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Sports #216

ESPN's Zach Lowe talks to various basketball people about various basketball things.

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  • NBA fan named Ralph
    Lowe Post
    This is a great podcast
  • ideal listener
    Stop snapping your fingers into the mic
    Annoying habit. Stop. We know what snappy means. Terrible on the ears
  • K-187
    Great pod! One prob!
    Zach, I love the pod and the occasional discussion of the wonders of Croatia. But someone has played a cruel joke and convinced you that Brian Scalabrine is a worthwhile guest. His words are neither interesting or informative. Surely there's another living, breathing human being on the planet you could invite to discuss this consequential franchise. When I listen to Brian Scalabrine talk, I think of Michael Rappaport. That is not a compliment. It's the one sour note in what's otherwise a wonderful endeavor. Thank you for doing what you do with such intellect and humor. And thank you for your time.
  • web209
    Missing two games in todays pod
    Love the pod, but two of the games listed in the notes didn’t actually make it into the recording. Don’t know how else to communicate that.
  • Peter Guillam
    … building a mansion. Twelve bricks at a time. *** Fat Princess Zion ain’t balling ‘cause Fat Princess Zion ain’t in shape. *** David’s “arc” of the Fat Princess Zion just a jelly doughnut. Anyone doubt that the Fat Princess Zion inhales a dozen jelly doughnuts every morning? Before breakfast? *** Lil’ Zach already whining that Sistah Embiid is a Victim MVP for the second straight season. *** Sistah Embiid CHICKENED OUT on the Joker in Mile Hile City for the FOURTH STRAIGHT SEASON, and Lil’ Zach ain’t got word one to say about it. *** Miami don’t need a Tyler Herro/‘Cause he’s such a Bleepin’ Zero/All the Heat want/Is tough 3-and-D (h/t - Tina Turner, RIP) Belongs on one of the Tokens: Southies or Mormons. *** May 24, 2023: Davy Mc whines, Oh no! If The Queen quits, I’ll be back covering the San Quentin Back Door Bangers in the California Lifers League!
  • The jazz man 123
    Go JAZZ
    Stop saying really bad stuff against the Jazz
  • ajflight3
    Lowe Post slightly declining
    I love Zach Lowe but man does he get a lot of his analysis wrong. He knows so much about the game of basketball yet he lacks picking the correct results year in and year out. His guests are hit or miss. I like Bobby marks the most because he has really good insight on how things work, Chiney is surprisingly knowledgeable, and we need more Bill Simmons. The worst guests are definitely Doris Burke who is clearly a casual watcher. Seems like she knows less about the game than you would think.
  • Shevek2020
    Best NBA pods
  • bridgeseller
    It is generally fine.
    Generally fine, but his go-to is some variation of “No one is talking about…” and you know what? They are talking about it. If you played a drinking game you would get drunk every episode drop. I have subscribed and unsubscribed so many times. On the fence.
  • Payitback
    Talented Writer, Podcast Is A Tough Listen
    Zach is unquestionably one of the best NBA writers in the business and I always learn something listening to his podcast. With that said, Zach needs to make an effort to allow his guests to speak. I listened to a recent episode where he had Bobby Marks on and found Zach does not give his guests a chance to speak. I actually felt sorry for Bobby as he could not get a word in edge-wise while zach was pontificating on a variety of topics. A good host makes his guest the focal point of the show and by doing so enhances his own reputation. ESPN should offer its podcasters training to help them develop effective interviewing skills. This training would benefit the hosts as well as ESPN’s bottom line.
  • vico0313
    This is my favorite podcast and you guys have trash reviews
  • NBA heavy user
    Best BB podcast. Period
    So much better than TNT “analysis “ and the ESPN shouting matches. I do have one question: when talking about Tatum for MVP, did you not see how poor his clutch numbers are? And when Brian Scalabrine arguing that Tatum was very well guarded, Zach should have pushed back and tell him that every superstar has to deal with that.. They all get doubled, blitzed, boxed and one, have the entire defense focused on them etc. - the great ones find a way, Tatum disappointed in every post season, especially in clutch games and situations.
