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Lore is a bi-weekly podcast (now also a TV show and book series) about dark historical tales. Each episode explores the mysterious creatures, tragic events, and unusual places that fill the pages of history. Because sometimes the truth is more frightening than fiction.

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  • Jkuzuz
    Ads are disruptive
    Like others, I use Lore to fall asleep. I love the podcast - I listen to episodes several times, including as the last podcast of the day to sleep. The music and voice cadence are perfect. But not with the new ads. I’m going to have to take it off the playlist.
  • Addicted 5 Mom
    Love it so far!
  • super1010101001
    This Podcast is probably the greatest thing that ever happened to me ☺️🥹😀😊
    To:Aaron Mahnke Thank you so much for sparking my interest and curiosity in the lore of our world and the alarming amount of strange creatures, monsters, and folk tales that show up in the most unexpected places. The first time I listened to this podcast back in 2017 I immediately fell in love with it and started listening nonstop, and the truth is before I listened to Lore I wasn’t even interested in podcasts so thank you! And last I would like to saw one more thing to whom ever is reading this… that no matter how hard you try to keep telling yourself that life is normal and calm, your wrong, because the will always be scary stories to pass around near the campfire, but most importantly there will always be lore.
  • Elliott:)102938
    This Podcast is Really Interesting But
    This podcast was introduced to me thanks to my aunt and sisters and the first time I listened to it, I immediately fell in love. I listen to this podcast a lot now because the kind of things covered in this podcast is not only folklore, but real stories, and I really love that. I listen to this podcast while I sleep, driving, and much more. However, after reading a couple reviews and doing research, I have become aware of the fact that Aaron has supported the cancellation of Ben Shapiro (I think that’s how you spell his last name). I’m sorry, but just because he has different political opinions or opinions in general than you doesn’t mean that they deserve to have their life destroyed. And ANYONE who agrees with Aaron on this, I find absolutely disgusting. Other than that, this podcast is great and the stories are incredible, but I will never (NEVER) look at it the same.
  • stellaherzig
    Ads are annoying
    Aaron is great, but the ads are very very very annoying- is it possible to have whispered ads? Or npr-type calm ads? Thanks, I would have put a five star but for the ads.
  • TeddyBroosevelt
    Please move on from Witches — get back to supernatural topics
    We get it. You went all in on Witches for your other podcast. Now you’re being overly repetitive & the shows content has suffered immensely. Stop recycling your prior research and generate some new content reminiscent of the first 60 episodes. This show was captivating and stood above and beyond anything comparable. Now, it’s all witches. Soapboxing. And preaching. Just tell the stories. They are compelling. Stop weighing in and adding your political take through 2023 progressive lenses. Booooooooooo — you’re better than that Mahnke. Or maybe you’re not. Time will tell . . .
  • Leah3897
    Ads TOO LOUD
    I listen to Lore to fall asleep, but the new ads are making that difficult. The podcast ends with very loud ads with all kinds of sound textures that wake me up. This is not fun - please bring back the old ad style!
  • Betsy555
    Need to be canceled
    If I could give negative stars I would, Mahnke is a disgrace to podcasting and doesn’t deserve to speak in this country, let alone be monetized by any US company.
  • MrsBarron
    This is my favorite podcast!!! I watch the show and listen to YT also!!!
  • Corey bones89
    Lore have you heard
    Lore is the only podcast I like at all
  • Mieggs
    What happened to the show
    I do like the podcast but I’m not sure if the makers of the show is getting bored by remastering old episodes as new episodes or having to pay for new episodes or bites. I did have five before but it’s starting to go down hill since the subscription and remastering episodes has started. Not everyone can afford subscriptions. I debating on continuing to listen to the podcast anymore recently coming from someone who’s a long time listener
  • life in sea 116
    I love lore
    I have loved lore for years my mom and I drive around and listening to lore just to get away. Lore is by far the best podcast I have ever had the pleasure of listening to. Any person thinking about listening to lore should absolutely listen. Lore is a sweet blend of folk lore, history, and monsters. This is the first podcast I ever listened to and by far the best podcast to listen while walking, cleaning, or just hanging out in your room. I would not give it 5 starts though I want to give it more!
  • Happy at Lunch
    Hi. I have always loved Lore and listen often while doing odd tasks about the house. I recently became a subscriber and am thrilled. No more interruptions. Constant Lore. Thank you.
  • loki3636
    Love love love
    This was the first podcast I ever listened to back in 2017 and I still love it! I even love listening to the remastered episodes. Everything that Aaron produces turns to gold.
  • Thayer Ravenborn
    I love the show!
    Hi! I love the information that Aaron presents and the delivery of the presentation. It is a wonderful podcast.
