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MindPump exposes the RAW TRUTH about health, fitness, nutrition and more... Hosts Sal Di Stefano, Adam Schafer & Justin Andrews pull back the curtain on the mythology, snake oil and pseudo-science that pervades the fitness industry and present science-backed solutions that result in increased muscular development and performance while simultaneously emphasizing health. No fitness institution or fitness "truth" is safe from their quick wit and over 40 years of combined experience in the fitness industry. Produced by Doug Egge. Find Mind Pump and the Mind Pump hosts on Instragram @mindpumpmedia, @mindpumpsal, @mindpumpadam, @mindpumpjustin & @mindpumpdoug and at mindpumppodcast.com. Get expertly programmed Mind Pump training protocols at mapsfitnessproducts.com

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  • Filafilphil
    THE podcast to listen to
    I’ve been listening to mind pump for the last 3-4 years now and I can tell you, I have yet to find a better one. (Stopped looking a while ago lol) I tell everyone I know about it! These guys never fail to entertain me. Whether it’s Justin and Sal going off into conspiracies, Adam sharing his latest story, or all of the guys talking fitness. Car rides, yard work, working out, this is what I’m listening to!! Can’t thank them enough for the hours of entertainment and knowledge they’ve provided
  • Is This The Krusty Krab ??
    These men deserve your ears!! 🔥🔥
    I’ve been a long time listener for about 3.5 years & the knowledge I carry around in my meat brain that transfers to my meat machine from all of them is serious 🦾 They go science. They go facts. They get woo woo. They go current events. They go from fitness & health to everyday life at home, muscle building, & coaching, raising kids etc etc. I mean all around it’s an incredible podcast every episode that has been a daily listen for years now & should be for you too.
  • ETrunner
    Changed my life
    I started listening to Mind Pump in 2020. I got my first squat rack in 2022 and with it I bought MAPS Anabolic. I now own 10 programs. I wasn’t able to hit depth in squat, and now am up to 8x260. These guys have changed my life from diet and exercise as well as focusing on spiritual health. Thank you Sal, Adam, Justin, and Doug. The product you put out there is pure gold.
  • K991022
    So much more!
    These guys take a holistic approach to health and wellness! It’s not just about eating and workouts. This is what pulled me in and what keeps me connected. These guys are smart, logical and REASONABLE. The shows are super informative and always give the listener real life things to implement and take away. Plus Sal, Adam, Justin and Doug are quite humorous. Thank you.
  • yqu123
    Great podcast!!
    You constantly say how trainers make no money, but you partnered with the main stream cert program of all time? Who’s abusing the industry now?.. Clearly y’all finally realized that you’re at the peak of podcasting lol; and needed to make a pivot, but shame on you
  • Shirley McMuffin
    Thanks from an RN/DVM/mom!
    Thank you so very much for all of your amazingly authentic content! As a medical professional, I sincerely thank you for promoting sustainable fitness, and for providing relevant and easily digestible studies to support your advice. Thank you also for sharing your relatable and fun “in the trenches” parenting stories!
  • Emmaslt
    I’ve been listening for 1.5 years
    The Mind Pump team takes the complicated/misleading information in the fitness industry and breaks it down to make sense for everyone. Love their stories or parenting, too! A go-to on my long commute to work.
  • ArmyLiz15
    Love this podcast!
    Thank you, MindPump team! I love all of the content, conversations, guest speakers, and Q&A sessions! I look forward to listening to the guys everyday! Thanks again! Liz
  • CurtSiebold
    Invaluable information
    I’ve been listening since around October 2022 and the information I have been learning is top notch. Not just in exercise but general life practices. I have also recently completed MAPS anabolic and started MAPS anabolic advanced and so far the process has been awesome! I also have MAPS performance and aesthetic and look very forward to going through those as well. I can’t recommend these guys enough!
  • Mrsmcd05
    Great podcast
    I found the Mind Pump guys by way of the Dr John Delaney show. I’m so glad he talked and referred people to you all. I have learned and am still learning many thing from your podcasts! Thanks for sharing all your information with the world!
  • Vbowen15
    The best!!!
    I’ve been listening to Mind Pump for around 3 years now and they have completely changed my life. That have got me through being in the best shape of my life, to pregnancy, to post partum for the 3rd time. I love listening to the fitness advice, but the family and life commentary is the best. They are constantly on in my car, my headphones when I am working out, and at home when I am cleaning around the house. Do yourself a favor and listen to just one episode—I promise you’ll be hooked!
