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Lore is a bi-weekly podcast (now also a TV show and book series) about dark historical tales. Each episode explores the mysterious creatures, tragic events, and unusual places that fill the pages of history. Because sometimes the truth is more frightening than fiction.

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  • Sleepy Conscience
    Absolutely Brilliant
    Words can’t do justice how much I love this show.
  • ETC 2958
    Hi Aaron. I’ve been listening for many years and there is always something new and interesting. It never gets boring. Thank you for all your hard work.
  • Lightning121710
    Perfect in Every Way
    Not sure how I’ve missed this for so long, but that just means I have years of episodes to binge! This is so specifically perfect for someone fascinated by history and spooky stuff, and I’ve learned much more than I expected. I have a find a way to work it into my English curriculum. Thanks, Aaron!!!
  • kittycatrae
    Been listening for years, the episode “All The Glitters” is one of the best episodes Aaron has ever done.
  • skicr_z
    Delightfully creepy
    Well told great material
  • tboz222
    Interesting and fun!
    I love to learn new things and this show is exciting as well as informative!
  • j.heritage
    Folklore Forever
    I always crank this podcast way up in the Fall and the weeks leading to Halloween.
  • SandGirl😁
    Wonderful Podcast!
    I love the interesting stories that this podcast shares.
  • DHill569
    Great work!
  • communitynewspodcast
    I really like this show
    Because I love scary stories. But I hate podcasts that are making fun of murders and murder victims. So not cool. When I want comedy, I like serial comedy podcasts that aren’t about murder but are about daily life like “Community News” podcast with Paul and Sasha. Regular, everyday, funny things. Meanwhile, I’m going to look for the Lore TV show. Thanks
  • Cmd1225
    I have been listening to Lore for about 2 months and I love it.
  • Lindzzzzzzy
    Love the stories
    Appreciate and love the storytelling + Mehnke’s voice
  • ClaudiaN23
    Wish I could give more stars
    My absolute favorite podcast. Aaron’s expert narration is just one of the many reasons I love this podcast. It’s playing almost 24/7 at my house, in the car, or in the shower. My husband and I can’t get enough of his chilling tales
  • smrtrthnur
    New content, please.
    Please stop remastering and produce some original content again. It’s been too long.
  • InkyIsis
    Really Cool!
    After discovering and loving Noble Blood, I was delighted to be directed to Lore. This podcast is interesting, doesn’t have the annoying chatty vibe of many history podcasts, and general does a fantastic job telling these historical tales in an interesting, compelling, and relatively unbiased manner. I particularly love all the primary source quotes. The only thing that irked me a bit was the assumption of universality that Aaron seems to make sometimes about time periods and experiences - like the ubiquitousness in present times of inhumation, or blanket statements about women’s lives throughout the European 16th-19th centuries, which I think deserves more careful language and examination. But also the podcast has to sell, so I get that these irksome general statements are partly used for marketability and accessibility. I also appreciate that the ad breaks don’t disrupt the story, as with other historical podcasts, and are tastefully chosen and appropriate in duration.
  • #1_fan_Lore
    These are amamzing origin stoires of folklore from many cultures. I love and look forward to each and every epsiode. You won't regret listening to it.
  • sydzub
    My favorite podcast that inspired me to start my own historical podcast about nautical history, something I have always been passionate about! I love how Aaron mixes creepy and history. Truly a beautiful story.
    It is the best podcast of all time. It’s creepy, fictional, end it teaches you a lot of history. I love it so much I will listen to all of the episodes. You should listen to it.
  • hdhuebusjab
    Love it so much
  • JustYourNeighborhoodFangirl
    Its pretty good!
    Love the remastered episodes!
  • the_official_pistachio
    Opened my eyes to macabre folklore
    I don’t remember how many years ago I started listening to Lore, but it is truly one of my favorite podcasts that I come back to each week with excitement. I get bored with people going on about the news, their friendships, and other mundane things, but this is truly a podcast I think about during the day and get excited to see pop up on my feed. Aaron is a great narrator and finds amazing stories from history to tell. I love the dark edge and that he doesn’t tell you what to believe- only presents the information that was available and what folks at the time believed. Truly a winner, thanks Aaron :) and Hi
  • Swaggyman454
    Love it!
  • Kevinr5
    Love it!
    Bingeing the whole show !
    I’m sad
    I love the podcast, and everything about it, but the newest episode says it is currently unavailable.
  • CrisMeyesxoxo99
    one of my fave shows
    ALL TIME FAVE SHOWS. Loved the Amazon series as well!
  • big brother (aka sef young)
    Love it!
    I listen to Lore every night before I go to bed. I can’t wait to see the Tv show. I have heard so much about it so much! I first got hooked from my teacher, witch I was so surprised about!
  • Not the Last Pragmatist
    Sufficiently Creepy, But Also Charming
    Very well researched.
  • GalateEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!
