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Unseeable forces control human behavior and shape our ideas, beliefs, and assumptions. Invisibilia—Latin for invisible things—fuses narrative storytelling with science that will make you see your own life differently.

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  • Dolomite84
    I miss the old show
    This show has narrowed it’s focus to a narrow set of ideals and values no longer representative of the broader public radio audience.
  • bhapan82
    Love this podcast especially the therapy ghostbusters!
  • Bob13457322
    I just fell out of love with Invisibilia. I could have withstood a few seconds of screaming on the highway but wow did that go on too long. I’ll never hear the end of that story.
  • Volcano Diver
    New direction is bad
    This show used to be great and have universal appeal. Now, the episodes are aimed at a very narrow audience. Just listened to “The p-word” episode, and…I’m sorry, I think I’m done. If this episode were about grade school kids, it would make sense…but these are adults. It’s sad.
  • MelBecause
    Love it
    This show is such a breath of fresh air, they bring so many interesting subjects to light for everyone to consider. Open , fun, honest and educational. Great job!
  • jdsan1
    not for me
    really disappointing. listened for 3 minutes and turned it off. trying to figure out how to get rid of it.
  • bored housekeeper
    This was such a good show before with wide appeal. Now it seems aimed toward a very narrow audience that does not include me. Boring. Can’t even listen.
  • Bankergal78
    It was the screaming for me.
    Why did they even include that in “The P-Word” episode? I used to listen to the show religiously, and then the episodes slowed down, and then finally stopped. Their first one back I couldn’t even listen past the screaming part. It’s almost as if there wasn’t enough content to create a full episode, so they had to add in the screaming part.
  • soulja_boi_tellem_is_the_bomb_222332
    New hosts took great show and ruined it
    This podcast was amazing before the new hosts took over.It is one thing to take a Podcast in new direction, it is another thing to do a 180 and change the core of the show completely. They should’ve given the new hosts a new podcast completely instead of running a great one into the ground.
  • traviswho?
    Always been a fan and love the new hosts!
    The hosts are smart and funny, and the stores they tell have been great. Loved the friends’ therapy- who can’t relate to that?
  • Saved By Music
    Old hosts
    I don’t enjoy the new hosts. I prefer Alix and Lulu. They were more personal with each other and to the listeners. I scroll down and sometimes re-listen to old shows.
  • Yussssssssssddss
    Not what it used to be :(
    Like I said, not what it used to be
  • wazjar
    I used to listen to this pod sometimes and I liked the original hosts. I’ve picked it back up and now I LOVE it! I think the new hosts are fantastic and I’m really liking what they’ve done with it. Avid listener now
  • Malik7x
    What an example of the pot calling the kettle black!! No one is stopping these privileged ladies from getting off their over-fed arses and make a slowTV program to show, on their on, and leave billionaires and TV stations alone. How many people suffered over the centuries so they could wile away hours while children toil to make the crap these privileged princesses consume without a second thought? They could stop complaining from the comfort of daddy’s home and Just Do It’. This was just privileged complaining.
  • i'm not a trumpite
    Hard downhill. Is it self-censoring or just a writers block?
    The first season was fantastic, the second and third were good... Though it’s been becoming more and more PC . Topics have shifted. Hosts are now “women of color”. If you really want to please the PC police, one of the hosts needs to be lesbian and disabled, the other an undocumented trans woman. Even then , eventually you will be “called out” for something and brought down. The woke machine will not spare anyone. I have two guesses. Either they feared #invisibiliassowhite hashtag and acted proactively like so many others. Or (judging by how it was sliding downhill before the host change), they just ran out of topics and pawned it off, getting credit in the meantime for “promoting women of color”. Though unsubscribed, I do check from time to time if there’s anything interesting. Not much so far. Maybe I should check what Alex and Lulu are working on these days.
