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by AMC
TV & Film #11

Chris McCaleb & Kelley Dixon (Better Call Saul editors) host a weekly conversation with the cast and crew of AMC's original series Better Call Saul.

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  • cassidy525
    You will love this
    Amazing show, gifted writers, beyond talented cast and crew, insightful podcast. I’m so grateful this show was produced and this podcast gave me additional insight into the episodes. Thank you so much!
  • Foo4Everlong
    I realize that this podcast was recorded a few weeks back, but I think there needs to be a proper last episode podcast with Rhea, Vince, Peter, Thomas Schnauz, Bob, Jonathan Banks, Michael McKean, Giancarlo Esposito, and possibly any other characters as well as maybe Bryan and/or Aaron as a bonus! This episode seems to only skim what the last episode of BCS really dealt with! 613 was a mini movie with so much to take in. I just think episode 613 should be analyzed to a greater degree. Here’s hoping for more of BCS Insider Podcast! Also maybe a more thorough analysis of the final episode and the series as a whole! I love BCS, Breaking Bad, and all the people that put in their hard work to creating such amazing shows! I love this universe! Thank you!
  • GoodGriefToadie
    Thank you
    After watching that last episode, my overwhelming feeling was profound gratitude for the experience all of you gave us. Perfect ending.
  • Ellie F. d.
    Kelly Dixon is too much
    Otherwise, great show, but man she fangirls way too hard that it can get cringe. She also is the only one who cusses up a storm. I’m not a prude, but it can get a bit much after awhile.
  • Jcub16
    What are u guys talking about
    Love love BCS, would listen to this podcast at work so I was half listening Recently listened to a few in the car and oh my what a borefest. A whole lot of technical behind the scenes talk, a lot of praising each other for every little thing But the worst is Kelly Dixon she destroys the flow even more with her nonsensical questions and long winded questions If u are a insomniac this is the pod for you
  • RoseFromTexad
    Love this podcast!!
    I recommend this podcast to all I know who watch BCS, but I am careful to avoid listening until I’ve caught up on episodes, though. It’s so interesting to hear them explain how they made the ‘oil’ in the tanker that Nacho submerged himself in, for example and the meaning of some of those amazing opening sequences. They not only talk to stars of the show, writers, creators, producers but the magicians we never hear about like editors, directors of photography, wardrobe, and special effects as well. The ONLY complaint I have is they use terms I am not familiar with as a viewer (like dailies, driving plates, aperture, and especially RODEO (which I think is a special effects company they hire???) and much more. I wish they would take a few seconds to explain, but I looked some stuff up. Otherwise, great job!!
  • Lannistark741
    BCS is ending so this doesn’t matter BUT
    I always look forward to these but then while listening I realize that the podcast is 70% crew members name-dropping and patting each other on the back, 20% Kelley Dixon interrupting the flow and stumbling through long-winded questions, and 10% actual episode and story analysis. BB and BCS are the best shows ever but this is truly an INSIDER podcast: for those who are on the inside, cause guys, we don’t know who any of these people you’re talking about are. We just like the final product.
  • Lalindia
    Hard to believe
    that these ramblers are behind the best tv show ever. Kelly Dixon (why is she on every episode??) appears not to understand the basics of the show or maybe she doesn’t watch it. I love listening to many of the guests but the ignorant blabbering is hard to take.
  • Dkejjebeebedjsnsnene
    Circle jerk
    Do you want to hear them compliment each other for 60 minutes? I have a podcast for you!
  • noobitar
    Occasionally engaging podcast
    This podcast contains a good deal of behind-the-scenes insights and industry insider perspectives. Being the official podcast, all of the highest profile cast, crew, and creatives contribute. That said, the show suffers from a lack of structure, or at least an unwillingness to stick to a structure, as do many shows without experienced (podcast) producers. And this is more of a dig against Hollywood, generally, because it’s something you see elsewhere, but they spend a great deal of time stroking each other’s egos that would be better spent discussing the show.
  • DJDanny19
    More Episode Analysis, Less Chit Chat
    I enjoy this podcast due to the analysis of the show, but there are several issues that could be improved. 1. Kelly Dixon rambles and interrupts all the time. Don’t really understand why she has to be on every podcast episode. She is not even part of the show. If she wants to ask all her clueless questions on her own time, then let her off-mic. She makes the podcast unenjoyable sometimes. 2. Way too many pats on the backs. We get it…You all love each other and are proud of each other’s work, but 80% of the podcast is wasted by constant praising of others. 3. Leave politics out of the podcast. Several under-the-table remarks about politics have been mentioned. 4. Live your lives and stop living in fear of Covid. Stop wearing masks on set and abiding by the pointless CDC guidelines.
