Hello From The Magic Tavern

Comedy #104Improv #6

Arnie Niekamp fell through a dimensional portal behind a Burger King into the fantastical land of Foon. He's still getting a slight wifi signal, so he uploads a weekly podcast from the tavern the Vermilion Minotaur where he interviews wizards, monsters and adventurers. It's a major discovery!

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  • Jaybob330
    The best podcast I have ever listened to period. Fantastic comedic premise and delivery and all around a good time. Would highly recommend to anyone who likes to laugh.
  • ViolentColors
    Caan he do it!?
    I listened for a while then stopped. I picked it up again in season 3 and with the way they build the world and are dedicated to it, I fell right. And it's a lovely little rabbit hole to get sucked into. I'm now binging them again and I never tire of the content. I really love these characters and their stories. Also Arnie in a chainmail singlet can not be removed from my head.
  • Aria gagnon
    Genshin related
    I heard genshin impact was a new an improved magical game with divine powers. And it actually is true! And I got it 11 weeks ago, it’s suppppppper fun. And this is a really good podcast. So I thought, maybe you guys could make a genshin related podcast and it relates to this (pls name one yourselves taco againnn) :) :/ :( -_-
  • Mofo830
    Can’t stop laughing.
    One of my all time favorite podcast, makes you feel like your at that vary table with them. From the three great hosts, amazing guest, funny side characters, and last but not least the true ambience of the whole show, truly makes you feel your there in foon!
  • JustSayN4RF
    Top source for information on all things Foon
    …and absolutely nothing else. The best part of this podcast is when the folks on it are enjoying being together. It’s fun to listen too, and is a great way to unwind.
  • 🤍🧲JohnnyHORSE🧲🤍
    it’s good but gets old
    it’s good but gets old
  • Xsovereigntyx
    My favorite podcast of all time!
    I’ve fallen in love with every character in this show. All the spin-offs are great. The girls night shows are perfect. Flower, Momo and Gianessa are hilarious. The Jethro Tull episode is absolute genius. The psych ward episode was surreal and perfect. Of course Arnie, Chunt and Usidore are just the best improv comedians ever!
  • SageOfLegend
    Top-Notch Fantasy Improv!
    It's charming! It's funny! It's got lots of improvisational worldbuilding! If that kind of thing sounds entertaining to you, can't ask for better than these three funnyboys! I'd recommend listening to at LEAST 20 episodes or so, just for the experience of this very unique thing they've created. And if you enjoy that you'll love the rest too! The lore and the story go deep, somehow, despite centering around a guy sitting at a table interviewing silly fantasy creatures for the first 100 episodes. Or was it 200? Anyway spoilers: they DO leave the tavern eventually and that's fun too. Give it a listen! Do it!
  • andersonranchllc
    Love the podcast.
    Always entertaining, always funny, and they even threw out a yackety-yack…which I appreciated.
  • Meeoh-original
    hilarious & lovable
    it’s a hard podcast to recommend via premise alone but man - when you get into it, you get INTO it. i’m on my fourth relisten and it gets better every time (it’s also the only way i can cope during this hiatus before season 4). thanks to the entire hftmt crew!
  • Jayne "Sunny" Bauman
    Season 1…Episode 3 “FLOWER” will always be my favorite 🥀
  • Wolfy McWolferson
    The after credit scene in the season 3 finally made me cry. Y’all really frakkin nailed it. Thanks for the great listen :)
  • Smirk Snirggler
    Fun times with foul fellows
    I thought this show was about magicians… boy was I wrong… mostly. Very funny show - I love it.
  • Mastadon85
    Real Magic!!!
    Hello From The Magic Tavern is the podcast I never knew I needed. Not only does it satisfy my D&D craving in between sessions, it also helped me grow a second butthole!
  • Chrsiti M
    I peed my pants I laughed so hard….. probably should do some keigles 😂
    How the duck do you guys keep talking I blurt out laughing so much I can’t even. I am finishing up the first season and I am so glad I found y’all. Keep up the dumb work, it makes my work life so much more fun. And I clean for a living so there’s that 🤣
  • Harry736394
    Do yourself a favor!
    I randomly tapped on this podcast one day. Little did I know it would give me years of laughs and smiles. This podcast is such a happy thing in my life, and I hope it can be the same for you. Do yourself a favor and give it a listen!
  • AbbyW2345
    So much fun!
    You guys are all “sofa king cool”.
  • grhdjcn
    Pretty great
    Love it
  • Ellie Armando
    The best
    This is the best podcast I’ve ever listen to I’ve been here the whole time since episode one when I first discovered it I really really love it and it is a great podcast don’t ever stop making episodes
  • Micr0chasm
    My favorite podcast
    Just a wonderful, joyous, funny show.
  • Sheny2477
    Top Tier
    My ex introduced me to this podcast back in 2016 and I’ve been listening ever since. At least something good came out of that relationship I guess.
  • Damned Spot
    Hilarious fun
    Get wet
  • Quitters Prosper
    Should this review err be read…
    Just know that you’ll ask yourself why you can’t stop listening. You might even go back to explore Improvised Star Trek to hear the less “polished” versions of these three boon companions. But should you happen to listen to this first, beware, listening to IST will leave you wondering why Usidore is doing a Stephen Colbert voice…
  • Emma M A
    Absolutely amazing
    This podcast has been my favorite for5ish years, started listening at episode 100 and have re listened to 2X it’s always my favorite to put on ,
    Man, I just really love Hello from the Massive Cavern. Wait…what is this? Oh well, 5 stars.
  • KarolinaBeh
    If you have a sense of humor, listen to this!
    Came upon this podcast just a few days ago, started with the very first episode and haven’t been able to put it down since! Please don’t ever stop making more episodes!
  • Parakozm
    Everything I’ve ever wanted in a podcast
    Fantasy & improv with fantastic guests!
  • Kenny Winfield
    oddly satisfying
