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Lore is a bi-weekly podcast (as well as a TV show and book series) about dark historical tales. Each episode explores the mysterious creatures, tragic events, and unusual places that fill the pages of history. Because sometimes the truth is more frightening than fiction.

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  • Me in FL 2012
    Used to Love
    I used to love listening to this podcast but now it feels painful. In recent episodes I just want him to get to the point and I few I wondered how they were linked together.
  • Mercat2.0
    I love listening to this before I go to bed. Not to scary and not to un scary. Keep up the great work.
  • Grey Goat On YouTube
    Best Podcast Ever!!!
  • MajorX
    Favorite podcast to fall asleep to!
    I mean that as a compliment. His voice is soothing, and the stories are just compelling enough to keep me from overthinking my ice as I drift off to sleep.
  • TaliaVehr
    Stories that will leave you wanting more
    This is by far my favorite podcast series that I’ve been listening to since the beginning. The stories are always interesting, the music is amazing and the stories are told in a way that make you want more. It’s definitely worth a listen if you’re into the darker (sometimes scarier) parts of history. It’s a podcast I recommend first when people ask what they should listen to!
  • ssss141s
    Liberal stuff
    Great for liberals.
  • TreCars
    It hurts so bad to unsubscribe.
    Are used to be a very huge fan of the show. Specially the early episodes. But as of lately I can’t even finish an episode. Still a great podcast but it’s just not for me anymore.
  • DarthGaia05
    Always Great
    I’ve listened since the beginning of the podcast and have never been disappointed in any of these. The research is thorough and always topics that are interesting.
  • SookieVR
    4.9 stars, Aaron!
    Lore is my most listened to podcast, many episodes played several times. They’re entertaining and educational, and the music is perfect for storytelling. Hey Aaron Mahnke- it would make a huge quality difference if you said “thank you” instead of “thanks” for listening. It’s legit the one thing cheapening the unique experience you provide. 🙏🏼
  • IrkenInvaderIris
    Wish it was louder
    SO good. But so quiet lol. Wish it was louder because even at full volume it’s sometimes really hard to hear.
  • catzmeow33
    Love this podcast, but it can be a little scary and is not for before bed. To all those people saying it’s “too political” and all dat, I say only this: if you’re looking to criticize a podcast, go elsewhere. The point of this podcast is to be interesting and informative, so if you don’t like that, it’s not anyone’s fault but your own. Anyway, it is awesome and I love the true stories and info. I’m a total ghost geek and really like old stories about spooky castles and scary towns so this is pretty much the perfect podcast for me. 10/10 would recommend to anyone looking for something spooky.
  • giants1120
    Would highly recommend!!
    Does a great job telling creepy stories and handles history respectfully by not attempting to white wash it
  • Jenny_marie_5
    Best podcast I’ve ever listened to!
    This is hands down my favorite podcast to listen to! I always find myself checking every 2 weeks for a new episode to listen to! I’ve been listening for almost a year and just can’t get enough! Wish it was every week and not bi-weekly!
  • Abby Trochim
    Such a a fun show and Aaron is a talented writer and narrator. He and his team are well-researched and bring great and spooky stories that are always interesting!
  • Challenging and fun!
    Everything is perfect about this podcast. The length is great as each episode won’t take up too much of your time. It’s perfect for a little fix each day. Aaron is a fabulous story teller; captivating, informative and creepy. Highly recommend starting from episode 1 and working your way to the newer episodes.
  • FoibledAgain
    Honest, balanced view of history
    I appreciate Aaron and his team’s commitment to calling out the evils in our history (colonialism, slavery, etc.) and presenting them as societal ills. Overall, a wonderful, entertaining, well-researched and genuinely interesting historical podcast. One of my favorites!
  • Longtime fan 878
    Great 150th episode
    To everyone complaining that they just wanna hear about ghosts and spooky stuff without politics, listen to fiction. History is not a comfortable place and the reason for ghost stories and spooky things is often because of things like racism and abuse of power by institutions like churches. These are not separate topics and pretending they are is whitewashing history. Overall this show is so well researched and put together, and it’s good that it is willing to confront difficult topics head on.
  • masha-devushka
    I’ve been listening since the beginning
    I remember when the lore podcast had its 100th episode before the amazon tv show and even a podcast network. I have remained loyal to this podcast since I was a teen and it remains amazingly written and always incredibly interesting. I have no complaints regarding the podcast. Thanks Aaron. It also makes the choice to remain historically accurate regarding marginalized people and really takes looking back in the past as a way to reflect history. It’s a truly amazing work and I will continue to be a loyal listener.
