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In each episode of "Exchanges at Goldman Sachs," people from the firm share their insights on developments shaping industries, markets and the global economy.

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  • meizhatian
    Sound quality is a real issue
    I’m listening on trains or as I’m walking through people and traffic. Half of the time I can’t hear clearly what the guest is talking about. Just bad audio
  • RichardRaphael
    Smart, well informed, pertinent to serious investors
    Professional sound
    Effective & Focused Market Analysis
    Deep dives with Knowledgeable guests. The episode on Crypto market volatility & future projections, is right on the spot! Maturity of Blockchain through regulation, certification & standardization is a must to reveal & resolve compatibility issues, adequate AAA Protocols & integrity of settlement priorities. The disclaimers at the end of each episode diminishes the value of the podcast. 🙏
  • 02globalcitizen
    Jeff Currie episodes are great
    His long form interviews on the “Smarter Markets” podcast also great
  • Bds33
    Used to be finance
    This was once a great podcast about global finance. Now it seems to be about “sustainability” and climate change. Lots of buzzwords for business people pandering to a hard left in the business climate.
  • pauls4girls
    Too political…Not very informative
    I used to love this podcast, but lately it seems almost every episode is either on climate change or diversity and inclusion. I wished they would just stick to topics that are of real interest to most people
  • natule4go
    This is what happens when politics influence finance. For weeks these “experts” were talking about inflation being transitory and nothing to worry about. Look where our economy is now and by how much prices have increased. It was obvious for everyone who knows a bit about how the demand & supply rule works that pumping free money in our economy by the current administration will trigger high inflation.
  • ef57567
    Not everything needs to be perfect
    If you think the listener can’t discern a guest reading from a script versus speaking in a free flowing form you are mistaken. If we wanted someone to read from a script we can just watch speeches on YouTube. Your family office podcast was just three boring people reading from a piece of paper. Podcasts are better when it’s free flowing conversation.
  • DeaconRie
    Now following politics, not finance.
    I’ve been concerned with GS for some time that their politics were getting in the way of good financial assessment. This show had a clear “everything Trump does is bad for the economy” that I could tolerate but I’m surprised to see now that “everything Biden does is good for the economy.” This show’s recent changes have gone even further into promoting political talking points instead of using financial analysis; seemingly spending more time with pundits than analysts. At this point, you can skip the podcast and just get your economic analysis from the DNC website.
  • Grantemery0026
    Too “Newsy”
    I like the material and opinions but it feels like they’re trying to force the traditional news shape into the podcast shaped hole
  • chrismf8
    Very .... very .... boring
    Yes these are filled with a lot of information, however its very boring and not easy to listen to because they sound like the are reading from script 80% of the time.
  • FinBobo
    Excellent interviews
    This is an amazing podcast for people who want to understand the fundamentals of the market. For example, on the Apr 9, 2021 show, Benny Adler clearly explains how to use the Fed Model to easily and accurately assess the S
  • raccoon12
    Solid grasp in reality.
    All Americans should listen to this podcast to understand how people with open minds can take in information from the world surrounding them, not react emotionally but with clarity and scientific process and intuition, to arrive at the closest possible understanding of the realities facing them. Please post more frequently so long as you can maintain the same quality.
  • 100West
    Unparalleled quality
    Quality interviews and insights about today’s relevant socioeconomic and finance topics 🙏🏼
  • kurshing
    Reading scripts is annoying
    The material is fantastic, but it is hard to listen to people that are just reading scripts.
  • Jazz Picasso
    Good insight but could be more organic
    A lot of good insight but not very engaging. It’s clear that many interviewees received the questions beforehand and are reading verbatim off prepared written answers. This makes for a very dull delivery. Might work as a written report but not suitable for the podcast format. There is too data jammed in. Too dense for a listener to process.
  • HHHjr
    Best show to drive by!
    These r the best pro institutional research shows I’ve ever —and i worked in institutional research sales for 20 yrs—only suggestion is GS buy the people being interviewed headsets or microphones instead of using echo chamber mikes on laptops
  • Dan-OR
    More PR for the firm than insights into the market.
  • Mark's Zuck
    They just promote themselves
    I tuned in to listen their market update. But this guy is speaking how their tech stack is great, how Marqee(or something like that) is perfect. He keeps talking about world class execution tech stack for 15-17 minutes, which I stopped playing it.
  • CeciliaEsquivel
    Love the integration of social issues in to the podcast!
  • PA Norris
    Good podcast bad audio. Sounds like he is in a cement room and sound is bouncing around.
  • lcmcsl
    Sound quality
    Sound quality is poor
  • jwr2605
    Oil. April 21
    Great insightful presentation on current oil markets.
  • jonny5-alive
    Grateful to have direct, clear, and precise market data to make more informed decisions. Very grateful for this thank you!
  • andrew skaggs
    Compelling substance
  • Love Christianity
    From Fish out of Water to Wall Street Changemaker
    Loved this episode! Thanks for all the insights. Very inspirational, honest, and encouraging. Hope to hear more like this!
  • hannah732
    Appreciate the authenticity and vulnerability
    Really love the way Goldman has been leaning into authenticity and being much more human. This podcast blew me away.