    a consistent fave
  • jabba42069
    This is my favorite thing ever created. I’ve been along for the whole ride. I love it when anyone breaks, I laugh uncontrollably. Thanks for some light in these dark times.
  • undeaddemon99
    Fav podcast🤩
  • YDOINeedANickName12345
    Laugh-out-loud hilarious
    Also, this gives me great ideas for D&D characters!
  • Cfrye2011
    Hilarious and comforting
    This podcast cracks me up, distracts me when I’m feeling down, sometimes helps me fall asleep, and ultimately makes me feel comforted by these 3 crazy characters. Love escaping by following their adventures through Foon... Thanks for being a comfort through covid. Can’t wait to see them live one day ❤️
  • Tim Wasters
    the best podcast
    I’m telling you, this is really good, because it is original, in that it is a medieval adventure-themed show; and, it is funny, in that it makes you laugh out loud. Sure to be a hit with medievalists.
  • Bolacha Maria
    Non-stop laughter
    I want to thank ALL OF YOU for rekindling my love for podcasts. If you need a good laugh with a bit of magic and sassy wizardry, LISTEN TO THIS. I'll probably get in trouble for laughing too loud at work, but it'll be worth it. 🤣
  • Just saying25
    Thank you so much and I love this podcast
    As of recently, I can’t fall asleep without a podcast or some sort of noise/audio. So this podcast has been really helpful. The episodes are usually around 45 minutes or longer which is how long it takes me to fall asleep most nights. Without any noise I don’t sleep well or at all, so I just want to thank all of you that make this podcast. It’s be a godsend.
  • Rach @TNF
    Chunt’s up with that?
    Best podcast ever! This is my favorite podcast of all time. So funny and immersive. I’m just starting season 3 after having started on episode 1 about three months and some change ago, after falling through a dimensional portal behind a Burger King in San Francisco. Totally bingeworthy, start at the beginning (the first few episodes are a bit rough, but it gets so great!). I love all the characters, but Flower, Usidore, the Baron and Chunt are my favorites. If you like fantasy check this one out!
  • Morgan DM
    Oh my God
    I like listening to a podcast to help me wind down and remembered my cousin had recommended this to me. So I listened to the first seconds of the first episode and was hooked. The way the cohosts act, Chunt often has me cracking up at 11 at night. The guests are always so interesting and funny. The perfect way to get away from your life. I’m not looking forward to having to wait for episodes! Thank you so much for the podcast.
  • GSV-2525
    Wacky and Fun
    One of my favorite podcasts, great premise, lovable characters, interesting guests. A little too ‘boys club’ — my wife gave it thumbs down for that reason. Needs a female regular in addition to Badger and Wiz.
  • IamCowgirly
    Makes me want to commute
    The worst part about Covid is not driving to work with Arnie, Chunt and Usador. This podcast isn’t clean (don’t listen with kids unless you’re ready to explain all the things) but it’s so funny, and the characters are so likable. The best part is the improv approach- listening to them is so much fun. These guys are genius, the guests are terrific, and it never gets old. This is like the best old season of SNL only better- no celebrity stupidity and no pandering to political figures. Just funny stuff. Listen to this podcast, get away from it all.
  • wha!rnt
    what’s next???
    after almost a year... i’ve been dreading & looking forward to this day. i am listening to the most recent episode. i have been re-listening with my lady and it’s just as funny (it’s funni(er)) this podcast has by far been my favorite part of this pandemic. thank you HftMT cast & crew. can’t wait to see you live someday.
  • e91890
    uh Chunt please
    This podcast is by far my favorite and I love it. Great storytelling great people
  • putnicknamehere21
    This Review is Long Overdue
    Started listening to this podcast at the start of the pandemic (literally HFMT is the only reason I can go on daily walks) and wanted to wait to catch up for some reason before posting about how hilarious it is. It’s literally all the best qualities of improv with a cool running plot about defeating the Dark Lord. Each of the 3 cohosts are sooo funny in different ways and the multiple world-building is fire. Favorite running joke: can the wizard? Favorite plotline: the evil mirror world Keep up the awesome work and I’m sad I only get to listen to this once a week now.
  • pineappleslime222
    I’m like 6 years late, but I happen to be looking for something to fall asleep to, and stumbled upon this gem. You don’t know how many times I WHEEZED out loud. I mostly use it to fall asleep because of its feel-good nature, but if im bored, this is the first place I come to for entertainment. Keep up the good work!
  • mikevuitton
    I’d like a drink at this Tavern...
    I wanted something different that was a serial and had an element of fiction and funny. And boy did I find it! I really enjoy the concept and banter. Keep it up guys!
  • m3654789
    Favorite podcast
    This is my favorite podcast by far. Also, I would like to marry Usidore. He is amazing.
  • Staucia21
    I’m obsessed!!
    I stumbled upon this podcast. And so glad I did!! Love this podcast. If you plan to listen to this at work good luck trying to control your laugh 😂
  • billygiat12
    Legendairy (Dairy---?)
    Just wanted to let you all know that you guys are amazing and I truly enjoy listening in! I work at a boring data job in which I get to listen to the podcast all day! Plus listening to you guys each day helps me cheer up, especially being a single father who recently went through a divorce. Keep up the good work and happiest adventures to you all!
  • jrpav
    Surprisingly endearing
    It’s crude and silly, but I’ve come to love this show! I laugh out loud more at this show than almost anything I see in television and movies. You guys are hilarious and talented, keep up the good work!
  • Timothy#1
    The best podcast ever lover the actors love the characters and I love the humor like I said the best podcast I have ever listened two I recommend it to everyone I meet and I hope I get to see y’all live in person one day
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