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Justin, Travis and Griffin McElroy from My Brother, My Brother and Me have recruited their dad Clint for a campaign of high adventure. Join the McElroys as they find their fortune and slay an unconscionable number of ... you know, kobolds or whatever in ... The Adventure Zone..

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  • famousamous25
  • Chadferd419
    I was hooked immediately when the show was still on the Balance arc. I binge listened to catch up so I could ball my eyes out at the finale on the parking lot of my work. Since then I’ve loved their family banter and amazing creative work. All arcs from balance, to ether sea have all been outstanding. I can’t wait to see where Steeplechase takes us.
  • Sam from Fort Worth
    Mean Doug’s Greatest Hits Volume 1
    I have almost no experience with RPG pods, and this one pulled me in almost immediately. Steeplechase rules, eagerly awaiting new eps every week.
  • nikkirose24
    The best show
    I love this show. Arcs are fun and clever and have been a great part of my week.
  • L4990
    It took me a while to listen (coming from MBMBAM) but once I did I was completely hooked. There are so many amazing arcs and the creativity of the stories is just incredible. All the characters are super easy to become attached to and I get so immersed even when I listen at work. Fantastic work as always from the McElroy’s and their amazing crew.
  • Laike189
    Amazing Crew
    Love this podcast.
  • TheEdgeOfMyPete
    A classic!!
    Not every season is a winner, but the full experience is one that should not be passed up!
  • completethesquare
    Y’all.. oh my god. I’ve been a listener since way back in the early MBMBAM days and TAZ has been such a joy but the theme for this season??? THE THEME SONG FOR STEEPLE CHASE IS SUCH A BOP. Whoever is creating these theme songs??? Is so incredibly talented and I hope you show them this.
  • gratuitousHair
    Perfect Entry-Level RP
    These boys and their father have fabulous comedic and dramatic chemistry. Their attempts to play more tightened down, serious scenes or campaigns can feel tonally confusing at best, the light-hearted, goof filled majority of the programming is an absolute treasure for anyone turned off by more serious roleplay. Not to mention anyone who is new to D&D gets to learn the basics along with them during Balance! I'd have to say my favorite arcs / campaigns have been early Balance, Amnesty, Hootenanny, and Lords of Crunch. Steeplechase has been absolutely incredible so far! Justin has a distinct understanding of how to keep things dramatically engaging while still allowing for copious amounts of levity. Love these boys (and their progenitor). p.s. please no more guests
  • Ol' Uncle Joshy
    Really good
    Binged it, so funny, ten out of five! 10/5 Balance is a work of art that made me laugh, cry, and every thing in between! Great casual LGBTQ rep.
  • €.!
    Much love
    listened thru multiple times, cause standard duh, loving steeplechase love you McEl-bois
  • thepecanproffeser
    Best podcast ever
    I loved graduation, it was so immersive and the mission imp hospital was so, so much fun. Justin, your doing awesome.
  • Eob193857281947472
    Hysterical and heartwarming- born storytellers
    I’ve now listened to every episode of the series a few times and look forward each week to the new releases. Every season has been distinct and really good, and I love hearing how each of the wonderful family members brings something incredible to the imaginary table.
  • grnlntrn78
    Funniest Adventuring Group
    I cannot put to words how funny this show is — I’ve been at work listening and get slack messages to stop laughing so much I shake the desks. I’m way behind, only episode 50, and when Travis stops to take a call and the others do golf announcer voices I had to go home and change my pants. I love this show
  • Amaya and Liana
    I’ve been listening to this for YEARS and never getting tired of it! Love your art and comics! Keep up the amazing work you guys!
  • Beetle the corgi boi <3
    I have literally no idea what to label this
    I binged this and when I say that I mean I have paused it for sleeping and nothing else. I have no word for how beautiful this is, Leo Valdez level humor possibly even better ❤️❤️❤️
  • Quasipox
    One Of The OG Shows (For Me)
    Having already loved our wonderful brothers, I started listening to TAZ while they were well into Graduation, but I have loved it ever since. I'm about halfway through Graduation now, but still love the show dearly.