  • Shawn Dickerson
    Best Podcast
    I recently started working out again, I needed some motivation. I recently found out I’m going to be a father, so being healthy is a priority. I love how the guys give life experience and parenting experience and correlate it with health and fitness. It is nice to hear the science behind everything, that is what makes the podcast stand out against the rest. Keep it up guys, I will continue to listen!
  • Kristyk22
    I learn something everyday!
    My #1 podcast. I have learned so much. They have so much knowledge. I love the different personalities and the banter among them. So entertaining. I recommend this podcast 100%.
  • ScottJ22
    Myth Busters of Muscle Building
    These guys are the absolute best. If you are confused by all the conflicting information on fitness, just follow mind pump. They follow the science. Studies are reviewed and discussed. They also have the practical experience to go along with it. This is the one podcast that I won’t just put on for noise. It’s an education on each episode. You will not be disappointed!
  • L Mowbray
    Changed my whole view on my fitness journey
    I came from Beachbody world and 9 round world. I found great results temporarily but when life changed and I couldn’t use containers and workout 6 days a week my results didn’t last. Been listening to these guys for about a year and they are teaching me how to be healthier over all so I can live my busy life, build muscle, and be the best version of me. Enjoy their jokes, their easy conversations with each other, their different perspectives and their honesty
  • Rpd0705
    Finally got hooked after 39yrs and the Mind Pump guys and programs have be a great benefit!
  • Canderso14
    Great show
    Love the podcast. Good info and entertaining at the same time. Got me through some late nights with a newborn.
  • Nanacyyyy
    I’m a returning listener
    I used to listen to the guys years ago but I felt like I wasn’t part of the target audience and my attention led elsewhere. Well, I started listening again and I am delighted! The guys have grown so much and they now align with my own values and interests so much more and I can hardly keep up with the new episodes- forget about catching up on past ones. I’m super grateful for Sal’s and Adam’s new kids bc I love hearing good chunks of the show focused on family and kids- old episodes weren’t like that. And now they’re all savvy to the “conspiracies” and touch on things tastefully. I’d personally love indepth talks on those topics (AND be a guest speaker so we can really get into it lol) but I get it. I know Justin was always on those wavelengths but he was patient and respectful to the pod but now everyone’s on the same page and it rocks. I’m laughing lots with them, it feels like we’re hanging out. Great job guys, happy to be back!
  • Merlin2/14
    The 7 ways to live a healthier life was amazing guys, thank you!!!!
  • Tim95xcv
    Has become my GO-TO podcast!!
    Before I listened to Mind-Pump, I had a HUGE plateau in my workouts. I didn’t know what to do as I felt like I’ve tried everything. High protein, different types of intense workouts, and nothing. I started listening to Mind-Pump, and taking their advice. My squat went from 225 to 365, my bench went from 205 to 275, and my deadlift went from 225 to 455. All because of programming, understanding overtraining, and diet. I thought my protein intake was good, until I really dialed in and got a weight scale like they mentioned. Now I listen to Mind-Pump for fun! I’ve listened so much that I got to a point where whenever live callers or QUAH would come on, my girlfriend and I would try to guess what the advice would be. Can say I’m right about 80% of the time. I now listen to it for the first half, where they talk about finances, world events, Dad life, interesting studies, and off the wall conspiracy theories. Not just listening for fun, but they have become the father figures in my life. I look up to these guys because of their wisdom and how honest they are. Whenever I come across a big decision or a life issue, I subconsciously think “what would Sal, Adam, and Justin think about this?” Thank you for everything Mind Pump!
  • Girlwithgains
    Great podcast with reliable information!
    I’ve been a Mindpump listener since the beginning and these guys have never let me down. They are super knowledgeable and their content is always relevant and reliable. Their exercise programs are solid, as are their product recommendations. Thanks for all the content over the years and keep crushing!
  • KatrinaSearcy
    Met my best gym bros in my late 30s mom era
    This podcast is the best podcast when it comes to exercise science, food and nutrition, parenthood, current events, entertainment, and overall health and wellness. Listening to all of you provide unbiased, research based information while allowing us listeners to make our own informed decisions based on the facts you present, without any hidden agenda and propaganda is very much appreciated. Its just icing on the cake that y’all are funny, and really genuine good people that are great role models for the people you serve. Thank you for adding value to the fitness space! I found yall a little over a year ago and now you are my best gym bros that I listen to when I work out. I’m like the girl best friend yall didn’t know you have, and I’m thankful for all of you. I’m a science communicator so naturally I have a soft spot for Sal, he is my absolute favorite and I’m a sucker for people exuding confidence, so it’s team Sal all the way! If yall are looking for something educational and entertaining, this is the podcast for you! And Doug, we appreciate you more than you’ll ever know. Now give me that t-shirt!
