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Obtainable strategies for living well with diabetes. Throw away your fear and learn to be Bold With Insulin! Visit the show at JuiceboxPodcast.com

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  • Kaaberle
    Everything your doctor never told you.
    This podcast explains diabetes and all the factors that come into play in a way that no one has ever had time to give you. Understanding food, activity and how insulin actually works. Hearing stories from others all over the world about their diagnosis and life with diabetes will make you feel less alone. After 30 years of managing my own diabetes, I listen to every episode and find wisdom, comfort, entertainment and new tidbits that help to keep me engaged and motivated to do my best. I recommend it 10/10!!
  • Hellcat 36981
    Great Community
    This podcast and Facebook group gave me the community I was looking for after settling in post-diagnosis of my 3 year old daughter. I still learn new things with every episode and our medical team is impressed by our understanding and confidence. Thank you for what you are doing for the T1D community!
  • Wolffdog7
    This podcast helps
    I was diagnosed later in life. I was of course diagnosed type 2 and might have been at that point. But finally with all the weight loss, I was finally able to see an Endocrinologist. The blood work she ordered showed the antibodies and she let me know I would at some point be insulin dependent. I credit her with the fact that I never went into DKA. As much credit as I give her, I believe her advice was much as Scott has said "don't die advice". Most of the strategies I use for battling my blood sugar I learned from either the Juicebox Podcast or the facebook page. My A1C's are generally in the high 5's. Thank you Scott and all the admins and contributors to the facebook page.
  • T2outlier
    This is a fantastic resource for ANY diabetic who wants to manage their blood sugars. It isn’t just for Type 1s or those with children. It is not only informative but also entertaining and funny. And, more importantly, Scott makes it understandable. There aren’t any judgments no matter how you choose to eat or your lifestyle. It is all-inclusive whether you live in the U.S. or anywhere around the world. Please check it out. You won’t be sorry.
  • dista77
    So grateful!
    Our 12yo son was just diagnosed with T1D, and I’m so grateful this podcast was recommended. I’m 4 episodes in and already feel hopeful.
  • mrsgrieve
    Helpful and easy to digest info
    I love the podcast and it has personally helped me so much with managing my type 1 diabetes.
  • Ahackattack
    Best T1 podcast
    Get on Juicebox train and be changed for the better. The thousands of episodes maybe seem overwhelming at first, but just like finding the perfect carb ratio, it doesn’t happen over night. When I was ready, I listened to the bold beginnings and pro tips series after the fog of the hospital days with my son. Scott’s play at your pace style was JUST what I needed to better receive the information and be the best caregiver.
  • keh813
    This Podcast Makes A Difference!
    I was about to give up on my pump and return to MDI after 4 months. Then I found Scott and The Juicebox Podcast. I became what T1s need: confident! That’s the genius of these episodes. You learn and grow but most importantly understand you are part of a tight knit and supportive community. Thank you Scott!
  • Elan Beaton
    So Thankful
    My 6 year old son was diagnosed Type 1 in August. I have learned so much from this podcast. I no longer start to go in a panic attic when he’s going low or high. I have the knowledge and confidence to not be scared of insulin. Thank you sooo much Scott !
  • T1D essential podcast
    THE Essential podcast for the T1D community!
    Days after my son’s diagnosis, I randomly met another T1D mom when her young son noticed my teen’s Dexcom. Within moments of meeting, I was in tears because I knew nothing about T1D was was overwhelmed with all I needed to know. She recommended Juicebox and that recommendation offered hope and clear direction to managing this disease. Juicebox delivers information I needed to help my son, to understand his conditions, and to support his health. 18 months later - we still listen and are constantly learning. Juicebox made all the difference in our journey and we are forever grateful.
  • Sally.0K
    So thankful
    This has been the most helpful resource I’ve found for managing my daughter’s diabetes!
  • Radiobigguy
    Dave inl love your podcast. I was told by my supplier that the g6 is in short supply. I wear an Omni pod and live it. Where do we turn until the G7 is interfaced?
