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With Coffee Break Italian you can learn Italian where and when it suits you. In Season 1, you'll join teacher Mark, learner Katie and native speaker Francesca in our 15-minute lessons, and build your confidence in the language, learning Italian from scratch. Take your learning further with Season 2 in which Mark and Francesca are joined by learner Isla.

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  • katsspearl
    So useful!
    I listen while doing my nightly routine. Quick and lots of repetition to get it on your head. I wish we did more repetition of things we learn in the second half of the lessons but overall amazing!
  • Jbdc4
    Coffee Break Italian is the best way to learn
    I have been trying to learn Italian for several years. My mother and Grandparents were born in Sicily and I am wanting to go there on vacation. I want to be able to communicate especially if I see any cousins. I have tried apps and classes this has helped me the best. I can replay episodes to help me remember. I love that they actual have Francesca that is from Italy that corrects the pronunciation. They also teach formal and informal grammar and actual sentences that we would use when traveling. I will recommend these podcasts to everyone that is trying to learn a language.
  • Newsjunkie1369
    Best language learning podcast
    Coffee break Italian is easily one of the best language learning podcasts I’ve come across. I can not recommend it enough to anyone learning Italian.
  • BurimH
    I really enjoy listening to this podcast, and learning Italian. It is fun, interesting and perfectly tailored for people who want to learn a new language. Along the road, if you are not familiar with a bit of Scottish accent you will soon be 🙂 ...
  • janey000000
    The Best!
    Fun easy sensible much better than anything I’ve tried to learn basic Italian for travel.
  • Otsododoyxhx
    Helping me so much!
    I am in love with this podcast! CBI is helping me greatly with my learning of Italian. I signed up for the enhanced version so that I can access the notes and the bonus episodes and when I have time to sit and write, I take my own notes as well. Then when I am driving or working out or walking I listen to the podcast by itself. I love the format in that there is a teacher and a native speaker (who is also a teacher) and a student. The student makes the exact same mistakes I make, such as accidentally mixing in a Spanish word here and there, or not bouncing enough on the double consonants. She asks great questions. And the two teachers, both the native and non-native speaker, help so much with correct pronunciation. I spoke to some Italian speakers in person and they said my accent was very good; that I sounded much like a native speaker. Another thing I love about CBI is that they teach how people really speak and they answer questions I was wondering about myself, such as “when would you switch from saying buon giorno to buona sera, and does anyone really say buon pomeriggio?” They anticipate actual conversations and in one of my favorite lessons, language problems, for example, what to say if you don’t understand or if you would like the person you are speaking with to speak more slowly. They teach polite, formal ways of asking questions as well as informal ways; this is so important to me because I would never want to be inadvertently rude in another language! Finally, I think my favorite part of CBI is the kind and engaging nature of Mark, Francesca, and Katie. I just love them. Their love of the Italian language and their enthusiasm and encouragement make a real difference in how it “feels” to learn with this podcast. I am so grateful to them for creating CBI. Grazie💕
  • T. Ferda
    What a great Italian learning app!
    These hosts are fantastic teachers. The pace they set over the seasons is well thought out. They enunciate so well without speaking too slow or fast, allowing listeners to grasp enough to make nice progress and learn. Love this app!
  • Time Warner Minion
    Great way to learn Italian in bite-sized pieces
    I’m learning Italian using an app (Speakly) at the same time. It uses more of an immersion approach which is great, but it doesn’t give you as much context as Coffee Break Italian. CBI doesn’t bang you over the head with grammar, but it gives you enough to recognize patterns and know what to use when. CBI also focuses on situations and scenarios, telling you not just how to ask questions but what to expect as answers. It’s the perfect complement to an app like Duolingo or Speakly.
  • ScottCal435
    Amazing Teachers!
    I have been learning Italian for a few months now and Coffee Break Italian has quickly become the best source of knowledge I have found! The hosts are incredible at teaching the intricacies of the language while making it fun and interesting. They also share a wealth of information as they explain the rules of the language and put it to practice in real life situations. I can’t wait to continue my Italian journey with this podcast! Anthony
  • aventure123
    Marco needs to go
    I love the concept & Francesca ma Marco needs to go. His accent is BEYOND distracting especially in SEASON 3 ,“where we’ll help you SOUND more Italian .” Just get him to shut up & the podcast would be “fantastico”
  • Tapster0224
    So great!