  • J-Shotz424
    Beginner OR Advanced fitness/health enthusiasts listen!
    Nowhere else will you find quality information, entertainment, advice, etc like you’ll find with Mindpump. The experience and knowledge that these individuals have will only improve YOUR knowledge and experience. I’m glad I found this podcast when I did or else I would have went about my fitness journey the compete WRONG way.
  • Bntyl85
    Love This Show
    This is such a great podcast for health and fitness. The well-rounded approach that Sal, Adam, and Justin take when viewing someone’s wellness extends well beyond the gym. I appreciate their holistic view of wellness and that they give actionable advice and support for all aspects of health: physical, mental, and spiritual.
  • mike8058
    Best podcast ever
    This podcast is top tier when it comes to enjoyment and learning you often see that the guys talk about doing the least amount of work to illicit the most amount of change, staying consist, and prioritizing enjoying activity and doing what will make you stay consistent (even if it is not optimal). I find this very ironic because every time I listen to the podcast I learn a couple of things and enjoy the podcast. It’s not like a brain dump which a lot of other podcasts do. I remember in the beginning thinking “oh I didn’t learn that much from this episode,” but then I had a lot of fun listening to them so I kept listening and then after about 10 episodes I look back on what I learned and it was worth more than seven years of searching answers up on YouTube and a college degree. these guys are the pinnacle of effective teaching and communication. It is so hard to teach wisdom, but these guys manage doing it every episode. Special thanks to
  • Boobymiles22
    Fitness, facts, and fun!
    This podcast is not only informative, it’s also engaging and entertaining. Sal, Adam, Justin, and Doug are phenomenal at providing information about fitness and health, business, and their own personal lives. I’ve been a listener now for about 3 years and I am still going back through old episodes to get more! They are great to listen to at any time of day, especially while on the road. Highly recommended for aspiring, and current, trainers and coaches, or even the average gym goer!
  • Lord Donut
    Exceptionally Entertainingly Educational!
    I’ve been listening to these dudes for the past 5 years and their information is top notch. Most importantly they are genuine and it’s obvious they want to help as many people as possible.
  • Hartmannd
    The best!
    Have been listening for a while now. Love the mix of honest talk about personal lives as well as informed nutrition and fitness information that I can trust.
  • Ryanmast
    Great podcast and they inspired me to work out again. I got MAPS Suspension from them and have started working out again. Very good and simple program. I expected it to get little results but it has blown me away with the results I’ve gotten. Thank you so much
  • AmCoReed
    Go-To Fitness Advice
    Discovered Mind Pump from a friend and have been soaking in the knowledge ever since. I love how dialed these guys are to the fitness world, plus willing to dumb it down for us meatheads without making us feel incompetent. Even better is the family and life advise they share as well, totally down to earth group of guys and love all the episodes!!
  • CorySummers0713
    Not Just a Fitness Podcast!
    Listening to Mind Pump has pretty much become a daily ritual now. I originally started for the physical fitness aspect of the show and mainly for strength training programs. Now I truly believe that the show has changed how i go about my day. So much more consistent in the gym now by the constant reminders that it betters me in more ways than just the weight on the bar. I’m extremely grateful for all of the information, life stories, experiences and last but not least, the conspiracy theories! You guys are changing lives! Keep up the good work fellas!
  • missskye_sf
    Packed full of helpful info
    I just started MAPS Anabolic and found this podcast. It’s so packed full of helpful information that it’s turned into one of my regular podcasts. Thank you for all the generous, and often entertaining, info and guidance!
  • Homiecomey
    This is a must listen!
    I have been all kinds of fitness spaces Army, Bodybuilding, tactical fitness, CrossFit and have gained the most clarity from everything you guys put out. Love it and recommend the show to anyone I get the chance to! Keep at it guys
  • Joshg1996
    Just great people!
    Been listening now for a couple of years and never miss an episode! These guys are so down to earth and relatable about life and how fitness has to be a part of your life but only in a way that it’s sustainable so you can stay consistent. Thanks so much guys!
  • krice145
    All time favorite podcast.
    Been listening since 2018. Even when I fall off I listen back to every episode I missed within a few days. I’d rather listen to MP episodes multiple times then listen to anything else.
