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Welcome to The Psychology Podcast with Scott Barry Kaufman, where we give you insights into the mind, brain, behavior and creativity. Each episode we’ll feature a guest who will stimulate your mind, and give you a greater understanding of your self, others, and the world we live in. Hopefully, we’ll also provide a glimpse into human possibility! Thanks for listening and enjoy the podcast. Support this podcast:

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  • Kkaoddjs1
    Awful now
    Wrote this positive review below near its beginning and have tolerated the overall decline— but the Bulletproof interview is enough. This diet has been debunked so many times now. The podcast has really gone downhill lately. I’ve donated to very few podcasts, so the fact I’ve given to support this one means I’ve put my money where my mouth is here! Scott Barry Kaufman is such a likable guy with such a compelling personal story. It’s a thought-provoking joy to hear him interview psychology experts about interesting topics. He invariably asks the questions I wanted to ask them myself, as well as brings in questions and information I never would have thought of. Highly recommend.
  • Boo bottom
    There is too much time spent covering the accomplishments and accolades of presenters. Better approach would be to dive right into the heart of the idea. Forget the ego flaunting minutia. The “pats on the back” are boring already.
  • Osterfeldc
    95% pointless chatter
    It feels like the podcast is almost entirely just people talking about random off topic things like where they studied and what paper they wrote etc. and only a few minutes of actual content that is informational and pertinent to the topic.
  • lisette35
    Overtaken By Ads
    I enjoy Scott and his guests...but lately there have been so many ads. I listen to a lot of podcasts and this one went from having no ads to having more than any other podcast that I listen to. It really ruins the flow of the conversations. I understand that you would like to have compensation for all the time you put into the podcast, but please consider scaling back on the ads.
  • dj bdbdn b
    Narcissist episode
    Narcissist episode - nothing but 2 guys in love with themselves.
  • tcpipx
    Pleasantly Surprised!
    I first heard of this podcast by pure coincidence. The one that caught my attention was the interview with Chip Conley. Love ld the whole thing! Two amazing individuals talking life! full of empathy in their conversation. I am hooked!
  • Seemysparkle
    Love this podcast
    The conversation is educational and upbeat. Thanks for making this podcast for us to enjoy!!!
  • lorireviews
    Became a lesser version of what it could be...
    Somehow this is now super watered down. It isn’t really deep or insightful, just political. I can find this anywhere. Bleh. Obvious bias isn’t the issue, it’s the lack of differing perspectives and expertise with guests. If I can guess the world views of every guest before I even know anything about them, then the show is severely lacking in complexity. Everyone has biases, however, this show could be great if they actually followed a more scientific approach, which requires an open quest for knowledge & truth, no matter the discomfort. So disappointing because this show has potential, but refuses to reach it.
  • Zen M
    Got political ...I'm out
    I used to like this podcast. Then Scott kept referring to Donald Trump as a narcissist in several of his episodes . I'm not why it's necessary to mix politics into a psychology podcast. I'd prefer if he would just talk about the subject at hand without bringing names in and especially politicians. We often turn on podcasts to keep away from the news and politics and yet again it's thrown in our faces.
  • Panbozz
    Treasure Chomsky
    Self evident.
  • imho_000001
    Interrupting Host
    Listening to the Seth Gillihan episode. What the heck is this host doing?! He interrupts Seth mid explanation/ answer to the hosts questions. Talking about blue hair and blue scalps, sending Seth a “heart” while he is speaking and elaborating on his ideas.... SMH. You can hear the guest being polite to the host’s obnoxious interruptions. Host should be more respectful and inquisitive and unfocused and full of interruptions. He is distracting and takes away from his guests effort. I want to like him and the podcast but, dang, he’s annoying. The content is interesting when the guest is allowed to speak.
  • Vadim91735
    He is really good.
    Believe my word, he is worthy of listening to. He got me started thinking deep now.
  • bkjhgzrpp
    the psychology podcast
    Horrible interviewer. All he does is talk about himself and laugh at his own jokes. He uses a lot of insider terminology and doesn’t explain it to the audience
  • Fariiiiiiiiiii
    Great show, very informative
    Great show, very informative
  • Ramosa1098775
    I really liked this podcast at first but the longer I listened the more his bias comes out and it unfortunately gets in the way of uncovering more informational interviews. He tends to ask leading questions that agree with his world view.
  • Chris4Cuse
    One of my go to podcasts
    Always something valuable to ponder or learn on an episode from Scott and his guests.
  • MM.Rousta
    A reliable place for the knowledge you know you need and more
    I have been listening to BSK’s psychology podcast for a few years now. Why? Besides him being an authority in his field, his guests are also of very high calibre. In addition, he knows how to be an excellent host which I have to say is not very common even among those who have their own TV talk shows. Did I mention he is also an amazing person as far as I could say from these podcasts?
  • cokeaddict93
    this app has more ads than any other podcast i listen to, and it seems like they’re increasing. if i couldn’t skip through ads, idk if i’d listen to this podcast. other than that, it’s great!
