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One classic John Piper sermon or conference message for each day of the year, based on listeners’ recommendations and feedback. Piper is founder and teacher of and is author of more than 50 books. His sermons, books, articles, and more are available free of charge at

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  • Dblueline
    Very challenging, encouraging, edifying.
  • Nick9976
    Great podcast
    Highly recommend
  • M1necr@ft
    No other preacher except maybe Jesus himself has influenced my walk at such deep and maturing levels
  • hcucpuyozfiz
    Gets The Most Out Of A Podcast
    These sermons contain god-fearing, insightful messages that point me towards God. I learn so much about Jesus and my own struggles, and the episodes have greatly encouraged me in my walk with God
  • alkalinetrio94
    No rapture John?
    You’re better off listening to Jack Hibbs and Jan Markel.
  • TMikeMac
    This Podcast will help you learn how much God loves you
    Listen to this podcast everyday and you will learn how much God loves. The you will love other people and God more and more.
  • SharonClaire
    Tremendous help
    Teaching me and inspiring me in my relationship with Jesus. His passion shows me where I want to be. Deep thinker.
  • thejdhull
    Praise God
    I thank God for men like John Piper, and I pray each day that god would find ways to grow, and shape and use me in a way for His kingdom. Pray for faith eyes to see.
  • ironchick3
    I use to love Piper, but after his comments about Trump and throwing away his right. I realized that he thinks he is above others. He believes he can judge the heart of man. Most importantly, he doesn’t believe what he preaches. I despise hypocrisy. Pharisee!
  • KJLovesJesus
    Truly Passionate
    Pastor John is truly passionate about the Lord and I find it encouraging to my faith. I have learned a lot and am very thankful for these sermons and the books he has written. Thank you!!
  • Chrono Ranger
    Piper is sincere
    John Piper is an amazing preacher. His sermons have continued to encourage, edify, and enlighten me over and over. Thank you Father for your son John Piper and his faithfulness to interpreting and teaching Your Word correctly.
  • therilesblog
    Real Preaching!
    Real preaching comes from the Bible for the glory of God, and that is what this is! Soli Deo Gloria!!
  • The Pholegz
    Not a matter of talk but power
    To live is Christ to die is gain
  • farmerdan1985
    Genesis 1?
    I just listened to the recent podcast titled “The Greatest Thing in the World,” in which John Piper discusses wrath/fire and brimstone for about 20 minutes to set up to say we are saved only if we accept Jesus. While I am glad that he offers this so that we don’t need to revert to legalism/fundamentalism in order to save ourselves, I have to disagree on where we start as humans. If you start reading the Bible at the beginning, doesn’t it start with Genesis 1 where God creates the world and men/women declaring that they are good? Why can’t we start here? Why can’t we communicate that people are good first rather than a sinful sack of garbage first? Why can’t we start with Genesis 1? Can’t we teach people that they are capable of goodness because goodness is where we began? Isn’t it therefore deeply set within us because of our image that we share with the God that created us?
  • Mtbiker4life
    What a blessing!
    This podcast is a saving grace during this tumultuous time. I listen with my Bible open, eager to receive God’s truth & rest in His promises. John Piper is a tremendously gifted speaker, clearly grounded in the Word and I am so grateful to have this encouragement for such a time as this!!
  • KatiSan
    Love his sermons. Sound volume could improve.
    Such great sermons. I wish it was a little louder. I drive all day for work and at time I have it turned all the way up and still have a hard time hearing the sermon.
  • Hajjabajja
    Biblically Sound Truth
    Whenever I need to hear some biblical truth on just about any topic, I can always tune in to John Piper. I’m so grateful to have access to these encouraging and challenging messages.
  • KmartWaffles
    God’s Will. No, really.
    “You can’t know Jesus until your will is to do God’s will. And God’s will is to make much of himself.” Who are you to say otherwise? You will shave your head as penance.