  • Jeff987654321
    Too long. Not enough plot info.
    Hi folks, let me offer some constructive criticism. Too late for “Saul” but maybe for the next show. More than an hour per episode is frankly too long for the average listener. Please consider editing out the chitchat. Or most of it. Yes, it’s interesting to talk about the technical aspects of the show, but there hasn’t been enough discussion of the plot and character motivations. The Nacho episode had more of what I’m talking about. But now I’m listening to 610 and 611, the Omaha episodes, and I find myself getting so bored with all the technical stuff and wanting more about the STORY (there’s a little bit of that, but I wish there was more.) Let’s all agree that Saul and BB are the greatest shoes ever! Thanks for listening…
  • FordCorners
    Inside Baseball
    This is an interesting show if you want to hear about how to make an episode. Direction, production, writing etc. If you are interested in the contents of the episode, I’d say skip. It’s that Hollywood thing where people like to congratulate themselves on how great they are for making a show - not actually about the story.
  • RiverRatDoc
    Essential Listening
    Did you miss an egg in last nights show? This podcast covers storyline , production, sound , & engineering aspects. The only flaw is that these podcasts are recorded months before show episode airs. The conversation revolves around that episode & what is lost is the viewer input, the viewer questions, and even back in the BB podcast this often frustrated the HE🏒🏒out of me. Still it’s an essential listen, often rare guests get pulled in. I’m finally writing this on the back end of BCS season 6. A good bonus podcast would be to get the writers to talk about the “ALMOST” or “WE COULD’VE” story arcs, or where they had the most frustration resolving a story arc within the bigger scheme (Hint*Hint* Vince & Peter). What ever becomes of that Black Book?
  • John Eshenbaum
    Yes tighten the editing/v interesting otherwise
    This is very interesting to listen to if you are a BCS fanatic (beyond mere fan). I say that because there is much smoke blowing that you need to hear/sit through and stay listening to throughout in order to absorb the interesting “making of the show behind the scenes”.
  • trekkie2389
    I LOVE this podcast. Everyone who loves BB & BCS already know why. My ONE criticism. Kelley Dixon. The podcast creator, the podcast brainchild. We all owe her a lot for these. But she needs to work on brevity. Her questions often turn into monologues that continue well past the original thought. On the 7/27 podcast she started a question that started at 1:06:55 and continues until 1:10:55. A full 4 minutes. Overall… a phenomenal podcast.
    Good grief
    I’ve never heard so many self congratulating people yanking each other off before
  • zakyfarms
    Circle jerk
    This show has always been really heavy on the self-congratulation, but this last episode is just over the top. We get it, you all love each other, but listening to you all say how great each other are doesn’t make for a very interesting podcast. Maybe have a party and do that on your own time?
  • Phillie fan
    It’s how I find out what I just watched
    It’s no wonder BCS is such a great show. So enjoyable to listen to the teamwork. the immersion of everyone in the characters, the things that are there in every scene you don’t see but these folks know about. Every workplace in the US should strive for this sense of community.
  • NotTheSims
    Too meandering
    For an official podcast by the team behind two of the greatest scripted TV series, this podcast is very meandering and takes too long to get to the juice of the episode. Wish it was more tightly produced. Idk why I’m even writing this now that the show is about to end!
  • spikeluv51
    Kelly Has Ruined This Podcast
    I sometimes wonder if Kelly is watching the same show I am. The Howard memorial scene where Kim brutally gaslights Howard’s widow with the story about her seeing him snort drugs and Kelly asks if that was true!!! That question was so insulting to the brilliant writing and acting that I was embarrassed to even listen to her not understand this show after all these years. I cant listen to her inane comments anymore. I’m done.
  • McKearney
    Kelly Clueless
    So angry at Kelly Dixon’s brainless misreading of scene at bar with Gustavo and Sommelier, David. She said he was “cruising the waiter.” This was a beautiful, sensitive scene that offers us insights into Gustavo’s character and allows G. Esposito a great moment. And please note the beautiful piano composition by Gioia in the background, enhancing the dialogue. This podcast is valuable but Kelly makes it difficult to listen to.
  • tarons13
    Just the best
    This is my favorite podcast about my favorite show. Listening just adds so much to the watching experience. Usually I watch an episode, listen to the podcast, and then rewatch the episode…and it is a truly magical experience! It’s the closest I get to religion. 🙂
    Best in the biz
    This is a must-listen podcast for all BCS and BB fans. I love watching a new episode, then listening to the pod the following morning during my commute.
