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Astronomy #11

Discover the night sky with Sky & Telescope’s J. Kelly Beatty

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  • Memow1323
    Easy, listening, and informative
    Answered all the questions I had when I was looking at the sky and provided additional information for me to explore.
  • Cyber_Grunt
    Very informative 😎💫💫💫💫🌙🌙🪐🪐🪐
    This podcast is a great way to learn about our night sky. As a beginner skywatcher, this program has helped me understand what is going on and where in our night sky. Keep em coming‼️‼️‼️
  • elikqitie
    Great short-format Astronomy Podcast
    I love this podcast as it gives you just the right amount of the most important information about what is visible in the night sky. Whether you’re an amateur astronomer or you want to know what’s going on celestially, you’ll find the information on this podcast to be informative and entertaining!
  • paul wheels
    Thank you
    Thank you for your podcast I look forward every month,
  • davis2980
    Delightfully Informative
    What a pleasant and informational podcast! I enjoy the clear explanations and directions for viewing the night sky. I’m able to get out in the countryside and view the full night sky. Thanks again for the podcast.
  • MacLov'n
    Just the right mix
    Thank you for providing this content. It is fun, insightful, serious, helpful, awe inspiring… pretty much just like the sky I am looking at right now. Antares is that big - huh? Thx again, looking forward to the next episode. James
  • Tharsis6716
    Universe-ally Informative
    I love this podcast. I've been in the hobby for more than thirty years, but I still need to hear it and keep track of the sky and be informed on celestial events so I don't miss anything. Keep up the good work Kelly.
  • milardfilmore
    delightful and informative too !
    go outside and look up. see the stars, planets, comets in the sky. enjoy this podcast and know where to look, when to look and what you are looking at. 🪐🌝😃
  • Scott Cadwell
    Great Podcast for Beginners of Astronomy
    It’s even a great podcast for those who aren’t beginners and just want a brief on what will be visible that month. The podcast is released at the beginning of each month and describes celestial happening from meteor showers to moon phases. The narrator is down to Earth but keeps looking up! Five stars, nine planets, etc.
  • Dragonla
    Fantastic for amateur astronomers!
    Straightforward information on what to see in the night sky, when, and where in relation to easy to find celestial objects. A bit of background information on names keeps it fun, very useful for amateur astronomers!
  • Scituatemareader
    Outstanding podcast!
    This podcast is fantastic. The music is awesome, the information is simple and effective. As a teacher it’s a great thing to use with my astronomy class in for my own children. Thank you so much!
  • The15thMember
    Just What I’ve Been Looking For!
    I’ve been searching for a resource to give me an overview of what’s going on in the sky every month, and this is perfect! Good length, the right amount of information, easy to understand whether you are a novice or a more experienced stargazer. Thanks! 🌟
  • ff1964
    Great Information
    Being relatively new to Astronomy. This Podcast is great for helping to know what to look for in the current month.
  • benvenutocellini
    Outstanding guide to the stars
    Enjoyable presentation and congenial host — an excellent summary of each month’s sights in the night sky. The only improvement would be weekly installments! Highly recommended to stargazers of every age and interest.
  • Tzipora J
    Perfect for amateur
    Concise, clear, entertaining and short ! It’s a perfect podcast for anyone wanting to know what’s interesting to look at in the sky. And learn something about astronomy. I ve been looking to reconnect with my love for the stars and this was exactly what I needed .
  • Bob Soltys
    Brief and to the point. Pleasant music; no jarring or loud jamming here. Mr. Beatty speaks at just the right pace as he explains what to look for and relates facts about what you’re going to see. Thank you.
  • JNC1
    I love this podcast
    I listen every month. Super informative and fun. Highly recommended.
  • Stargazer_Genesis 1:1
    Exciting and Informative
    I really like the overview of the night sky for the month. It gets me excitied to go out and look up at the universe that God has created. I greatly enjoy the diverse topics that are discussed. Thank you, and keep up the good work.
  • XevilXimpX
    great preview
    This is a great preview of what you’ll find in the sky at night. Great for amateur skywatchers to plan upcoming days off for late night views. One bit of advice, maybe release a week before the next month starts. It would help people catch the early month events.
  • greenleethekid
    Thumbs up
    Very nice for beginners to intermediate. The description of night sky items is done very well. I’m a subscriber now!!
  • Lye im
    Informative and interesting
    Well made, easy for amateur astronomers. Suggests activities for families that you'd otherwise have no clue about. Thank you!
  • R2046
    Great way to start each month
    For those of us w/ little time & living in light polluted locales, this well done monthly overview of what to notice in the night sky is a welcome & appreciated beacon.
  • Walla151
    Great and accessible
    A wonderful and well-produced podcast. Each month an episode of 10-15 minutes gives an overview of the seasonal changes in the night sky.
  • jAppleiTunes
    Excellent content.
    I only regret the tone sounds like he's targeting young novices. But i love and appreciate his content and regularity. Thank you.
  • Lasctz
    I love Orion. So easy to spot and so many wonderful stars around it.
  • Mr. D-Day
    Keep looking up
    Great show... please consider a weekly format....
  • WindowsLM
    Great information!
    I love how well each month is described, both when to view and also easy to follow instructions, like a finger's width to your right, to find exactly what is being described. Thanks so much and keep up the great work!
  • HandymanCT
    The Best
    These guys are the best! Lots of fun stuff and great interviews too. Monthly observing info and much more. Grab an episode and give a listen they ROCK!
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