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The Mortified Podcast is a storytelling series where adults share the embarrassing things they created as kids—diaries, letters, lyrics & beyond—in front of total strangers. PS: It totally likes you. The Mortified Podcast is a proud member of Radiotopia, from PRX. Learn more at

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  • arttulip1005
    The funniest!!!
    I first discovered mortified on Netflix. I collect comedy to lift my low moods and the movie was hilarious. The podcast makes me laugh just as hard. This has been more effective than depression medication though that helps too. Thank you mortified!!!
  • Fluffin-A
    Could be better
    For such a short podcast it has a long intro then ads then an interview with the author. It's a good idea in an awkward format. The 2 stars are mostly because it just gets old. Every story is essentially the same early sexual experience kind of deal.
  • GitterTwarsh
    Troublemakers episode was garbage (at least the second half). I don’t care if you want to promote your new podcast, but I don’t want to listen to something created for tweens and it’s such a cheap cop out for a real mortified episode. Otherwise, I love the podcast. Just please make real episodes!
  • Celpete
    Fun and Irreverent
    I personally burned my teenage diaries right before I got married, but oh how I relish reliving other peoples mortifications! Great escapism fire your overburdened life, reminds you to lighten up a little!
  • crossnurse
    Maybe I don’t remember being a teen!
    As a mom of a teens you forget you were once an idiot teen too and that life will not only continue but they will someday hopefully grow to be productive members of society. If you are looking for a walk down memory lane or to just look at life from the safety of the future give it a shot!
  • Frankalinaa
    Thank the universe for y’all
    I accidentally fell upon this podcast after listening to one of my other favorites - R!SK! I listened to E1-7 scream laughing away in my apt alone. I fell asleep laughing and I have recommended it to a few of my podcast loving friends today. Thank you for the gift of laughter and the reminder that we are all just so weird. 🤣
  • Ethaniel824
    New icon
    Can we go back to the old icon?
  • ghosttoes
    I might die of laughter
    This podcast just never stops making me laugh. We all need an escape right now, even if it’s into a familiar past story. Thank goodness you are here mortified. I need you.
  • -😱
  • IBendTemples
    First timer
    I made a serious error in judgment today. I downloaded this series and listened to the latest episode while running on the streets of my neighborhood. I was laughing so hard that I had to stop several running entirely several times so as to avoid “bladder leakage”. I am sure I looked a proper fool but I plan on doing it again tomorrow. Great podcast!
  • Once a big fan
    Please don’t chop-edit stories!!!
    I generally love this podcast (hilarious, unique - it's a gift to the podcast world), but used to love it way more when you all would just let storytellers tell their story in full, with the "post-mortem" afterwards. Now, most live recordings are spliced with little comments and narration every third sentence. The break in flow drives me crazy! So much that I've stopped listening as often. I just want to listen to the live recordings. I really don't think this format works for podcasts- the extra comments take away more than they add. (Unlike on the tv show, where cuts/visual breaks keep you engaged). It's like going to a play and having the director stop the actors every thirty seconds to explain what's going on. Bring the old style back!
  • ldyfes
    So fun
    One of the funniest podcasts out there! I look forward to hearing every new episode! The bright spot in my week.
  • MariaCiampa
    Funny, authentic, unique
    I love hearing what people wrote and what they made and how they felt during those awkward years! On of my fav pods.
  • vastvedt
    Seriously my ribs hurt from laughing and I have tears in my eyes. Props to everyone who have the guts to perform!
  • Autumn173
    Best Podcast Ever
    I started listening to this podcast after I heard a spot for it on the Criminal podcast and I can’t believe I hadn’t heard of it before... this podcast is amazing!! I find myself laughing out loud to almost every episode because the content is so totally relatable. Can’t get enough and can’t stop bingeing the episodes! Please keep em comin!!
  • okwhatevernickname
    big problem with this
    I've been listening to this podcast for years, and I'm finally over it...I don't know if i just didn't notice it in the beginning, or if it's happening more now. But. Mortified is way too focussed on sexual thoughts and/or encounters between children/teenagers. I like sex podcasts just fine, but I don't like envisioning non-adults having sex. Every time i listen to it now I just think about all the pedafiles out there that would love this. 2 stars because the episodes that aren't sex centered are actually REALLY good, but I wish the show didn't rely so much on the shock factor of childhood sexuality.
  • meesheee
    But Omg let Angela speak too 😂😂😂 JK love it!
  • Light worker 73
    Awesome show!
    This is awesome! I don’t have the courrage to do what theese people did.
  • Lynorra
    Mortified has been my favorite podcast since I discovered what podcasts are. Why is there nothing more recent than June 17? I’ve obviously not listen for a time But I want to know what has happened? This podcast is incredible. It has made me laugh,cry,and be embarrassed and amazed. I’m amazed at the bravery of these folks. Please help me! I need a fix. It helps to know that I am not the only fool on this planet
  • AmyGinIowa
    Caution if listening with children 🤣
    This podcast is hilarious but I prefer not to listen with my adult children because of the embarrassing subjects. It makes me laugh out loud. It’s so funny to be reminded of preteen/ teenage priorities and worries. Fun themed episodes.
  • Serenepaper
    Always fun
    I enjoy almost every story. Love this. Keep them coming!
  • Betsy-Bets
    The funniest!!!
    This is by far my favorite podcast. I've recently been laid up with the flu and I love just putting the Mortified episodes on an listening for the afternoon. Laughter is the best medicine!