  • hoping4ver2.0
    Miss the originals…now it’s like a lecture from my daughter
    The first two seasons are absolutely some of the best podcast I’ve ever listen to… Now it’s starting to sound a bit too ‘woke’ for me. I suppose I’ll just re-listen to originals, and hope to be fascinated again in the future.
  • samanthalou_
    Downward slope
    As an avid listener for multiple years, I am sorely disappointed with the turn this podcast has taken. The days of deeply thoughtful and emotional stories/content seem to be over for Invisibilia. I once raved about this podcast because it was unlike any other I’d encountered. Every episode was packed full of thought-provoking experience and insight, to the point that I would often listen to episodes multiple times in order to fully digest them. Newer episodes leave much to be desired, and often end up being background noise that is quickly forgotten.
  • Anne100121
    This show has really gone downhill in the past few seasons after changing hosts. Where are the science-based, fascinating stories that offered real insights into my world? Unsubscribing.
  • Listener lost
    New hosts tanking a previously good show
    The show used to be about the listener, gently guiding them along a journey of emotional discovery. New hosts turned it into a youth rally, with something to prove and telling the audience how to feel - when given a mic and a set of listeners, know your audience.
  • Lorenz12
    Love this show!
    Smart. Engaging. Sometimes humorous and always interesting. Keep it up!
  • susan_rs
    No thanks to friendship therapy
    No desire to attend friendship therapy. Friends come and go. That’s life.
  • Tone Voyager
    The regression of lucidity, not a good use of time!
    Where did the good stories go? Not a good use of my time. Yes, bring back the good stories, and consult Alex and Lulu.
  • FrannyZooey
    Not the same podcast anymore
    This used to be one of my favorite podcasts. The stories were so unique and well told. The new hosts are fine, they are just making a totally different podcast. It’s hard to believe the early episode about the town dedicated to taking care of mentally ill people and the recent one about two porn star friends who have sex are the same show… because they’re not. They should just call what it’s become something else and let the original Invisibilia be.
  • happilistener
    I love this show! I appreciate the topics they choose to highlight and am always learning new things. Thank you for highlighting and sharing the stories you do.
  • 3 year long user
    Bring back original hosts
    The original hosts were amazing and the content was uniquely amazing. Yowei’s “journalism” is complete trash and makes me hate my own race
  • 😉💙🙃
    On Our Watch, police shooting
    I don’t understand why ‘everyone’ doesn’t show the police respect, you know they have guns, tasers and the law on their side. You are only asking for trouble when you don’t listen and disrespect them, expecially by attempting to run away…
  • elatunnel
    Eat the rich episode
    I just listened to an episode about reparations and there was NO history about why blacks are asking for reparations and initiatives in other countries that may have worked. It was just 2 black students who went to a predominantly white college who said that (I) reparations would fix EVERYTHING wrong in their lives (II) whites who went to BLM rallies were insincere and (III) whites should just give all of their money to blacks. Come on
  • bean.view
  • Tony_Azios
    Loads of great topics here. Always interesting
  • Anne Catharine
    Audio Sustenance
    Invisibilia never fails to lift my spirits and expand my worldview. I highly recommend it to listeners from all backgrounds and walks of life - this show never disappoints!
  • tsedsannin
    Beautifully done human interest - if you enjoy realistic deep-dive perspective on everyday life, start at the beginning & feast your ears!
  • WhiteRabbitHK
    Bring back Lulu Miller
    This show used to be fascinating. Now it is cringe-worthy. From fascinating story telling to vapid conversations.
  • tallthinlady2
    Disgusted with episodes that talk about poop friends and imply that good old fashion relationships are not the way to go and that friends with benefits and polyamory is maybe better and well founded. It is not. But if you get into it you will likely be stuck w some disease, bad endings, resentments, and then - not easy to leave either. Don’t care for any more.
