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Justin, Travis and Griffin McElroy from My Brother, My Brother and Me have recruited their dad Clint for a campaign of high adventure. Join the McElroys as they find their fortune and slay an unconscionable number of ... you know, kobolds or whatever in ... The Adventure Zone..

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  • BambiS78
    TAZ is the Best Podcast
    I’ve listened to all of The Adventure Zone (TAZ) episodes, I’ve even listened to Balance twice. I’ve finally caught up and just want to go back and relisten to more. I can’t get enough!
  • Grace///
    Back for Drac(ula)
    I loved Balance, but haven’t vibed as much with the later seasons. I’m really enjoying The Adventure Zone vs. Dracula, though! I think the McElroys have recaptured a lot of the silliness that made Balance so charming. As always, not a crunchy actual play podcast, but a very good time.
  • aphmaufan435
    Giga sigma Chad
    OK first of all your podcast is like literally goaded. But also, I would like to be a character in your Dụng podcast. I would like my character to be called android 704 for short android seven attack include electric, blast, counterpunch and meteor beat down anyways, love your podcast. I gave it a five star rating.⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️🤗
  • Bearaccoon
    Listen to this show
    Update: I’ve gone through a few more series, since my first review I’ve finished Balance, Amnesty, Graduation, Commitment, and they’re all really really fun. Some might prefer certain series over others, but they’ve all got a certain uniqueness and personality. I found Commitment really deep, although I’m not sure the underlying message was fully explored or appreciated, but that one should get more love I think. Also Graduation was great, although it seems Travis didn’t give himself enough credit for his gm skills. Griffin is so talented, multi talented in an amazingly diverse way, and Justin is brilliant, when he pays attention. The characters that Justin creates are often my favorite, complex, consistent but evolving, not always a character you want to root for but always one that will grab your attention, ironically. A huge thank you to this group for putting this out there. You all deserve all the success that this brings (hopefully a lot). Older review: I started with the new Dracula series and enjoyed it so much I went back to the beginning of this podcast, and I’m glad I did! I haven’t played much dnd so starting from episode 1 gave a good overview of the game while also helping me hear these guys’ first experiences and impressions of the game. The major difference comparing the new series (campaign?) is their voice work has gotten a good bit better, but otherwise it’s the same humor, same personalities, and same contagious joy they project from being able to spend this time together. Really grateful to have found this show and hope you continue to play for many years.
  • Vglock
    Tone down the music
    Love the show! But the music in the background is too loud and distracting from the story. It adds so much to the show… just a little bit softer now please!
  • penguin_man🐧
    Do more Justin!
    I love this podcast but I’d love it if Justin could dm more.
  • Good morning podcast
    Just good
    :3 (Griffin rules!)
  • vetivercurrent
    Music too loud
    I really wanted to get into it, but at times found the background music was mixed maybe a bit too loud, which made the dialogues harder to follow.
  • Fionn M Miller
    An appetizer plate made of entrées
    This podcast has so many different kinds of stories to choose from. With multiple seasons under their belt and plenty of mini-series’s in between you’ll be eating good for a while. I’ve been listening to this show for almost 9 years, and I’ve loved it all the way through. Give it a try!
  • pinkballoonicorn
    Their latest season is probably the best start to any of their shows yet. Loving the characters and the world
  • WeskoPops
    Love this podcast!
    These boys will make you giggle and kick your feet. These boys will make you scream and throw up. They do it all and they do it well.
  • akciwi$28:!,
    All caught up still love it
    I started a year or so ago and loved balance this was my first d&d podcast, my interest waned a bit after the first arc ended, but I saw them on Dimension 20 tiny heist and got back into it, family dynamic is always fun and TAZ vs Dracula is shaping up to be my favorite arc, the music is epic
  • Literature goblin
    Praise! The podcasters of the century!
    Justin has the silliness and baddassery, Travis being a silly goober, Clint and his sweet characters and horribly awesome jokes, and finally griffin with his amazing characters and questionable elevator fetish. This family is so addictive to listen to and be around. I love this podcast to pieces and can’t wait for what the future holds for them!
  • Bfrctl
    Great stories, killer sound
    The stories are great, and will keep you coming back for more, but the Dracula theme slaps so hard. I have to listen to it twice before I enjoy the rest of the show! Thanks Fam!