  • Crab Rangoon
    I've listened to Lore for years, and I've been to one of Aaron's live shows. I really enjoy his deep dives into the darker side of human cultures, psychology, and history. History is much more than dates, events, causes and consequences. Ghosts, cryptids, magic and the paranormal are universal parts of the human experience. Hard to say if it's all objectively "real," but these things have shaped human history and culture. It's fun to journey with Aaron through the shadows.
  • rachh3294
    Never fails to leave me with goose bumps!!
  • Liz McConnell
    I was referred over by the Morbid girls and boy I’m glad I checked this out! I’m a total nerd who loves learning the origin of popular fairy tales, words, idioms and any kind of dark esoteric facts. I’m cynical and I hate when all ghost stories are taken at face value without delving into deeper roots and possible psychological explanations for the supernatural. Somehow this show appeals to my nature in every way possible by laying out some of the coolest origin stories I’ve ever heard, many steeped in both fact and myth. Aaron flits in and out of these concepts seamlessly and I have never used the word spellbinding for a podcast, but this is indeed just that. Aaron’s soothing voice coupled with haunting piano music and incredible storytelling renders me spellbound.
  • Loganfool
    I love this podcast. Thank you! Hi. Again. Can’t get over how wonderful this podcast is. I love that is cohesive, intelligent, and engaging. Your voice is wonderful. I find it very calming but not boring in the least. Thank you! Hi! Chad Lawson is amazing! I found him on Amazon Music, and have been listening when I “do art”. I am so happy to have found him through your podcast. My dogs love him too!
  • GermanShepard567
    Used to be Lore
    Used to be interesting stories, but has evolved into a dry, weekly history lesson.
  • tedk49
    A podcast that informs and frightens
    Sadly, gender classification has become a weapon of crass destruction by those who breathe intolerance and excrete grievance. But how about genre classification? Some podcasts don't neatly fit into the genre categories defined by Apple, Spotify, or other podcast feeds. That's the story of the Lore podcast. Is it in the horror genre? Suspense? Supernatural? History? Thriller? True crime? Scary stories? The foundational strength of the podcast is that Lore is all those genres...and more. Lore, of course, is a shortened version of folklore, which means "the traditional beliefs, customs, and stories of a community, passed through the generations by word of mouth." Here's how the podcast's creators define it: "Lore is an award-winning, critically-acclaimed podcast about true life scary stories, exposing the darker side of history, exploring the creatures, people, and places of our wildest nightmares." Through over 170 episodes, Lore has scared, delighted, confounded, titillated, and educated its listeners. The show claims 350 million downloads. It's the last objective -- educating -- that elevates Lore about its brethren suspense podcasts. This podcast aims to not only brew up strong emotions, but also to teach us about our world. Let's look at just two examples. In episode 218, Notorious, Lore looks at the nature of the devil. Now the devil is scary, along with demons, and the evil it propagates. Host Aaron Mahnke treats us into a fascinating history lesson about the devil and its derivation. For example, Satan is a Hebrew word that means "adversary or enemy." Devil originated as a Greek word that means "The Deceiver." The history lesson continues and is woven neatly into the bone-chilling aspect of the episode. In episode 42 about the haunting in Philadelphia's Eastern State Penitentiary, Mahnke offers us a history lesson about penal reform and its many iterations over the centuries, from sadistic punishment to reclamation. In the episode, Mahnke makes a surprising revelation. That centuries ago, punishment for a crime was so painful and odious -- flaying, whipping, and an excruciating execution -- that prison was the least objectionable part of the criminal justice system back then. After a brief but fascinating discussion of the history of prisons, Mahnke then discusses Eastern State and its most famous occupant, Al Capone. For eight months, from 1929 to 1930, Capone served time at Eastern State for carrying a concealed weapon. His cell was dubbed "Park Avenue" because of the amenities that Capone and other notable inmates enjoyed while incarcerated there. Despite the luxuries Capone enjoyed, his stay at Eastern was traumatic for the gangster. Multiple times during his prison stay, Capone would awaken in the middle of the night screaming, "Jimmy." When awakened, he claimed to see a ghost. At the time, prison officials assumed that Capone was having nightmares about the St. Valentine's Day massacre shooting he had ordered on seven members of the Northside Gang in Chicago in early 1929. One of the dead gang members was a man named James Clarke. Eastern State Penitentiary closed in 1970, but re-opened twenty years later as a museum. Mahnke tells us -- with creepy piano music in the background -- that ghost sightings have been reported during museum tours. I've taken this tour, and, although I'm not a believer in the spirit world, it is supremely creepy and eerie there. The host -- and creator -- of Lore is Aaron Mahnke. He is the founder and President of Grim & Mild Entertainment, an