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Unseeable forces control human behavior and shape our ideas, beliefs, and assumptions. Invisibilia—Latin for invisible things—fuses narrative storytelling with science that will make you see your own life differently.

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  • Bilas Peles
    I cannot praise this podcast enough. Very intelligent and well spoken presenters, interesting topics and great presentation. A welcome break from the politics and entertainment “news” of so many podcasts. What a shame it was discontinued. But the previous years’ shows are still available.
  • 2warm
    … maybe you are going…
    Menopause. !
  • dgyeikw
    Invisibila MY FAV!
    Truly this one podcast has helped me see the world in a different way. I am so sorry to see it go. I certainly hope that the people who made this happen will consider another way to bring us their creative minds and thoughts!
  • A Fan, Not of the Host
    My Once Fav Podcast
    I’m gutted! From the beginning with Alix, LuLu, & Hannah to the new millennial hosts, this literally was my favorite podcast of all time, and I am devastated that it’s come to an end. I could cry I’m so heartbroken over it. F NPR for that. This truly hurt my soul. Invisibilia nurtured a starved mind, was so powerful, and did a whole lot of people good. NPR, I’ll never forgive you for axing Invisibilia and Rough Translations, 2 of the best podcast in your lineup. How dare.
  • Coreclay
    I miss you
    I don’t know if you read these, but I wanted you to know that your kind and thoughtful shows are what got me up and back on my feet during the pandemic. You were the first ray of sunshine for me when everything shut down, and I miss this program so very much. Thank you for so many incredible hours to listen to during incredibly difficult times
  • Igor Cutler
    boring girls boring stories
  • grey Filastine
    Went from Mind Expanding to Mind Numbing
    Much like Radiolab the founders of Invisibilia have handed over the keys to the next generation, who’ve steered these podcasts directly into a ditch. It is now a smoldering heap of insipid arguments, vocal fry, “like”, toxic yankee identity politics, and sassy entitlement.
  • daboombaclot
    I remember when this show was good
    Original staff is gone and so goes with them any sort of interesting storytelling and editing working towards some sort of analysis and synthesis and what’s left over is a carcass of a once-great show where the essential tenet of every episode is now diluted to “racism bad, woman good” with the same caveman level of structure as that sentence. Not an expository remark or attempt at critical analysis. Basically Joe-Rogan level podcast for Brooklyn moms that want to feel better about hiring their Nannie’s by country and NYU film and media majors that want a few anecdotes to tout in their racial theory 101 class on Monday.
  • Respect4Squidward
    Unbearable Vocal Fry
    Glad it’s cancelled!!!!! I could never tolerate her vocal fry. This has nothing to do with “sexism,” since guys make the noise too. But since they’ve called complaints about her vocal fry an issue of sexism a few years ago, it seems even worse now; almost by deliberate force. Sorry not sorry. Maybe I’ll read the transcripts some day, but that kinda defeats the purpose. Listen to your fans, please. Stop talking that way and the show will take off. But she won’t. She’s the exact opposite of humble. That’s fine, the show is crashing. See Reddit, dear.
  • Lhooq999
    Biggest heart
    Story telling and reporting with so much sensitivity and humanity that makes my own heart grow bigger having experienced Invisibilia
  • Gr2323
    So good sweet sad
    Will miss all of you. Love love love this show. Find another space! So great/creative! Big love and wisdom!
  • A true fan initially
    Used to be the best podcast
    I was in love with the show initially. So sad to see the way it has gone downhill.
  • klemm1998
    Bittersweet Good Bye
    THANK YOU to the team for this amazing show. I loved every episode, each perfectly capturing the unspokens, and sparks happening in between the ephemeral moments of everyday life. Wishing you continued success in your paths forward.
  • Hugobklynny
    Best show
    One of the best shows I’ve ever followed.
  • etbz1914
    I’ll See You After! 👀
    Thank you team, thank you! 🙇🏽
  • mcbgrad
    Loved your podcast! I hope you manage a way to come back…
  • Visen
    Down the toilet
    A shadow of its former self. Perhaps start taking into account your actual audience and those who donate. In other words, woke>broke.
  • DCA1314
    Thank you!
    The goodbye show is great. I especially love Yowei Shaw's mother's story. I hope to hear more from Shaw on another production. Good luck to you all.
