The Mom Hour


Co-hosts Meagan Francis and Sarah Powers have eight kids between them, little to grown. Weekly conversations offer practical tips and real-life encouragement for moms who want to enjoy motherhood more, and cut back on comparison, worry, and stress. We're not experts, we're moms who've been there. We're not perfect, we're real. Welcome to The Mom Hour.

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  • Kate1984314
    This is the only parenting podcast I listen to
    This is hands down my favorite podcast. There is a lot of content but it’s always of a high quality, the conversations are helpful and flow well and don’t ever feel forced. When I listen, I definitely feel like a part of a community, and I get helpful advice even from episodes that aren’t directed to my exact stage or experience
  • TamiHackbarth
    A Roadmap to the Future
    Ah! It is so nice to hear two moms of kids mostly older than mine talk about momming without the Pinterest-worthy crafts and huge birthday blow outs. I am a fan of the conversational style and feel like I have some down to earth mom friends.
  • Inthebay2727
    Sarah and Meagan are the best!
    I’m a new, first time mom and I’ve been listening to this podcast since I was pregnant. I love the range topics that Meagan and Sarah cover and the honesty that they bring to each episode. This podcast helps me feel seen!
  • stef.belsch
    I’ve been listening for years and I’m not sure why I waited so long to leave a review! Sarah and Meagan and great and I love listening. They are real and don’t judge. One of my fave podcasts!
  • irjskdu
    Honest and informative
    I love hearing two moms perspective on such a huge variety of topics.
  • brlistener9988
    So great for moms in the thick of raising kids
    Meagan and Sarah do such a great job offering nonjudgmental, empathetic, and practical tips to help moms feel less alone. They are funny, friendly and so helpful! Thanks for reminding me consistently that it really is all going to be okay. :)
  • KRLares
    Great Podcast!
    I love how great the chemistry is with Sarah and Meagan, it makes listening so enjoyable! My favorite part is the organization tips and it feels good to know we all struggle with keeping things organized. With how weird the last year was, it was great to have something to get away and listen to and help get through those harder days. Thank you both for such a great podcast!
  • Quinnycucu
    I love Meagan and Sarah!
    I just love Sarah and Meagan so much! I love how different they to each other but yet compliment each other so well. I really feel like I have just a mix of both of their personalities and love relating to all that they have to say and love their advice!
  • HalesRN
    Like talking with mom friends.
    I discovered this podcast as a way to stay awake while I drove to a girls weekend back in summer 2019. I immediately realized that this podcast was my new driving companion always! Meagan and Sarah explain things in a real and non judgmental way that has been so comforting to me as a mom. Thanks ladies!
  • TarynKeck
    Conversation between friends!!!
    This podcast has been my lifesaver. I been listening since my son was born in 2016!!! Sadly didn’t join their Facebook page until recently and I been missing out!!!! These ladies are amazing. The variety of topics these ladies come up with is wonderful. Never seems to be a repeat. I feel like I am sitting next to them with my coffee in hand joining Megan and Sara in their conversations. Just had my third child last week and I will continue to join these ladies for every episode. We are just old friends at this point that supports one another through the ups and downs of motherhood and womanhood! Thank you ladies for all your hard work that goes into the podcast and blog, it has not gone unnoticed. You helped me during the days when I was in a trench and my husband deployed. I laughed and cried with you. I swear I was just listening to 200 episode and now we just passed 300. Congratulations!!!
  • Mama2Charlotte
    Love it!
    I absolutely love the information these ladies give and how they present it. I’m always looking for motivation and inspiration, and I thank y’all for providing that during my busy days! Maunalee -Cherishing Childhood: The Low-Tech Parenting Podcast
  • dana_nyc
    The episode “Will I ever sleep again?” Had me laughing so hard and made me feel so seen! I have a 9-month old who was a great sleeper and is regressing and I’m so sleep deprived and my sweet husband really wants to help but it does take him a full 10 minutes to wake up, and by that time I would’ve already put the baby back down to sleep 😂 thank you Meagan and Sarah, as timely and useful as usual!!
  • hokiewilson2
    Awesome podcast for moms in all stages
    As a mom of four kids, I’ve been listening to these ladies for years. They are consistently coming up with interesting things to talk about, and I love to listen while I’m out for a walk or doing things around the house. They have become a go-to podcast for me over the years, and I recommend them to anyone I know! Keep up the great work ladies!
  • austin5121
    Lost ALL respect
    Lost all respect for the host making a joke about getting rid of her dog for getting in her bed. People like you who treat pets as disposable disgust me. Unsubscribing based on that seems silly but the way they treat animals says a lot about their character, and then to joke about it to be “cute”. Gross. Unfollowed immediately.
  • Tawny526
    The absolute best!