  • bs1278
    Super funny
    Me and my kids have never laughed harder In years and we would sit down in the car and my kids would beg me to put it on and would oblige them they would listen to it and want to listen to more👍👍👍
  • fraxxinus
    Dunno what I’d do without you guys
    THANKS FOR ALL THE LAUGHS. Got me through the toughest of times ♥️♥️♥️ Truly a work of art.
  • i loooooov it
    Brings family’s together! (At least me and my dad)
    My dad introduced me to the adventure zone through the first 3 graphic novels then we started listening to it in the car and we laughed VERY hard. Me and my dad have grown closer just because of this podcast. Thank you McElroy family. Thank you
  • 128362834482
    So so good
    This is the best podcast ever!!!! I have been listening to this sense ballance
  • joey chicharrones
    Great story telling and goofy as heck. Clint rules, wish I could get my daddy into dnd. Update: Vs Dracula is fantastic, they boys are SO back
  • Bear-Owl
    My Favorite Podcast Ever
    I’ve listened for years, and continue to adore it more and more. Less people like it nowadays, but honestly, I don’t get it. It’s just as it’s always been; a fun time. Best seasons too listen to, in my opinion, are Amnesty (2), Steeplechase (5) and the current one, Adventure Zone VS Dracula (6). Balance is fun as well, but super long and takes a while to get really good. Ethersea (4) and Graduation (3) are fine, the weaker seasons of this podcast, but still far better than any other similar shows.
  • ThePhoenixFireDM
    Amazing podcast!
    I love listening to all of these episodes, I was introduced about a year and a half ago and now it’s my favorite podcast! I love the comedy aspect while still being an amazing story! I’m a dm and this podcast has inspired me to do some off the beaten path storytelling with my players. This helped me become a better dm without it meaning to, and if you’re just here for the laughs and the goofs then it’s also great in that regard.
  • ttmcneely
    Best Show / Small Suggestion
    I love The Adventure Zone and would recommend it to anyone (and have!). Loving the new season and it’s a great jumping on point. A small suggestion I don’t know where else to put: while I generally love the sound design, as a somewhat highly sensitive person, the new thing of almost always having music or diegetic sound in the background is *a lot* for someone who can have trouble hearing the boys talking over the background and all the more on headphones. It’s become a harder show to listen to. If you could drop it out to just the voice audio at least sometimes, it would be appreciated.
  • Witchelny Wiz
    I haven't laughed this hard since Balance
    The boys are BACK tall! Not that they haven't been on their game dang near every season, but Versus Dracula is fantastic and I'm excited to see where this is going! Also Dracula's teeth earring merch when?
  • Not Forrest Gump
    Liking TAZ vs. Dracula
    I tend to enjoy the Griffin-DMed seasons much more. This one is no different. Really enjoying the low-stakes and goofy vibe.
  • Hugh Mannn
    I’m into this pod cast more then any pod cast I’ve listened to. I’ve listened to soo many episodes so fast. These guys are THE BEST story tellers I’ve ever listened to. They are goofy but serious when it matters. I envision every episode like a movie in my head. I’m not one to leave reviews but this one was 1000% earned from me absolutely amazing gentlemen keep it up! Best wishes to all of you and your family keep it up.!
  • Foodog315
    Just getting back in!
    I am a longtime fan of this show, and I love the flavor of this new season! Very excited to get back into it.
  • Patrick15630
    Someone tell me what the intro song is called before I cast a ray of shingles on you all?
  • whataboregrr
    Let them cook
    End of review
  • frogrelated
    versus dracula is great
    the new season is really great. it’s the perfect mix of silly and serious. i love the concept, great job!
  • ZiggyZoeZ
    New season is off to a fantastic start!
    Sooooo excited!!
  • NoisyNate
    I love these brilliant idiots!
    Oh. My. God. That original TAZ song remixed on harpsichord. This show makes me so happy!