  • ColumboJones25
    Remember to enunciate
    I couldn’t listen anymore.
  • IslandBuff57
    Pete Carroll -Winning with Meaning and Purpose
    Hi Scott - a bit late to the party here , but can’t thank you enough for making this available with this podcast ! I am fascinated and drawn to Pete’s mindset and energy for teaching and leading . This is the kind of brain food that is so necessary to keep in the daily rotation , especially in the context of today’s Covid 19- US election tsunami I’m now a subscriber to your podcast and look forward to learning more . Sincerely thanks . Patrick Dunn Bainbridge Island, Wa
  • Aaron_M25
    Keep it up!!
    First heard Scott on Sam Harris’ Making Sense show and almost instantly knew I’d enjoy this show. To my surprise, my already elevated initial expectations have been far surpassed as Kaufman’s guests and topic structures are engaging and well crafted—there hasn’t been a bad (or even slow) episode. Beyond that, SBK’s sense of humor and ability to be authentic makes the journey through somewhat complex content relatable and interesting.
  • Psych teacher Bob
    Perceptual listening
    As I look to start looking at making some changes in my life goals (studying perception and how we react to the world around us) Scott Barry Kaufman’s The Psychology Podcast has been an integral part to my studies. The individuals he interviews along with his own personal viewpoints have been part of my groundwork for how to proceed with the study.
  • Psych Podcast Nut
    Enlightening and hopeful
    Thanks for a great and uplifting podcast. I’ve been a therapist for 20 years, and now pursuing my PhD. I find the interviews personally and professionally encouraging and challenging. Thank you!
  • John.Chartkoff
    Thoroughly Fascinating Discussion of Savantism
    Dr. Kaufman, Your discussion with Dr. Treffert was fascinating. I appreciated your thoughtful questions, and found you both quite interesting.
  • NightTriker
    I find the topics/guests very interesting, and he does a good job of not wasting my time with talk that is way off topic.
  • MVajda
    Engaging Conversations for a Complex World
    Each episode is full of its own intriguing information that keeps you hooked. I highly recommend for anyone interested in expanding their own thinking and learning about various topics surrounding psychology, sociology, anthropology, economics and the like.
  • Abcdefghijkhmnopqrstuvwxyz
    A great listen!
    I first heard Kaufman on another podcast with Michael Gervais. After listening to that I picked up his book, Transcend, and started diving into that. Then I decided to start at episode one of his podcast, and I’m hooked. I listen to one episode everyday while out on my daily run. The topics are great for anyone interested in learning how to stretch themselves and lead a life towards becoming fully human!
  • Robert Downey Jr47
    Great Podcast
    I’m very picky with podcasts but I just listened to the episode with James Clear and honestly, I’m hooked. You have a regular listener here!
  • Debrovich
    Good content, but host’s voice and laugh are unbearably annoying
    The host’s voice and laugh are just intolerable. He’s also often awkward and excessively soft in his comments - he’s obsessed with always emphasizing compassion to an extent that’s just unnecessary.
  • austink714
    Thumbs up!!!!!!!!!!!
    Awesome podcast, Very stimulating !
  • golgikanji
    Panglossian. Too much salesmanship
    The upbeat vibe of the moderator became, eventually grating. The ads were a nuisance (too frequent, too chocked full of enthusiasm). Probably will listen to this only when he has a guest of interest.
  • gheyy bar reviewer
    Interesting guests, but the host kind of holds it back. He often interrupts, and sometimes makes unnecessary dismissive comments (when a guest mentioned correlations between tests and brain imagings and concluded the tests are real and have meaning, the host says “well something can be real and still meaningless” - I suppose he is so quick to reject surprising correlations like this in his own research? Isn’t this a big part of how psychology is done?). He asks silly questions sometimes but luckily the guests seem to be practiced enough speakers to answer the question he should have asked. And he is sycophantic with guests to the point that I’m uncomfortable for the guests. Like I said though the topics can be interesting with surprisingly good interviewees.
  • ResaTMB
    Love the topics!
    I live the topics, guests and discussions! Please refrain from typing during the interviews, it’s very distracting. The sound quality could be better. Overall it’s a great show.
  • Hannah-Sara.
    As a young practicing therapist , I’ve found this podcast to not only be fascinating and interesting but highly relevant to my work in working with patients and in relating to myself. Scott is so genuine and curious , and no matter who he has on the show, I find myself learning new things and being drawn in to learning about topics I might not have been drawn too before. Always looking forward to new episodes! Thank you Scott!
  • Carlin.S
    Great content
    Dr. Barry Kaufman is a great interviewer and he finds such fascinating guests. His interviews are always relevant to today and sometimes touch on important social issues. It took me a little time to warm to this podcast because Barry has an annoying voice to me. But I got over that and listen to every episode.
  • ZumZum3590
    Informative, Fun, and Recommend!
    What is the music you play at the beginning of each episode? So fun and upbeat!
  • NatyAssis
    Great Podcast, but I am taking a break...