  • CSipiora
    History well told
    This is a great podcast! I have been listening for years at this point and really love the evolution of the show. I appreciate how Aaron does not hid from some of the more... unpleasant sides of history. Keep up the good work!
  • MtotheC
    Kind, Comforting, and CREEPY!
    Aaron Mahnke has a fantastic voice and cadence, very pleasant to listen to, yet that is merely the cherry on top of a delightful parfait of story telling. His stories are well researched and real, the good, the bad, the things certain populations aren’t proud of, but are responsible for. Taking complicated histories and whittling them into these 30min ear candies takes an immense amount of talent and work. Thank you to Aaron and the Grimm & Mild team for fantastic content!
  • Taytayisme
    Wonderful podcast
    I love this podcast so much! It always piques my interest in new subjects and is very informative while being fun. It’s perfect to listen to on stormy nights or hanging out in a park that’s just a little too quiet. I even enjoy it in the middle of a sunny day!
  • Vikingbison
    Always excited for a Lore week
    Lore is my favorite podcast for spooks and mysteries. Mahnke is a great story teller, and I love how he often ties age-old stories in with what’s going on today.
  • MattLReyes
    Great show!
    I’ve been a listener for years. The wide range of topics always keeps the show fresh. Ignore the reviews complaining about ‘SJW’ and ‘political overtones.’ There isn’t any of that in here. Mentioning that slavery was awful in the context of a show about Madame LaLaurie in New Orleans isn’t ‘political’ it’s just a fact. Sometimes I wish we’d get more episodes about creatures in folklore, but those episodes are usually far and few between. And that’s just a personal preference, all the episodes are a great listen
  • Serena_Bell
    Historically Driven
    I love a well informed podcast that doesn’t shy away from the true horror of world history. Plus, a good sprinkle of ghosts and things that go bump in the night. And the TRUE events that brought us those stories and folklore. Keep doing what you do Lore, I’ll always be a fan of accurate history and mysterious stories.
  • KylerIV
    The podcast that started it all
    I first heard of lore during my sophomore year of high school. I was in my English class and my teacher turned on one of the earlier episodes for us and I was instantly hooked. Ever sense then I listen to every episode that is released as well as all the sister pods that have come from this one. If you love to learn about what goes on in the history that we don’t know about then this podcast is definitely for you.
  • SamIam1088
    Avid listener for many years
    I have listened to every episode available and I always recommend this podcast to everyone I know. I love how authentic Aaron is and how he doesn’t white wash over the tough parts of history, because of no one discusses it then we’re doomed to repeat it. Aaron is wonderful and he must work his tail off for all his other amazing podcasts. 5 stars all the way!
  • ((( :
    Amazing Podcast!!!
    I listen to this podcast often, it’s so addicting and I love how well put together and well researched it is! There’s so many interesting topics, I always come away learning something new, even if the topic was something I had heard of before!
  • MaddieMarie23
    Informative and unapologetic
    Historically accurate and not afraid to tackle tough topics! It’s refreshing to find a podcast that doesn’t disguise white colonialism or other acts of imperialism as “matters of that time” but calls them what they were. Incredibly thorough and well-researched.
  • Other Other Susan!
    Incredible research and retelling
    Aaron, the host, puts so much detail and accuracy into his retellings of these stories. They give a real depiction of historical tales and the social influences/consequences of them. He has a great voice for these sort of stories. I have been supporting this pod for 5 years, and enjoy it very much. I recommend it to my friends and family, so if you enjoy tales of the strange, the creepy, and the out of this world, you’ll like lore.
  • squeaksquare
    Lore is awesome
    This podcast gives me chills. It dives into history, but also plays with my imagination.
  • LionBeans
    Necessary Conversations
    Lore and Aaron Mahnke never back away from the truth. Folklore is intrinsically tied to human history and experience. Difficult conversations are necessary, now more than ever, and Lore reminds us that folklore is often the staging ground for larger issues. I will always be a fan
  • dad is that you
    Get in the mood for spooky season
    This is the podcast I go towards whenever I want to start getting in the mood for Halloween. It’s just scary enough to keep my interest, but not scary enough that it keeps me up at night (I am admittedly a scaredy-cat).
  • tlhelus
    Pure Listening Pleasure
    It’s a joy to listen to such a well-researched, well-produced, and well-narrated program that covers such a broad spectrum of interesting subject matter!
  • Reallykarenreally
    I love everything about Lore! I nerd out in the best of ways when I listen! Keep them coming please!
  • tinalyn15
    Used to love
    Like a lot of other popular podcast and recent reviews for them, it’s become to one sided political. If I wanted to be lectured I’d listen to the MSM, not a podcast supposedly about folklore.