  • Janet G SoCal
    Priceless Advice
    I have learned more from this podcast than I have from my doctor or diabetes educator. I highly recommend you listen to this podcast.
  • We Die Young
    Helps me with my diabetes
    By far the most informative show out there for anyone living with T1D or has a loved one with T1D. Scott simplifies it and explains it in a way that I can understand. A must listen if you’re Newley diagnosed or are trying to get back on track with your diabetes.
  • Hi my name is anon
    Better than the education given by your doctor!!
    My family member was diagnosed almost 4 years ago. I found this podcast a few weeks after diagnosis. The ProTips provided us the knowledge to take better care and advocate for diabetes technology. The personal stories gave us community with other families taking on similar challenges. Through the years we have made changes. With each change I can find episodes that with amazing an accurate information that makes the changes easier. Hard days can still happen but we always have the Juicebox Podcast as a source of information and community to get us through them. At diagnosis everyone should be given a CGM and the link to this podcast!!!
  • kimberlymac29
    Episode 1072
    I really enjoyed listening to your guests this week. I love hearing how things work in other countries, as far as their medical and their way of educating their diabetics. I really like that she was open and honest with you about her other issues and has turned them into positives. As you would say, she was very lovely. I hope everyone else enjoyed the podcast.
  • cdangers
    I was diagnosed w LADA last year: Latent Autoimmune Diabetes in Adults. I am so grateful for the many people that told me I had to listen to the juice box podcast! So much information offered! Thank you Scott for all you are doing to help so many of us get through our days!
  • Mc712
    Best Type 1 Diabetes Podcast
    I have learned so much to help my son navigate this disease from this podcast. Far more than doctors or books could have done. This podcast is the reason my son’s A1C has been consistently in the 5s since his original diagnosis with an A1C of 13.6. I have been a listener for over three years. Please never stop your work on this podcast. It is literally saving lives.
  • 123456284638
    This podcast helps me learn so much about diabetes and what I need to do.
  • GlassGirl580
    Wonky days and recentering
    Most of us living with or supporting someone with T1 diabetes have an occasional wonky glucose day. The day when all the tools in the toolbox don’t seem to help. The day when we go to bed with the small voice that says “We will try again tomorrow“. The wonk days are when I turn to the podcast and listen to a few episodes. I am reminded of a few helpful nuggets. I recenter, I focus, I adjust my superhero cape and I am empowered to tackle this disease the next day. Thanks Juicebox.
  • Jiggadize
    So helpful! Especially to the newly diagnosed!
    Our son 7.5 y/o son was diagnosed with T1D nearly 3 months ago. The first thing I did was turn to social media for support. Every single group I joined suggested this podcast. I’ve been listening to it for over 2 months now and it’s been beyond helpful! It has given me more helpful/real world knowledge than anything else I’ve found or read online. I got my wife listening too and she’s now a huge fan. Scott is such a down to earth guy, too! I DMed him on instagram soon after I started listening to the JuiceBox Podcast and he wrote me back right away and was so kind! They also have cool offers from their sponsors from time to time. I just received a free BGM thanks to them! There is NO better option out there for anyone curious about understanding and managing type one diabetes!
  • Amyho
    Wegovy Diary!
    I love the Wegovy diary part of this podcast! I find myself checking every day when it’s time for a new diary. Thanks for sharing your journey with us and congratulations on all of the success that you are having!
  • CMTrew
    BEST Resource for T1D Information
    My young adult child was diagnosed last year. It has been so important to me to learn all I can about what he is dealing with. Of all the resources I can get my hands on, The Juicebox Podcast has been my #1 source of information. Starting with Bold Beginnings and Defining Diabetes, and progressing through the ProTips series has helped me understand the fundamentals of the disease. The interviews with T1Ds and Caregivers has given me insight into my son’s daily efforts and struggles. I am entirely grateful to Scott, Jenny, and everyone who is willing to share their story.