    Love this podcast! I’m learning Italian on my own and this podcast makes it easy! The explanations are wonderful- I enjoy the entire thing. The pace is perfect and the lessons are useful- it’s perfect! Grazie! ❤️
  • Melystræden
    Very helpful
    This series makes a great complement to Duolingo lessons. Grazie!
  • Njbniede
    Tanti aguri!!
    Grazie Molto per me emparando l’italiano. This is so fantastic. On episode 10 season 1 and I feel like I can have a decent conversation already. With many months to come I’m excited to learn more before me vacanza en Italia!
  • This sucks0909
    Grazie mille a tutti! Thank you for such a great podcast and great lessons. I love being able to learn on my own time and at my own pace. Having the ability to review older episodes and use it to test myself, have been great resources. Keep up the great work!
  • Skipperlange
    Too much laughing
    I tried listening but the constant laughing was distracting and interrupted the flow of the lesson. Very amateurish. No thanks.
  • LaurelRV9
    Io sto imparando italiano and I’m loving. I found your podcast browsing around. Grazie mille for such excellent work.
  • bowlingchik124
  • KHT68
    Fantastic language learning podcast
    Mark and Francesca, the two instructors, are excellent teachers and absolutely delightful to listen to, you immediately become addicted which is the best way to learn a language. I absolutely love this podcast and highly recommend it.
  • dbogol1
    Great podcast
    I didn’t buy the whole package which would probably be helpful, but I have been listening on my own and taking notes and I think this podcast is a wonderful way to assist in learning Italian. It is not easy and requires a lot of work, but this podcast is great.
  • jayaymeye
    Great podcast for learning and listening to Italian
    I am not new to Italian, but I’m mostly self-taught. This podcast has been great for learning and filling in gaps that I’ve missed. I really appreciate the explanation and overall practice. Highly recommended!!
  • imSicilianOK
    Coffee Break Italian
    This Podcast is very fun. My favorite is the Travel Diaries. I bought the $35 Season 6 on their site and really enjoyed having the printed manuscript of the spoken podcast. I’ve learned so much with them. It really helped with my studies at the university.
  • Chrisl212
    Great podcast
    Just right for learning.
  • NPH Design
    This show is a MUST for all Italian Students!
    I’m thrilled a friend recommended this wonderful podcast to me! I moved to Italy recently and I’m finding this show to be an invaluable resource! I will certainly be promoting this show on my own podcast, “I’m Moving to Italy!” 🇮🇹 Ciao Ciao Ciao! - Nathan Heinrich
  • rawrquel
    Easy, love
  • Waterpologreg
    I we were going
    Wee we are I
  • Foodie Social Worker
    grazie mille!
    It's been a lifelong dream to delve into Italian lessons...ironically, it took a pandemic to give me the extra time--am so enjoying the process (went to the very beginning)--thank you for a thoughtfully-created and accessible podcast--it all helps to keep our global community connected--God bless!
  • Mafer266099))&
    Coffee Break Italian has been a really useful and helpful source for learning italian. It is really fun, organize, clear and you can understand everything. Amazing I recommend it 100%
  • Gb10696
    Intermediate learner
    I finished the duolingo Italian course and was looking for a new way to supplement my Italian studies - Coffee Break Italian is helpful even as a review! Each episode I either learn something new or get valuable practice speaking questions out loud and forming new sentences. So glad I found this podcast!! Thank you!!
  • Amber.2012
    Must use!
    This podcast is awesome! The lessons are small enough that you don’t feel overwhelmed but have enough content that you feel like you can actually say something or ask something in Italian! Loving it all so far!
  • victoya91
    Best Italian podcast
    Amazing show! Please make the next season on intermediate grammar!
    Thanks so much!
    I love Mark’s english accent and the way he teaches, translates, explains! Thanks so much
  • downinke
    Amazing show. Incredible team. Super fun!
    The soap opera is what brought me here. I hope there is a part 2!! Oh I had to adjust my review because now I love the Magazine! One request- when reviewing the “article” leave un po secondo for us to repeat after the italian before revealing the English. It’s great practice but a lot of pausing on my end. Your the best!! I’ve been learning for 4 months and I’m so happy to have found this fun, entertaining show! Grazie Mille!
  • Patrinka T
    Best online Italian
    I can’t recommend this podcast enough. I’ve done Babbel, online group classes, and an online tutor. Marc and Francesca are master teachers. They have organized the lessons in such a thoughtful and clear manner. Plus, they mix it up to keep the episodes fun and engaging. Marc has a fabulous ability to breakdown complexities and deliver it with grace and humor. LOVE IT! Thank you for all the great work!