  • poop fart poop fart
    Recommended for 10 and older
    I love it it is so good my favorite thing to listen to it to all the time it is so coolDefinitely recommended
  • reviewer74698653
    Reckless and/or Irresponsible Episode 150
    Episode 150:Addition- is reckless in light of all the tensions between the different people and races here in the USA and the BLM riots. This episode could stoke those tensions and that is irresponsible, reckless and not at all enlightened. The episode mentioned slavery as a scar that will never heal, and as long as this type of dialogue in this podcast keeps ripping at that scar, of course it will never heal. LORE is different now, repetitively has an agenda, overuse of “colonization” themes, negative, preaching and talking to its listeners as if they are ignorant or clueless, and we’re not. And at least for now in this country, we’re allowed to have and speak to our opinion. Podcasts need us, the listeners. We don’t “need” podcasts.
  • anfoutz
    More Lore, Less SJW
    People listen for Lore...not to have a social justice warrior preaching to them every chance he gets. Even podcasters are getting into to MSM game these days and I'm so over it.
  • Smikesmum
    One of a kind & time well spent
    Mahnke's "LORE" consistently delivers top-shelf content. My number one pick, and recommendation to anyone who is not already a fan. I anxiously anticipate each new episode, as I have never been disappointed with the "Lore" Podcast in any way.
  • MissRyah
    Fantastic Podcast.
    Aaron’s voice is awesome. The history is so interesting! ♥️
  • dubhdev
    love it!
    keeps me thinking and wondering. reminds me of how odd life can be at times. of the unreal coincidences that cross us daily but few will take the time to tie together. good job!
  • Korbiwan
    Dear Lord
    Amazing! What a vivid story teller— thank you for the thirst quenching words— tasty!
  • Jvitera
    Unfortunately it has changed
    I have been obsessed with this podcast since the very beginning. I have listened to episodes over and over and over again; while I’m cleaning while I’m driving while I’m working. You name it I used to have this podcast on! Unfortunately, I feel it has changed over the past year. There’s so much going on in our world that it would be nice to just have 30 minutes of mystery and wonder and even a little bit of suspense without having to deal with politics. His distain for the church or as he calls it “the white man” couldn’t be more clear. His focus on race and women gets a bit old to be honest. I don’t care what side of the aisle I am on, what policies matter to me, I don’t listen to a podcast about ghosts to highlight current events or pc standards. I have unsubscribed and will be removing Lore from my library.
  • Sowpdkjdjs
    Trucking while listening
    I only listen to this podcast at night while trucking. Perfect companion. Each episode is well narrated and the level of intrigue and suspense is just right for my taste. I can’t wait for October, Halloween season so I can hear some of the episodes while sitting by the fire pit late at night.
  • Nicsmomma07
    I am 10000% hooked on these podcasts! My favorite so far is echoes since I was born in Danvers Mass!
  • Scarness
    Been here since the beginning
    Well. The first 12 episodes at least. First non-fiction podcast I’d listened to and I was hooked. Mankhe’s writing is very good here as it combines both straight facts and mystery. He manages to make the stories being told relevant to modernity and pulls it off extremely well. There’s such deep wells of folk lore out there and Aaron Mankhe gives each one the respect it deserves, the simple historical facts, and the wondrous fantasy built around each story. Even if there’s no monster, there’s always something to be said about humanity. There’s also something to be said for someone keeping these stories and people alive in the first place. TLDR: Your history professor giving a lecture while low-key suggesting ghosts/vampires/wee free men changed the course of history.
  • l1t fam
    Alex the brave: I love lore
    I grew up listening to folk lore an creepy stuff that happens in history an this is amazing is 10/10 I would listen to this again even if there were no more episodes to listen to
  • Liliana8422
    Atmosphere A+
    One of my favorite podcasts to listen to while walking the dog in the forest or catching up with emails during work. Super versatile, you can either completely immerse yourself in the stories OR they make fantastic calming background noise. For some reason this podcast reminds gives me perfect fall vibes, no matter the time of year. Written by me, Liliana. Review edited by me, Liliana. Thoughts by me, Liliana. (Just kidding but if you know, you know :))
  • Reviewer number 10001
    I try not to dismiss podcasts just because the host annoys me, but it’s impossible. Aaron Mahnke’s delivery is overly contrived. I can’t get past his halting narration. Too bad. I’m sure some of the content would be really interesting to me.
  • zachclimber15207
    Absolutely captivating
    I’ve been catching up with all the episodes. Been listening straight for a week! The music along with it is hauntingly beautiful! One of the best out there, beautifully written. I’ve learned a lot and have a long list of new places to visit
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