  • OwenWG
    Amazing show
    I’ve seen plenty of negative reviews and I just wanted to say, you guys are killin it. One of the best actual play shows out there for sure. 10/10
  • DustyPenny
    Good Stuff Always
    Long time listener, and every campaign is a banger. Amnesty has a special place in my heart, but i love Steeplechase so far! Justin is doing amazing!
  • skipthakid
    Steeplechase Rocks
    Longtime fan, Steeplechase really has me sucked back in!
  • Xander James Bell
    Justin is doing so well!
    I know some TAZ fans get a little iffy when griff isn't DMing but to be clear all three brothers + Clint have been great DMs! Justin’s new venture into his own full campaign is going amazing and I’m so proud of this world he’s created. I just started college and it’s super amazing to see these guys start out on a new journey as well :)
  • gfhushsgb
    TAZ is a great show
    Steeplechase has been a great arc and I love the dming style. I also love the sense of homebrew that TAZ creates. The constant interruptions add a sense of humor and I love it. When beef ripped of the pipe it was epic and I was surprised on the fact he was able to do a feat of superhuman strength. While I was trying to sleep this podcast kept me up and intrigued.
  • Scurvytoes
    Wonderful group storytelling podcast. Begin listening immediately.
    Another awesome world to explore. One of the strengths of every arc, imo, continues and then some with Steeplechase! Very excited to keep listening to each new episode; eagerly awaiting some silly yet lovable evil-doing in this world!
  • Grenadineisdeliciousfightme
    Good Boys With Some Flaws as We All Have
    Travis. My love. This is right to you. I want you to think about how you try and make your character ‘right’ in every discussion. You try and twist out from underneath criticism, even in character, and I am here to tell you it’s okay to be wrong. It’s even a good thing. I love you and I believe in you. Keep going, boys, you’re kicking butt!
  • My.name_is
    Steeple chase is amazing
    Favorite season since season 1
  • Haley Robin
    go J man! 🏄
    You’re doing awesome Justin!
  • lovexlikewinter7
    steeplechase is so awesome so far, i’m pumped and Justin is doing fantastic!
  • KMT12345678
    Goofs and Goosebumps
    I go from sobbing one moment to dying laughing the next. I’ve been throughly pulled in and I’m determined to watch every episode. In the beginning, things move a little slow and clunky while they’re getting a hang of things but it gets SO much better. The entire refuge arc gave me goosebumps, so imaginative. Great story telling, amazing characters, and some really heart-wrenching moments. Thank you, McElroys!!!
  • Ethan Crane
    It’s just boring
    Audio quality is good and well made, but it’s just plain boring or it’s people constantly interrupting each other
  • DMOccupant
    From gerblins to steeplechases
    While waiting for the new adventure I’ve gone back to listen again, from the very beginning. My delight hasn’t dimmed! I’m very excited by the steeplechase world- a little nervous about the dark side - but still enthralled by TAZ. Thanks McElroys 💕
  • BlueGershwin24
    Best Podcast Ever
    Any TTRPG fan should be listening to this (unless they’re lame). And all others should be listening to this as well (unless they too happen to be lame.) I listen to a lot of shows but this is the only one I consistently listen to. And I listen to a lot of shows. Even if you have negative interest in dnd, check it out anyway! The McElroy’s are the best! #wvproud #dnd #fantasy #amazing
  • hystericalmama
    Steeple Chase excitement.
    I can already tell Justin is gonna be a great dm. Still waiting for a campaign as good as balance. This one might be it!
  • Herong82
    Love it ❤️❤️❤️
    Steeple chase set up episode is amazing and adventure zone from the beginning is amazing and dusk is amazingKinda done a little bit better but all in all I love the McElroy brothers oh and while you’re reading this sawbones Shmanners and wonderful and still buffering amazing shows as well
  • Ernpend
    Meh. I wanted to like it.
    I liked the first season of TAZ. Interesting characters that you began to care about and you could see how it grew from a canned D&D adventure to an original story line. They played rather fast and loose with the rule set but that’s Ok because it’s homebrew and they had a good combination of combat and RP. As they’ve passed around the GM role though, it has gotten almost unrecognizable as D&D. Again, not terrible, but the nice thing about using D&D for collaborative storytelling is that injects randomness that breathes life into the story so that it is less likely to get rote. The guys seem to like to favor story over game mechanics but they go too far with that and the thing starts to feel canned or scripted. Griffin did it at the end of the first season but Justin goes even further. And now they’re going to another game engine and I just don’t get the enjoyment out of it the same way I do say CR, Dimension 20, or High Rollers. Those other shows feel more unpredictable and the characters better fleshed out, almost more realistic, but certainly more engrossing.
