentence. For all he knows, the person could have took it a whole different way after that. Even when you do let them talk after your done you have to tell a big story that to be honest no one wants to hear. Also, your Audio is kind of broken you need to fix that. Now to the good things, I feel like Gary has changed people lives with his content. Because he says a lot of things that are very inspiring. I also like your solos and sometimes the duos. But I honestly think you shouldn’t be still going to garage sales after you have gotten all these riches. I understand that you are trying to show people how or to do that, but who’ve done it to many times now. You also make every thing sound so easy, your just like if you can do this, if you can do that, when it’s not that easy. You should know that if all your life you’ve been on the grind. But anyways if you do know that’s it not that easy then go into more details about it. Please don’t play music in the background too. Other than all those your a not bad creator, keep inspiring people and just remember this is all my opinion.
  • codyweavs
    Best podcast there is
    From incredible guests to amazing talks, Gary kills it each time spilling the whole playbook of success in business and entrepreneurship and what you need to do to be happy- which ultimately is success.
  • DrewHall23
    The truth
    The Grind Don’t Stop!
  • Fmofmpls
    An sincere observation
    Gary, I love you and everything you do, but sometimes you need to give more space towards your guest. You interrupt way too often in the Kevin Love interview. Please let the man talk with cohesion. Your constant interruptions make for a fragmented flow of discussion. Just telling you my impressions.
  • Jessie from the Block
    Thank You
    Thank you for the fire content Stephen A. Hart. The GaryVee Experience is one of the top 10 podcasts played in my household during 2019. Keep up challenges our thought processes in 2020!
  • lochness jonster
    Let the guests talk
    Typically I like Gary and what he has to say. But he has a habit of disrespectfully Interrupting guests to give them nuggets of “wisdom”. while he might be right in some cases it makes the podcast difficult to listen too and disrupts the flow of conversation.
  • psuckiel
    Best Podcast I’ve ever picked up on
    This podcast has been such an amazing inspiration to me constantly since I’ve begun listening. I listen every day while I’m at the gym, and am always motivated by what Gary talks about. Even if the topic doesn’t relate to anything I’m doing, Gary always finds a way to connect his messages to his everybody, and I think that is a great characteristic and shows just how influential and good Gary is at what he does.
  • Mathiewsean
    Blown away
    I’m a 42 year old man that learns more and more every day. I’m enlightened as a motherf#%*er. I hope that one day I get to see you speak live or even better speak to GV. 👏🏼 Bravo Thanks for what you are doing. You’ve motivated me to do the same. 5 💎💎💎💎💎 award for you 😉🤙🏼
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