  • iCory
    This podcast is a game changer!
    Twenty-five years as a Type One Diabetic and only now I am learning some of the basics. Scott brings useful information and presents it in digestible ways. Learning that pre-bolus doesn’t just mean “bolus before you eat” but means “timing your insulin so it is active as the carbs become active” took my already decent 6.5 a1c down to a 5.6 a1c in the past 8 months. I’ve never met Scott but after listening to 100s of episodes and joining him in his Facebook group, I consider him a friend. Listening to this podcast and applying it has been the best thing I have done for my health since diagnosis. Thank you, Scott!
  • hopes fun
    Type 1s Need Juicebox(es)
    Scott has hit a home run with this podcast! Type 1 for 40+ years, diabetes educator with nursing background, twin mom who works in the diabetes world here - this series has answers and so much more. It’s always real talk. I’ve learned, laughed, related, shared, and maybe shed a few tears listening. Type 1 isn’t easy. Scott is connecting as many people as he can to make sure it’s manageable for all of us!
  • New State, New Diagnosis
    Fears and anxiety subsided after finding this podcast
    My son was diagnosed Nov. 2022. By late November I was hooked to the podcast. Scott’s sense of humor and just relaxed nature made my stressed, newly diagnosed, parent heart the ability to breath and know that it would all be OK. The podcast filled in gaps. Allowed for me to listen to episodes more than once to fully understand a topic. It allows me to go back now and listen to topics as they are relative. It has truly been a lifesaver in the midst of a really rough storm. Could not be any more appreciative of Scott and the time he takes to make it all possible.
  • Dannygirl333
    Host needs to let guests speak.
    Am I the only one that noticed how he’s talking the majority of the time . I had to unsubscribe I couldn’t take it anymore . He cuts them off all the time . And on more than one occasion he’ll make cringe comments that I’m sure makes the guest uncomfortable . I’m shocked how not enough people have commented on this .
  • Miss_Vell
    Literal lifesaver
    Thank goodness for this podcast and the related Facebook group! I’ve learned more there in the last 3 months than from all my doctors in the previous 42 years as a Type 1 diabetic. I spent most of the time prior to finding the podcast resigned to dying of complications from my diabetes just before my 51st birthday, just like my dad who had the exact same “set” of autoimmune conditions as I do. Since listening and implementing the tools and concepts I’ve learned there, I’ve gotten the best a1c of my entire life (7.0) and I fully expect to be in the 5s for my next one and the future. Even better than that, I’ve learned not to give up on myself, and now have hope of living a quality life well beyond 51. This podcast is for any kind of diabetes, and I firmly believe there’s something in every episode that can be helpful in achieving masterful management, as well as the incredible peace of mind that comes with finding a community who also “gets it”.
  • schhrotts
    Excellent podcast!!
    Great source of information for newly diagnosed T1D. This was recommended to us at diagnosis and has really helped our understanding of this disease and gave tips for improving my sons time in range
  • Gaboto Cadenas
    Heaven bliss
    The tips found in the Juicebox Podcast are absolutely fabulous! We’re using Omnipod 5 and have had GREAT SUCCESS because this podcast openly shares the steps and suggestions for its ultimate triumph for good health. I love listening to the different stories!
  • Jediabetic
    As a diabetic, I used to love this podcast, as it gave me so many “me too” moments of connections with other diabetics out there. But recently, the interviews are peppered with inappropriate content for a podcast about diabetes. The poor women being interviewed must endure jokes about their bodies and their personal and intimate relationships. I can feel the awkward cringe of the guest. If it were me, I might just hang up. Unfortunately, the content has gone downhill.
  • Kendraaaaaaaaaaaa1785379
    HUGE help
    My daughter recently got diagnosed T1D and this podcast was immediately recommended and it’s no question as to why. In three weeks I have learned so much. I am so grateful for all the hard work and time that has gone into every episode I have listened to. This is a great resource for anyone struggling with their diabetes.