  • Motor City HDJ
    1,000th Rating!
    Thank you for taking us along the journey through this universe. It was always thoughtful and informative. Thank you for all your hard work!
  • kmbtherapy
    Cool even for the casual fan!
    I tend to appreciate Better Call Saul for the acting and almost never really think about how it lines up to the plot of Breaking Bad (which I also loved first for acting even though it was beautifully written, plotted, shot and scored, etc.). But after this most recent episode of BCS (608), I compelled to go online to hear people’s feedback on why this was so well done on a macro level in addition to the story of Kim, Jimmy, Harold, and Lalo. I watched a YouTuber and then found this podcast and I’m so grateful. What an amazing feat on so many different levels! These really are masters are work. (And thank the gods Bob Odenkirk survived filming this episode!)
  • Chester Byrde
    This is such a great podcast!
  • Arr1
    Great insights, but…
    It’s the greatest information, since it’s coming straight from the insiders. But a major portion of each episode is the participants kissing each other’s fannies. It’s gets tiring quickly.
  • BecLab
    Enjoyable tidbits
    Nice insight about some of the behind the scenes elements of putting a show together and gives you an even greater appreciation of the thought and details that go into it. I love Kelly as the host - she asks the relevant and interesting questions that honestly seem like they might be skipped if she didn’t ask them. I wish she’d host all the behind-the-scenes podcasts because she bring the perspective of an industry-savvy regular viewer. Agree with the other comments that it goes on far too long with the praise - but every TV show or celeb podcast is the same, basically a big circle jerk. I get it - it’s the way to publicly thank the people who get the work done which is nice. Just would love more details about the show since we can’t seem to get enough.
  • @JimDuchene
    Is it just me or was there a lot of rudeness cloaked as humorous asides and backhanded compliments coming from Chris McCaleb to the ladies he interviewed on The Brain Trust episode?
  • Timbucktommy
    Love it
    Love the show and the podcast As an avid fan of the show and podcast listener, I have just one tiny little suggestion I think you can add some interest value for the common plebe like me who is not schooled in the art of modern tv production if you would incorporate regular references to actual scenes in episodes so that I can have a better frame of reference Otherwise, the podcast takes on the flavor of a technical manual that I cannot connect to. Eg With the special effects director When he talks about the technical difficulty of a rain scene, don’t just reference the episode number, describe the scene in some detail With a little tweaking, I think you can make a better connection to the average listener Thanks for listening Tom in Berkeley
  • Loofton
    Not feeling the later seasons
    All of the Breaking Bad and Seasons 1-3 of Saul insider podcasts have been great. Kelly Dixon is a wonderful host and asks the right questions. She is sorely missed starting with season 4. Chris Mccaleb’s sense of humor is definitely not for me. Not a great host. The Mike Bearmantraut bit is a clever and humorous way to add information in later that somebody can’t remember during recording. But now he is a character on the show? That must be one of McCalebs ideas.
  • Pshms7767999
    Number one Kelly Fan
    Absolutely love the podcast, love Kelly and the gang so much but especially Kelly.
  • PeterFries
    The Gold Standard of Official Podcasts
    Like its predecessor the Breaking Bad official podcast, this look behind the scenes is an incredibly classy, well-produced love letter to obsessive fans. So grateful that the entire creative team of this series was so giving of their time and effort to share this kind of insight into every aspect of TV production: from writing to acting to show running to editing to cinematography to prop and set construction. It’s hard to imagine a more thorough and thoughtful deep dive into the nuts and bolts of serialized television.
  • CB BCS fan
    All of the episodes
    I’ve been watching starting back in season 1 and listening to the podcasts and I’m really tired of Kelly Dixon making it all about her and her questions etc. Reviews criticize this podcast for too much technical discussion but understand that’s the point of “insider”. They do talk some about the episodes but that’s not the emphasis. I really enjoy learning about how this show is made and the responsibilities of the various people if only Kelly could find something else to do.
  • Bebe551
    Could Be Improved
    I very much enjoy the show when they actually include their guest in the conversation. I mean how many episodes do we need them blowing smoke regarding the quality of the editing, sound etc. when you have a guest whose much beloved character has just been killed off. I mean Patrick Fabian barely got any speaking time, it wasn’t quite as bad with Michael Mando but they both almost had to push their way into the conversation.
  • balldongler
    Amazing insight
  • MattyM32
    More Plot Insights, Please!
    I love the show, actors and series producers but…. On this podcast, less pontification about your craft and mutual admiration society dribble, and more insights on plot and character, please, respectful:)
  • Lesebe
    Enough about you...
