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The award-winning podcast (also a TV show & book series) about dark historical tales. Each episode explores the mysterious creatures, tragic events, and unusual places that fill the pages of history. Because sometimes the truth is more frightening than fiction.

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  • St. Punisher
    One of the best podcasts out there.
    Integrity. That’s the word that continues to come to mind when I think about Lore and all the other work Aaron Mahnke and the incredible team at Grim and Mild does in the world. Lore isn’t just a great podcast with great storytelling. It provides the humble, clear eyed, and honest picture of history, religion, and culture that the world needs far more of than it does today. As I listen, I often catch myself thinking “if we all just collectively took this curious and honest approach to history, we would be able to approach the issues we have today with far more intentionality and understanding.” That’s why I think integrity is the best way to describe this podcast. Integrity is how it is made in every detail and if we are really listening, integrity is what it helps us to strive for in our view of history and each other. Because of all this, it really is one of the best podcasts out there.
  • :(888888
    Good but
    They have very loud / jarring noises starting each episode and really ruin the show especially if I am listening as I try to fall asleep.
  • Raeleigh Myers
    Lore ist das Beste
    Hallo, ich bin hier, um eine Rezension zu schreiben, und ich denke, dass die Geschichte der beste Podcast aller Zeiten ist, den ich meine
  • Ravnol D
    Just got an iPhone so I can finally review one of my favorite shows! This show is and has always been amazing! Thank you for what you do!
  • JebediahJSilva
    Hi!!!! Long time listener, first time reviewer. 5/5 stars. Keep it up, A-A-RON!
  • Reddy2roc
    Love the podcast!!!
    Love the show it’s very entertaining and narrated very well it’s informative. 5 stars across the board.
  • crandallrf
    Deeper Lore
    Love the show. Always have. I wanted to write this review to express my gratitude for your hard work. I appreciate the addition of Deeper Lore. It’s a way to keep the show running for the whole week. Even though I’ve heard many of the episodes before, it’s neat to listen with a new perspective. It’s a good way to make use of your catalog. I wish that you’d give more exact information in the episodes’ descriptions. Like, in the trains episode, the ep info doesn’t even mention what the show is about. Thanks too for the limited commercial breaks. Great show! Keep up the good work Aaron!
  • blblb123321
  • Sequor_me
  • All such cava in
    Love it!
    Hi! I love listening and watching Lore.My whole life I been watching Lore so please continue making more content 😁
  • xVix206
    My top favorite!
    I wish the TV show “Lore” would be back on
  • Djinji1
    I’ve been listening to Lore ever since the tv show came out and I'm addicted and obsessed. Aaron has a wonderful voice and I genuinely look forward to Lore and Cabinet of Curiosities every time they drop. This is my sunny spot in my day every day and I am a fan for life. Your podcast provide a little bit of break from the world and I adore you for it
  • Chia Dub U
    Lazy 2
    I’m a fan of Lore, and I realize that material starts to repeat. I can listen to that any time. What I cannot stand is these stinking “Deeper Lore” episodes that are literally just an advertisement to listen to past episodes, that are still packed with commercials. Why!?! People either listened to it, or they don’t care enough to go back. Quit wasting our time just to get revenue.
  • jsamp401
    Change For the Worse
    I have been listening to this podcast for many years. Earlier this year I gave up on it, but I recently tried to revisit it, hoping that I was mistaken in my original reasons for leaving. Unfortunately, I was not wrong. It was indeed a mistake to return. The commercial additions, the hard sell to submit to the pay-wall, and the apparent change in intended audience have all caused this show to lose what once made it great. Lore was best when it was a single writer covering topics he enjoyed on his own, with his own voice, and with an intended audience of folklore and strange history fans. The addition of researchers and other writers has only diminished the quality of this show. With their arrival came a shift in focus toward social commentary and, in my opinion, an excessive use of political undertones. If these incredibly unnecessary people were to be removed from Lore it's possible that all of the commercials wouldn't be needed, as I'm sure the increased ad money is being used to fund this deplorable staff. My advice would be to get back to basics and respect the original audience. Lore is too small to pull a Hollywood move like abandoning its audience to force-feed listeners a myopic, anti-intellectual, and ignorant series of prescribed messages instead of just entertaining people through the sharing of folklore, tales of past strangeness, and unusual historical events. Roll it back. Until this happens, I'm out.