  • Grossmeat
    Steeplechase is the best campaign yet
    I’ve been a long time fan of TAZ, and every campaign is great. Up to now, my personal favorite was Amnesty. But steeplechase is just SO GOOD! Justin really knocked it out of the park, and I’m so happy he stepped up to the GMing plate. I would love to see more of a rotation with shorter seasons. It’s interesting to see how the player dynamics change when the GM changes. Griffin and Travis are very full force ahead in this arc, so Cliff sometimes falls a bit behind, but it’s still such a joy and feels like classic TAZ
  • Ohohohohohohohohohohoh
    Love it, but…
    What happened to the comics? I read them all and have been waiting for the next one but it didn’t come out yet
  • oscar-worthy
    Not as good as it was
    Show just kinda fell off for me. I can see why people still like it but I just don’t.
  • YEET will rule
  • This is why I drink
    The best!
    I’ve listened since the beginning and I am still in love with this podcast! The McElroys are funny, relatable, creative, and fantastic! Each season showcases a different, amazing facet of their outstanding story telling abilities!
  • Level 8 Eldritch Knight
    My Review
    I’ve read all of the books, and listening to the McElroy’s process of creating such an amazing world is a surreal experience.
  • Alliemarie91
    Clint forever.
    This family creates some of my family media. I have been around since 2018 and I didn’t think there was a way to improve on MBMBaM but Clint is my favorite person on earth and honestly makes TAZ the most wholesome, lovely, hilarious podcast on my roster!
  • cosmic rajah
    So genuinely, wholesomely good.
    My partner turned me onto the McElverse of podcasts and they are all so genuinely good. TAZ got me back into fantasy and reading again, and I’ve gone back and listened to Balance and Amnesty twice each. I laugh and cry and gasp every time.
    The McElroys are hilarious, and Griffin in a fantastic DM. Amnesty is peak, go listen to it.
  • dildobagginsthesecond
    Must Listen
    Ive been listening to TAZ for 2 years now and I’ve almost finished every episode. This podcast is a must listen full of jokes and amazing story telling. Bucket list now has seeing TAZ in person!
  • quintesentce
  • adventure zone fannnn!!!!!!
    Just awesome
    I left a really long and crazy review one time but let me shorten this up. Adventure zone is awesome 10/10 Would listen to all of it again Highly recommend. Perfect balance (see what I did there?) between game and story. Highly recommend
  • Dylantidepressant
    Balance Saved my Life
    In 2019, I had an allergic reaction to anesthesia and was intubated for 12 days. When I woke up I was LOST. Why did I survive, when other people were dying in the ICU around me? I needed meaning, and distraction when family wasn't visiting me, so I relistened to the Balance arc. When I got to Story and Song, I had regained purpose. I was ready to not only survive but to live. The McElroy boys and their D&D game saved my life.
  • momba18
    My boys for life
    Every day if I don’t listen to the adventure zone, it is not a day worth living. But on a more serious note, this is my all time favorite podcast. If anyone ever needs a podcast suggestion, it’s this one. The family is so unique, fun, and will make you genuinely laugh and cry at the same time. Every night before bed, if I’m doing chores, or driving, this is always my first choice to put on. Each season is amazing whether they are playing d&d or other game systems. If you’ve been thinking about listening to the adventure zone… DO IT!
  • SoggyBayLeaf
    Shoebox is the best character they’ve ever made
    Icon icon icon icon
  • Creepfist
    You made it! Stop searching! Come on in.
    This is hands down the most entertaining dnd/rpg podcast. Highly recommend, start today, do yourself this favor, you’ve earned it.
  • Hobbes11780
    TAZ is so well done!
    Started listening after I was a fan of MBMBaM. I just went back and relistened to Balance, and then listened to Amnesty and Graduation for the first time. It’s so amazing to me how the boys can be so creative in so many different ways. Absolutely love this podcast!
  • Magacki
    Disappointing story telling
    The first season ‘Balance’ was great. What I’ve noticed over the last several seasons is a trend that there is not a full story. It feels like the brothers play with an idea, background story, new system play for severe months and then rush to the end of the story. It makes the overall plot feel disjointed and disappointing despite the fun interplay. I would like for there to be a coherent beginning middle and end to the seasons.
  • tiff1015
    TAZ is by far the best D&D Podcast
    I just finished listening to Amnesty (again) and no matter how many times I listen to the finale, those last 10 minutes always makes me cry. The story telling for all campaigns are amazing, plenty of voiced characters (sometimes too and an abundance of family interactions all make this podcast the best. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, for all that you do.
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