  • ricKauffman
    I hate Dust.
    Dust is terrible. And ditch the girl.
  • Hailnwellmet
    Such a fun family of shows
    Never have I come across a show that matches my sense of humor so precisely. I wish I could afford to support them more because they have given me thousands of hours of entertainment. Across all of their shows
  • Max Zakni
    “Balance” was amazing!
    Fantastic storytelling. Amazing writing. “Stolen Century” was something incredibly special, unique, a kind of mechanic that I wish was used more often in stories. Bookmarked the last three episodes of “Balance” to listen to at my leisure, they were my favorite. Keep up the good work!
  • Gooliemonster
    Simply the best!!
    I honestly love this show so much!! It is like my version of an old timey radio show, but no one knows where it is going to end up. I’m nostalgic for the previous seasons for about the first 3 minutes of each season and then I’m 100% here for the new characters and situations they have set up! Perfect podcast to distract you from reality.
  • teethsoup
    Fave D&D podcast!
    Absolutely favorite D&D/TTRPG podcast! The McElroys know how to produce funny and engaging content, and that knowledge transfers to this really well! They always play very interesting and engaging characters, and the storytelling is excellent.
  • Swangal
    Dust 2 wooo wooo
    I’m so excited for dust 2 I could scream
  • .noodles..
    fun! :)
    amnesty was like a fever dream between stranger things and gravity falls. incredible. ofc balance was the best. made me cry. incredible throughout, and will be re-listening soon. skipped dusk, commitment, and graduation started ethersea but felt like the story wasn’t shown well, infinity clam was just way too confusing CAN THE NEXT SEASON BE JUST US pls
  • M.Dillen
    My favorite
    This is my favorite DND actual play podcast by far. I’ve listened over and over and I laugh and cry and love it so much. My comfort podcast for sure.
  • Popo Neeno
    Seems that Balance was the exception for TAZ, not the rule
    Love Amnesty and Balance. The rest!??
    I love these boys. This show is hilarious and I am In awe of Griffins story building. Balance of course was soooo amazing and gets the praise it deserves. Personally my favorite campaign is Amesty. Great characters, the music is fantastic and had a steady plot line. There was a lot of problems with Graduation as many people have talked about and I think that should be recognized. I couldn’t get into Ethersea. But I’m still giving 5 stars because what I DID listen too is mind blowing.
  • LPH46
    Highly Addictive
    I have listened to all of it, and its amazing, but god I want more Ethersea. The brothers and Clint have made another home run of a season and I can’t get enough. To the point that I want them to release a D&D setting book for Ethersea.
  • Wrexis
    Oh my beautiful boys
    My baby Boys have grown so much since the inception of balance, my sweet sweet boys
  • Chister6641
    Really really good
    I love this podcast I have listened to balance and amnesty and graduation and I LOVED them haven’t started eathersea yet but am exited to. my parents are super cool and I love this podcast even though I’m 13. Thank you for making my isolation livable
    a lot of people shame graduation but it was pretty good ,even though I didn’t listen past “mission imp hospital” I can tell they had fun Balance,amnesty, and ethersea are AMAZING! Travis did a good job DMing ,he could have gotten tips from griffon Update: I listened to all of graduation and it was great. Also I should point out that this show kept me going for literal years, I would not have mentally survived the pandemic without it! Keep up the good work
  • theshescott
    So good.
    I am a 32 year old woman who has avoided her geeky side for most of her life. This podcast changed my life, rescued me from a dark place, and taught me how to play DnD. I now have a solids DnD/ RPG group and it has allowed me to truly expand my self. Thank you, brothers.
  • m.c.e.
    Balance is amazing and I will cherish it forever. All downhill after that. Stopped listening during Graduation like so many others. Tried again with Ethersea, but got one single earful of Travis’ absolute TRASH accent and said nvm I’m good out here. Will re-listen to Balance, but nothing else.
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