  • John Newton the 2nd nickname
    John Piper
    Amazing he is so good
  • OrganizewithGrace
    John Piper takes you to another level
    These sermons stir me to desire Jesus even more. John Piper’s love and passion for God is so clear and contagious. I love that these sermons are in iTunes! Thank you and please continue to posting them!
  • Hilarie Houghton
    Biblically sound
    I am grateful that we have such immediate access to such biblically sound sermons. Thank you for making this available.
  • delighting in Jesus
    Forever grateful
    John Piper is one of the greatest theological minds and preachers of our time. I will forever be grateful to God for his ministry. God has used his preaching to grow my love and desire for Him and His glory like no other preacher.
  • MemeIsLife4erver
    Pretty Good
    It is pretty 👌
  • Crystalbrewky
    Glory of God
    The podcast from today, Sept 9. is this first one I’ve listened to and easily one of my favorite messages ever. I cried, I examined my heart, I worshipped. Pastor John always points me back to my purpose for being here...the glory of God and to make His name great.
  • zurich-mogen
    Pastor John Piper - The True Christian
    I am absolutely touched and wept in repentance through the two podcasts I have heard thus far. Pastor John is the True Christian. His podcasts carry the Power of True transformation in the hearts of believers and draw unbelievers to Christ The Lord opened my eyes to the Truth of His Word through Pastor John. God’s Word has not been presented this way ever before. I can sense the Lord appealing to the Church through Pastor John and the work of the Holy Spirit in his life. His podcast messages are annointed by the Lord and have the fire of the Holy Spirit to turn hearts towrds Christ and to change the listener to a True and genuine follower of Christ our Lord. May the Lord so richly bless Pastor John and the Church he pastors and May his messages resonate forever on this land as one of the greatest preachers of the Gospel of Christ.
  • RyT ON
    Truth and understanding!
    So grateful for John Piper, and in saying that, the presence of God in him, for the clarity he brings to biblical scripture. I have thirsted for preaching like this for so long. It is the severity and reality of the destination of sinners, with the soft tenderness of love and truth in the hope that Jesus provided us an alternate course. What a blessing his ministry is to me and to many!!!
  • WillieWill25
    Thank you so much, Pastor John Piper, for your faithfulness to the Scriptures and for faithfully teaching God‘s word. This has literally changed my life. Since listening to this podcast I have found Jesus to be my deepest joy and desire! My soul has never been so satisfied in Christ alone!! Since discovering this podcast I have literally been listening to seven or eight sermons a day during my workday. This has been life-changing. I am so thankful to God for Pastor John and this podcast! I eagerly look forward to hearing the next sermon each day. It is my absolute favorite resource.
  • Margoshechka94
    Simply the best
    No words can explain how each sermon makes me feel! Please please please keep recording them! I and I’m sure a lot of other people really need your word!
  • lovedby2
    Life Changing
    I have been a Christian for 43 years. Never have I grown deeper in my faith and understanding as I have through Pastor John’s teachings and books. The Lord has chosen him for this time in history to proclaim his truth. All praise, glory and honor be to our God! Thank you Pastor John for your faithfulness!
  • Hamish lamb
    What happened?
    I used to get this podcast daily and now it seems to have ended. Please bring it back!
  • musicalchristian
    One of the very best of out time
    These are the best sermons by the best preacher of God's Word
  • Called by God
    These will help you grow
    God's word preached is one of the primary tools the Holy Spirit uses in our lives. I pray that as you listen to these sermons you apply what you hear. The gospel is such good news.
  • Hj5743685
    John Piper
    John Piper is an amazing servant of God and the way he studies the bible has changed the way I study it. Every like of Scripture is essential and no reading of it is worthless! God has used Pastor John Piper to increase the joy of His word in my life!
  • bGuiles
    Small request
    Thanks so much for this podcast. I love it too. I would love it even more if the date of the sermon was listed with each. Hope you will find that easy to do ASAP. I think it is helpfully important info. Thank you so much again.
  • The Return Project
    Making my way around the podcast cosmos and I find this? Amazing! Don't you guys ever delete this podcast!
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