  • janecope
    Soooo helpful!
    I don’t know if we will ever be able to quantify the impact of this podcast. How many toes and eyes have been saved… How much neuropathy and other awful side effects have been prevented… I am newly diagnosed and feel so blessed to learn this info so early in my journey. Thank you thank you thank you!!!
  • Monie808
    Master Class in Type 1 Diabetes management
    Come for the stories, stay for the information. Or vice versa. There is something for everyone here. Scott can talk to anyone and I always learning something. My kid’s A1C has been 5.1-5.6 since I started using the info from the podcast. Favorite episodes so far 678, 757, 605, 655, and 933. The Pro Tip series with Jenny is great. The Variables are also incredibly helpful. A must listen for anyone with Type 1 diabetes or who is caring for someone with T1D.
  • Joeyc16284848262849
    Scott is a saint
    Scott, thank you for your work. The info, the laughs, the guests and the tips are all amazing. Listened to about 50 episodes so far and it’s been amazing. Pre-bolusing has helped my A1c with my T Slim and you are to thank. Keep it up and thank you.
  • Juju Joggers
    Great Resource
    I can’t believe that it took me almost 4 years after my child’s diagnosis to find this podcast. I’ve been binge listening to the episodes and have learned way more than I could imagine. I’ve learned more just from listening to the podcast for about six months than I ever did from 4 years of appointments. The pro-tip episodes are super helpful. I highly recommended the podcast. I’d be lost without it! Also, my daughter loves the name of the podcast! Thanks Scott for all you do for the Type 1 community!!
  • Jenbergito
    Game changer
    A must listen for anyone with diabetes and their caregivers. My daughter’s a1C has improved since I discovered the podcast. Thank you Scott!
  • Maimy Lou
    Creepy interview with Makayla
    This is only the third episode I’ve listened to, and I’ve heard some really helpful info, but number l911 was creepy. Scott, could you hear how uncomfortable you were making Makayla? What was that about nuts in her mouth and her dad keeping it hot with her mom? She’s not your peer, she’s half your age. Ew. I had to turn it off, not sure I’ll be back.
  • Templerun4lyf
    Funny & relatable!
    I started listening to this podcast on my commute to college years ago (Im old - 28 with 2 kids now lol) my sugars were a mess so i figured maybe i could learn something. This podcast taught me so much that i never learned before on how to manage my T1d. After 15 years with poor control, i learned so many tips that still help me. I always recommend this podcast! Especially for parents of T1d kids. I love the interviews too. The Facebook group is great too. Not being super serious (lots of jokes) is so important in living with a chronic illness!
  • Momoftrk3
    Why am I just finding this?!
    I have been binge listening since I found this podcast! My son and husband both have Type 1. Man, I wish I had this when my son was still living at home. I’m learning and sharing and we’re going to get lower A1Cs!!
  • Polargal
    Life changing information
    I’ve had T1D for over 20 years and it was never well controlled until I started listening to this Podcast. Things are explained in in a detailed, yet understandable way. I’ve become ‘bold with insulin’ and your podcast has unlocked the solutions to sooo many issues I’ve struggled with for years. I’ve experienced much more stable blood sugars in a lower range since listening to your Podcast, and can’t thank you enough for the wealth of information that you provide. Truly life changing!!!
  • Men-lop
    My BIL looks incredible!!
    I’m coming to write a review because my BIL has learned so much from your podcast. He looks incredible and feels great. Thanks for making this content available to everyone.
  • a.fusco
    I needed this podcast my whole life !!
    I’ve had diabetes for 25 years, I started listening to this podcast one night and haven’t been able to stop. I’ve learned so much and I’m so grateful. Recently I switched over to the Omnipod 5 , I learned more from this podcast than my training and my educator. Scott has made me feel so much more comfortable about the bad days and less embarrassed about the rough times when I was younger. This podcast puts a spotlight on the normalcy’s of diabetes that would otherwise be frowned upon at let’s say a doctors visit. Thank you so much Scott, I know you started this for your daughter but your changing lives !!!!