  • 🏖bum
    The first season of this podcast was outstanding: if there were more than 5 stars I would have given them that rating. It was a podcast filled with interesting, stimulating, wonderfully written stories that would appeal to scientists and science buffs. As the seasons progressed; however, the quality, depth, and sophistication (even the length!) of the stories diminished. Highly disappointing, NOT EVEN WORTH A SHOT ANYMORE.
    Why say good bye !? 🙃
    This is a proudly good show, I am so disappointed to see it go. Best of luck & looking forward to the next projects you are all working on🍀💕🙌🏽✨
  • tiffanymichelelucas
    What a gift this show’s been
    I’ll miss Invisibilia dearly. Bring it back.
  • Blue_Dandelion
    Thank you for everything, Invisibilia
    I love Invisiblia so much, definitely one of my favorite NPR podcasts! I really appreciated the exploration of a wide range of topics, presented in an engaging way without pandering or oversimplifying. The season on friendships was one of my favorites. It’s laughable to me that some of these reviewers think the podcast is “too woke”. Seriously? I understand how the recent personal-story focus is not everyone’s tastes, but IMO the last few seasons have been just as entertaining, and they address the social topics from new angles. Finally, I’m really bummed—but not too surprised—to hear that NPR is losing sponsorships and having to resort to layoffs and cuts. All news media has a slant, of course, but these guys are closer to impartial than most. I really hope they can survive this!
  • veteran podcast listener
    Incredibly sad to see your show end
    I will miss it so much!
  • Wolfie T
    Not the same
    Invisibilia was a cool show about weird random invisible things, but the new hosts changed it to a much narrower focus of social justice. I don’t disagree with that, but it’s just no longer an escape from the same subjects I get hammered with in the media, and is not a very fun or enlightening listen if you’re familiar with injustice. I would like to see it return in its original theme that was much looser and lighthearted.
  • 🎯DJ
    So sad to see you go!
    I have heard every Invisibilia episode. You all did a beautiful job creating thoughtful, insightful, touching stories.
  • HotchcritterDan
    Thank you!
    My first podcast review. Thank you! I’m smarter and a bit funnier for having this podcast in my life! Onward!!!!
  • mspassell
    33556655 stars!!!!!
    Each season of Invisibilia was a beautiful phase of its life, it evolved almost like a human would. To me, a podcast lover, Invisibilia is like air. I need it. I took for granted that it would last forever. Most people I know have one particular episode that felt like it spoke to them specifically. It touched so many people. I hope it finds a new home.
  • TeddyBroosevelt
    Go Woke Go Broke
  • DD-NYC
    The perpetual focus on identity is exhausting
    I’m just so tired, y’all
  • Dan321321321
    Once a great, went down the drain after 2020. Now Cancelled.
    Definitely listen to the seasons before 2021. In 2021 “Invisibilia”, however, abandoned the format, topics, everything about this once great podcast. They completely abandoned Invisibilia’s quoted description, “Invisibilia (Science Desk Podcast)’s description is: “Unseeable forces control human behavior and shape our ideas, beliefs, and assumptions. Invisibilia—Latin for invisible things—fuses narrative storytelling with science that will make you see your own life differently”. The stories are now largelylike every non-Invisibilia podcast. Not sure why it has the same podcast name, perhaps some same staff? - really feel the show ought to be a new podcast that finds its own audience. The cancellation in 2023 (if only for budgetary reasons) makes sense.
  • Abby_Sesh
    A+ Podcast
    I hate podcasts. I hate them all. Listening to people you don’t know talk about things you don’t know about… It’s the bane of my existence. But I would stop everything I had planned in a day to listen to this podcast. I’ve rearranged my schedule so I can listen to this podcast. I recommend it to everyone I know. I love it!
  • DecorativeTile
    Revisiting Love and Lapses by BA Parker
    I have been listening to NPR all my life and I think Revisiting Love and Lapses by BA Parker is one of the most beautiful podcasts I have ever listened to. The way she navigates love and aging is like how an artist paints a masterpiece but what truly makes her incredible is her ability to then analyze the art she just created and make it accessible to us all. Thank you BA Parker for sharing your family’s story. It is truly touching.
  • esefulano
    What happened?
    This was one of my favorite shows. I don’t know what happened but it doesn’t even seem like the same show as it was in season 1. It has become basically unlistenable for me over the last couple seasons. Would still recommend season 1 to everyone, but the recent seasons are basically just regurgitations of every other show out there repeating the same tired woke likes- even if you agree with what they are talking about, it just feels overdone and boring at this point.