    I love this podcast because there’s so many interesting things in the world that I don’t really know but I learn each new things when it’s Monday😂
  • Moondog,(The Real One)
    HI !
    Hi !
  • Fknrambo
    You first hit my radar with 13 days of Halloween with that the first season was way better then the second with that I started watching lore on Amazon prime and season one was awesome idk why your not narrating season two or why there’s no explanation of the stories at all but it’s not cool I love everything else you do hope Amazon gets the hint it’s not the same without your voice!!
  • Patriot Girl 1776
    Long-time listener
    Hi! I realized I’ve never just stopped by to say hi. I have loved Lore for years, and I greatly appreciate what I’ve learned. I look forward to each episode. Love Aaron’s voice and the piano is still magical. Please don’t change a thing.
  • JayMan8919
    Amazing podcast
    I just started listening and I can’t stop keep up the amazing work.
  • jeanie out of the lamp
    Soothing voice great story teller
    Hi Aaron , I love to listen to your podcast You use words like a Weber makes their beautiful cloth . I so enjoy your pod casts & Amazon tv show Jeanie ❤️
  • crimecast lover
    Historically misogyny
    I love Lore. But you’re still responsible for the story. When toy discuss murdered families by defining them through the father, it’s historical misogyny. Stop. And be better.
  • Dreary Mae S.
    A dark and dearest friend
    I have been listening to this podcast since it’s first episode and I have loved it ever since. It’s uniqueness, darkness, and historical accuracy is astounding. The narrator perfects the art of story telling by making you feel uneasy, but also comforted. Like listening to a friend. It is the perfect combination of fantasy and fact, and I hope it stays for a long time.
  • Zoogerdee
    One of my faves…
    As much as I love this podcast, I equally feel comforted by Aaron’s voice. As I read through some reviews about his voice, I found it interesting how differently we respond to sounds. As for the podcast content - it’s wonderfully fascinating! I love it and humbly thank you and your team, Aaron!
  • DarkEyedAvenger
    Great pod Aaron, would definitely recommend focusing on objectivity with it though. Everything goes down the crapper as soon as people are more concerned with getting a message across than telling a good story. You have a great gift dude, this is honestly one of the only scripted pods I listen to because the writing and narration is so good, I would really hate for you to lose any of your magic!! Keep up the good work man!! Also, thank you so much for keeping it clean. So many of these type of pods are explicit. I personally don’t want to here that garbage so this is great for me to listen to. It doesn’t go unappreciated! Thank you and have a swell day!
  • MartaB.
    Most interesting.
    A podcast I compare other podcasts to(none compare to its uniqueness). It’s most interesting, highly recommend.
  • Manda3KB
    Lore is Like History, but Better
    As someone who enjoys mythology, lore, folktales and faerie tales, this podcast is excellent. It is the perfect blend of historical context and storytelling. It is also a good length for my daily walk. I used to dread trudging through the heat, but with Lore to look forward to (and a new sun hat), I’m enjoying my outside time to good deal more.
  • Kingon
    Favorite Podcast
    This is a fantastic podcast with excellent story telling and history. I have recommended Lore to many people!
  • KatieBravesFan
    Thank you Aaron
    I’ve enjoyed listening to Lore for a few years now. When I started listening I went back and listened from the beginning. Really enjoying these remastered episodes! Great job Aaron!
  • cclewis1994
    Hi Aaron
    Love all you podcast. Keep up the great work!
  • Tauri Athena
    Everyone Agrees - Lore is Fantastic and Addicting
    As a team leader for my company I have associates ride along in my car from time to time. Of course, everyone has their preferred music styles, others prefer listening to news or sports while driving. Any of these choices often create disagreement and in some cases incite negativity or even hostility among groups. When I have others with me, I pull up a Lore podcast! Aarons voice and storytelling ability draws people in and often we end up with quite interesting discussion as a result of listening. No disagreements over sports teams, politics, objectionable music lyrics…. I’ve even been told by some of my associates that they have become fans after a ride or two in my car. Thank you, Aaron and everyone at Grim and Mild!
  • kevdog1986
  • Blloyd14
    Is it a perfect podcast?
  • A S L D8
    Best podcast ever
  • kaden burgon
    Hi Aaron it’s so good
  • AlyDT
    Favorite podcast!!
    Lore is my absolute favorite podcast. I just finally caught up after recently becoming a listener, and now I anxiously wait for each new episode!!! I highly recommend. Aaron & Chad are a fantastic duo and the way the Aaron weaves these tales, mixed with the beautiful and haunting music by Chad will totally draw you in and keep you coming back. Hi Aaron!!!
  • Crazy guy at the corner store
    Slow burn into oblivion
    Listened to lore since the beginning and the content has become lacking. Seems like the host is too busy on Twitter bashing politics to focus on his livelihood. Hope he wakes up soon, he had something good here.
  • bens 21
    Very good
    Quick but in-depth. Great stories and very well delivered. Hi Aaron!
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