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Lore is a bi-weekly podcast (as well as a TV show and book series) about dark historical tales. Each episode explores the mysterious creatures, tragic events, and unusual places that fill the pages of history. Because sometimes the truth is more frightening than fiction.

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  • Danny Gat
    Loosing Steam
    It pains me to say this because I’ve even listening to this show faithful for years now. In the beginning, this show was truly one of the things I looked forward too most. I understand that the longer a show goes, the less there is to talk about but the same couple themes keep getting brought back up. It’s rarely anything new anymore and I feel like I have déjà vu when I listen to new episodes. That on top of how corporate the show feels now. It just feels like a spook formula that only adds quantity of episodes to the Lore brand and advertise his other shows. That and the creator seems to have let success get to his head. Recently I’ve seen him talk down to fans and fellow creators online and just act in ways that have left a very bad taste in my mouth. I tried to keep listening out of loyalty and love for its origins but between the rude behavior and the podcast steadily decreasing in creativity, I can no longer be a fan.
  • catsmeow😝
    I love this podcast! Each episode is full of great stuff!!! Also love the other pods, and the amazon series
  • ShimmerShaelee
    History + Spooky
    The perfect cozy night in podcast! The host has an AMAZING voice and makes information easily digestible!
  • Bryan675
    Episode 165 has an error
    I know it was a misspeak but there were no Nazis in World War 1...
    Your voice is amazing and the background sounds are soundscaping!
  • booljrth
    I live this podcast so much. Super creepy and really fun. If you live creepy stories, this is 100% for you.
  • Kailon791
    Used to be good
    Early episodes were great but now feels like it’s half ads for other stuff Aaron making and the other half boring tiny stories of coincidences from the 14th century
  • skeeballroomdancer
    Dammit Aaron, stop trying so hard but try harder
    I’ve been listening for the entire podcast. But, dammit Aaron. We get it. You’re a storyteller weaving a dark, mystical web of pathos around the human condition. Too much device, very little content. At least you used to tell a story that was entertaining enough to let the forced turns of phrase slide, but now it’s most of what I hear. Surely there is some principle of the beautiful yet captivating effect of simplicity in writing you’d care to learn more about through Great Courses Plus?
  • kingkong573.05
    Wish I could give 10 stars
    This is just a good podcast. It’s that simple.
  • nlohmue
    I’ve just finished listening to all of the episodes in the podcast (so far) and love it! It’s a great, great podcast. The voice is very nice and easy to listen to, as well as the stories incredibly fascinating. It’s great to listen to on your way into work!
  • SassyBA
    10 stars if I could give it. It’s incredible! Well researched. Always fascinating. Clean and well-edited and rehearsed. Love love love this podcast AND his others like Cabinet of Curiosities.
  • kckddhskpskbfjspqpwjjefje
    I admit that the older episodes were better, but this podcast will still be one of my favorite!
  • Teriyakilord
    Favorite Podcast
    Definitely my favorite podcast to listen to anytime of day. The stories are always interesting and might even get you to say “Huh” “Whoa” or “Wow” out loud. I’ve learned quite a lot over the past few years and am always excited to have the notification that another episode is available for a listen. So thankful there are similar podcasts as well such as Noble Blood, Unobscured, and Cabinet of Curiosities.
  • ChrisChupp
    Excellent Podcast
    This podcast is very well done, and is very entertaining! Aaron Mahnke does a great job of researching thoroughly, and communicating in a way that is easy to digest. His other podcasts are worth checking out, as well.
  • Роб
  • HannPerg
    I absolutely love this podcast!! Very informative but at the same time interesting and captivating. I am a welder and I listen to this podcast all day long.
  • Icebearpaw
    Absolutely Love This
    This is such an informative and interesting podcast! I’m a runner, and this is good enough to get me through an hour or more, perfectly entertained! The production is amazing and the stories are always a great balance of history and folklore. Great job, Aaron! Two thumbs up for me.