  • JaimeR33
    Best in the business
    As a dad in his late thirties, this podcast has provided needed guidance to my lifting journey. To often we get fed that fitness is an “all or nothing” endeavor, but the gentlemen at Mind Pump give an approach to fitness that doesn’t make me feel like I have to alienate my family to reach my goals.
  • japeterson6
    Life Changing
    I was introduced to Mind Pump one year ago. It has completely changed how I workout in every way. Plus the shows is entertaining. Great show
  • RSprad74
    Awesome fitness and health POD
    Great practical advise for all levels. Adam, Justin, and Sal are super knowledgeable and offer advise for long term results
  • amanda-94
    Favorite podcast
    Long time listener since 2015. I’ve been a personal trainer for 9 years and even after this experience level, i continue to learn communication skills & individual client scenarios from the podcast and calls. I never miss an episode!
  • Bferris5
    Mind Pump!!
    Seriously THE BEST, podcast to be found. Fun, informative, inspiring and life changing! Love love love
  • Scknight_ak
    Changed my fitness game
    Love the podcast, has totally changed my approach to health and fitness. As someone who was totally unconditioned the programs and info in the podcast have really changed my life
  • daylynnlahrrr
    Favorite Podcast By FAR
    I have been in working in fitness industry for about 5+ years now, and started listening to MindPump about 2 years ago (late to the game)… Since listening I have learned MORE about fitness from this podcast than from other places. Just about everything I have learned from listen I use with people in the studios I manage and seen how their words have not only helped me but others as well! I listen every morning when I’m getting up and while driving (especially when I’m stuck in traffic). I found when listening in my car that my drive goes by much quicker because I’m actually paying full attention to every word they say. Also, I love hearing about their lives. They are all so funny and interesting. Plus they mention a lot of current events in the world which is great since I don’t keep up with the news 🤣 Please never stop making content!
  • Tori Arnold
    100% Human Made
    Hands down the best fitness podcast. Honest and effective advice delivered in an entertaining way.
  • A slime appears
    Amazing source of fitness information
    I have learned so much from listening to this podcast over the years and have been able to help myself and my family to live healthier and happier. Very highly recommend to anyone that cares even a little bit about fitness.
  • AnnaSias
    I have been working out for 33 years, and have been a personal trainer since 1999. I can say that the crew at Mind Pump knows what they are talking about. It is refreshing to have such authentic and honest professionals in my field, spreading the “good word” of health and fitness’s. Despite my experience with fitness, I learn something new every episode and often share episodes with clients and friends.
  • Litljohn F3 The Union
    Life changing
    I’ve been listening for 8 months now. You guys saved me. I was WAY overtraining and getting nowhere. Every episode I learn something new!
  • Shawn Oliver
    Mind Pump is awesome!
    I found MP about 5 ago and since finding y’all I’ve been listening non stop. I’ve went back and listened to almost all the episodes. At first I’d fast forward to the QUAH for all the fitness stuff., now I listen from the beginning because y’all are so funny and interesting. Hearing all S talking and jokes brighten my day. And then there is the inspirational side of hearing y’all talk about your personal lives that motivate me and make me think. When I click play on the podcast and hear y’all’s voices, it feels like y’all are my friends. I’ve turned several people on to your podcast. I have pages full of programs and am thrilled with them. I will continue to listen until you guys stop making content or I die, whichever comes first. Thank you for the amazing show. Keep up the good work!
  • Arhernandez796
    Best podcast out there!
    These guys are the absolute best! Put them on in the am when I’m whipping together a high protein breakfast! I have several maps programs and would recommend to anyone! Running MAPS performance right now! It’s literally bulletproofing my body! Keep it up guys!
  • Cocolo45
    Strength Peaks in your Thirties
    That’s how my journey with these guys started. I read a Men’s Health article that stated this claim. Being in my mid-thirties - I felt late to the party. After having our 4th kid - I realized how important focusing on strength training really is. I had been doing boot camp workouts for 4 years so I was in fairly good shape - but undermuscled and overtrained. Thank God I found these guys. They speak the truth at a level anyone can understand. I’m now focused on strength training 3 days a week and I am the strongest I’ve been in my life. Strength may peek in your thirties - but I am just getting started. Thanks guys for setting me on the right path!
  • Boater970
    Best Podcast Overall on any platform
    This podcast goes beyond heath and fitness and is extremely entertaining. Not only do they have the experience and knowledge but they are also continuing their research to stay up to date in the newest advances in physical fitness and health. They are hilarious and entertain me on my one hour commute each day. I have lost a ton of weight, gain a ton of muscle and changed my health around simply by listening to these guys.
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