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Hosted by Andrew Rotondi and Scott Reinen, The Bronx Pinstripes Show is a Yankees podcast focused on the weekly on-field action with a dose of raw fan emotion, media and player interviews, and an in-depth look at analytics. The show is not affiliated or associated with the New York Yankees, Major League Baseball, YES Network, or Barstool Sports.

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  • Fun and stuff
    Don’t miss an episode
    Andrew and scott make the podcast fun & from a fan’s perspective, but also know enough about the team and baseball to make it informative. Great podcast!
  • Danny Garcia94
    Nice work
    I am a DIE HARD White Sox fan. But I also like the Yankees. Great podcast guys keep up the good work.
  • Jay S737
    The Yankee Podcast to listen to
    Listen everyday all season long. Very entertaining and best Yankee coverage from both a fans perspective but also insightful into team and what is happening on the field.
  • Dan K.1234
    Best Yankee Podcast
    If you are a yankee fan, this is your podcast.
  • Shelley Gilbert
    Be professional
    Talk more about baseball. Less barroom silly chatter. You two act like you’re 18. Aren’t you in your 30s? Grow up. I used to like this show, at the beginning, but not so much now. I’m desperate for Yankees podcasts because, shockingly, there are just a couple only-Yankees audio podcasts in NY/NJ area. Maybe you should cut down your podcast to 30 minutes and tighten the conversation to Yankees operations/team analysis and news. Less is more. Shelley Gilbert, Toms River, NJ
  • BullsNYYFan
    Great podcast for all things Yankees
    Scott and Andrew are phenomenal hosts. These guys are always prepared and the discussions on the podcasts are a great listen. This is a must-follow podcast if you are a Yankee fan or looking for the perspective from a Yankee fan as these guys call it as it is. Keep up the good work
  • kradley1
    Great Podcast!!!
    Each week I look forward to listening to Scott & Andrew talk about everything going on in the Yankees universe!! These guys are not only passionate, but also know their stuff. Can’t wait to attend a BP event in the 2020 season and meet the crew!
  • edacos01
    Best baseball podcast out there!
    The BP crew is awesome, love this podcast. Section 205 was rocking for the ALDS games! Thank you guys and keep putting out great content!
  • Rand99
    Could be a great pod cast
    The guys have a lot of good information and insight but they argue like school girls. They always have to disagree with what the other said when they state an opinion. Also posting the post game pod casts completely cocked couldn’t be more annoying to listen too.
  • aramthegoat0213
    This is awesome
  • Deirdre3
    Great Podcast
    This is an amazing podcast. Scott and Andrew are witty and most importantly smart baseball guys that are good to listen to. Would definitely recommend and go Yankees.
  • MikeDeezySays
    Best Podcast for Die-Hard Yankee Fans
    Scott and Andrew do a great job covering the Yankees. You can tell by listening to this podcast, they genuinely have an affinity for the team and cover every aspect you can think of. Keep it up! Go Yankees!
  • dbell22
    Rotondi is annoying and an amateur unfortunately rienen can’t use proper diction and pronouce t’s. Bri-en, Stan-eN are not members of the team. This is truly a basement podcast
  • FiX tHiS iSsUe!
    Enjoy Yankees Baseball? - Subscribe
    One of the most articulate, professional and entertaining podcasts covering everything that is first class about Yankees baseball.
  • 25 IBme
    Make it more professional
  • xrincon29
    Love it!
    They go over everything! I really enjoy listening. Thank you for existing! ⚾️💙🗽
  • dansing725
    One of the Best
    Definitely a must listen for any Yankee fan!
  • Drockster345
    This podcast has become my clear choice for favorite yankees podcast.
  • CO Kris K
    Gets me psyched!
    Been listening to almost every episode twice a week for the last 2+ years. Definitely taking the long way home sometimes to get the whole episode in. Scott and Andrew are like my Yankees fan friends that I wish I had in Colorado (I have a few, they’re just lazy)... There’s a handful of yowai Yankees podcasts out there but these guys keep it real! Still yet to catch a BP Crew event out here (tough with a baby) but hoping to get out soon!
  • sergeant di
    Half of Fame Podcast
    Love the show, long time listener. I love the stats, the updates, hearing Andrew and Scott argue each week. It is hilarious and informative. They have really created an amazing show and community. #bpcrew grew like a wildfire and continues to expand. The BP crew events are amazing and with each year, they improve and we normally get more events each year. Not only known throughout the tri-state area, but known internationally #bpcrewuk Love the work, the fan shop, the articles, the community. Go Yankees!
  • Woodland84
    My Guys
    Heyo, My Kinda Podcast here!! Keep up the great work Fellas..
  • sport_princess24
    Great Yankees Podcast
    I really like listening to this podcast. They know what they are talking about. These two guys can keep my attention and really know how to talk baseball. Love hearing how passionate they are about the New York Yankees!!! Great Podcast!!
  • r0cco27
    Best Yankees Podcast
    The best Yankees podcast out. Two knowledgeable hosts that can seriously talk baseball but also joke around to keep it loose and entertaining. Not many other podcasts hold events for fans to meet up and this shows the dedication.
