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Truth for Teachers is designed to speak life, encouragement, and truth into the minds and hearts of educators and get you energized for the week ahead.

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  • 213-6th grade
    Awesome! It is a great podcast for teachers struggling to do it all. I’m starting my 15th year of teaching and still growing as an educator. Whenever colleagues approach me about mindset, classroom management concerns, instructional techniques…I share this podcast (and Angela’s books and website). Highly recommend!!
  • AlliValle
    Best Teaching Podcast
    I love that this podcast is never focused on complaining about our profession. Angela Watson offers insights for educators in a gentle manner. Her guests are all so well-informed and have relevant advice to share as well. My only complaint is that I only get one episode a week! My first year of teaching, I listened to an episode almost every morning on my way into school. I’m so thankful for this podcast; it’s episodes have had a tremendous positive impact on my life, my peace of mind, and my teaching practices. Thank you Angela!
  • Saraelmej
    This changed the way I look at my job as a teacher! Very helpful. Thank you!
  • @MichaelUnbroken/
    Insightful and Impactful
    I just wanted to take a moment and say thank you for creating such an impactful podcast! I believe that we all have a voice that deserves to be heard. Thank you for putting this into the world! BE UNBROKEN! @MichaelUnbroken
  • Rae Lifeguard
    Helpful advice
    This podcast is great! I love the advice that Angela gives and found that the overwhelming majority of it has been helpful to me in my work. I also find her voice soothing, for what that’s worth. I’m subscribed and I look forward to hearing her work again soon!
  • EairBear
    Practical and encouraging
    I found this podcast last school year when I was looking for encouragement. It has impacted me in such a positive way that I have signed up for the 40 hour program this summer. Angela has excellent advice and I love how she is supporting teachers with real problems and solutions. I can literally relate to so many of the episodes. Angela, thank you so much for pouring your heart into this work! YOU are making a difference, and I truly appreciate your efforts!
  • scarfk
    Great Way to Focus on Your Why
    The last few years have been so hard in education but when I am especially frustrated I can always count on this podcast to bring me right back to center. As a 40 hour member I have gained so much all while cleaning my house, exercising or working in my classroom. Thank you for being that REAL voice for what is going on and having a vision to aspire to!
  • peppstep
    Great summer listening
    Truth for Teachers informs me about what’s going on in classrooms beyond my region. So important!
  • CalifaGringa
    A must-listen for new teacher, veterans, and a sustainable career!
    I’ve been a major fan of Angela Watson for at least 7 years now. I’m in my 12th year of teaching, and I’m an alumni of the 40 hour teacher work week. I return to Angela’s systems and resources time and time again, but I listen for her blend of pragmatic solutions and candor (I LOVE when she speaks from the heart, the authenticity resonates!). We’ve listened to her podcasts for Dept staff PD, and I use the the “it won’t be easy, it’ll be worth it” mantra with my AP Spanish students. Her and her team’s podcast helped me maintain my sanity through distance teaching, and while our school transitioned to a block schedule. The content only gets better. Angela and her contributors acknowledge the challenges of public education, offer strategies, and eschew toxic positivity, with Alena of inclusion of all teachers in all contexts. This podcast and its balance of support for teacher-guilt or burnout, mindfulness/mindset tools with optimism and advocacy is a must. Thank you for all you make available!!
  • Christmas Fun 2
    Thought provoking!
    I always find my perspective broadened by Angela’s insights , questions and challenges. Although I am retired from public education and homeschool now , through this podcast I am connected to the strengths, needs and hopes of the wider educational community. Thank you !
  • marty_champinone
    Honest and healing
    I love Angela’s transparency and encouragement. She always seems to talk about what I need to hear as a teacher. Recommend for all teachers!
  • Hanya W
    Best PD you can find!
    Seriously so worth the listen! Every episode leaves me feeling seen (Angela is honest about the never-ending challenges of education), but also encouraged (there’s so many practical suggestions!). I consistently find myself recommending Angela’s work to other educators.
  • Just Doing Her Best! JBNYC
    Thank you!!
    I recently discovered this podcast and am so grateful. I am in my fourth year of teaching and find myself continuously doubting whether my progressive philosophies towards student learning are valid, but this podcast helps me recognize what’s truly important and validate my thoughts. I learn something new every episode! Thank you!
  • Ms.WilliamsA
    This has been something I listen to everywhere I drive. I’m a PreK first year teacher at a majority Hispanic community, I am experiencing a new first year experience, teaching first year through COVID. I’m teaching students that have never been in a classroom before, do not know what a line is, are being taught the basics, and this podcast lifts me up and brings joy. Thank you.
  • msklvr
    I depend on this podcast to feel rejuvenated when I need positivity, inspiration and strategies. I can’t tell enough teachers about how meaningful this podcast is to me! Thank you for the work that you do, Angela and crew!!
  • Avra Robinson
    First Time Listener - will be back!
