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Tennis podcast featuring casual, semi-respectable conversations about the ATP & WTA.

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  • Gram brain
    Enjoy your ramblings, but would listen just to hear Rafa say, “Thank you very much” at the end. 😍
  • Tiamaria4
    These guys are great!
    I had listened to a couple episodes a while ago, but wasn’t a regular listener. I don’t know what changed, but now I’m hooked, and it’s the podcast I’m happiest to see with an update. I love all the tennis talk, the willingness to admit that they don’t know everything or maybe got something wrong, and the non-tennis discussions. I love their dynamic as a couple; there’s just enough bickering, while the love and respect shines through.
  • kenyameric
    Easy, breezy tennis chat
    I love this podcast. I’m a fairly new listener. I enjoy the humor - not sure it’s intentional, which makes it funnier. Jonathan finally making it to the US on the 7 train and walking faster than most to the Tennis Center cracked me up! Continue being unaffected and brining us your (mostly) candid thoughts about all things tennis. P.S. I love the opening sound byte of Venus to start each show.
  • Walking & talking
    Wonderful tennis talk
    I love the conversational form of this podcast. These two gentlemen are so well versed in their subject - tennis players, their lives and the tournaments they play - and they traverse current and past events with ease. They’re funny, informative, comprehensive. What skill!
  • 80'sVillager
    Dr. Frankenfurter
    Oh Rocky!
  • fidelio0208
    Wit galore
    Entertaining, political, fun and informative! Great chemistry between the hosts.
  • HarborGabby
    Best to you both!
    Long time listener to, cup sipper of, and tennis server of The Body Serve. As a child of Jamaica, my love of Tia Maria has led me to have a unique coffee liqueur driver. Room temp Baileys yes in winter. On ice on a warm breezy late night. The glug is awesome! To be fair, my mother is from Rochester NY! (West Henrietta!) - love!
  • David Cassidy
    Love tennis? Love intelligent conversation? Get on this bus.
    The Body Serve is the gold standard tennis podcast. Whether your faves are on the upswing or winding down their careers, whether the tournaments are exciting or duds, whether we are loving life or struggling to hold it together during a pandemic, The Body Serve connects the dots, digs deeper, and elevates the conversation. My thinking is always challenged, I always laugh, and I always eagerly look forward to the next episode drop. I am so looking forward to having these two gentlemen at tournaments again, giving a richer and more nuanced view of this game that we love.
  • 3510yogi
    I love these guys
    This is the best tennis podcast out there. These guys do an excellent job of telling the real story of the atp/wta tours. They don’t shy away from expressing their opinions about players, coaches and the current state of tennis. Look forward to it more than any other podcast.
  • attheapollo
    Tennis + cultural commentary = my perfect podcast
    Really the best tennis podcast out there. James and Jonathan are eloquent, fair, and accountable as well as hilarious, fun, and witty. Highly recommend, even for casual tennis fans!
  • balvaheath
    Loved this one. 💗
    That is all. Just loved. It. ALL. Also Glad Jonathan is being (mostly) nice to James 😉
  • Shellybellyguavajelly
    Always informative always entertaining
    This podcast is so entertaining that I am always surprised by how much I learn. I really appreciate the work these guys put into researching and preparing so their discussions don’t come off the cuff. But I also appreciate that their personalities and biases season each episode and creates a flavor profile that you miss in between shows. Love them. They are friends in my head.
  • BradleyTennis
    The best
    Thoughtful, honest, well-researched, funny and topical. The best tennis podcast out here.
  • zara's mom 2018
    Episode 225 is fantastic
    Enjoyed the whole episode but especially the second part on trans topic. A very sensitive and balanced analysis, and so astute on the legal aspects (I say that as a licensed attorney). Keep up the great work about tennis and history and other topics!
  • Justice F A
    Love Jonathan and James’ tennis insights
    This is my favorite tennis podcast. Probably my favorite overall podcast. Jonathan’s and James’ insights into WTA and ATP happenings are refreshing and I’m constantly nodding my head in agreement. They bring humor, interesting timely information, and unique perspectives when discussing what’s going on in the tennis world.
  • PrixFixe
    The Best!
    These two are fantastic! I am so happy when a new episode arrives and have to listen right away. Listening to them is like having your close friends over; I talk and chatter right along with their conversation. If you choose one tennis podcast, choose this one.
  • Sleepy Ellen
    Best tennis podcast out there
    Yes, there are other tennis pods out there, but The Body Serve is consistently the most entertaining and a must listen. It’s all about the natural give and take, the HUMOR, the educated and honest perspectives given. They are true tennis fans of both the women’s and men’s tours. James and Jonathan don’t always agree, which adds to the enjoyment—but they don’t feel the need to debate points to death. Diversity of opinion is allowed. Accept no substitutes for The Body Serve.
  • Sika Dede
    Always guaranteed to make your day!