  • sketchylife
    Yankees fan from Detroit
    Love the show! Started listening last season and haven’t missed an episode since. Scott and Andrew do a great job breaking down everything to do with Yankees baseball and are very entertaining. I also appreciate that they both are more towards the middle of the spectrum of baseball traditionalist vs nerd in the tunnel. Keep doing you, guys. However, as a medical student/soon to be doctor, I throw up in my mouth a little bit whenever Scott starts talking about injuries. Dude doesn’t have a clue what he’s talking about and spews out a whole lot of ignorant speculation about all the yankee injuries. I think there’s a chance he may have caught Toxoplasmosis himself
  • asneekyninja
    Yankee fan from Wisconsin
    I enjoy getting to listen to yall talk interestingly and positively about the Yankees. I don’t get much of that here!
  • Archie Cobblepot
    Don’t Sleep on This Podcast
    You like baseball? You like the Yankees? And you HAVEN’T listened to the Bronx Pinstripes Show? This makes me seriously question our friendship. I can’t even look at you right now. What are you even doing with your life? You need to fix this, and fix it fast, or you’re gonna wind up in a gutter somewhere. 10/10 recommend
  • JacobCollins42
    BP Show
    Consistently good Yankees analysis and witty banter. What more could you want? Great job guys and keep up the good work!
  • Rob Marshall
    Scott & Andrew are Savages
    Best Yankees baseball podcast available.
  • Eric N. S.
    Awesome way to follow this special season!
    In what is a most enjoyable season, the podcast is a great way to follow the Yankees! Eric S.
  • rsarg17
    Where is Andrew?
    Great podcast for any Yankees fan. The real question remains, where is Andrew?
  • TianaQuatt
    Simply the best
    The best yankee podcast there is, hands down.
  • Three Generations Yankees
    BP Show
    As a Yankees fan for over 40 years, the BP podcast is by far my favorite Yankees podcast. The opinions are firm but not overstated, and they provide robust perspectives on trades or managing moves that had seemed confusing.
  • Spanky spank 88
    Andrew and Scott, idk if you guys will ever see this but THANK YOU for helping me get through my work days every Monday and Thursday. You guys are the absolute best !!!!!!!
  • TommyTurk15
    Tampa event
    I recently went to event for this podcast and got to meet Scott. This podcast is doing great work and have recommended it to many as we as George’s box ! I thought it was great we got to do row call in Tampa ! Go Yanks ! Go Bronx pinstripes! You guys Rock
  • kaleb durham
    Yankees fans from Iowa
    The best Yankees podcast. My brother and I, who work together, start every Monday & Thursday with the BP crew. Love it!!!
  • bsnow02
    You like the Yankees? Listen to this podcast.
    I’ve been a Yankees fan for my whole life. Shout out to my grandma for raising me right. I started listening to this show Spring 2018 because I wanted to learn more about the Yankees then just what’s nationally covered. This podcast has done exactly that. Scott and Andrew break it all down in a great podcast. Subscribe!
  • ManVs
    Great Yankees insights
    Scott and Andrew know their stuff. They’re Bronx Bombers through and through. They break down the data and the metrics with real knowledge and insight. Go Yankees!
  • yankeemicah0416
    Being a 12 year old I absolutely love baseball and more importantly the Yankees. Scott and Andrew are not only insightful but enjoyable to listen to. I listen to this podcast when ever I have free time and I love it. Continue what you are doing guys.
  • CourtneyRae27
    This is by far my favorite Yankees podcast! They tell it straight and always give accurate information. I look forward to every podcast! You have a loyal fan from Indiana!
  • Chemical farts
    New Listener
    Been listening for awhile now and if i could i’d give you a 6th star!!!! i always enjoy the show, technical glitches or not (just finished episode #343 - LOL). you guys do a great job and sound like you’re having more fun than a person should ! i recommend this podcast to any Yankees fans i know. Enjoyed the first couple of episodes. Especially the interview with last year’s first round draft pick, Anthony Seigler. Keep up the good work!
  • Yankee Fan in Ohio
    This podcast takes no prisoners
    If you can handle the truth about Yankee baseball, this is the podcast you NEED to at the top of your subscription queue. Andrew and Scott pull no punches dissecting very series and give you the good, bad, and ugly on stars, journeymen, prospects, and suspects. 5 starts doesn’t do it justice; it deserves 27!! Thanks for making a Bronx native living in Ohio feel like he never left.
  • Southie Yankee
    Best Yankees podcast out there
    I listen just for Scott’s injury breakdowns and to hear Andrew nerd it out. The Yankee stuff is just pinstriped icing on the cake
  • Rmwalsh73
    Great Podcast
    These guys know what they are talking about and help me keep up with the Yanks!
  • b27!
    So much fun
    Not even a Yankees fan but Really enjoy the podcast
  • nadame96
    Best Yankee podcast
    Andrew and Scott are a highlight of my Monday and Thursday. Their analysis and commentary is witty, exciting and thoughtful. As a solitary Yankee fan in Texas, they are a breath of fresh air in my world of fake Astros and Rangers fans. Keep up the great work, guys!
  • krispymike
    Love the show
    Worth getting yelled at when listening at work 😎
  • mauricio 24
    Go Yankees
    Awesome job guys. Go Yankees!
  • DelltheDon
    Great Show
    Unbiased, informative, they really look at all angles of yankees baseball.
  • Jdsportsfan
    #1 Yankees Podcast
    These guys do a great job of bringing up to date yankees news and analysis weekly - providing insightful coverage and a good amount of laughs. As a physician, I cannot endorse their medical expertise, but it sure is funny listening to them try and explain the maladies on the long and distinguished IL this year.
  • Mike Hohenstein
    Go Yanks!
    They do a great job!
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