  • Brown#eyed#girl
    A fish out of water
    Really enjoyed this podcast. Refreshing to hear a new viewpoint. Well done.
  • Raelynn Elle
    Great markets update and good progress on diversity
    Really liking the weekly Friday markets update. Short and snappy but more in depth than you get other places. Also listened this morning to the Sean Legister episode and loved hearing a younger, more relatable — and diverse — voice. Please do more of those personal stories!!!
  • Bebes360
    A Great Bite of Info
    Initially anticipated this podcast to simply be a sales platform for GS but was pleasantly surprised on the format. Great structure starting with the numbers focus and moving seamlessly into the Pod Topic. Now one of my regular listeners l. Appreciate it team!
  • chloewzwz
    Very valuable content
    I have never written reviews for podcasts but I am doing it for GS because their podcasts are the best! Very detailed and valuable analysis of markets from qualified speakers. I listened to every single episode and it’s safe to say that the density and quality of information is unparalleled in the current podcast catalog. I have recommended this podcasts to many friends and family members! May need basic financial knowledge to fully keep up with the information but it’s really worth it!
  • Sahéj
    Interesting insights
    This podcast is unique in that it not only brings top level executives from GS but it also, provides personalized narratives of every topic. A great listen!
  • dpv1975
    Repeating commercials
    The commercials repeat way too often - often the same one back to back. I will no longer listen to this podcast until the number of commercials significantly reduces.
  • nyctecg
    Balanced perspectives, good questions, great guests
    This is the best podcast for staying up to date with the latest happenings of the ecosystem. Highly recommend! Laura is also accessible and responded to me on Linkedin even though she is super busy!
  • MFN Jawa
    Overall solid
    Good original insight from some of the industry’s smartest, but there seems to come a point in nearly every episode where it becomes a commercial for Goldman. That’s ok, it’s their podcast, but can be annoying for listeners just seeking smart analysis.
  • DJRomez
    Great insights!
    Thoughtful insights from leaders of GS—well produced, highly recommended and timely.
  • Supershiyi
    Great podcast
    Great insights from senior leaders in GS.
  • Thomachan
    Researchers are good
    Hearing from research team is very informative. Keep up The good work
  • Viking X
    Good summary
    Great short update with a lot of talking points. Keep it going
  • SmoothHughes
    Expertise, wonky, and a bit boring
    I love the topics they discuss, Goldman - love them or hate them - have some of the smartest and most knowledgable people in the world. It can get pretty deep into the subjects at times, and may cause you to doze off at times.
  • capitaine minuit
    Very canned
    Occasional valuable material. Very dry, not very conversational, more so a list of questions without much probing for further development on the answers. It feels like a vetted set of questions that can’t be deviated from. The host is highly unanimated and monotone which compounds this problem. Also maybe the most boring theme music on any podcast I’ve listened to. I want to like a podcast put out by GS but I’m tempted to drop this one. Masters in Business is much more fluid and I find it more valuable.
  • 7727hdhdd
    Great podcast
    As a tech guy, I find these podcasts to be very informative as they give me a broader perspective of the business side of things. I also regard the analyst in high esteem as they seem very knowledgeable with a lot of depth in the topics!
  • Jdizzruno19
    Read write off a script
    It was a little tough for me to follow because I couldn’t help but pick up on the fact that the 2 people speaking in the latest episode were reading right off a sheet. Interesting podcast, though.
  • @JonLaux
    I find the people GS has present use a lot of jargon and don’t make their key messages accessible to non-experts. I understand investing and am not looking for a dumbed-down report, but I think they could do more to help listeners connect the dots. I find myself tuning out.
  • Andyjaguilar
    Excellent thought source for an MBA
    I’m currently an MBA student transitioning into a career in finance from a background in manufacturing and engineering. This podcast has been the best source of information on markets and economics to apply to my courses, interviews and growth as a professional. Highly recommend it.
  • Twiggy 1975
    Insightful Macro Perspective
    I have listened to many of these podcasts and they are really insightful to macro level market conditions. The topics range from domestic and global perspectives. This is not about specific stock picks but lore about the current market conditions and the direction that markets may be moving.
  • Nearlyneon
    Empty husk
    Plugged by "Trumpcast" so I expected similar insights and depth. Dry interviews of authors of position papers that contain mostly general information. Boring - listened to a couple and then started to skip forward hoping to get to anything insightful. I think they just want to be able to say they have a podcast because they heard podcasts are so now. Are afraid to give anything away for free (maybe they reveal the good stuff if you pay for PREMIUM content)?
  • Guy Words
    Best economic podcast out there
    Appreciate the variety of topics covered and macro level analysis. Very knowledgable guests and host does a good job structuring the content. Sometimes the episodes are a bit short but overall a gem podcast.
  • pdeckard
    Excellent Podcast!
    One of the best podcasts on the economy and markets! Very rich in information and research experts. Highly recommend. Appreciate the detailed analysis and market expectations discussed. *Disclaimer: A lot of economic and financial jargon. If you're not familiar with this kind of language it is a great way to learn it.
  • Bmanimal
    Really well done
    I work in financial markets so was skeptical this would be just marketing for Goldman Sachs. But it is a really good podcast. Touches on interesting and relevant topics and discusses them in a way that's informative for people in finance and outside the industry. Really well done.
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