Ten Junk Miles

Running #9

A lighthearted conversation by runners about their lives as runners and the issues that are interesting or important to them and guests of the show. TJM is meant to be a companion to you as you run. Think of us as your running partners on days when you just need some friends to get you out on an easy run. The show is composed of 10 segments, one for each mile, and every 10 minutes or so we move on to the next topic, to keep things interesting. Among the hosts' experience are ten 100-mile finishes, dozens of half and full marathons, plenty of 50-milers, and some speedy 5ks and a BQ (and a handful of DNFs).Your host, Scotty Kummer is an attorney, doberman owner and quite possibly the most painstakingly average runner known to man. Scott has stumbled through numerous plus 4 and 5 hour marathons. He's DNF'ed the 150 mile, 100 mile, 50 mile and marathon distance. Okay, and he is a member of the Order of the Hrimthurs for having completed the Arrowhead 135, the Tuscobia 160 and the Actif Epica 120K in the same calendar year (more people have walked on the moon) as well as finshed 50+ ultramarathons including several 100 mile races. He was once kicked out of an ultra runing group due to allegations of cyber-bullying. He has a habit of offending people by accident while trying to help them. He is a co-founder of the Flatlander Ultrarunners in Chicagoland which has rapidly grown to over 2000 members. He came up with the idea for Ten Junk Miles after becoming frustrated with hearing interview after interview of Scott Jurek and deciding that runners needed more: more discussions of bathroom breaks that went wrong, pacer stories from hell, DNF reports, stories of getting lost on the trail and other related matters.More at http://www.tenjunkmiles.com

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Recent Reviews
  • Deby_runs_slow
    Organzied chaos - the best kind
    After a year I've finished all of the gang shows and I have to say this is the best podcast out there! It's one part running, one part comedy, and several parts alcohol induced mayhem. This podcast truely accomplished what it set out to do - give you friends to run with. The long runs are very relatable tackling issues ranging from running to weight loss, addiction, harrasment, and more. Bottom line you feel like you are part of a family - sometimes a dysfunctional family, but family none the less. Thanks for all of the encouragment and laughs - I look forward to every episode!
  • #BeatKummer
    Roach to the coach
    Scottie has a true gift of gab. No dead air here. Even after being retired from running I find myself coming back to ten junk miles for my fix. Keep up the good work guys. Rock
  • _Toots_Magoots_
    This is Toots Magoots
    After what? 6 years of listening I finally stole my friend’s iPhone just to leave a review. That’s how important this is to say how much I love this podcast, these people, and this community. It’s unlike any other group I’ve seen, in the best way. Get hooked, then go on a lot of long runs and listen from the beginning. Trust me, it’s a fun timeline to follow - from kryptonite dildos to rooster noodle soup! I love these people, and being a trucker that rarely has people to run with... these are my running friends. Thanks for all you do! Please never stop! And Run Rabbit Run!
  • Whamer---
    Running Companion
    I really enjoy “almost” all of your shows. At times the Gang Show can get a little out of hand and can make me feel like I’m back in the lunchroom in middle school. But all in all I like having you in my ear on my runs. Thanks!
  • Mustang Snail
    New listener
    Thanks guys, this podcast helps me with my long runs around Mt. Athos Copernicus
  • TJM Junkie
    Love Me Some TJM
    This podcast keeps me moving during my runs! Not sure if this is compliment or not, but listening to the crew made me realize that I am completely capable of running longer distances than I ever thought imaginable! Thank you for the motivation, the laughs, and all of the good information. Somehow, the TJM crew has become a part of my running life and I am thankful! Keep up the good work!
  • runallthemilespetallthedogs
    Staying Sane(ish)
    I was never one to have earbuds in during a run but a friend convinced me to tune in during the very long runs leading up to my first 100 miler. I was laughing out loud in the forest and have continued to tune in throughout the pandemic enjoying the down to earth interviews and sense of community Scott fosters. Good stuff.
  • Phillaf65
    Wash cloth etiquette
    Getting caught up on past episodes. Thumbs up for washcloth etiquette.