entertainment company that develops and sells media such as podcasts (a roster of over 10 shows), books, TV shows, and even a comic book. Like other successful podcasters, Mahnke has published a book to extend the brand. In his case, it's a three-book set called The World of Lore by Penguin Random House. Aaron Mahnke is an excellent host, and I assume that's because he has a passion for these topics. In his bio, Mahnke states that, "He has a deep love for anything historical, mysterious, or unusual." What makes Mahnke so good as the host of Lore is that he doesn't try too hard, mugging for the podcast mic. He doesn't try to sound extra creepy, with false intonations or tonal changes in his voice. Instead, Mahnke allows the excellent script, creepy, plaintive piano background music, and the listeners' own imagination do the work. There's studied patience to his voice that never betrays an urge to "get to the good stuff." No, instead, Mahnke prefers to construct his mood carefully, cautiously, and completely. So Aaron Mahnke doesn't have one of those voices that alone can scare the heck out of you. But he doesn't need to. Mahnke is a world builder by being a word builder. He uses all the tools to gradually draw you into his macabre world of sonic darkness. As a listener, you don't even know you're knee-deep in it until it's too late. We are visual beings. Eyesight prevails in the human world. Young adults fill up the seats at the local AMC or Regal theater to see M3gan or Smile. Here's a way to save money and still be entertained via creepiness. Listen to several episodes of Lore. Lights out. Headphones on for the immersive experience. You won't be sorry. Or maybe you will after you listen and realize that the rest of the family will not be home for several hours. You're home alone.
  • aapicula
    Informative, Fun, and Spooky
    I love this podcast! It’s great for listening on the run, while working, or even at the gym. No swearing, so I don’t mind leaving it on without headphones, and there’s little bits of dry humor sprinkled in that make me laugh. I love the way Aaron tells a story while presenting facts, it makes it feel like it’s a campfire scary story circle.
  • Crimson Kate
    Fantastic Blend of History and Spookiness
    You can tell this podcast is Aaron’s passion. If you’re a fan of tales ranging from odd and curious to really creepy then I highly recommend it. I love the combination of historical facts and macabre stories. I started listening a couple of weeks ago after discovering the Lore tv show on Prime. I can’t stop listening. Not only does he tell a great story, he does it from a compassionate perspective.
  • DinoLewisaur
    We started listening to this in English class and when I went home I went to finish it. This is the best podcast I’ve ever seen!
  • smbgg55
    The best, but scary
    It is the thing I listen to at school because there is no bad words or inappropriate words, but it scares me! In the episode “ the devil on the roof” the story at the end gave me NIGHTMARES! Good job guys!
  • April5865
    Fantastic podcast reviewed by a chicken
    This is the first podcast I’ve ever gotten into and enjoyed. Let me just say I’m a huge chicken with scary stories, movies, and video games to the point where I won’t watch or I can’t sleep for like a week so for me to be listening should clearly say how good this podcast is. Bravo Aaron! There are episodes that I will skip if it gets too scary for me. I forget which episode it was when he started talking about sleep and how we are most vulnerable and I was like naaaaaaahhhhh and skipped it hahaha. My fiancé gets a laugh out of it. A lot of the bad reviews have nothing to do with the podcast…
  • nadyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyya
    Can you please filter the subscription content
    Hard to navigate what is free and what is not
  • forestvillelover
    Lifelong Listener
    I found this gem years ago when it first launched and immediately it was added to the short list of my most favorite things. Lore is a part of my routine and my life. As long as this podcast exists- I will listen. Thank you x
  • Lilycloud__
    In love with this podcast!!
    I've been listening to Lore for years. This is definitely my favorite podcast and I listen to it every Monday when it comes out. Aaron Menke's voice is so smooth; if you're looking for spine-tingling tales that also teach you about something new, this podcast is perfect for you!!
  • B&SFan
    Rough start, gets better
    I enjoy stories based in real events. Aaron does well with detail and complete stories. I started with episode 1, he was a bit robotic for quite some time, but I enjoyed the stories. I’m on episode 87 now, the flow has been better lately.
  • gdsfhiydsfhiywwffgjitrhjt
    Love the podcast. If you’re new to this podcast I have A vice to listen to it with the lights on.😬😧
  • SLuRK03
    What the doctors ordered.
    Great look into actual historical facts, and the story’s that made them the “ Camp Fire” legendary, Tales that make up what is today is our moderen LORE’S
  • armaan bahl sksk
    One Problem
    Great series, Aaron Manke. Love your detail. Hovever, in your guide kHaunted Savannah’, you were talking about Old Candler Hospital, but you put New Candler Hospital. I am sure this is caused by a typographical error. Old Candler Hospital is accessible on Apple Maps; just copy and paste ‘Old Candler Hospital’ without the apostrophes.
