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On this podcast, Stassi Schroeder Clark shares candid stories, personal reflections, and her token commentary on everything from pop culture to relationships to style, and beyond. With each episode, listeners get an intimate glimpse into Stassi's world, with her closest friends, as she navigates the highs and lows of life with humor, wit, and unapologetic honesty. Because when it comes to living life on your own terms, nobody does it quite like Stassi.

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  • Ellabee2
    Uneducated statements on breastfeeding. Of course. *Pretends to be shocked* Racist rebrand podcast.
  • mle3mar3
    Eclipse episode with Taylor
    You have gotta be kidding me. I love this combo and it’s the one hour I return to for Stassi but FOR THE LOVE a five minute AD break is insane. FIVE MINUTES. I am only 15 minutes in. If there are more…ooofda. That 4 star might drop….
  • Allyson259
    A racist piece of trash.
    Not sure why anyone would listen to this racist piece of trash with a super ugly daughter. She is truly disgusting.
  • Kattttt2590
    Too many ads!
    Too many ads!
  • Miranda Z!
    LOVVVE that you have Taylor on once a month! Hey girl Hey!!
  • jb3839
    Great with Taylor Strecker
    I love Stassi’s input, but she isn't as up on what people are talking about as Taylor. She’s a busy mom so I get it but her eps are so much better with someone who knows what people want to listen about. Xoxo
  • iilooovemuusic
    next level scripted
    confused why Stassi couldn’t go on tangents and do streams of consciousness podcasts before? Isn’t she the one who came up with her monthly podcast schedule and put herself in the box of “professional interviewer”? Why does being with DM change anything? Not to mention the reintroduction episode was giving audio book vibes. Sounded like she was reading from a script.
  • JTsue
    Not interesting anymore
    I couldn’t finish the 2 episodes since the rebrand. I’m really hoping it’ll still be an interesting listen. I really enjoyed the pop culture shows and the advice episodes, but I don’t share the same niche interests as Stassi and I just I can’t listen to 45 minutes of period pieces.
  • lolalaloca90
    I’ll never forget your disgusting comments
    I’ll never forget your anti women comments, your racist comments and your comments about Me Too. You’re trash
  • Frida0987
    The new you podcast is amazing !
    My only comment is .. what happened to the heavy breathing ? Catching your breath ? I miss that !
  • Kim c 123
    Day 1 listener
    Starting listening to Stassis pod episode 1 years ago. It has just lost depth. She tries to make everything she says sound so dramatic and interesting. I just miss hearing her talk and have an opinion.
  • Randeescott
    Huge fan
    Keep doing what you’re doing Stas
  • Jodi Hodi
    Love the show!
    It’s great, love the revamp and it’s like hanging out with one of my girlfriends. Stassi isn’t afraid to say what everyone else is thinking! I just wasn’t sure who the third person was chiming in at random points? Not sure if it’s someone from the new company/editing error? Anywho, I will be listening each time it comes out! ✨
  • Betty Broderick
    Literally the same….
    I like this podcast, always have… to me, it’s exactly what it already was. (Minus 3 words in the title, and a new picture of you) You literally didn’t say one thing about yourself that you haven’t already said a thousand times…? Still 5 stars, but…. huh?
  • CLS1404
    Love stassi. Love the rebrand. I feel like she’s grown and our lives are parallel. Love to see it !
  • Kelwic
    On the fence with this new bit
    I’ve been a listener since day 1. My life crises’ paralleled Stassi’s. I will certainly give it more of a chance but I feel like there’s too much holding on to the old lingo, the schtick. It’s 10 years later and lookin for some new stuff, updated lingo and ideas. Stop trying to be so ‘it’ with all the ‘stuff’. I’ll re-review in a few weeks. I will always give the Taylor pods a 5 star. Taylor knows how to do it. Also, typical Dear Media…the number of advertisements makes me want to break my phone. You are not good enough for me to endure that. Also, waaaaaaay to many ummms, likes, OBSESSEDs. Tone it down. You are older now.
  • lamalmadingdong
    I love you
    This is the ONLY podcast I listen too religiously. I love it so much
  • erickfisg
    For the girls
    I love stassi, I think she is honestly such an interesting person as basic as she thinks she is. She is so real and says the things we are all scared to say
  • Tvance33
    Stacci is great
    Thank you for making me laugh and I love the advice plus the Liquid Iv that I am ordering now. She and I have a similar personality and I really get what she is doing, and says what she feels and talks a lot about what she thinks and is very honest with so many interesting topics, although I can not stand swift or beyonce , those I try and don’t listen to but besides those two , I still listen.
  • JordieHy
    🩵Stassi is back!!🩵
    I love your rebranding and I missed your solo podcast I’m happy you are bringing it back! And the shout out to Cowboy Carter is everything 🥲🩵 welcome back Stassi! 🩵🩵
  • Littlemurph10
    Ads ads ads
    Overwhelming amount of ads
  • Tripp Hart
    No one wants to hear Taylor Strecker
    Please for the love of ranch leave Taylor on her own podcast and off of yours! Her voice is literally the most annoying voice known to mankind. How many reviews begging you to stop podcasting with her will it take for you to please listen? We tune in to hear you not your annoying friend. Look how few people even follow her. She’s not funny or interesting and the voice is worse than nails on a chalkboard. Please please please give it a rest. Most of us don’t ever listen to the pods you do with her and you’re losing listeners all because of one person. I’m sure she’s nice and all and obviously obsessed with you but please stop so we can enjoy your pod🙏🙏🙏
  • sidneypo
    Living for this!!!!