  • bkristo
    Love this show
    Best ultra podcast out there! If only Holly would come out of her shell, it would be perfect. If GU starts to produce Prosecco flavored gels, it will be due to these guys. Keep it up.
  • david j 1991
    Fun and Irreverent!
    A running buddy pointed me to TJM and I immediately enjoyed the various interviews, gang shows, and more! LISTEN to this PODCAST you WILL enjoy!
  • Matilda R.
    I love my husband and I love animals!
    I don’t listen to the podcast because I am not a runner. But my husband listens to the podcast religiously and he runs even more. He talks my ear off on how great and funny this podcast is. He said if I gave it five stars and wrote a review that he would give me a brown chicken and a brown cow (whatever that means). Keep up the great work!
  • Ruinyc
    Best ultra running podcast in the biz
    This podcast leads all ultra running podcasts by about ten junk miles. Entertaining, informative and funny. The long run format(one on one interviews that Scott does) are terrific. He’s really a fantastic interviewer. He gets into the why very well. The “gang shows” are maybe not for the easily offended. If you’ve ever seriously used the term “I find that offensive”, prolly not for you. If you fundamentally get the offense is taken, not given, then you’ll love the gang shows. They are funny, light, irreverent and help pass the miles or hours are work.
  • Dopey752457834
    No longer alone on solo runs
    Thanks to TJM I never get bored during long runs. If you’re looking for a real technical running podcast, this ain’t it. Enjoy the gripes, triumphs, and funny stories of incredibly interesting people. Was fortunate to find TJM pre-Coronas, and haven’t missed a Long Run or Gang Show since. Scotty and Holly are my favorites.
  • EO84
    LOL on the trails
    This podcast is a constant companion for me on solo runs. After not-so-long runs I usually continue to listen at home, which has led to a very sad realization today: I’m all caught up on old episodes! No!! What will I do if/when races are scheduled and I spend extra time training - run with real life people?! Yikes. Please keep the lengthy podcasts coming. I appreciate all that you do. MORE 👏 MERCH 👏 PLEASE 👏
  • clw2112
    Great Running Podcast
    Have been listening for over a year and finally getting around to leaving a review. This is a great ultra running podcast. The gang shows are the best but Scott always does a great job interviewing ultra runners on his Long Run episodes.
  • FartlekLyfe
    A running podcast about life
    This podcast has helped me take the monotony out of long/easy runs. It features a lot of my running heroes and mammoths in the ultra community, but the discussions are not all about running. It’s just interesting discussions with interesting people that happen to be runners. It’s a great companion on a long run and makes it feel like I’m sitting in a coffee shop shooting the breeze with a seriously interesting person. It’s completely different than any other running podcast you’ll listen to, so definitely worth your time.
  • SammyBD
    It’s “trash can” not “trash cannot”
    I’m a bottom of the barrel runner with an even lower cruder/vulgar sense of humor and these guys make me blush. I love it. RIDE THE LIGHTENING!
  • Nutellarunner
    best podcast
    The gang is great and always good for a laugh while I'm trudging along in my training
  • angrenee6
    Highly recommend
    For me, TJM podcast is exactly as Scott often describes it: my running buddies that get me through a long run when I have no one to run with. I often find myself alone laughing out loud in the middle of the woods when listening to a gang show or thinking “wow, me too” when listening to someone’s story. The shows are entertaining and I learn a lot about ultra running.
  • legendary78
    Good podcast
    Listen a few years ago to some but couldn’t get past the vulgar language so I stopped listening. Tried it a few weeks ago and discovered/found the long run segments and have really enjoyed them. Thanks Met and ran a little with you at St Pats Curt Chambers
  • FunBlindBoy
    Best show to run to
    This podcast has gotten me through so many difficult long runs that I can’t even count them I’m so thankful for this podcast and I look forward to every show each week
  • Alq50k
    I can count on this pod for my runs
    I run such crazy (slow AF) distances that finding friends to run with has been hard. I was listening to music but that didn’t cut it for me and needed something else. At the recommendation of a facebook group TJM kept getting props. In August while on a trip to OH, I decided to give TJM a try. I’m so glad I did! The Long Run, Gang Shows and Meet The Nation episodes give me the company and laughs I truly need to keep me going especially when my mind wants to quit. Thanks gang for making my long runs bearable.