  • Melinduh
    Ever since the dawn of story telling, we seek for a voice true enough to personify events we no longer remember, never heard of, or things we never thought to hear. It’s incredible how history can be fascinating or in most cases mysterious beyond belief. I’m Clara Sias, and I love Lore.
  • fhdhiehgzk
    I listened to this since I was like 12. I don’t know why so many people don’t like the host. Sure they are a little robotic at times but they tell the stories amazingly. Speaking of the stories I love them they just can’t possibly be better. TLDR totally recommend wish there was an infinite star rating.
  • chimplife
    Very Interesting and classic
    This is a great podcast! Very intriguing. The only thing is that some episodes are really unique and interesting stories while others are just cool and different facts about the past and I prefer the scary and interesting stories. Thanks!
  • freakazoid4807
    One of the best
    Appreciate the extra content with the remastered episodes
  • Tal5523
    Big fan
    Not much to say that hasn’t been said. A true masterpiece.
  • a.lopez.miami
    Love me some Lore
    Have been a fan for years. I have always loved storytelling and getting lost in that world. Thanks for bringing so many stories to life and making us pause and think about the world around us.
  • HookemMomTx
    What happened?
    I used to really like this show. My son and I enjoyed listening together when he was a kiddo. But, something has definitely changed with the host. His narrative and personal spin have become preachy and holier-than-thou and he just takes himself so seriously. My son stopped listening years ago, and I try to listen on occasion.
  • sweetcountry girl
    A thousand times, yes.
    Listening to Aaron Mahnke talk is the podcast version of Morgan Freeman, so wonderful to listen to. I would totally listen to him if he were to read off my grocery list or the menu at McDonald’s.
  • Leo.w.r
    Hi! Brilliant Podcast!
    Hi! I’ve been listening to Lore on and off again over the years on a couple of different platforms. Every time I start listening again, it feels like I’m catching up with an old friend. I am so glad to be listening again and look forward to catching up on the episodes I’ve missed. As someone who goes through occasional struggles with mental health issues, which account for the periods of my lapse in listening, I appreciate you talking about BetterHelp and the importance of taking care of one’s mental health.
  • afternoonowl
    Excellent storytelling
    Aaron is a great writer and storyteller—he infuses his stories with modern comparisons and deep historical context. I’ve been listening from the beginning and I love how the series has evolved into a polished, but still true to its roots, production. Well done, Aaron, and I hope someday you own up to intending each and every pun.
  • $arah 0
    Im sorry but its true
    Sry but the way this guy talks is robotic. how are we not talking about this. Good stories but unlistenable sorry about it . I tried to sit thru it when the pod first got started and revisited again now. It sounds like Siri is reading me a scary story. Im really sorry but I gotta speak my truth.
  • thewitchywerewolf
    As good as it gets
    Hello to Aaron and everyone else at Grim & Mild! I haven’t been listening to Lore since the very beginning, but I first tuned in around episode 25. Now, years later, this podcast and the rest that Aaron works on have become a significant fixture in my daily life. It has helped me through overnight shifts, long drives, and washing the dishes countless times. There’s something both calm and exciting about Aaron’s voice and delivery that keeps me coming back again and again. You couldn’t ask for a more perfectly curated, aesthetic listening experience. Between the music, content, and narration, the team that makes this podcast consistently delivers excellence week after week, sometimes multiple times per week! Today I saw my listening statistics for the year on one of my apps, and I had over 11,000 minutes of listening to podcasts this year. Four of my top five podcasts were all from Grim & Mild Presents. Thank you all so much for the continuous hard work you do to make this podcast happen. Please know that for a lot of people life just wouldn’t be the same without you.
  • Racinghope
    Can’t believe your charging to listen.. I’m done
  • banana1739
    Excellent Dreams
    This is the only podcast that I find both fascinating to listen to during the day, but also cures my insomnia. It is well researched and I appreciate how different facts and stories are tied together. I find Sleep podcasts to be jarringly boring, which keeps me awake and annoyed- this is fascinating without pumping adrenaline. Other historical/creepy podcasts use a strange monotone voice I can’t listen to- this host has the perfect comforting voice… not monotone but also not dramatic. Some True crime podcasts give me nightmares or wake me up with a jolt- this one creates amazing dreamscapes but not nightmares. It’s always a pleasure to listen to, or to see what dreams I will have that night. Genuinely, Thank you!
  • Sa11ah
    I’ve been with this podcast since the beginning, and I’m so happy to see how it’s grow. Thanks Aaron for making your content!
  • TooManyPicsNotEnoughMemory
    I love it
    Hi Aaron I love the podcast 👍❤️
  • Uppy123
    Blend of history and ghost story. 1st 2 season are good the rest not so much.
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