    Working to learn more about supporting English Learners in the classroom, I followed a link and discovered this podcast. I listened to Episode 241 from October 31, 2021. It was fabulous. Angela is caring and compassionate, knowledgeable and articulate. Her guest, Houa Yang-Xiong, shared many amazing insights into the minds and hearts of English Learners. The episode was both insightful and engaging. I will be listening to more! Thank you for your service to educators, Angela and Houa! 💙
  • MamaSooze
    Great Support for Higher Ed
    I am a Community College Composition Professor, and this podcast has helped me so much! Although higher Ed has very different work week structures than K-12, the workload for college English is tremendous. This podcast has helped with finding work/life balance and rethinking my priorities to make room for my own interests and self-care. Thank you!
  • Mel9494
    Amazing Podcast
    Amazing podcast
  • Liza DeWitt
    I am a 5th year teacher and have worked in public, charter and independent schools in California. Teaching is such a particular profession and it’s hard for non-teachers to understand the ebbs and flows of what we go through on a daily basis. Not only does Angela deeply understand the profession but she is so reflective, responsive and supportive to educators everywhere. She always seems to say exactly what I need to hear, when I need to hear it. This is the best investment you could make with your time on a Sunday. It always gives me ideas and sets my mind straight for the week. Thank you for all you do, Angela. If you’re not sure about it, give it a listen, I don’t think you’ll regret it.
  • Mendy416
    Long time listener
    I listen every week. Thank you for helping me to keep positive and keep moving forward.
  • Mandytastic
    Worth your time
    Can’t recommend enough! Great resource. Also, her 40 hour workweek club vastly improved my quality of life!
    4th Grade Teacher
    Angela changed my life years ago with the 40 Hour Teacher Work Week Club! My kids even recognized her voice. Now I look forward to her weekly podcasts of inspiration to help me reframe my workweek! Thank you!!!
  • Healthy Farm Girl
    Amazing teacher podcast!
    I still get so much out of listening to this podcast, even in my last year of teaching. I wouldn’t miss it!
  • QueenK613
    Practical, Inspiring, and Knowledgable
    As a middle school ESOL teacher, I’m often wary of general education/teaching strategies. But, Angela Watson is Amazing. Her strategies work. They are applicable to my classroom. She is honest in how hard teaching is and practical because she does come up with ways to streamline the work.
  • Abbeymorgan
    Thank you for this podcast.
  • D. Griebel
    Angela Watson’s podcast
    Angela Watson’s podcast and “40-Hour Teacher Work Week” program have been invaluable to me as an educator. She has changed my life!
  • EmpoweredEvie
    Excellent podcast for educators!
    I am a big fan of Angela. She was in the trenches for years as an elementary school teacher and brings that perspective into every episode. Angela shares her passion and enthusiasm for teachers. I love her advice and take a ways. She truly cares about the whole the teacher... body, mind, and spirit. This podcast is always uplifting and inspiring! Thank you, Angela!
  • parker-1
    Love your episode on media literacy
  • Kinder_Sarah
    Finally I Feel Heard!!!
    For so long I’ve felt as a teacher that no one truest gets it. In staff meetings we are always told to Focus on the positive and never share the vulnerabilities of the truth about teachings. This past year in particular was incredibly hard for me and my mental health. I reached out and asked if they could address what we all were going through but no one would talk about. It left me feeling so isolated and in the trenches of my depression. Then I found this podcast and the first episode I listened to was about the truth of pandemic teaching. I finally felt heard and that someone was speaking the truth about how hard it is to be a teacher especially in these times. I wish I could rate this podcast 10 stars. Thank you Angela for speaking the truth with a beautiful genuine voice and give me and hopefully other teachers like me hope in the coming school year. With a renewed sense of hope, Sarah
  • Boys mom 90 94
    Best Podcast for Teachers!
    So much truth and great Information in every episode! There are practical tips and ideas you can start implementing in your classroom right away. I’m so happy I found this treasure!
  • meri for mary
    Right on
    Your podcast has been helping me process teaching issues for a while now, but WOW. They just get better. Today’s was powerful. Thank you!!
  • BernPN
    Thank you!
    Angela, Thanks so much for your openness about your struggle with depression and realization that you needed an anti-depressant. Your story is similar to mine. It's so nice to listen to someone who understands. God bless you.
  • The Tiff
    Real, inspirational, justice centered thoughts on teaching
    Thank you for the work you’re doing, Angela. I love that you’re modeling letting go of expectations and taking care of yourself. Keep going! As a BIPOC educator in a predominately white city and school... your words, ideas and support mean the world and help me keep doing this work even when I feel as though I’ve hit a wall. We appreciate you!!
  • Eli8512
    Where have you been all my (teaching) life
    I wish I had jumped on the podcast wagon a long time ago. I have five years of teaching experience and am now on a break due to the pandemic and family needs. However, I had recently sworn to myself that I can’t see myself ever going back into the classroom full time. I have had such horrible experiences, many having just been in bad situations, and other experience due to my own inability to handle these situations. But after stumbling across this podcast, I have been able to feel motivated again- to see the reasons I have enjoyed the job at times, and been given very good strategies on how to handle things better in the future. Thank you for your inspiring words. If only all principals were like you... but since they aren’t I am happy to have your ideas on how to get past that :) Thank you deeply.
