The Secret History Of Hollywood

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An ongoing series of specially produced histories, bringing to life the stories and secrets that shaped cinema. @moviehistories

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  • cotz091
    Great podcast
    I love this podcast. I started listening about 2 years ago. I’ve listened to every episode of both this and Attaboy Clarence now and can’t wait for the new ones to come out!!!
  • jujubean1958
    Love this podcast!
    There’s something magical about how old Hollywood captures our imagination. This podcast, along with You Must Remember This, pays tribute to how we got to where we are now with “the movies.” It’s fascinating history from not so long ago that changed everything for us all, and how we believe who we are. The delivery is perfect! Thank you!
  • Lolly from Ga
    Job well done
    I love this podcast! Look forward to every episode. Keep it going 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
  • gotchaknows
    Exceptional storytelling
    I know these tales are theatrical by their very nature, but I feel I must express my gratitude to you for telling them how you do. A great storyteller breathes life into the dead & I think you’ve made the grade with much skill! Wonderful. Thank you mate
  • mbgriffith
    Well researched and delivered but hard to hear
    Really well researched and written, but part of his delivery is breathlessness and whispering the ends of words or lines, which means listening in my car in max out the volume and still can’t catch the ends of words and phrases. I don’t have a loud car. I get the delivery for the drama, but it sometimes makes it frustrating to listen. That said, thorough, dramatic and well researched, so great Hollywood podcast in that way.
  • Wordswork207
    I love this podcast
    I call myself a Cineast and I love listening to and watching stories of behind-the-scenes Hollywood. This show is well-researched and I find myself learning something with every episode. Of course, I know a lot of it is historical fiction since there are conversations and thoughts expressed that no one could have been privy to, not even the subjects' biographers. But I still enjoy it. If I had to mention something I didn't like, it would be all the different voices the host tackles. I don't think they are necessary to the enjoyment of the show. Plus the host's British accents gets in the way of a realistic portrayal of Americans -- not to mention his British grammar. Americans say "Paramount Studio was..." not "Paramount Studio were..." That's just a pet-peeve from a former (American) English teacher.
  • Magic j d
    So enjoying this ! One of my favorite podcast.
  • Podcasts for me
    The best
    One of the very best podcasts I’ve ever heard!! Thank you
  • Highchair79
    This podcast is so much more than a typical podcast. It is a deep dive into the history of cinema as we know it today. This has become one of my favorite things to listen to and can’t wait to hear the next story that is told.
  • RGinNYC
    Can’t stop won’t stop. This show is so compelling, the host/creator’s writing and research and performance are extraordinary. So glad I found it!
  • englitguy
    The reel deal
    Hey now. If you are looking for deep dives into cinema history, including details about actors, producers, directors, and the other many factions that go into creating movies of the golden age, this is the channel for you. You’ll also be rewarded with the relevant social and cultural histories that impacted not only individuals in the movie business, but also the issues that are presented in the movies, including the Hayes code, the laws of coverture, sexism, racism, and the impact of economics and war, all of which are covered in the excellent scholarship presented here.
  • Ken Weil
    Ok maybe the style of old timey radio story telling isn’t my podcast thing but even if it were i couldn’t listen to any of them because the volume level is so low i have to go almost full volume to hear it.
  • jreillyb
    Wow. This is frankly a stunning achievement in podcasting. Well written, paced and all with excellent sound design. Well done creators!
  • englishgirl1011
    Shadows - Simply stunning
    Was recommended to try this podcast and started with Shadows the Val Lawton story. Knowing nothing about him or his horror genre of the 1940s I was totally captivated. Love the research and telling of the story and the back stories of other characters of the period. Made me want to find and at h his movies. Can’t wait to start Carey - feel bereft now this one is over - thank you!!
  • M%
    The F. Scott Fitzgerald of Podcaster!
    Like approaching a Lynch film or a Joyce novel, I don’t tread lightly to each epic episode here. We owe this creator our full commitment and attention, not because six hours plus run times but the transporting storytelling maintained within hour by hour. This is art as podcast and there's nothing finer. My hope is their work is appreciated in the same company of pioneers documented in these tales. GO PATREON THIS ENDEAVOR RIGHY NOW!!!
  • Keeyo59
    Sound is off balance
    Great content, but the narrators voice is low volume and the British accent is sometimes so thick it’s hard to understand. However, the background music ends up blaring because the narration is hard to hear. I’ve adjusted all sound controls but the music is obnoxiously loud and drowns out the narration. I wish there was a way to turn off the music.