    By far one of my favorite podcasts! Such a wonderful and insightful mix of tennis, pop culture and political commentary.
  • Ufchkufccxsaqqqqqqwee
    Excellent Nuanced Discussion
    I’ve been looking for a tennis podcast and this show is excellent. Their nuanced take on the serena x Osaka controversy was very balanced an honest. They gave the audience a clear picture while being fair to both sides. I wish everyone took the time to look at the full picture instead of talking about hot opinions. I love how y’all dove into the history of everything. Nothing is ever black and white and this podcast gives us the shades of grey we need. Thank you for your great takes! - Justin (Polar Opposites Podcast)
  • DLoMemphis
    5 Stars!!!
    Last episode was fantastic!!! Keep up the good work gentlemen!!!
  • abrnyc
    The Doughnut Cronicles
    Fantastic episode! Thoughtful and on point! I hate the tennis circus a little less this week!🤗 Thanks, Big fan... Congrats!
  • Fmontero622
    Zina Garrison!
    Fantastic episode on Zina. What interesting story and life.
  • RacquettechieJimmy
    Insightful and fun perspective on Tennis
    So glad to have found Jonathan & James @thebodyserve. Love their authenticity, and their honest, often opinionated, always thoughtful podcasts. The work they bring comes through as a real labor of love. 👍👍🎾
  • Ameyer32
    Great Monica Seles episode
    Such a fun podcast. Such a refreshing perspective.
  • Gsshgs
    Good episode!
    I really enjoyed this podcast! Monika is the reason why I start following and watching tennis. One thing that bothered me was your emphasis that she is not Serb even though she was born in today’s Serbia. You would probably not make similar comment for someone born in US whose parents are not American. I wonder, why did you mentioned this several times in your podcast. Is there a reason for it? I think there is similar bias that journalists do with Novak Djokovic which contributes to his public image. Maybe you can consider doing research and doing similar podcast.
  • tryingyofindanunusednickname
    Monica Seles
    Loved loved loved this episode. It was thoughtful and done with respectful consideration. More please!
  • 95&:!!54;
    Too much WTA
    Ok podcast but too much WTA talk. Most tennis fans don’t care about womens tennis.
  • Willows Court
    Great podcast!
    This is a wonderful, highly informative, and humorous podcast on the topic of tennis. I'm glad these two hosts are not afraid to be transparent about their favorite players and other personal views. Where else do you hear such honesty about how a lot of people really feel about Isner? Thank god. They regulary highlight gender-related inequities within the sport as well. This is truly valuable to me. I excitedly look forward to a new episode every couple of weeks or so.
  • Hdjfbdidjdbdk
    See what had happened was
    Good representatives of the Moving To Canada movement
  • Arun Dhingra
    A podcast I always look forward too
    TBS is probably the best time I have listening to a podcast. I look like a fool when I’m listening to it in public by the amount of times James and Jonathan crack me up. They provide a great mix of humor, well-researched information, and measured+unique perspectives. Come for the tennis, stay for the messiness
  • NickThomas1210
    A tennis podcast unlike any other
    My boyfriend introduced me to the Body Serve earlier this year and it may be the most important thing he has contributed to our relationship. No one in any sports media that I've read, listened to, or watched discusses sports quite like Jonathan and James. They handle every topic with the appropriate perspective, deftness, and nuance that it deserves. They always touch upon race, gender, and sexuality (something you'll rarely see brought up anywhere else.) I truly wish there was this type of podcast for every sport that I follow. Most importantly, they make me laugh. And that's usually all I'm looking for on my drive to or from work. I highly recommend The Body Serve to any and all tennis fans!
  • John_T_D
    Breath of fresh air
    This review is long overdue. James and Jonathan have found the magic formula to transform the famously stuffy commentary associated with tennis coverage into something I eagerly anticipate with each episode release. By framing their insightful sporting analysis with an unapologetically conscientious tone (and yes, adding a tasteful dose of pettiness where warranted), they breathe new life into a sport that has given this introverted gay man of color such joy over the years. Bravo and keep up the fantastic work!
  • Sandy Westman
    Knowledgeable, eloquent, and enjoyable takes on tennis
    By far the best tennis podcast for those looking for more than a rundown of results. The hosts are so well spoken and well researched when discussing complex issues. Listening to this podcast has made me a better person. I’ve learned how to better respond to bigotry and the typical takes people use to demean women, POC, and LGBTQ+ people. One stand out moment was when the hosts explained the nuance of how commentators/media use particular verbiage to describe how white and black people have developed in the sport. It forced me to confront my own biases and unconscious language I use that I’ve now realized has been ingrained into my thinking. Every episode I find myself laughing along with the hosts as if we’ve been longtime friends. Can’t recommend this enough, even for those who aren’t particularly interested in tennis.