  • Mr. Donnie B
    Lore is absolutely my favorite podcast out of many, and the only one I listen to without skipping an episode. I started when just 14 episodes had been released, and have enjoyed listening to the progression in the episodes and following podcasts from Grim and Mild. I still get excited many years later to get a new episode routinely! Aaron has a great calming voice while covering sometimes very intense dark subjects, and he has become part of my bedtime routine (working shift work and sleeping at odd hours, generally listening right before sleep). I love the historical depth, and get my creep fix…..Thank you, Aaron, for producing many tremendous shows, but especially Lore.
  • ppppppppppppppppopppo
    Hi :)
    This podcast is so good and I love it
  • Kenn in Tucson
    Great podcast
  • Doodler41
    Lore is excellent
    Hi. I thoroughly enjoy listening and learning from your Lore podcast i have always been intrigued by odd history and legends. This is right up my alley. Thank you.
  • Baylor is awesome
    The Same
    I used to really like this show but all the episodes are the same now ( I eventually unfollowed the show). I’m sorry but please change it. I never listen to it anymore. They are not historical, factual, nor even real, but it is very repetitive. Please bring it back to how it used to be. Sincerely, Anonymous
  • Beccaroni7
    Editing has gone downhill.
    Look, the podcast itself is great. I’ve been listening almost since the beginning. But across the board it seems, Grim and Mild seems to have a major issue with their editing. I also listen to Noble Blood, another G&M podcast, and they both suffer from TERRIBLE editing. The exact same ad replays twice or even three times in a row. The host does multiple takes of a line, and the alternate versions aren’t taken out. This recent Lore episode had the host interrupt the final ad block, and restarted the audio from the last final minutes of the episode. Honestly-it shouldn’t be too much effort to have someone just listen to the episodes all the way through before posting. It’s getting to be so frequent that I’m really not as excited when a new episode drops.
  • ~Gianna~
    ive been listening since 2021
    i love your podcast also hi 😀👍🏾
  • Oftenwhiles
    The ultimate comfort podcast 💖
    I listen to Lore to sleep every night, and have been since 2016. Thank you Aaron, for something so wonderfully whimsical, well researched, calming and interesting. Any time I’m having a hard time, Lore is there to ground me.
  • gkiigdawegbnoifxdhjj
    Awesome storytelling!
    Definitely one of my favorite podcasts! So good!
  • Haku18
    Thank you for all the great work you’ve done
    Lore is my favourite podcast for many years!
  • pRePy🌸💅✨💋😘
    I love this podcast
    i have been listening to lore since maybe 2020 and never stopped. It’s like a thing me and my dad bond over and love. for people reading this review deciding if you want to listen to this podcast, i highly recommend.
  • 🐭Uknown🐭
    Best Ever
    Lore is my favorite podcast I have been listening for a month and I’m already on episode 218. It teaches me history while also giving me the horror aspect that I love.😊🖤
  • BettieBloem
    I can’t think of anything I don’t enjoy about this podcast! Aaron and Chad are household names, lol. Road trips, whilst working, baking cookies. It’s terrific to enhance any experience where you want sound other than music! Keep it up! We’ve been listening for years!
  • general turtles is so cool
    Good for long car trips!
    I like to listen to lore on long car trips it’s very interesting and passes the time. My only complaint is the upload schedule.
  • This name isn’t taken.
    Love it but…
    A-aron! Stop patting yourself on the back every episode. We know you’ve won awards for this but you should at least act humble. Stop reminding us of your achievements and podcast!
  • Charlie boy6
    I waz in jail when I started listening to his podcast. It made my time easier I enjoy listening the podcast keep them coming👍🏾
  • kelly.enchant
    100% Lore
    Aaron’s writing style is incredibly engaging! I have enjoyed every episode I’ve indulged in and all of his books. Brilliant work on the research aspects; I am always enthralled and call upon Lore’s stories for that intensely strange comfort feeling we get when we listen to spooky tales ✨✨✨
  • ericsgirl42
    Love it all!!