    As someone who has given many different motherhood podcasts a try, I can honestly say The Mom Hour is the best! Meagan and Sarah have the best energy together and their personalities compliment each other well. They do a great job being open and honest without bringing in strong opinions on controversial or political topics. I love hearing their opinions and how they’ve approached things personally without taking a judgmental tone. It’s amazing how much virtual camaraderie can really make you feel understood and validated in the both the challenges and highlights of motherhood - this podcast truly accomplishes that. I love getting a glimpse into life with older children and I have taken away so many practical tips from the show. Thank you to Meagan and Sarah for all of the hard work and dedication you’ve put into this show and I look forward to continue listening along!
  • Prego Heather
    Best podcast out there
    Surely I reviewed this years ago, but I think it’s due again. I recommend this to all my mom friends! If you want an entertaining, validating, calm mom podcast, this is the one for you! You will come away feeling uplifted, encouraged, validated in your struggles. Also good to note: their voices are nice and calm and will not get annoying or even shrill like some podcasts 😬. There’s so much content here that if you are starting now, you can listen as much as you want and practically never run out. Oh! Lastly, I have to mention that this is an organized podcast and you won’t get annoyed with them going off on 20 minute tangents (while still enjoying some shorter tangents) or them not getting started with the topic until halfway through the episode. Is this my favorite podcast? I think you can tell ☺️.
  • kleigh131
    This Podcast is awesome! Funny, real, & reassuring
    I love listening to these ladies! They always make me feel better about motherhood, tell real stories that I can relate to, and always make me smile while listening.
  • momhourfan
    Best mom podcast
    This is one of my favorite podcasts. So much relevant and enjoyable content. The hosts are great together and it’s like spending time with girlfriends.
  • Courtney 88
    Favorite Parenting Podcast
    The Mom Hour is a wonderful, down-to-earth conversation type podcast. The hosts, Megan and Sarah, provide wonderful advice in the form of their own experiences with their children. It has been incredible to feel heard in the early years of parenting (which can be such a lonely time for new mothers!) and also get glimpses into the future with older kids. They keep everything in perspective and I am so grateful for this podcast. Check out their extensive catalog of episodes that cover every parenting topic imaginable!
  • kpasby
    Love them! Great way to hear how real moms get things done and don’t go insane 😂 2021-02 I’ve finally listened to every episode!! I laughed, I cried and I’m so glad I listened to even the episodes I didn’t think I’d love (because I loved them)!!!
  • embrucla
    This show makes me feel seen and understood, like hanging out with good friends. Thank you Meagan and Sarah for sharing your experiences and insights and making this show!
  • Mangocp
    Thank you Sarah and Meagan!
    I’ve become a devoted listener of the Mom Hour during the pandemic. I look forward to downloading each new episode. Meagan and Sarah strike a great balance between entertainment and serious content. I highly recommend their show.
  • SusanECD
    Occasional misses but really appreciate the topics and the perspectives. Megan and Sarah are great and I love their chemistry and attitude.
  • EmmyannIA
    Never miss a podcast...
    Everything about this podcast makes you feel as if you are hanging with your friends. I LOVE the more than mom episodes where Sarah and Megan just chat about random topics from makeup to grade school crushes. The ladies are not judgy or pushy, but just friendly and saying how it has worked for them. Spoiler: life works differently for all their kids and so it’s okay that it does in your life, too!
  • Potatismosen
    I don’t feel alone anymore
    Since August 2020 I’ve started driving about 2 hours a day to drop off and pick up my kids so I can work from home. Six months later it’s still my favorite part of the day because 95% of the time I’m listening to previous and recent episodes of The Mom Hour. Now I’m also listening while taking walks, doing dishes, and drowning out my kids noises lol. So basically several episodes a day from the archive, going back to like 2015. I don’t have many friends who are moms and I’m the same age as Meagan and Sarah so I feel like I have been given these two good friends.
  • hello & thanks
    Thank you!
    I’ve been an avid listener for years and I’ve only just figured out how to leave a review (thanks for the instructions!) I love this podcast so much because its wisdom / ideas come from such down to earth moms. Thank you Meagan and Sarah! I feel I know you both after and your voices over the podcast feel like a chat with a friend.
  • Inksomuch
    Great for Moms in the middle years!
    I am in that weird phase with some grown up kids and still a handful at home. Not many podcasts connect with me here. But the Mom Hour does! Thanks for meeting me where I’m at—with one foot in the trenches and one out. Always relatable and always practical, and I always laugh out loud at least once. Thanks Megan and Sarah!
  • pineapplellen
    Wonderful listen
    I’ve been listening for several years.
  • chicagoRNwitch
    Best podcast!
    They’re kind, honest, and funny. Somehow they manage to create consistently excellent contact after all these years! I’ve listened to every episode and will keep listening as long as they keep podcasting.
  • KtotheT
    I love this podcast! I feel like Sarah and Meagan are down to earth, and I enjoy the variety of topics they cover. No other parenting podcast beats theirs, and I always look forward to their episodes.
  • MeganF.
    Awesome podcast!