  • leepcj
    Fun and quirky take on tennis
    If you like your tennis with a dose of irreverence, check out this podcast. Though the hosts are very well-informed, this podcast does not have a “tennis journo” vibe. Though many of their pop culture references are foreign they me (hate reality TV), the banter is still funny. Especially love the way they call out the male-focused tennis bull#@*&. Great to have some diverse voices talking about the sport.
  • Sumit Satarkar
    Highly recommended for any tennis fan
    One of my favorite tennis podcasts to listen to. Filled with good analysis of tennis results and tons of LOL moments. Even more importantly, the hosts give a lot of time to off-court happenings and never fail to call out all the phobias this old-world sport is still mired in. Yes, they have their favorite tennis players but that bias is acknowledged and even those players are taken to task when necessary. The Pride Month episode from 2018 is bookmark-worthy and goes to show why we need more diverse voices in sports. The episode itself is super well-researched and taught me many things I never knew. But apart from that, how many other sports podcast do a pride month episode OR bring up LGBTQ topics in public forums like these guys did in a press conference? Keep up the good work.
  • dijonay jones
    I am giving y’all a review cuz you deserve it. Great insight
  • EdoooooR
    Entertaining, Insightful, and full of heart.
  • jstaiger
    These guys have come up with a dynamic that covers the sport from wall to wall and then layers their own worldview on top with both earnestness and humor. Their preparation is evident, never feels like they are just winging it.
  • perrynyc
    Men actually do their homework
    Excellent podcast that thoughtfully analyzes and dissects the men’s and women’s pro tennis tour. The analysts actually do their homework and don’t cut and paste predictions on players that are not even in the grand slam draw or that the Bryan Brothers will win the doubles.
  • kwazda
    Best tennis podcast!
    Tennis through an intersectional feminist lens?? Yes please!!
  • Macksie257
    STILL The Best Tennis Podcast
    Few things improve with time but James Rogers’ and Jonathan Newman’s The Body Serve is an exceptional tennis (and a plethora of other topics) podcast. They just produced the 151st episode! Congrats guys! Despite the recent (and welcome) proliferation of new tennis podcasts, The Body Serve remains a cut above all others because of its wit, intelligence, humanity, and just plain fun. The Body Serve is a trailblazer for gender/racial/sexual equality without being preachy or dull. I’ve changed my opinions about issues because of their insightful, thoughtful, yet light-hearted perspectives. Thanks again, looking forward to the next 150!
  • Naomi Serena fan
    Definitely NOT a 1 star review 😁
    Comprehensive and outspoken podcast on all things WTA (and some ATP) tennis. Very informative as well as entertaining. Enjoyed the Australian Open wrap episode.
  • jimmehjimmeh
    Great tennis pod with diiferent perspective
    I really enjoy this podcast. They cover different elements of tennis that you dont hear in most podcasts, delving it to political and social issues in and around the game (maybe off putting for some people). They seem really well informed, but dont pretend to be experts in all things and they can also keep it fun and joke around. Thought about deducting half a star for all the Maria Carey love, but to each his own lol.
  • Chuckolla
    A good perspective
    Been a long time listener of some other tennis podcasts and just stumbled upon this at the Oz Open trying to hear more about Naomi Osaka. They are funny and have a very progressive view which when pitched against the stuffy chauvinism of the ATP is nice to vent along with.
  • rutacr
    Fun and insightful!
    Great podcast covering both WTA and ATP tours, thanks for making it!
  • Aarangers
    Love them talking tennis but also uncovering the petty happening on both tours...this is perfect
  • Dpslm
    These guys are great!
    I stumbled upon this podcast shortly after the US Open Women’s Final, when Every Single Person felt the need to weigh in. Jonathan and James has the best take of anyone, and I’ve been hooked ever since. Informed, smart, and funny, they are a winning team in the tennis podcast world.
  • Coluis
    ¡Hola desde Puerto Rico! This is a very good tennis podcast. Very leveled discussion of issues. Plus, they do not tolerate bs on all levels of tennis, not only on court. (Calling out trumpists being my favorite.) Keep it up and mention me on the podcast or else... :)
  • delsarto13
    Amazing, dahling.
    Not simply reporting the results and developments from BOTH tours, Jonathan and James offer thoughtful, witty, and meaniful discussions on the societal/ cultural ramifications of what happens between players, tennis personalities, and tennis governing bodies. They love their tennis (and their divas!) but can take it with a grain of salt, putting many things into a fun and engaging context. Love their humour, love their chemistry, and love their podcast. For a fun and engaging listen, The Body Serve is must.
  • allthetennis
    so much more than a tennis podcast
    The Body Serve is a refreshingly sharp commentary on the intersection of sports, politics, and culture through the lens of tennis. James and Jonathan strike the perfect balance between serious and hilarious through their chemistry, light-heartedness, passion, and knowledge. Their show warms the heart and provokes the mind, and I always look forward to new episodes! TL;DR: You're doing amazing sweetie *clap* *clap* *clap*
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