  • BeesKnees1960
    Have been happily addicted to this marvelous podcast since the first episode. Adam is an astounding writer, producer & does all the voice work. Can’t say enough good things!!! I just became a proud ‘co-producer’ by becoming a supporter on Patreon & it’s the best $$ I’ve ever spent. Bravo!!!!💕👍🔥🔥🔥
  • Poleymak
    Wonderful -Cary
    Just came across this podcast. Throughly enjoyed it. Definitely a lot work went into it. Well researched and keeps my attention. Will there be a continuation of the Cary series? Seemed to stop right after he did Penny Serenade film and his involvement with Barbara Hutton. There hasn’t been an update for several months. I’m sure they take a lot of time to produce. I greatly appreciate the effort. But, I wonder when/if there will be a new episode. Thank you.
  • ninaev400
    Carey: Parts 1,2, 3
    I am addicted to this series! I love it! What an in-depth look —not only into Hollywood icon Carey Grant’s fascinating life—but into history in general! Please tell me that the next Volume is due out soon— I can’t wait!
  • Vitaphone
    The Best
    I love everything about this podcast.
  • LovedMyAlydar
    Bullets and Blood is just a first rate wonderful series. Kept me enthralled in the stories of the Warner family and of one of my favorite actors, James Cagney. The final episode brought tears to my eyes. Just a fantastic podcast!
  • Dulcinea14tx
    Bullets & Blood is sooo good. James Cagney now has a place in my heart, he is brought to life in this podcast so well. The conflicts and tragedies of the Warner brothers has me hooked. Such a brilliantly written podcast!
  • 999‘k
    Bullets & Biood
    I just finished listening to Bullets & Blood - Parts 1 & 2. Only one word describe these podcasts that's Great!
  • Diana at music
    Great storytelling
    I love this podcast. The storytelling and weaving of Hollywood stories is amazing. The narrator is fabulous. I could not stop listening to the Cary Grant episodes. So good!
  • hbaum80
    A Must Listen
    This is hands down one of my favorite podcasts. The stories of old Hollywood are great, and the amount of research and care that goes into production is incredible. But you don’t even need to be that interested in Hollywood - the podcast is worth your time just for the sheer joy of listening to top notch storytelling.
  • frances1959
    I cannot wait to hear more about the life and career of this fabulous and interesting actor
  • elsa and max
    Simply fabulous! I laughed, i cried, i laughed again… best ever!
  • greencabaret
    I'm a Lewton fan that has just stumbled on this podcast in 2022. Here I'm sitting, with my cat named Val on my lap, and I've never enjoyed listening to anything more.
  • Austin J Henry
    Wonderful story telling
    The presentation and development of these stories are amazing. Great stories behind the curtains. I like the way they build the stories more like a novel than a podcast. Very special.
  • CJRobison
    Outstanding podcast
    This is truly a captivating podcast. I look forward to every episode. Tom Hiddleston’s voice is perfect for this podcast, and his Boris Karloff isn’t bad! I have learned a lot and been absolutely entertained. Thank you!
  • thegoodhalf
    One of my favorites!
    Very informative and entertaining at the same time. Adam has created a great series of podcasts. I even signed up with Patreon to hear EVERYTHING!!! Worth every cent!
  • GeorgeLassostheMoon
    Amazing Listening!
    Late to the party, I just recently discovered podcasts and ecstatically stumbled upon this superlative series. Run, don’t walk to listen. Adam Roche is a self-taught wunderkind. A voice to die for, a captivating story teller, a stellar researcher…and his audio editing is as professional as you can get. I listen while I’m hiking and can’t wait to get on the trail to pick up where I left off. Support this extraordinary talent!
  • Melody Allen
    Great show!
    Loving this! Thank you
  • John Deere Spoker Model D
    How Can I Turn My Star Rating Up To A Six? Adams Roche must be a mesmerist. Also, just look at his blonde hair and dark framed glasses, he’s a veritable Michael Cain. 😍😍 I’ve been waiting, with what seems like forever for Part 2 of Cary Grant. It does my disappointment. I am completely under his spell. If his warm buttery smooth voice hasn’t melted you into a greasy puddle, “You’re a bigger man than I , Gunga Din.” Meanwhile, I must acknowledge my admiration for his Val Lewton Hidden Hollywood podcast. So evocative. He bring to life Mr Lewton’s vaunted contribution Hollywood’s orphan genre of the horror movie. Of his 14 producing credits, I’ve seen nine. Five to go. It is hard to say which his best. How can you choose? Is Cat People is better than Ghost Ship, I Walked with a Zombie or Bedlam? It is very sad that his career was cut short by the machinations of Hollywood and spurious claims of plagiarism. We lost a genius and a visionary. Is is sad that he isn’t bettered remembered.