  • Iriss
    First two seasons were great and then…
    At some point the original hosts changed and the content became about these new hosts’ personal problems, and racism. The highly negative views of the hosts + it constantly being about race and racism became boring and redundant. A lot of the episodes (whether about race or not) I feel almost went somewhere but then they back away from any deeper insight—it’s like they never quite “peak” plot-wise before the episode is over. Honestly I think the new hosts don’t quite understand the premise of the show or how philosophically deal with the topics they choose. They need to switch to hosting a different show maybe that demands less critical thinking. This new season for instance, about friends and friendships—you can tell the hosts are struggling to get out of their own boxes. They never really go deep into the big questions about friendship, like what difference between friends and family are, how do chosen families push this limit, why do feel we can excommunicate a friend that “we grow apart from” but keep the super abusive family member close? There are big questions we face about friendship in the modern world where many of us don’t have any family or are child free and they just don’t talk about any of it, instead going for the “lighthearted” types of friendship (except the episode by Esther Perel, of course, who really does go deep every time!)
  • AliBer16
    What happened to the content??
    This used to be a thought provoking, interesting podcast. I loved it and was always telling others about it... then Season 6 came along and then Season 7. Why the drastic change in content??? I listen to podcasts to get away from all of the politics, to listen to something other than what the mainstream media is touting. I much preferred the content when the podcast first started. Please provide new and riveting content as you did in the first seasons!
  • Fstop83
    Honestly kinda personally offended.
    Tried to pick this podcast back up after a several year break and picked the *wrong* episode. In the first five minutes the hosts disparaged a child free-by-choice adult they are interviewing as “heartless” and “ruthless.” I take that personally! Maybe I’ll try it again in another 5 years.
  • Lematetsh
    Good good…
    Everything’s fine but too much ads try and fix this problem.
  • Kittybo57
    Bring back the old hosts
    this went from sounding like a Class A podcast to a phone call between jr high students. Get rid of the Kardashian school of elocution.
  • invisibilia original fan
    Not as layered
    I really enjoyed the original show better. Hope to hear more on the original lines.
  • janejane speaks
    Keep Hoping
    It is just awful. The only good season was the very first. I am unsubscribing today because I just can’t take any more of this full horrid podcast.
  • CocoPodcast
    Prefer the old hosts
    I have always loved this podcast and I still love the concept, but the new hosts don’t do it for me. They try to vocally mimic the old hosts and it’s hard to listen to. I don’t find the content as compelling anymore either.
  • Meta pelet
    Getting better
    Not as impressive and compelling as the original show but much better than last season, which I gave up on. Decided to give it another try and like it enough to keep listening and hope you keep improving
  • heidi_spidey
    This was one of my favorite podcasts but, sadly, the last two seasons have been unlistenable. I wish they would have just let the show end.
  • rorykillelea
    At one time this was a “never-miss” for me. The podcast has, unfortunately, not lived up to its older content.
  • duaneschubert
    Miss the old show
    I don’t write reviews very often for podcasts, but it’s truly a bummer at what the show has become this season. Why not just launch a new podcast with these hosts and let the old show keep running? I respect what they’re trying to do but it’s kinda ruined a podcast that was once one of my favorites.
  • savinasavige
    No longer a fan
    Very disappointed with the new season and new hosts. Used to be my favorite. Why the change?
  • w870o
    Aaaaand unsubscribe
    The old version was great. Who decided to give it to the cheerleaders? Ugh. Also, leave your political crap out of it so that for just a moment we could enjoy life without someone throw current issues in our face.
  • JennaV71528
    Missing the Old Show
    The new hosts, style, and content just aren’t for me. I miss the grounded, science-based, eye opening content brought by the old hosts.
  • Grzlk
    Missing the old hosts and thoughtful shows. I can see they are trying to make it fun and thoughtful but falls short for me. Maybe because the depth just isn’t there with how the new show is scripted. I like how many items start but feel the wanting more or getting too much in a direction that seems ugh. Hoping they continue to get better again. You guys can do it!
  • christineells
    Miss the old show
    I respect what the new show is trying to do, but the old show made my heart warm while teaching me something, I just loved it. I had really high hopes and am determined to stick it out but so far this new show just doesn’t deliver at the same level
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