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Join Rabbi Rami Shapiro as he interviews spiritual teachers, health experts, authors, and more from the pages of Spirituality + Health Magazine.

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  • Shill2121
    Dream interpretation
    What an exciting (but much too short) program on dreams. Doing that little exercise tonight! Thank you
  • pantherina99
    Truly Essential
    I’ve been feeding my soul by binge listening to Rabbi Rama xo
  • VMC800
    One of my favorites
    Always informative, usually quite entertaining. i listen to over 30 different podcasts; Rabbi Rami is about the most rational of all the hosts and interviewers.
  • Anon_y_mouse
    All time favorite podcast
    Rabbi Rami is the best, and all the guests are diverse and informative. I’m always left feeling inspired. Just wish the episodes were longer but the short and sweet is easy to consume. Highly recommend!
  • ASpeagle
    Essential Listening
    Rabbi Rami effortlessly hosts authentic conversations with a rich variety of teachers, activists, artists and other thinkers and doers. Some of my favorite episodes don’t feature spirituality gurus but people that understand life, the universe and the soul through a unique lens like music, nature, war or science. Every episode expands my mind and heart, even when I think it won’t.
  • Kobo1kanobi
    Patrick Shen interview missing
    I was searching for the interview of Patrick Shen discussing the making of Silence, his documentary, but the episode with that title is missing.
  • Chakwin
    Good smart interviews, but way too short
    Everyone knows the old joke about the food at summer camp: the food was terrible and the portions were so small. This is a new spin on that idea. The interviews are always good, sometimes brilliant, but they are held to rigid 20-minute limit which means that sometimes they end just as Rami and the guest are beginning to focus on an issue or to develop a connection among various ideas that were mentioned in the discussion. Rami is both learned in spiritual lore (he seems to be easily familiar with a wide range of approached) and very down-to-earth (his discussions are usually about everyday implications of spiritual insights and are couched in everyday language). His guests are interesting, smart, articulate people, including the likes of Matthew Fox, Thomas Moore, Damien Echols, and Matthieu Ricard. I only wish he had more time to spend with them. In a world in which long-form podcast episodes can easily take more than an hour, 20 minutes of this level of discussion can seem like a cruel tease.
  • MattMcWilliams
    WOW….Essential Conversations Podcast is flat out awesome. Good production quality. Easy to listen. Very impressed Rabbi. Keep bringing it.
  • jharder
    Wish it was longer
    I’ve enjoyed all the guests so far. Very open-minded conversations, and interesting even if I don’t agree with all the guests’ beliefs. I could have listened to Damien Echols talk for twice as long. It was interesting to hear how he brought so many different beliefs under one roof.
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