  • GusAyon19
    Gone way down the tubes
    Just all Warriors and Lakers talk before any other teams. It’s like any other ESPN NBA content now. Talking about two play-in teams rather than any of the top 4 teams in either conference.
  • denverace
    No other NBA pod comes close
    Zach is the best NBA analyst in the game. He brings on consistently great guests, gives them the mic, and prompts them with questions that show he’s actually watching the team being covered. Wish he’d kept his MVP vote- we need people who make an effort to see the league clearly to be voters. I’d love to see fewer guests from NBA Today- this pod is a haven from hot-takery, and having Perk on waters down the consistent A+ content. I know ESPN is invested in promoting the folks on that program, and Malika was fantastic last week.
  • datarez
    Lakers and Warriors rehash
    Used to be good and now it’s just complain “I have to talk about Lakers and Warriors on tv all week” but then immediately “But,what about the Lakers and Warriors” for a hour. Unsubscribed.
  • Led Gozeppelin
    He’s become unlistenable
    I used to like him but now he invites guests in and talks over them. Its a slog to get through. He and Simmons used to do a nice home and home exchange but last time he was talking over Simmons and almost pouting when Simmons disagreed This pod has reached a new Lowe and I’m out
  • Ben47031
    The Lakers Pod ft. Zach Lowe
    Used to be the best. But it seems like Zach’s brain has been melted by ESPN, ratings, Stephen A Smith, the Lakers and Warriors, hot takes, etc
  • Mr. Money-Trees
    New terrible intro music
    Why did you add the 5 second melody at the beginning? Leave it as it was since the beginning of time
  • You'llThankMeLater
  • macdon763
    Best Lakers themed podcast
    Absurd amount of Lakers coverage to my mind, otherwise a top 3 NBA podcast. Zach Lowe knows his subject and presents it with enthusiasm and humor
  • JFree444
    Great analysis, seriously
    But please no more Chiney Ogwumike.
  • jrondojrondojrondo
    I like Zach
    I like Zach Lowe a lot, but I’ve grown to feel like this podcast is basically: Basketball for Dummies. Still, good man good pod.
  • positive clipper
    Awesome podcast and great appearance on NBA today, didn’t fully grasp how much you really don’t like the clippers and harden. I understand your predictions were wrong in past seasons. The hottest team in the WCF should get a episode other than the negative one when the trade was made. Do better
  • Loucifer1979
    Slam dunk
    Zach has one of the two best NBA pods along with Bill Simmons. He brings an authenticity and love of wordplay that keeps the regular season interesting.
  • The Actual Rapper Cam'Ron
    Where’d Lowe Go
    I’ve been a Lowe fan since Grantland, but his coverage of Draymond’s violence against other players — “We’re just so worried about him getting the help he deserves” — is the first time I’ve doubted his credibility and ability to cover the league objectively. There’s no indication of substance abuse causing the violence, Green has spoken proudly and unrepentantly about each incident, and all (Poole, Sabonis, Gobert, Nurkic) had the potential to be career-enders. But no no, Draymond is the victim. Guess I’m glad he never went in-depth on Miles Bridges.
  • Cmmmmmmm
    The best
  • bfry213
    Lowe is legit
    Probably the only person on ESPN you can listen to for hoops (aside from Legler who’s never on). Otherwise he would be better served by having non espn ppl like Adam Mares and the Dunker Spot guys on more frequently.
  • WorldTravelerLife
    Ahistorical, Embarrassing and Grotesque
    Of course, Zach Lowe makes an insane, asinine statement on 10/26/2023’s NBA Today, saying about Zion that “no one has *ever* done the spin for the lob with that level of explosion,” (DID SHAQ O’NEAL NOT EXIST IN YOUR WORLD?), and then follows it up by saying Tim Duncan is better than Kobe Bryant and there is “no argument.” This clown legitimately knows basketball, but has zero respect for the *history* of the NBA and its players. I met this bozo and spoke hoops with him back in January 2020, and he’s even more imbecilic in person. Shameful and embarrassing that he’s given a platform and voice to spread absurd and unnecessary distortions of this beautiful game and league.
  • MC2020202
    ESPN’s Only Credible Analyst
    Updating my review today just to communicate that Nekias Duncan is a tremendous and worth guest on this show. Please have him on more. It makes this show even better.