    Hello Dr. Kaufman, Congratulations on the great Podcast. I wish more and more people would tune in to the psychological intricacies of life, so thank you for sharing such rich content. I am taking a break, however. A time out... Hopefully it will be a quick one, but let’s see what my heart is going to decide. I have been so hooked! I was loving it... Until I listened to your comments on race while talking to Ayishat and Dr. Haier. I was so tempted to just shut it off when listening to these interviews, but I resisted that urge because I too believe it’s important to listen to the ideas we don’t agree with, or else how can we even say we are against them, right? I noticed you were being careful with how you expressed your opinions on those topics - which is appreciated - but some things said made me... Just sad... Although I agree that not all blacks have had the same experience, and that advances in research don’t have to be agreeable at all times, I am unsure society is ready to hear some of the ideas shared. Of course science doesn’t have to always wait, but you were right when you said “it might be a horrible time to bring this up (the racial differences in IQ, for example). Not all blacks have the same experience, but most do. Most have been mistreated at some point or another because of the color of their skin. Do you really think society, as it is today, would be able to hear the racial differences in IQ and process it as it is intended to be? I don’t think so... In fact, I am absolutely sure. Everything happening around the world lately, as I see it, is good indication of that. I agree we need to evolve to a better mindset about race and generalizations... However, I believe it’s unrealistic to expect the world out there to process the information shared in these two episodes as you, or even I, would. I wish we were there, but unfortunately we are not. Anyways, I truly love all the other content and believe the world need to hear that, so keep up the good work. I am just a bit heartbroken and hope to come back soon. Wish you the best, Natalia Ps: This is literally the one and only review I have written. I just really felt the need to express how I felt listening to the episodes I mentioned.
  • Mr.Crunk
    One of the best
    I’ve been listening for the last couple of weeks and I am really enjoying it. I’m a practitioner of mindful meditation and in recovery from from heroin addiction, and I am going back to school and looking into psychology as a major in order to those who have struggled like me. Oh and I just bought Transcend. The section on narcissism was extremely interesting. Keep up the good work.
  • latinasoulsurvivor
    Really like this podcast!
    Just listened to the interview with Chip Conley and loved it! Thank you for sharing so much with us! All the best :-)
  • arivc9
    Just amazing
    Wow what a podcast!! Gives me so much knowledge and just different perspective in things!! Amazinggg!!!!
  • CC Ryders
    Supplement ads?
    I was disappointed to hear supplement and vitamin ads. I hope the host reconsiders.
  • Naya7761
    Such a positive way to start my day
    I recently started listening to The Psychology Podcast in the morning and it is so refreshing. This podcast brings such positive energy and has helped me broaden my viewpoint of the people around me.
  • JordanP153
    Really enjoying it
    Heard Barry on Sam Harris. About 3-4 episodes in of the psychology podcast and I’m loving it so far.
  • George Hal
    Light Attitude and Deep Thoughts
    I love the combination of goofy humor and scientific nerdiness. The nerdiness less for its own sake than the way this gives the content credibility, whether it's common sense or counterintuitive. Discovered Dr SBK through his guest appearance on Sam Harris Waking Up app about consciousness. Will use my next Audible credit to buy his Transcend book.
  • Jterrell04888
    Love the discussions!
    I heard Dr. Kaufman on the Making Sense podcast. After that I started binging some episodes. It’s now in my top 3 favorite podcasts. Thanks doc for the knowledge.
  • Liz G6
    Highly recommend this podcast!
    Scott is brilliant and kindly offers his superb interviewing skills and knowledge to the world! I’m so grateful to both listen and be inspired by his top notch guests. I also LOVE that he has recorded episodes on you tube so I can experience the energy in that way as well. Thanks Scott!
  • bennie_boy007
    Just started this podcast and i love the information and insights
  • Michael G Am
    Wonderful Podcast
    Dr. Scott Barry Kaufman genuinely cares about people and brings on guests that do expand your thinking and ideologies. It’s always a great use of time to listen to this podcast. And I highly recommend his book Transcend also if you enjoy the podcast
  • Janovich9
    A virtually non-domesticated outstretched winged heighten named Doctrina
    Va”virtually” as in furthering in blanked spaces, withheld anew from nakedness of myself and quarrel-ship between my own bore of mind. This I grew for repast to moderately at my pace for every entail without risks, all of meanwhile, the beak peered down from perch, fulling witted for this knowledge that I was / already am attained. All of time, all of this, made my whiles outed within my bore of queue for a newness and enlightenment with every time.
  • ZW214229
    Therapeutic prospection
    My name is Zac. I have been listening to this podcast for about a year and I have been very inspired by the ideas of positive psychology. I discovered my love for psychology by listening to the podcast and reading the books by its guests as well as it’s host. I have been intrigued by the idea of prospection for a while and I am currently in the process of developing a therapy which focuses on the future as well as identity formation, goals, meaning, narrative and hope. I am currently an undergraduate in psychology and am hoping that I can help bring these ideas into the therapeutic setting in the future. I know that they have been instrumental in transforming my life and I want others to experience that same transformation and hope.
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