  • Paisana Gina
    Can you ask?
    Please ask Italians what drives them, what motivates them in their life? Thank you, Gina
  • Hermbagger
    Perfect amount of new each time !
    I am really enjoying learning Italian with coffee break Italian. It is interesting - lessons are well organized and explained. Thank you!
  • chelswillia33
    So good
    This podcast is so good for helping you learn Italian! They go through all of the information thoroughly and explain why it is that way. I listen whenever I can! Thanks Mark, Francesca, and Katie!
  • Azitaly
    So fun and professional. Real life conversation
    Ciao ragazzi! Mark, Francesca and Katie. This is so fun, structured and professional. You guys make it so fun and easy to learn. Seite bravi. Grazie mille. Azi
  • Jbosh
    Very helpful and enjoyable
    I’ve listened to 70 episodes so far and am still constantly impressed with Mark and Francesca’s thoughtful and skillful teaching methods and their appreciation for and mastery of the language (Francesca is a native speaker). They clearly take their jobs seriously but their approach is very loose, cheerful and supportive. Of all my methods of learning (online course, YouTube videos, tutor...), it’s this podcast that has helped the most.
  • nzare a
    Thank you
    Hi i am negin ,from Iran It so good write the important point , Thank s a lot 🍀
  • Guille1998auch
    Grazie mille ragazzi
    Hey! Questo podcast mi ha aiutato a imparare più il mio italiano
  • Elissabeta
    Love it!!
    I really enjoy listening to this podcast. It very helpful and they explain everything very well. Grazie mille 😊
  • Jesssssssssskkka
    Best language learning podcast
    These guys are great! They go on such a great gradient so you’re not spinning out with too hard of a start. They start easy and gradually increase it to more and more. It’s very easy and entertaining to listen to. I’ve been listening for 6 months now and have learned so much!! Thank you!!
  • eusaquei97
    Really natural, motivating, and engaging
    I’m so happy I found this podcast! Francesca and Mark are very thorough with their explanations as well as very entertaining and positive! This has done wonders for my Italian and I couldn’t recommend it enough!
  • Camilla HS
    I love this podcast
    I've finished Italian-from-English tree on Duolingo a while ago, I was looking for what else to do and I found this podcast. So far I've listened to almost all 90 episodes available here and it's been a great journey to learn Italian with this podcast. ♥️
  • KDAussie
    This has been SO helpful!
    I have been working on Duolingo and Babbel for almost a year. I started listening from the beginning even though I already had a lot of the vocabulary under my belt, but what has been really helpful are the explanations of WHY certain constructions exist. Also, unlike Duo or Babbel, you get to hear conversations between Italian speakers. The conversations are always mindful of the vocabulary and constructions that the listeners know (with some unfamiliar slipped in). Certain constructions I had already gone over in Babbel were explained really clearly (reflexives, for example) in the pod. Thank you!
  • Jaappus
    Superb! Helped me a lot.
    Combine these excellent lessons with some other efforts on the side and you’d be speaking Italian soon. Very nice work guys!
  • DrItaliano
    If you’re interested in learning Italian, especially the rhythm and flow of it, this is a great place to park. The set up - teacher, native Italian speaker, and learner with time for listeners to practice - really works well. I supplement with Duo Lingo and its a great combo.
  • Dina Cataldo
    Just what i was looking for...
    I started learning Italian recently, and I didn't feel that I had enough time practicing in my adult class or hearing the language be spoken. Someone suggested this podcast, and I started listening as part of my practice. Not only are the podcasts phenomenal, but they also have a Facebook page that has lessons almost daily as well. They give amazing value in their programs. Ciao!
  • Mr Allora
    This podcast is setup great for beginners. I highly recommend for anyone wanting to learn Italian. I also recommend buying the courses. I’ve struggled learning with other apps, vocabulary, books, etc. With CoffeeBreak I am much more confident in my Italian with speaking AND spelling. I have been dating an Italian for quite some time and she has noticed much improvement.
  • jdjsksosoakzbskanz
    I’m just finishing episode 4 of season 1 but can say that i thoroughly enjoy this podcast! Great to listen to when there is nothing to do and want to stimulate your brain a tad bit.This podcast helped me a lot with the fact that I am not Italian and have no knowledge of the language beforehand.All good here! Grazie CoffeeBreak Italian! 5 stars.
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