  • Kc1985ks
    Not very good anymore
    I used to be a regular listener who gave a five star review. This show is terrible thanks to the new hosts.
  • Sacred Rebel
    Every Listen is Great!
    I have listened to every episode of this podcast and, honestly, each one was terrific! Amidst multiple hosts, a melody of voices, and a myriad of topics, it has never failed to engage my curiosity, resonate with my soul, and/or expand my horizon. I have been entertained and educated in unique and inspiring ways. Thank you! Thank you!
  • binu shenot
    Death by Wokeness
    This used to be an amazing show. Then it started a downward trajectory a few years ago. Now with its new hosts, it’s reached close to bottom and has fallen apart. Update Jan ‘23: Just when I thought this show couldn’t go any lower, I listened to the poop episode. What a waste. Another example of death by wokeness.
  • vacacaba
    Too many mmmmmmm from the host
    Great shows! Would prefer the host refrain from all the hmmmm and mmmm during the interview
  • Newshoes522
    I used to love this show and feel the last couple of seasons have been subpar at best. It went from a unique, thought provoking podcast with a creative approach to storytelling to basic, predictable, and often one dimensional episodes. Sincerely hope this feedback can be constructive for the production team… I was a regular listener and can’t get through an episode anymore.
  • justgus32
    It used to be about the unseen forces that shape behavior. Used to be.
    Feels like the podcast has strayed away from life’s experiences that we all share and narrowed in on the experiences of the hosts. It’s too niche now and no longer has a sense of professionalism. Even when there are experts on the show the hosts cant wait to bring it back to their own personal opinion and it seems like they're just waiting for their turn to talk… What happened :/
  • chosehowells
    One of my favorites
    So so happy with this show. Love the psychology insights and it’s so well done. Glad new episodes are dropping again! Keep it up everyone ❤️
  • RodandCon
    Touching words
    Thank you for your report on recording your loved ones. It touched my heart, especially the thought that, “no other person will ever love me like this old person did.” So sweet, the thought, thank you again.
  • lr + awsome imagination
    Be nice
    I’m 10, and I have ADHD. That means my brain works differently than most people’s. People wrote reviews that they don’t like the screaming. Some people need to scream to let hard emotions out. I do! It’s good that this podcast shows that, because it’s ok to scream if you are having a hard time, as long as you do it into a pillow or somewhere where no one can hear you. Also there is good stuff after the screaming.
  • Regan_zolton
    I found Invisibilia through my school. My psychology course required me to listen to “The problem with the solutions”. I was immediately touched by this cast. It took me back to a time when trying to “fit,” my husbands illness of addiction. When I was finally able to accept him strangely enough his addiction disappeared all together. Of course this was not an overnight thing, we struggled while finding our footing. After we were able to take steps without slipping, we were the happiest we’d ever been. With a heavy heart my husband did pass, but not from the illness you think. He was killed in a motorcycle accident, completely sober, two years into the most beautiful time of our lives. After listening to this cast I plan to venture out to more of Invisibilia! Thank you
  • Lake mom A
    Hidden Brain meets This American Life.
    Love this podcast. Love how they dive into a variety of perspectives and topics to understand our world.
  • mbarrowhite
    from 5 stars—>1 star. not even the same concept anymore
    i hope the next seasons content returns to what the show claims to be about. it’s unlistenable at this point
  • Maekar_I
    Great show but…
    Great show, but it lost something when the original hosts left. Still worth listening to and by no means a bad show.
  • Ashb6170
    The old show was great
    This early seasons of this show were great. Really interesting and insightful. It has changed so much now it feels like a different show. It seems like there is less research going into more recent episodes.
  • Vernis vert
    Low rating is mostly about the incessantly infuriating ad promoting this show. The screaming was annoying enough in the actual episode, but now I have to hear it every time I hear an ad for Invisibilia in all the other podcasts I listen to? Who thought this would actually attract listeners? As for my feelings on the actual episodes? The new season is pretty mediocre and feels different from what this first podcast first started out as. I no longer feel the need to subscribe.
  • Squid_Tacos
    Old Episodes are Great
    The old show used to be great and explored a lot of really interesting topics from a variety of perspectives and made you think differently about the world. The new direction the show has gone since Alix left is more one-dimensional and the storytelling and editing of the isn’t nearly as engaging as it used to be.
  • 6458583258
    what happened
    what has this show turned into? the first season was one of the best podcasts i’ve ever listened to, but this remodel? i miss the old content
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