  • IronMatt B
    Entertaining and Authentic
    TO THE MAX. Really funny group of people who can keep you entertained for hours on the Gang shows. The Long Run shows are fun and informative with some really really interesting stories and people on those. Scotty doesn’t just interview the same people that the other podcasts interview - he finds some real hidden gems. Highly recommend TJM, both the podcast and the awesome culture they’ve created among their community.
  • PA Johnny D
    “Running” podcast.
    Great stuff and a welcome distraction. Often laugh out loud while running.
  • Leemarbogast
    They are my friends and they don’t even know it
    Love this podcast, listen to it for a few episodes. They will feel like family to you. Great format. Great neutral outlook on various subjects. Go run Ten miles with them!!
  • Chris the Lizard
    Laugh Cry Love
    One of the most diverse podcasts out there for runners and running fans. The positive energy this show puts out has pulled me through many long runs!
  • Elissatasha
    My favorite podcast
    Love the show. It’s my favorite podcast. I save up episodes fir my long runs and it’s just like taking all of my friends with me. I enjoy the gang shows and the long runs. The newer Meet the Nation episodes have been a real hoot because listeners get short interviews so that we can all get to know each other better. It’s not just a runner’s podcast, it’s a lifestyle!
  • lonelyinSD
    My favorite podcast!
    5/5 recommend.
  • rararuns
    The BEST
    I’ve been listening for just over a year and don’t know how I survived before TJM! The whole group of crazy cats are great to take with me on the road and trail, for short runs and long ones. I don’t run as far as everyone else but I really enjoy hearing everyone’s stories. From the neighborhood runner to elites, TJM has them all. Thank you Scott and the gang. 😄
  • Silky003
    Great listen
    I love this podcast. From listening in my car to helping me through the weekend long runs, this is the best!
  • stphsmth
    Love TJM!
    Funny, serious, and sometimes-but-not-always running-related. This is my favorite running podcast, and I listen to nearly all of them. Thanks TJM!
  • Silly Sally S
    All I want for Christmas is a review
    Here you go, I wrote a review! Merry Christmas! BTW- Great podcast! Always fun to look like the crazy lady laughing by myself while I wonder around my hood.
  • vacation-on
    Long run 121
    If you’re curious about what makes Scotty tick outside running, this is the episode for you. I could definitely feel the excitement from over here. Love TJM!
  • runfarrunner
    Fun and varied topics - sometimes running, sometimes not!
    Thanks for keeping me company during my workouts, runs, and travels! Was fascintated by the Long Run conversation with Michael Ortiz and the Game of Hundros (who knew this was a thing!) - listened to the entire podcast in two sessions. Also Gang Show with Eddie P. and Holly was entertaining and made my workout fly by! Highly recommend TJM Podcasts!
  • suxtorun
    Douche-baggy enough to be great!! ;)
    Have been listening for years...so why did it take me so long to write a five start review for the most amazing podcast ever? Because i hate technology and I never knew how to leave a review (plus, the constant badgering of the hosts to leave a review finally wore on me!!) On a serious note, the podcast is incredible. It’s filled with light hearted humor, actual facts, stories and never ending banter between the regular hosts and guests. While I do what is frowned upon and never listen to the podcast while running, my hour plus long commute is more enjoyable when I get to listen to the TJM crew. I have very few local friends to run with...and you guys are the friends I never knew I needed, but always wanted to have!! Thanks for creating epic content, having an always revolving door of great guests, and putting in a ton of effort into producing an entertaining show. Keep up the good work!!
  • K Rotten
    Great convo flow and fun energy
    20 years of marathoning with music - just started listening to podcasts. Long Run 120 Michael Ortiz took me through rainy Boston weather while completing San Francisco virtual marathon yesterday. Loved it - especially the doubt that anyone would listen THAT LONG!