  • Cali-M
    Quality Work
    Well researched, written, produced, and narrated. If you geek out on old Hollywood history you will love this series. Start at the beginning.
  • streewil
    The best podcast ever!
    I just stumbled across this podcast and have only listened to season 4 about the Warner Brothers/ Jimmy Cagney. I listen to a lot of podcasts but I must say this is the best one ever! I love the narrator! And the writing too. It is so incredibly interesting and entertaining. I’m going back now to listen to the 1st 3 seasons and I can’t wait!
  • Magikastle
    Unparalleled storytelling. Grand and breathtaking. No broad strokes here. The history of the artistic life unfolding with breadth and infinite detail. A true treasure.
  • Marebear71
    One of the best!!
    Love, love love the narrator and wonderful way to do a podcast!! I will definitely recommend this one to all my friends.
  • Moo movie
    The best!!!!
    My favorite podcast. I could listen to his voice forever. Great stories about true events and people.
  • Ouiser13
    Holding onto final judgement
    I’ve only been listening for 20 minutes to Cary part 1 but the cause of death of Cary Grant’s oldest brother is incorrect. He died of tubercular meningitis. How truthful is the rest of the information ?
  • DixieLaRue
    Best storytelling to be found anywhere
    I love classic movies, but whether you do or not, the breadth and depth of stories make the podcast captivating for everyone. They are moving, fascinating, funny, sometimes jaw-dropping. I heartily recommend the podcast, without reservation or fear of reprisal, to every single human being.
  • Gaspargo
    Thank you for remembering Stan Rogers.
  • Gablesgrl34
    I’m so happy I’ve found this podcast! If in-depth stories about Hollywood and its players interest you this podcast is a treasure. Expertly produced by an epic storyteller I look forward to every episode.
  • MoviesorCinema
    Great Podcast
    I love cinema and all films including their history and how they got made. This podcast is right up my alley. But the storytelling is so good I believe someone whose never thought about classic cinema would be swept up in the storytelling. Everything else in my life has taken a backseat until I’ve finished every episode much to the chagrin of my family. Can’t wait for the next one!
  • GypsyRoseRad
    I’m fascinated!
    I wish I’d have found it sooner. What story telling! What talent! What history! Bringing the past to life. I’ve never enjoyed a Podcast more. I wish I could give it more stars. By far, an amazing production.
  • Hugh D’Sceene
    This podcast almost defies description. Top-Shelf entertainment from start to finish. Really cannot WAIT for CARY pt.II I loved each and every minute of this epic opus. My biggest worry was—“losing my place”!! BRING ON PT 2
  • ChristophersRants
    Few years listener
    Quality show Beyond quality, Listen here for a few years now love the early series loved the last two series. But it’s starting to get Obnoxious with the teases, I get it you have a pay wall I get that you need to make make money this is a full time job. But every time I see something new I think it’s a new episode and it’s a trailer for a new series on the pay wall, ok it’s really starting to get Obnoxious the point of the patreon is giving people bonus content. To purposely keep withholding a sequel episode that your “Associate producers” got to listen to last year is just obnoxious honestly by the time the episode drops what’s the point why bother having this feed if all you are doing is putting out teases?
  • OtAn the GreAt
    Cary Grant brought to life
    Love the podcast. It brings to life the Hollywood icons and their characters that have shaped my life from childhood. I can’t say enough great things. I love the narration and the gorgeous writing. Adam has obviously spent a considerable amount of time on this project. If you love classic movies from the Golden Age of Hollywood, you can’t miss this one!
  • Don in CT
    What a magnificent puece of broadcast work! The talents revealed by the actor-narrator cannot be celebrated enough. What a voice, what a mind. And when the brilliant and evocative writing is added in, the chemistry makes for an indescribable experience. Proud pf you! 😎
  • DBMesser
    Archie Leach
    I loved this podcast even though it was a long one, the narrator was awesome. Looking forward to more. Thank you. Dale
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