    I just love everything you narrate, it just comes off as so smart and funny and just all around great. Thank you for all the strange and VERY interesting content. Keep it up everywhere please!! 💜👻😊
  • Rainbow girl 😱😱
    Five stars
    So cool a little scary but not too scary
  • RoseyKnow
    Favorite Podcast
    This podcast has been my absolute favorite for the past three years. I’ve listened to all episodes, and all other podcasts that are produced by Aaron Mahnke and Grim and Mild. Lore is just the right amount of spooky/macabre and Aaron Mahnke’s storytelling is unmatched. I love that while the show covers some disturbing topics, the stories are delivered in such a classy manner with no swearing or gratuitous violence/gore. I recommend this podcast to all my friends/family and anyone who’s interested in the darker, more macabre aspects of history. Please never stop making Lore!
  • My poop is rainbow
    I just ❤️it
  • penolpiepad
    5 stars
    5 stars for all the Taylor Swift references
  • Tori_911
    Lore is wonderful
    I’ve listened to every episode of Lore since I found it in 2018. I pay for the ad free episodes, not because the ads bother me but because if you like things you have to support them. Thank you for putting out quality content. I’ll continue to support for the foreseeable future.
  • realoldschoolliberal
    Hi from Haunted TN
    I love LORE!
  • Coco0466
    What’s up with all the 6 min shows?
  • Morgana the Fey
    My favorite
    Hi! ( I know you like when people say Hi!) Your podcast is my favorite! I listen to everything you put out! I feel like you should dictate everything! I would pay more attention to textbooks and other books if you read them!
  • Lady Gisell
    I have been listening to your podcast since 2019. You have kept me captivated with each episode. You really put so much thought into the show. The musical score, the narration, and details. It doesn’t compare to other podcasts. I appreciate that you get right into the episodes and to be honest even the ads aren’t a big deal to listen to, Thank you!
  • Corey D F
    I just wanted to say hello.
  • davisrickeyl187@gmail
    Lore Podcast
    I’ve been following and listening since Jan of 2019.I love the writing,the Presentation and appreciate the in - depth details.It takes a village to Research each episode,This Lore/Cabinet of curiosity Team is best of the best- very professional,you will love this series if you like the dark side of The worlds Massive history,not just the headlines—— The background music is spot on! Give it a whirl- See what you think for yourself,you won’t be disappointed .
  • Bellasweet
    I i’ve been a subscriber of this podcast for many years. However, lately, the ads are just about as long as the program. I’m not willing to pay for a subscription on a monthly basis to can get rid of ads. So, I’m getting rid of this podcast.
  • Fredonia93
    Grim & Mild
    Has there ever been a podcast production company with the most perfect description of the content. I find this podcast comforting, to be honest. The voice and pacing are perfect- as if being read a bedtime story.
  • German23Girl
    Love this Podcast but…
    I was very impressed and quite entertained when I found this podcast and others from Aaron Mahnke. Being a bit a history junkie, the Grim & Mild collection is fabulous. The reason for only 3 stars is that, without warning, now I would have to pay for the episodes that I was getting as “a loyal listener.” Not the best reward for being a loyal listener, liking, and following…
  • Begown
    Well researched and very enjoyable
    Also love how the 1 star reviews all seem to be either”Lore is too woke” or “Lore is too Euro-centric and white”. Can’t win I guess.
  • Jacqui O Trouble
    Pretty darn good
    Worth a listen if you like the darker side of things…
  • K Wink
    Meticulously researched and well thought out
    Many episodes of LORE are stories you've heard before or are at least aware of, but with much less emphasis on "ghost stories" and more on the actual history of each place, person, or event. Aaron leaves out many of the more gory details, which often lets your imagination fill in the blanks. While there are many different styles of LORE episodes, I think the general takeaway from many of them can be summed up by Nietzsche when he said "Beware that, when fighting monsters, you yourself do not become a monster..."
  • Sarah603208
    Great podcast
    Love this podcast, it’s historical and sometimes a little creepy. Aaron’s voice is so soothing
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