  • Sodak14
    Don't waste your time on another podcast...
    at least not a trail running one. The hosts crack me up and keep me going on my long runs.. I can't help but laugh out loud. The gang show podcast are my favorites. These are my running friends for sure! Hoosier Daddy
  • billykeyc
    The Goldilocks’ porridge of runner’s podcasts, just right!
    The concept is ridiculously simple but that’s what makes it both brilliant and unique. If you like running with a group, this podcast is made for your solo runs. You know that banter you have on a group run or drinking beverages after the run? It’s just like that! 😁 The podcast is definitely centered around runners not around running. “Are you getting beer?“ Please grab me another! 🍻
    Stumbled upon this show and LOVE it!!
    Thank you for the running companionship. You have helped me increase my mileage as I ONLY listen while I’m running so I can’t wait to hit the road to hear more. I live in Wisconsin so love the references to places/races I’m familiar with. Keep up the great work and I’ll see you on the trail!
  • beardedplantdad
    Love the show!!
    No runner friends listen to this podcast and you will love this delinquent bunch.
  • TexasBuckeyeRunner
    Love the show!
    Just discovered this podcast and am so glad I did! The long format is a perfect companion for long runs - Scott is a great interviewer and am really enjoying getting into both current and past shows. Thank you!
  • Joji1020
    I love listening to Ten Junk Miles💕
    I found this podcast earlier this year and absolutely enjoy it! I am the only one of my close friends and family who runs, so having TJM is a fabulous! I live in IL and it’s very cool to hear all the references. While I’m not a great runner, I am now motivated to try an ultra in the future. I’ve never heard of these until I listened to TJM. Thank you for interesting and motivating content!!
  • run106783
    Almost as good as my path project shorts
    Figured it was about time I got my ass to give a review. Started (and still currently) listening on Spotify when the first episodes were still available. Sad that Spotify listeners will never hear episode 2. Truly the greatest thing to hit the internet since the invention of the internet. A pretty dumb podcast for runners who don’t like to listening to running related topics. But entertaining as hell. I’m not an ultra marathon runner but hope to be soon and I’ll have this podcast to thank for it. The gang is great, and the long runs are always nice to listen too as well. I will say that the running topics covered are fun to listen to and as a young(ish) person, it’s nice to hear from a more experienced crowd. Also, their sponsors are off the hook. A good podcast whether I’m running, stuck in Bay Area traffic, or just need something to listen to. Good for runners or anyone who just likes a good time.
  • twoaugustgirls
    Omg LoVE This
    Only rec I have is to not make me laugh so much because I cannot always afford the extra oxygen when running... 😂😂😂😂 Best podcast for runners of all distances!
  • JDavis37
    Your long run conversations are truly remarkable and hear felt. Your gang shows are so perfect that it feels like I’m there in the back of the room. All of your podcasts have kept me so entertained and invested during my runs and long drives. Keep up the great work.
  • stevenFearTheTurtle
    Funny stuff
    Great podcast for anyone that wants to laugh, learn and hear all different forms of shenanigans. Oh and they do talk about running. Just recently started listening to the show and I can’t get enough.
  • brianne-leigh
    A must-listen-to podcast for runners.
    Best running "gear". Do not recommend running without.
  • trat13
    An instant favorite!
    New listener here (2020). Big fan already though. Down to earth real people material, funny, current. Nice to have with you on those long solo runs! Keep up the good work TJM!
  • Rickster7772011
    Perfect companion for running or whatever
    Just started listening this year (2020). Great interviews, funny, a little irreverent, but extremely interesting, informative, and entertaining! Leans toward ultra running, but conventional runners will benefit as well. Such a great combination of personalities, kinda like a Seinfeld for running! I've only gotten through about 10 of the early episodes so far, but have never been disappointed.
  • micky mouce cecil
    Great podcast for everyone
    I got into ultra running about 5 years ago. And met some new amazing new friends. The.i Broke my leg in a now running accident and lost all motivation. This spring I found ten junk miles podcast and has been the inspiration I needed to get back to running. These guys are so funny and entertaining that the miles fly by. I have shared this podcast even to my non running friends. It’s truly a great podcast for everyone I give them a 5 stars because they have made me a better me. Keep up the good work Scott and the crew. Micky mouse cecil
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