  • Belynner
    Love this podcast
    I have found Lore to be a shelter amidst the storm of life these days. Thank you!
  • Nein64
    I love Aaron Manake
    I agree with other reviewers, I cannot get enough of Aaron Manake!!!! In my opinion, he is the best storyteller n I can’t wait to hear more folklore 🤗!!!!
  • metricksy
    Love, love, love this!
    I first fell in love with this series when I watched season one on Amazon. I’m not too tech-y and just started listening to podcasts while recovering from surgery. This podcast is fantastic, insightful, intelligent and creative.
  • brittany from texas
    an all-time favorite
    I’ve been listening to this podcast since I was in high school. It combines all of my great loves: dark stories, history, and folktales. What more could you want? Plus, the production quality is top notch. If this podcast ever retires I will be heartbroken.
  • 3753696
    Love this Podcast
    Love this podcast so much! So many great stories and love that it’s still so good after so many years!
  • adlaitigerha
    So Cool!
    This is the coolest podcast ever! It is nice and scary and is really entertaining. If I could give it 1 million stars I Would. -please make more episodes!
  • omeletofdoom
    Cant get enough
    Everything about this podcast is so genuine I love it, I play it almost everyday the stories are entertaining & helps to hear it while you are just doing your daily things. Please never stop making them ☺️
  • Sweetpeasowner
    Soothing voice
    Fantastic podcast! Interesting, researched, clever, shocking, and that soothing voice puts me right to sleep at night!
  • IrkenInvaderIris
    Wish it was louder! Please make your voice louder!
    SO good. But so quiet lol. Wish it was louder because even at full volume it’s sometimes really hard to hear. 🤣
  • Snoopy071221
    Love it
    At work, my coworkers and I just zone out to this podcast. Really interesting topics and it makes the time go by fast. Great podcast.
  • DBlack519
    So interesting
    I just recently started listening to this podcast. I am absolutely hooked. The stories are so fascinating and unbelievable!
  • Pennyhungry
    Not as good...
    Used to be very interesting but it’s lost it’s mojo...it’s more like an advertisement for Aaron and the stories seem to get shorter and shorter while the self promotion gets longer and longer. I just fast forward thru most of it tho...that helps a bit
  • Derpypicachu
    Absolutely intriguing and fascinating
    Hi, I love your podcast! It’s good to listen to anywhere and sometimes I would put it on at work and people would ask what I’m listening to because it sounds interesting. The music and your voice really come together and make one good podcast. Keep em coming!
  • Good long day
    Very fun, but often too scary
    I have enjoyed this podcast, even if it makes it hard to go to sleep!
  • dragonworrior123
    REALLY Fun
    I am 11, this is scary but not too scary... it’s perfect!
  • Lexpaxz
    You rock Aaron!
    Great story telling!!
  • NanaC16$
    A former follower
    Aaron, I want to address you directly. Lore was the first podcast that I listened to faithfully and I couldn’t wait for the next episode but that was years ago. Over time, I have continued to listen but to my dismay, you have become more self important and you don’t hesitate to let us know. The personal pronoun in “I’mmmmm Aaron Manke “ gets more exaggerated as you build your brand. I was motivated to write this because I think I heard you disrespect another podcast in your most recent episode. I could be wrong but I want to tell you life is better lived as a collaboration and not a competition. Please be kind and altruistic. You are intelligent and well educated but take a moment to reflect on these comments. I’m an academic and I salute your knowledge and research but I don’t like your current affect. Please don’t dismiss this out of hand. You have so much to offer but I can’t listen anymore. With your growing success you have become full of yourself but it makes you less likable and that is important for continued success.
  • BLQP83
    I don’t write very much reviews. However this podcast is one of my favorite. To learned of history and mystery. To Be able to picture what is said. Let’s my mine drift. Beka
  • Twe1ve2
    I started from the beginning & now close to catching up. Mr. Mahnke is a wonderful story teller! I often learn something new & enjoy each episode. I especially like hearing a familiar story, but there is always a new detail discovered. Thank you!!
