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Welcome to the Real English Conversations podcast, your ultimate destination for immersive English learning! If you're eager to elevate your English proficiency beyond the basics, you've landed in the perfect spot.

Our mission is to empower you to master listening, speaking, and comprehending English in real-world scenarios, regardless of your location.

From casual discussions to professional dialogues, we cover a wide spectrum of topics, ensuring you're prepared for any context.

Learning with us is not only effective but also enjoyable! Our episodes are packed with engaging content designed to captivate your interest while enhancing your English skills.

Whether you're pursuing personal growth or aiming to excel in your career, we've got your back. Our podcast is custom-tailored to support your goals and boost your confidence in English communication.

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  • Palstine ✌️♥️
    Good job
    You’re guys focusing on intelligence topics. Thank you, keep going
  • Shakib mohammadi
    Good thanks l am shakib form afghanstan i like speaking english
    Good thanks l am shakib form afghanstan i like speaking english
  • DarwinVenezuela
    Thanks for your English podcast
    Hi, I’m Darwin Zerpa from Venezuela . I’ve been living in New Jersey (EEUU) and I discovered your podcast because I wanted to improve my listening skills and you know what? Has been a very good experience specially when I’m working out at the gym. Yes !! It’s a good way for me to focus on my daily routine and at the same time listen your incredible stories ….warming up the first 20 minutes doing cardio. Wonderful right ?! During this days I’ve been learning and practicing with you guys . Thanks for inspiring me to continue doing my job learning this language that I love. Regards Darwin!
  • Feixiao34
    good very cool
  • Acdc 25
    I’m excited to hear this podcast, is amazing for people who wants to learn more english. :)
  • dereje haile hirgeto
    My reaction to the podcast
    I just followed you. You sound awesome! Keep it up.
  • Tajoleao
    Love this helpful and efficient podcast
    My favorite podcast and my favorite teacher 😊😊😊. Thanks for making this kind of podcasts. As a over years of learners,I feel like I get stuck at a certain level,it's difficult to make progress faster as before.People like me are willing to spend time and money and energy to get improved but sometime it's still difficult to find an effective way. I learned a lot since I know you and your channel ahout one week ago,it's super helpful and effective. English as one of my working language too, I feel more confident when communicating with my clients. I love this series. I understand everything they says but when I wanna to speak, my speech is bad i don't know what i should do ,I gonna focus and practice more and more until I make it. Thank you so much for teaching so well and having the opportunity to know you.Love from a Chinese learner in NYC.I hope people in mainland China they can find your channel as well. 来自中国的爱,再次谢谢你们!
  • csriñoso
    Si muy bueno
    Hola cómo vas estás aquí
  • mohammadbnn
    That's good
    it's good podcast.
  • Mxsandy12
    Great help for learning English!
    Adore this show!!!
  • AspireEagle
    What a great PodCast
    I just started listening to you guys and you are doing a great job! Keep this good job!
  • Reza shahdoost
    How can I have the whole text
  • Hi lengths jisjssjs
    New lesson style is awesome!
    I Love the new lesson style!! Thank you for making those lessons. It helps me a lot.
  • marabiquel
    Please!!! Come back
    Excellent podcast! Thank so much to take time to do this and teach how to be more fluently in English. I come from Puerto Rico 🇵🇷and I experienced how powerful the hurricanes could be so it was really interesting the conversation about Mother Earth. I don’t have sometimes chances to practice my English . So I need to reinforce what i know. Thank you so much guys!!!
  • Jhomel (fan of your work)
    I love you guys!
    I really like listening to your podcast! This is kinda like a thank you review 'cause you guys are very good at what you guys are doing! I started listening to you guys because I wanted to improve my English communication skill. But as I listen everyday (I've been listening for a couple of days now 😊) I've become more interested in your stories more than in my actual purpose before I came here. Thumbs to you guys! Hope you make more fun and interesting topics which can continue making my day. Thanks!
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