  • TheEggBabyCult
    a great resource!
    i’m a preservice teacher and Angela’s podcast has been invaluable to me. i feel that this podcast is just as essential to my success in my future career as my teaching program. she covers extremely useful and practical topics and i truly feel more prepared as a result. so much of what isn’t taught in preservice teacher programs, like organizing your time, taking care of yourself, and managing teacher stress is discussed in Truth for Teachers. i am so grateful for this podcast, give it a listen!
  • LGrewe
    Essential Teaching podcast
    Angela speaks to my teaching heart. She’s so wise and has educators’ best interests at heart. I learn so much every week. English teachers, give it a try.
  • Ms Steele1
    Teachers who are not ok
    This was my first episode, and I am all in. I’m crying, renewed, heard, and inspired. Thanks for this.
  • Stebrah
    On point about perfectionism
    One of my go-to and favorite podcasts for bettering myself as a teacher and person! Her strategies and advice make practical sense and are never overwhelming to remember. I especially like the contemporary focus of her podcasts ie what is happening socially, academically, or comments on the shifts in education and our classroom. I love how teacher well-being is on the forefront of each podcast. Thank you, Angela, for giving this to teachers.
  • EnigmaticManifesto
    Practical and healing
    I am so thankful I started listening to this podcast while in my teacher prep program. It has helped me grow as a person, a student, and a teacher, directing me to focus on what matters most and showing up as my full, authentic self. I don’t know how I could have made it through my first year without the help of Angela keeping things in perspective for me. Recently, the episode of Freedom Dreaming with Tanesha??? Hearing two amazing educators talking about how they show up for their students every day, in every decision, within and outside of the school building was inspiring and reassuring. It reminded me of all the times where I give power over to the students, and how it’s not perfect AND it works better than when I take over. We can transform our classrooms and schools to be what students need. We just need to listen to them and give up our power. Truly, thank you for always putting out what I need to hear, when I need to hear it.
  • Mz Tiffany
    Great Teacher Tips and Tricks
    Thank you Angela Watson for your podcast! It is great to hear from other teachers and pick up some tips and tricks and strategies that can help become a better teacher.
  • genuinejake
    Angela Watson Makes Teachers Better. Period.
    Listening to Angela Watson's passionate and productive words is as meaningful as it is transformative. She helps teachers deal with the day-to-day, but is also unafraid to jump in and talk about the big issues dominating our attentions and minds. I'm a fan of all she puts out there.
  • LindseyMcLean @misslnzeteach
    Can’t wait- 2020-2021
    I am waiting not so patiently for the new season. I’ve listened to EVERY episode and I’m a graduate of the 40HTW group. I’m so thankful for Angela’s perspective and calm voice. She has improved my organization, focus, commitment and love for teaching. I hope her next season is full of advice and tips for teaching in this pandemic (virtually and F2F) and how to better address equality concerns for all of the kids in America. This is my Go-go podcast. Thank you, Angela, for all your inspiration and great advice.
  • Erussell36
    Y’all. I cannot shout out her praises enough. I have been listening to her podcast, “Truth for Teachers,” for about a year now and I love it. I stopped for a while because... life... so I’m catching up with the episodes that have happened since March. They are full of ideas and mind shifts that are helping me get pumped up for the new school year. Will I make mistakes? For sure- I do in school, so why would online be different? Will I find awesome new strategies, apps and ideas? You know it. It’s going to be hard. But it’s going to be with it.
  • phenomteacher
    I fell into this Podcast while searching for Podcast for African American teachers. I am so pleased with your authenticity and your worldview. Thank you for sharing your “authentic voice!@
  • mary chloe
    Best podcast for teachers!
    Wow! This podcast is life changing. Truly. As the name states, Angela Watson speaks the truth about being in education. She offers practical advice on how to manage an appropriate work/ life balance. She is so honest, yet so poised. She touches on all of the issues most teachers are hesitant to talk about. I would recommend this to ANY one in education!
  • JenBanks16
    Phenomenal Podcast!
    I love this podcast!! It helped me make it through my first year teaching kindergarten. Now that I'm staying home with my littles, I find it's even applicable in every day life!! Thank you so much!!
  • Savedbygrace65
    Very practical advice
    Angela inspires educators to be all in. Thanks for the practical advice and for speaking the truth. Keep up the great work!
  • Becca Wierwille
    Go-to Teaching Inspiration
    So thankful for Angela’s commitment to equipping teachers in all aspects of life! This podcast is quick, easy to fit into a busy schedule, and packed full of practical advice for teaching and life.
  • merryteacher
    The best teacher podcast
    This has been the top teacher podcast in my rotation for years. Angela addresses real and tough situations with honesty and thoughtful reflection. I've learned more about my teaching attitude and acumen by listening and reflecting myself. Highly recommended!
  • staceyout
    Thank You!
    This is a fantastic podcast that provides excellent content to encourage and support teachers! I can’t say how much I have appreciated her content during virtual learning this year especially. I would strongly recommend this for any teacher!
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