  • asher d. linn
    乃乇丂ㄒ 卩ㄖᗪ匚卂丂ㄒ
    It is hard fo
  • KatieBravesFan
    Well researched, creative, well told
    This podcast’s storytelling is always done in an interesting and creative way. I fully enjoy the well researched and unique stories and details that are shared. Always on my to listen to list!
  • Deutsch_fieber
    Perfect show
    This is the very first podcast I ever listened to. It’s the podcast that got me into podcasts. There are stories that Aaron has told that have stayed with me. Every episode is a treat, “grim and mild.” From Aaron’s voice to the brilliant music to excellent storytelling, this podcast is everything you could want. Will never stop listening.
  • MrsKitti
    Interesting and creepy
    If you like weird tidbits from history, folk tales, and other strange stories then you’ll love this podcast. The host is a great storyteller!
  • xero2009dcx
    Recently got into podcasts to help me get through my work day. Glad I found this one! While doing some self care tonight I was listening to the Lore Podcast. I get done and go lay in bed, not even 5 minutes after I lay down an electric razor on the top shelf (that I can’t reach and has been up there for over a year!!) starts to go off! Not scary at all! Still gonna listen just maybe night right before bed.
  • Ceesfire
    Soothing, but creepy, well-researched, 5⭐️host!
    Lore is excellent!! I have listened to all episodes. The content is incredibly well-researched and very interesting. The production quality is second to none, and the soothing piano music - I love so much I have downloaded the pianist’s albums. It’s historically based true and creepy stories. Honestly, Aaron’s storytelling abilities and the content are unparalleled - I’ve learned about so many bizarre historical facts. Aaron also speaks to how our ancestors and these stories are relevant to human nature and modern life.
  • Carrie-S
    Great info & stories
    I learned of Lore from the Netflix series and decided to try the Podcast. It does Not disappoint! It’s full of interesting stories narrated well.
  • UprightBlake
    Master story telling + compelling stories
    This is a great podcast. I found it via Cabinet of Curiosities, which I also really enjoy. Aaron Mahnke is a masterful storyteller and each episode is so intriguing. I’ve binged way to many of the episodes during the Covid19 lockdown… can’t help but think of what a Lore style podcast about coronavirus would sound like 150 years from now.
  • ligrieser
    Love this podcast!
    U usually say “I like it when u say hi.” So, hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!🤣😜🤑
  • bwade447
    Favorite show to fall asleep to
    Love Aaron’s voice to lull me to sleep with some-what spooky tales!
  • Dunno Man.
    This podcast makes me wanna crawl in a whole, but NOT because main characters are dying!
    Have you been hurt by a plot-driven horror podcast where one or both of the main characters may die/ have already died? Well, is this the podcast for you! No longer do you have to feel sad about the characters you love living through the literal apocalypse, instead you can lay on the ground and dissociate while a soft, soothing voice tells you about unsettling things.
  • Player456790
    my favorite podcast
    i had a REALLY long review written about how much i love lore but brevity is the soul of wit so i shall rewrite it shorter in two salient points: 1) this podcast is better than any other. sorry, thems the facts! 2) it helped me discover what i’m interested in and shaped my college major choice and my career path. so i literally owe all my success to this podcast. take that, rise and grind twitter—immerse yourself in historical horror instead!! (also when it all wraps up at the end and everything comes together? *chefs kiss* perfection in a podcast)
  • MenAreDonkeys
    Can’t take it
    I wanted to like this podcast, but the stories are boring and the host’s voice is insufferable.
  • anewsome57
    RSS Feed Seems Broken
    After 20 redirects, download fails. Hopefully someone fixes this soon. Tried Apple podcasts app, podbay.fm, chrome, safari, wget and curl. Seems genuinely broken.
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