  • Coleighgray
    I Don’t Get It
    There is about half a minute of the episode with Kristina where Stassi says like so many times I almost drove my car off a cliff. “And I was like ‘you know what Beau, I feel like you, like, the way like your hair is and like your body type, even though like you don’t work out, like, and your face, everything about you is just, like, so, like classically, like Italian, in like a way that like a gladiator like someone like, you could really like, you could fight a fight for us. Like I could totally see you like on horseback and stuff.’” - Stassi I was actually into her podcast coming back because I think cancel culture is stupid but this podcast is so pointless. Even when I have nothing else to listen to, I try, and I have to shut it off because how many times can one person hear someone say like and not want to explode. Everything is also so built up and dramatic when it’s the most mundane content. I sometimes enjoy the Taylor Strecker pop culture hour but I just don’t know if podcasting is for you. What’s interesting is I enjoy you as a guest on other podcasts and I find you articulate yourself better and leave out the word like so much more when you are a guest. If you read the quote I put above, it gives perspective as to just how infuriating it is at times to listen because of all the likes.
  • Julie B 58
    Just can’t
  • Shay Shay E
    Period piece info re: sanitation
    Joan DeJean’s The Age of Comfort discusses sanitation at Versailles and in France more generally.
  • crap you
    You’re a fun lIsten. For a 5, take it easy on the Fs.
  • peachlias
    She’s back!!!!
    Welcome back queen. So excited for the rebrand!
  • Sharon's Governerd
    Siiiiiigh. The new intro song for Stassi is very underwhelming. I don’t know what it is about Dearmedia and their mid intro music. I LOVED the Straight Up With Stassi intro music, it literally pumped me up and got excited.
  • Nmarie8888
    Stop with the heavy inhales
    It seriously sounds like Stassi is having an asthma attack whenever she explains a story. The heavy inhales are SO annoying and over the top. Outgrowing her immature topics, valley girl mentality and stupid conversations. No one cares about how much you love period pieces. You’re not relatable anymore.
  • feliciaforreal
    Love listening to Stassi and Taylor’s banter. I am excited to listen to Stassi talk about more things she likes talking about like period pieces! I know it’s been awhile since this podcast came back, but I feel so grateful it did!
  • KimMM76
    Love Queen Stassi!
    I’ve always been a huge fan of Stassi’s, and have loved watching her grow as a person! She’s funny, authentic, and just has a fun personality to listen to/watch! Wish she was back on tv in some way that she likes and feels comfortable with! She’s too good for The Valley! Love Stassi! Look forward to her podcast every Wednesday!
  • Qbee1
    The New Stassi!
    I’ve been a subscriber since the beginning. Just wanted to pop in and tell you keep doing whatever makes you happy! And I LOVE the new podcast logo. You’re killing it!
  • Whutyo
    LOVE the rebrand!
    Love it so much! Miss you on tv!
  • Millennial Queen
    Five Stars!!!
    I’m obsessed with the update to your podcast. Keep doing what your doing girl 🤩
  • Pat mary
    Love her!
    She needs her own reality show.
  • livvvvvvb
    New Podcast Photo
    Just writing this to tell you to get a new pic. I hate the new one.
  • kristenlenio
    Nothing more to say!!!! Love love love love!!!
  • sophaddi2
    Kate Middleton fav episode
    This episode was so awesome and amazing with Kate Middleton. Would love to hear more like this.
  • j.kkamp
    I can’t
    Man I have been a Stassi fan from day one. She was one of the only ones to hold the men accountable for their horrible behavior on VPR. I have enjoyed watching her growth through the show and her podcast over the years. I admire and support her decision not to do The Valley as it would not reflect on her true self and inner circle. She really seems to have it together. However, I am done with VPR and how toxic it is. I was once a fan of Lala’s but she is a vile human with a broken moral compass and as she claims she and Stassi are the best of friends it makes me question whether Stassi is who she portrays herself to be. I guess I just need a break from it all.
  • @ArtfulGrower
    I miss Stassi on tv
    Im so happy to see the progress & growth from Stassi. I miss her authentic reactions & mess on my tv. I appreciate she doesn’t try too hard unlike some other podcasts who won’t be named.
  • no_bitch_bible
    The theme song is as chaotic as Taylor Strecker
  • Small town citizen
    Annoyed listener
    I just listened to the Kate Middleton late and Kate herself released about her diagnosis. Girl this episode is cringe!! Now how do you feel about the statements you made with her announcement.
  • Kikilee89
    Long Live Stassi
    Just came here to say the trolls need to LEAVE Taylor alone!!!! I love listening to the banter between you two and you two are seriously friendship goals! It’s authentic and refreshing!
  • AssassinPeach
    Thank you
    Thank you for doing this Kate Middleton episode. I never cared about the royals until you and you break it down flawlessly. Do more!
  • aaaaawal
    taylor is insufferable. do you guys do any research before discussing topics??
  • Witches of Weehoe
    Maybe switch up the content?
    I love Stassi, huge VPR fan but it seems to be the same content and same types of guests being interviewed. A bit repetitive and boring. I loved the old content of the weird, dark, scary side of Stassi. Would love to see more of that content! The Taylor Strecker episodes are the only ones I listen to now.
  • krinklekrinkle
    The breath work
  • MariBris
    OG listener
    I love you and Taylor together. But I also agree that you’ve been mean or seemed bothered by everything. It’s a lot of complaining. Taylor is your yes person she will not disagree with you and I’ve been a long time listener. Even on Jeff Lewis’ podcast you seemed annoyed. I’ll still listen.
  • Shelalatet
    Content good, delivery intense
    I feel like her co-host is yelling at me throughout the entire session. It’s just a lot to take in. I routinely turn off the podcast because I can’t handle the level of intensity of how this chick talks and choose to listen when I’m working out because otherwise I get anxiety.
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