    Sarah and Meagan have really done an amazing job with this podcast! I always enjoy their conversations; given the amount of episodes they have, it’s truly impressive that the quality of the conversations are top-notch. Great work, ladies! I actually look forward to tasks like cleaning the kitchen after my young children are in bed so that I can turn on The Mom Hour and feel like I have friends here with me. Keep ‘em coming!
  • Mysti in pdx
    Thanks so much for the wonderful pod
    I really appreciate it and look forward to each episode! Love the down to earth and no judgement environment! Starting listening as a brand new mom and it still helps me just as much 5 years later !!!
  • wahoowa08
    Fav podcast of all
    I listen first thing every Tuesday! Meagan and Sarah are the best—they are relatable, balanced, and funny. After going back and listening from the beginning I really feel like I know them. A must-listen for all moms!
  • Andrew D9
    The mom friends you didn’t know you needed
    I feel like Meagan and Sarah are the best mom friends I didn’t know I needed. They cover great topics with a heavy dose of reality that gives me permission to be myself, and not perfect. I love their choice of Voices hosts and how flexible they have been with content given world events. They continue to be my favorite parenting podcast. Subscribe immediately.
  • BSthinkhappy
    I have been listening to this podcast for years and I always find something that hits home. The best part is that I can relate so much to Sarah’s more type A personality and yet learn from Meagan’s experience and different approach. In a world where I often feel like even moms beat themselves up over differences these two show what friendship and respect really means. Listening is as close to therapy as I have and I am thankful. I now enjoy the More than Mom episodes since my kids are older.
  • Ldumez
    Love it!
    This is my favorite podcast, I listen to several but I am always the most excited when the Mom hour posts new episodes! Keep up the good work ladies! Love you both!
  • LPIU123
    My favorite podcast.
    Sarah and Meagan are the best of the best. They are so encouraging, funny, and authentic in the way they share their insights and stories of motherhood. This podcast is a profound influence on the way I think about motherhood, and I am so grateful for the content they share!
  • TBachner
    A great way to spend some “me” time.
    Listening to their podcast has been a great way to relax during these unusual times. They touch on a variety of topics and have done a great job of letting me know it is all going to be alright.
  • Teacher mommy 05
    Such a great one!
    My favorite mom friends I’ve never met! So enjoy the banter and just everyday discussions each week. Feel like they are part of my life and I look forward to “hanging” With them each week!
  • kaylanjones240
    Long listener of mom podcasts and I’m so excited to have found this one!!! I’m loving the fun back and forth of these fantastic ladies it’s just so great. Thank you! 💓🙌
  • Mama cookie maker
    This show saves my sanity
    Love this podcast. Have been a long time listener and I appreciate the range of topics. So many nuggets of mama gold and inspiration in this show.
  • KTRech
    Friends I’ve never met
    I absolutely love The Mom Hour. When I became a mom, I was living in a new town with zero friends. It was lonely and challenging. I started taking daily walks through my neighborhood and stumbled upon The Mom Hour. It was like making two new mom friends, who validated me, supported me and told me it was OK to be less than perfect! The first episode I listened to was about birthday celebrations and I still mention it to friends and relatives when birthdays come around. Thanks ladies!
  • jfried2015
    Fun and informative
    Love listening to this podcast! I’ve also listened to so many episodes from years past. Thank you for fun, informative content!
  • sh.perman
    Love you two!
    Updating this - I am a loyal listener and have recommended it to so many friends! You two are amazing and I’m sometimes literally laughing out loud! It’s such a treat to listen to you while driving, unloading the dishwasher, etc - you make it so much more enjoyable! Thank you for validating so many thoughts that moms are thinking and giving great advice! You make moms feel like they’re your best friends and are sitting around chatting over a cup of coffee (or tea 😉).
  • Emluv22
    One of the best
    One of the best parenting podcasts out there! I love listening to each and every episode and it fills my soul with happiness about how real and honest Meagan and Sarah are about parenting.
  • Alissa4kids
    The Loveliest Podcast about Motherhood
    This is hands down the most delightful parenting podcast with two of the most down to earth moms. Just listened to the 2020 holidays past episode and I’m feeling so nostalgic! ❤️
  • smwpac
    Relatable topics
    I really enjoyed the pandemic perspectives. Thanks for sharing so many stories and reminding us that we don’t always know everything about another’s situation. I love the regular parenting topics too. Thanks!
  • Kristina Stier
    I can’t be a mom without Sarah and Meagan💜
  • CindyEP311
    Best podcast ever
    These ladies are down to earth, funny, and real! I started listening to their podcast when my first was a few months old and now he’s a year and a half and we’re expecting another in March! I’ve gone back and listened to their old episodes and it’s still so relevant, thank you so much for putting out great content and working hard each week for us listeners to indulge in! Keep up the awesome work!!
  • ThatFrenchPress
    So encouraging!
    Love this podcast. Meagan and Sarah are so encouraging, honest and down-to-earth. Definitely one of my favorite podcasts!
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