    Nauseatingly self-congratulatory! Most of the conversation revolves around ”industry” relationships and name dropping. Sadly very little discussion about the story and characters of BCS. There are several other podcasts that are more interesting for common BCS fans interested in episode insight.
  • ksmrmvidls,rmfmrmeks
    Hit it out of the park? Really?
    I enjoy the content, but find the continuous self congratulating to be off putting. Is there anyone on the crew or cast who doesn’t hit it out of the park, or are they all really wonderful all the time?
  • Lady Bookathalon
    G.O.A.T. Writing Room Conversations
    LOVE this podcast specifically because of the talent of the folks committed to a weekly podcast to discuss each episode through a process perspective about the writing, editing, directing and character development. One of the greatest tv shows is brought to life by a dedicated team of talented and enthusiastic creative people and that is just so cool that they share their conversations. So cool.
  • celluloid love
    Better Call Saul!
    Love this podcast and all its insightfulness behind the scenes. I will be so sad when it comes to an end, but thank you so much for continuing through the end of the show!
  • Neel-i
    The best information for a great show!
    This podcast is absolutely great, the production is superb and the information that the creators of the show provide is incredibly insightful and shows a sense of how much effort and thought goes into producing this show.
  • Doppelganger304
    Show creators discussing the show they create!!!
    Excellent podcast for any fan of Better Call Saul. Really awesome getting to hear some of the behind the scenes moments that create the show from the actors, writers, directors and even the editors.
  • Bernkraf
    Almost a 5
    Love the podcast in general. I love the heck out of the discussion of the previous episode and what went down, especially nuances to the story, motivations, and the like. Always gives me better insight to that episode and the series in general. And I also really enjoy the chat about the mechanics of producing the show……. Cinematography…. Locations….. set design and construction efforts…. All that. Ask my wife how much of those details I’ve shared with her. My only quibble is the occasional time when the discussion of the production work overwhelms the discussion to the detriment of talk about the story itself. Case in point…. As this season was about to start, I went back to the final podcast from the previous season to refresh myself about where we were in the story. But that last podcast from last season was ALL technical talk. Maybe this season’s first podcast could have been even just a half hour refresher for us. I went to watch the end of last season on demand but that I would have had to buy the episode. Despite that but of a rant do keep up the good work.
  • JPsMommie
    The Final Word on Better Call Saul!
    Edited to add: I love this podcast because of all of the behind the scenes stories that come directly from the filmmakers. The problem is, the Season 6/Episode 1 & 2 premiere was two and a half hours long, and I think the podcast maybe covered the first 45 minutes. I don’t know how you fix this other than doing a 3 hour podcast. It’s a dilemma! The host is an editor, maybe they can figure it out. ;) What can I say? Kelley Dixon, Vince Gilligan, Peter Gould, Michelle Maclaren and Bob Odenkirk hosted the first two episodes of this podcast and even more great guests will be coming. No speculation or fan fiction, this is the place to go for a true insider’s view of this fantastic new show. I appreciate the behind the scenes information from both my fan perspective and from my perspective as a person who’s fascinated with film and TV production. You’ll hear on the set anecdotes, POV of the directors, actors and other creatives. I was a fan of the Breaking Bad Insider Podcast and am SO excited that they’re doing it again for this new series!
  • wazer541
    My life is over!
    I honestly don’t know how I will be able to go on when this show (and podcast) ends! Listening to the podcast has so deepened my appreciation of BCS, and helped me to understand what exactly goes into making such an outstanding piece of work. I worked in film and TV production in the 80s and 90s. Listening to the love and care and inspiration that has gone into every episode of BCS makes me miss it all so deeply! Thank you all for lovingly and generously creating and bringing such a joy to life, and for sharing it with us all. Extraordinary!
  • Packgoat
    Insights (and frustration)
    These podcasts reveal the genius of this incredible show. I always have to rewatch each episode to fully appreciate the revealed techniques. Small frustration: even tho this show has incredible women as writers, directors, actors—I’m amazed how much the men in the podcast interrupt and talk over the women. Chris…do you listen to your own podcast??
  • bonyihk
    Great content
    The podcast doesn’t really go through each episode scene by scene but that’s okay. It’s amazing to hear these writing genius thoughts on the show and in life in general. I could listen to Vince all day. Can’t wait for season 6 podcast episodes. I hope Vince will be in them. Keep them coming even beyond the show.
  • DevNaps
    Fully obsessed
    I love this podcast. Makes a BCS rewatch twice as rich. I love this show and I love this podcast 🤘🏼
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