  • sheridan4568742
    This podcast soothes my soul better than my last few shrinks. He is brilliant.
  • Ajh0023
    The NBA's best writer is just as good at podcasting. Not only is is incredibly entertaining but there is no one I have learned more from about NBA basketball than Zach lowe. He is the best and the guests are a never ending cast of all stars. I do miss Arnovitz’s appearances though. You guys were awesome together. Hope he makes an appearance this season!
  • empathYCounty
    One of the best of the best
    Zach is incredibly insightful and well connected, bringing a great range of voices and ideas to his pod that are so often entertaining. My favorite parts of this show, though, are when Zach is solo on his mic, speaking directly to his audience about his thoughts on the state of a situation, the thrill of an event, or the excellence of a ball player. I love this show!
  • dyno don123
    Great pod
    Love this podcast; thorough and authoritative. With great guests.
  • Evsbee
    Good pod but
    McMahon sounded sort of racist a few times on this 9/11 episode
  • Chester, SC
    Lowe's a baller
    Hope he had a great time in Croatia this summer!
  • jnb58
    Good writer… As a podcaster Zack has nothing important to say about basketball. Soft questions. No new angles. NBA coverage is trash because reporters are too close to the subject.
  • anon poly student
    Zach Lowe 4 Ever
    A great basketball reporter and an even better person. I have a lot of admiration and respect for Zach Lowe. This show is always a delight.
  • Aaron Marcizzle
    Smartest Sports Podcast Out There
    Zach brings sophistication to the game with his thought out, analytics-based, level headed insights into the game. I feel that some of his guests are not quite up to par with the high standard of content that’s normal on this pod but overall it’s very good and my favorite NBA podcast.
  • MNYokel
    Almost a perfect podcast
    Only problem is when that hack Will Simmons is a guest
  • Julio Franco's dong
    Very informative but lowe can be a gasbag, frustrating when he gets in the way of his guests n goes on his rants.
  • Steveteai
  • ToneBoneinthe815
    Sad Bulls Fan
    For the love of god please stop going to Nick Friedell for Bulls content.
  • tommzmust1
    Zach and Dan Le Batard
    It doesn’t get better than Mr Lowe and the Legend Mr le Batard on this awesome pod. Thank you!
  • Lolo13419
    Dan Lebatard 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆
    Love hearing Dan on the other end of the microphone. He’s just terrific and the way he speaks is true “poetry” as Zach says.
  • Miguel Kings
    Not as Great as it Used to be
    I used to like the Lowe Post for being more knowledgeable about the game compared to other ESPN personalities. However, the analysis has gotten more unhonest & biased towards certain players and has turned into propaganda for who ESPN wants to shove down your throats. This podcast has become unlistenable because of that. The Athletic has better writers with more enjoyable personalities that cover the NBA with less biases.
  • Sqoddfather
    “Doing well.”
    “Zach, I am doing well. How are you?” -K. Arnovitz Top podcast.
  • Fartface77
    Great Podcast
    Last time I checked this was free. If you don't enjoy it just don't listen. What us wrong with people?
  • doorjamjabbar
    Mike Malonely-at-the-top
    Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em Mikey
    Very casual, little real insight
    bluf: I think Lowe is a decent podcaster personality, but this is basically just a reframing of very superficial basketball “analysis”. I didn’t realize how bad it was till I paid more attention to basketball podcasts which add an element of analysis to their shows. The issue is that Lowe relies a lot on his access to the NBA via ESPN but doesn’t do his homework. He seems to know little about the sport, but repeats things other people say in a very “analytic” format. The way coaches use players, game plan, and ultimately win and lose games and championships is totally absent from this pod. Simply listen to this pod *after* the games where he makes predictions or talks about what could happen in upcoming games; you’ll find that he often completely misses central aspects of the matchup he is discussing, how players execute different game plans, and how coaches work, resulting in embarrassing takes that seem like they came from a different planet. Hard pass.
  • Dmw411
    Perfect mix of humor and quality content in the sports world. ESPN needs more Zack Lowe assuming his family life can handle it. Listening for a while now and I really appreciate the consistency from this podcast!
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