  • kellhell22
    Brings me to tears, by laughing
    This podcast always helps lift my spirit. I am guaranteed uncontrollable laughs and left with relatable memories to my childhood. Hope to make one of the live shows!
  • sadie jay h
    So sad I can’t be on this podcast
    I was mortifying as a young person but I didn’t keep track of it!
  • WarEagleAL
    Laugh out loud funny
    When I listen to this podcast, I actually find myself laughing out loud sometimes. What a great topic for a podcast! I love the themed episodes. I do hate when the hosts interject and the opening, but it’s pretty easy to skip over.
  • Lilyredbaa1
    My Favorite Guilty Pleasure
    I have a long, rotating list of podcasts to listen to on my commute, and when Mortified comes up, I get so excited! It is my favorite guilty pleasure podcast. We were such messed up teens, weren't we? It's crazy what had importance in our lives.
  • AudreyLawliet
    This is gold! Brings me back to my middle/high school years and really makes me wish I had kept a journal back then. I would love to have seen all the cringey stuff I thought of back then.
  • ChristineJack
    Everyone can relate!!!
    So real and hysterical!!! We have all experienced puberty, but I have never heard people relate all of their amazingly awkward moments. Absolutely crazy funny 😆
  • rexanaaa
    Very cheesy show
    I do listen to this show from time to time but it’s so corny. Both the host and the speakers. The episodes are definitely hit or miss.
  • Grandmawholistenseveryday
    Profanity overload
    I really wanted to like this podcast. I stayed with it through many episodes trying to pay attention to the heart of each story. A fair amount of profanity is fine, and I did see the "explicit" warning, but this profanity is just overkill, and I finally unsubscribed. It's really too bad as a little editing could make it more palatable. Sorry to say it's a no for me, but many others obviously enjoy it.
  • Headis
    Love Mortified
    Nothing makes me happier than mortified! Mostly because there is always something embarrassing that I completely relate to. It’s great on Netflix too!!
  • Mick Fishbaum
    Embarrassing and hilarious. Mortified is always fun, but also touching.
  • clint wolf
    A great, very funny podcast. Keep up the excellent work.
  • NewMexChick
    This podcast is my favorite. It’s hilarious and so much more relatable than we all wish. So funny. So sweet - in an hilarious and uncomfortable way. I love the Netflix video version and I ADORE the podcast. I feel like so many podcasts I listen to are educational or heavy - this is such a breath of fresh air. Love it!
  • wileykeck
    I’m glad to hear my adolescence wasn’t a unique experience.
  • glassesoptional
    I just love this podcast so much! It’s funny, at times sad, quirky and heartwarming. The stories bring me back, in a good way.
    Sadly declining in quality.
    I’ve been listening to Mortified for a long time and have lost interest. As it’s gained popularity it has become more of a production than the free spirited readings of amateur performers. I’d like to hear more reading and less talking about the reading and readers.
  • Magnuspi
    Made me laugh, cry and recall all my teenage angst
  • K-ride 4902
    So good
  • Jinx_91
    Constant laugher
    Love this!!! I wish I would have journaled more as a kid. Funniest stories ever!!! Love it!!!
  • Jacki Sue K
    New Favorite Podcast
    I found this podcast because it was promoted on another Radiotopia podcast I listen to (Shout-out to my fellow Weeksling.) I finally checked it out while on my commute, and I seriously laughed all the way home.
  • OminousMusicBox
    Embarrassing pasts brought to a positive present
    We can all relate to those moments earlier that we’re ashamed of. It’s nice to hear those from others and instead of feeling ashamed laugh along at he stupidity if youth. It’s also inspired me to share moments of my youth now from an older perspective with my mother, hearing about her childhood using the Mortified boon we both bought. It’s brought us closer together and made us accept those not so perfect parts of our past
  • Tamm1212
    Love listening at work
    This is a great podcast to listen to while at work. So funny!
  • geezcameron
    Painful and Joyous
    Mortified is the perfect way to revisit the excruciating pain, ecstatic thrill, and cringe inducing awkwardness of growing up. I’m reminded of how fun and difficult it is to be so clueless. You get to feel those highs and lows again, but only for thirty minutes instead of 18 years. Mortified takes being a kid seriously, but not TOO seriously.
  • Maurecia
    Brings back some of my worst memories in the best possible way
    Excruciating & inspiring
  • hlzri
    I love this.
    For someone who’s mom never allowed for journaling (in that she would read it and I’d be busted for any mention of crushes/boys/etc.), this show/podcast offers hilarious insight into the kinds of things I can relate to, but never got to express on paper. Love, pain, embarrassment, silly benign thoughts; it’s all here. Attending the live show in DC this year is going to be rad! Thanks for sharing the shame!
  • Queenbnoelb
    Just binged the Netflix show and fell in love. When I saw something about a podcast I got right on and started listening. My new favorite thing.
  • rbtog
    Hilariously interesting
    Has that fun and insightful feel of a great podcast. Well produced, and enjoyable to listen to.
  • Smitten fan
    Great podcast!
    Really love the show! I do however have just 1 complaint. I listen to the pobcast on iTunes and I seem to be unable to listen to episode 16(?) Brooke :I was a teenage witch. And I really would like to. Please help!
  • cigarlos35
    Love the show! Only grief I have is the loudness and high pitch of the audience laughter. A little distracting to really enjoy the podcast
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