  • RedRider75
    Outstanding Resource for T1D
    This is an Outstanding resource for all T1D's this podcast has been a life changer for me! I LOVE IT! I am super excited to see my next A1C! I did not get any formal training and have been a T1D for 41 year and in listening to the podcast has been a life changer for me. I had no resources really until listening to SB. I also recommend him to everyone since listening has changed my view point drastically. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for being such a great source of information to me as all as anyone who listens to you! Thanks again from the bottom of my heart! Sincerely, RedRider EZ
  • Hillary M.
    Juice box podcast - Arden is back
    I absolutely love this episode. I have been listening for a few months. I was under the impression my son was the only kid that treated me like this…. Arden is the perfect mix of my two sons. She definitely know more than you 😂. I just can’t stop laughing. My kids have the identical script she does. I now know my kids came from the same planet yours did. I love all the light humor. Scott, you handle it so well. Great job!
  • DisneyGurlsRule101
    Interesting information-host cuts people off and talks a bit too much
    I’ve almost been diagnosed for a year now and it has been a very good use of my time to listen to this. It’s very interesting to hear people’s experiences. I do get frustrated sometimes as the host does cut people off and just keeps talking. He will just talk and talk, then interrupt someone. I don’t mind this too much because there are sometimes interesting guests. Overall, this is a pretty good podcast.
  • flower024024
    Enlightening & Interesting
    My 5yr old granddaughter was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes almost a year ago. As far as I know, she is still experiencing extremely high (over 300)and extremely low sugar numbers (as low as 30) They have been told she is still in the honeymoon period and will be better once she gets to be on the pump. Unfortunately, I am not a part of my granddaughters life at this time. She recently went through DKA and was very close to losing her life. I wanted to learn more. I have the Audible app and I couldn’t find anything I could listen to about T1D there, so I thought I would look through Podcasts, and was so thankful to find yours. I’ve already listened to a couple and I can’t wait to listen to more. I just listened to the one with Katherine about her Basal info. Amazing info. I shared with my son. You helped that girl so much hopefully your information can also help my granddaughter. Things are explained in a way that I can understand and I like the conversational format. What makes it great is your strong background via your daughter and your strong dedication as well as your strong desire to enlighten folks. Although I don’t get to see my granddaughter, through your podcast, I somehow feel a stronger connection to her. I value all my daughter-in-law and my other granddaughter and son do to help the little one, I know that I can’t begin to imagine what they go through a daily basis. I know only those that go through it can truly understand. I sent my son link to your Katherine/Basal podcast, I hope he sees my message about it and they listen to it. Your podcast has been so enlightening. So thankful I found it. Keep it going and thank you very much for all you do!!
  • Jaycens Mom
    So thankful to have this podcast! It gave me the confidence to be bold with insulin and have betters control over my sons numbers.
  • Benna369
    The Best
    Full of life changing information , humor, and motivation. Absolutely the best.
  • kampergsl
    Diagnosed T1D at 53.5 years old!
    Your podcast has been invaluable to me since my unofficial T1D diagnosis in March 2021 at 53.5 years old! My unofficial diagnosis came as a complete shock as I was first diagnosed with gestational diabetes in January 2000 with my 1st pregnancy and again in November 2001 with my second pregnancy. I was the diagnosed T2D after my second pregnancy delivery. I’d tried hard to take care of my T2D, but not as well as I did in 2017 when I lost 55 pounds. Despite my weight loss I couldn’t get my A1C under control. Until in March 2021 I reached out to a Dr outside of my HMO, she almost immediately diagnosed me as T1D and bloodwork confirmed this in May 2021. Your podcast has enabled me to lower my A1C from 9.5 at diagnosis and it’s been at 5.9 to 6.2 during the last 1.5 years thanks to your podcast teaching me how to be Bold with Insulin 💙
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