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ESPN's Zach Lowe talks to various basketball people about various basketball things.

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  • Peter Guillam
    Zach Lowe…
    … is to Bam Adebayo as Mark Levin is to Duh Donald. Zach and Levin got their knee pads at the same summer camps. *** Heat don’t need a Tyler Heee-ro/‘Cause he’s such a Bleepin’ Zeee-ro/All Miami needs/Is tough 3-and-D (h/t - Tina Turner, RIP) *** 13 BRICKS in 23 heaves at the free throw line from The Greek Brick. That is why the Buckeroos CHOKED against the Heat. *** KD can’t win without Stephanie. *** Klay can’t win without Weed. *** First thing Dray shoulda done when Golden State got to LA was punch Jordan Poole in the mouth. *** No “broken rib” for Wiggy. Wiggy had Long COVID. Again. Just like Wiggy had Long COVID during the season. Wiggy won’t booster. Wiggy keeps getting sick and sticking it to the Warriors. *** Zach ripped Joker down the stretch to obey K Perk and gift Brotha Embiid the LVP. *** May 24, 2023: Davy Mc whines, Oh no! If The Queen quits, I’ll be back covering the San Quentin Back Door Bangers in the California Lifers League!
  • Sqoddfather
    “Doing well.”
    “Zach, I am doing well. How are you?” -K. Arnovitz Top podcast.
  • Fartface77
    Great Podcast
    Last time I checked this was free. If you don't enjoy it just don't listen. What us wrong with people?
  • doorjamjabbar
    Mike Malonely-at-the-top
    Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em Mikey
  • You'llThankMeLater
    Grown man analysis
    Thank you for the research, depth of understanding, and ability to make a secondhand conversation interesting to an audience of considerable size. All love.
    Very casual, little real insight
    bluf: I think Lowe is a decent podcaster personality, but this is basically just a reframing of very superficial basketball “analysis”. I didn’t realize how bad it was till I paid more attention to basketball podcasts which add an element of analysis to their shows. The issue is that Lowe relies a lot on his access to the NBA via ESPN but doesn’t do his homework. He seems to know little about the sport, but repeats things other people say in a very “analytic” format. The way coaches use players, game plan, and ultimately win and lose games and championships is totally absent from this pod. Simply listen to this pod *after* the games where he makes predictions or talks about what could happen in upcoming games; you’ll find that he often completely misses central aspects of the matchup he is discussing, how players execute different game plans, and how coaches work, resulting in embarrassing takes that seem like they came from a different planet. Hard pass.
  • Dmw411
    Perfect mix of humor and quality content in the sports world. ESPN needs more Zack Lowe assuming his family life can handle it. Listening for a while now and I really appreciate the consistency from this podcast!
  • Fav pure basketball pod
    Fav pure basketball pod
    Smart analytics, reasonable attitude, and explains the game of basketball in a well thought out and respectful way. Love the show, appreciate Zach and his many guests, including Beck, Marks, and Pelton. Thank you!!
  • jdsaladfingers
    Tim Bontemps is an awful guest
    Please, Zach. You hate him. We hate him. Stop having awful guests on. Guests who constantly derail you just as you’re about to make your point. Tim Bontemps deliberately sabotages the show. He stinks. Never again.
  • Jozy22
    Greatest niche basketball podcast ever
    I came for the smart basketball analysis but I stayed for the Seinfeld references. I love that Zach is letting his personality come through a lot more lately. I never miss an episode… except the ones that feature Jeff Van Gundy. JVG is insufferable.
  • justrmor
    The Marc Spears Episode was Garbage
    I typically like Zach Lowe but he was completely out of touch with this podcast. Draymond practically begged Silver to suspend him with his antics. The homerism is ridiculous.
  • Historyyearner
    Most recent podcast not showing in feed on Apple Podcasts
    Most recent podcast not showing in feed on Apple Podcasts
  • Monkeyface7
    Some get there by playing a character and some get there with substance like Zach Lowe.
  • MikeyMike021990
    I’ve been listening to Zach for years. It’s only been recently that shows, much like his counterpart Bill Simmons, are riddled with “Goddamns” and “Jesus Christs” as passing phrases to demonstrate surprise, shock, or awe. I wish Zach didn’t turn to this. It’s been only recently. It’s something I’m trying to remove from my own vernacular, and when I hear it over and over that becomes more challenging for me to do. Big fan, Zach. I’ll check back occasionally, as I do with Bill, to see if there is change.
  • simonxhan
    Biased, subjective takes packaged as “objective”
    Zach Lowe is quite possibly the most biased sports reporter in America. He sounds like a nasal-y nerd as he continues to get on his knees for Jokic. EMBIID FOR MVP.
  • EscobarTheMan
    This dudes a clown and can’t ever admit his takes our wrong.
  • coopmanjones23
    Fire your producer
    This pod repeats at the most random time. I’ll think I hit reply by mistake when in fact it’s just the pod itself repeating something. I don’t know who uploads these or produces them but change the process, fire them, or at least make sure they review before they upload. It’s so annoying and happens at multiple time’s especially this most recent episode (3/10/23). I couldn’t even finish it because it was so annoying. FIX IT LOWE!!!
  • 10Blades
    Howard Beck Episode was UN-listenable!
    Usually really like this podcast. But Zach and Beck tripping over themselves to not say: Kendrick Perkins made a dumb remark about MVP voting, was infuriating. Perk said something stupid and is getting the appropriate blowback (see Charles Barkley’s joke). Move on.
  • Keem Beam
    Bad takes
    Dude just rubs his little Willy to the idea of Jokic winning the MVP
  • Bugatti_Grand
    Zach Lowe does not know ball. He does not understand the advanced statistics he bases all his opinions on. And he’s subtly racist.
  • Zkjsmcw90
    2023 MVP
    Beck and Lowe were awful today. It’s funny how everyone is now saying that the MVP race isn’t over, but only one name has been mentioned for months. Giannis went for a 3 peat three years ago. He was denied and the same logic would apply to any non-white player.
  • drewseph42
    Good pod, but let your guests talk!
    Have always enjoyed listening to Zach talk basketball, but my one major complaint is when he has guests on…especially team reporters…he never lets them talk! It just ends up being minutes long monologues that leave his guests with nothing else to really talk about. LET THEM TALK! ask the open ended question and let them run with it. That’s why they’re on the show!!!
  • WyntonJelly
    Best nba pod
    Zach is unquestionably the GOAT
  • Ryan184
    Flat out awful.
    What a waste of time, Lowe is seems like he’s half asleep and his guests are usually worse.
  • RPD-93
    The Steph Curry Episode
    Zach is the best. This is a great show. Listen to nearly every episode. But ESPN was totally wrong to use the space and brand Zach has built here to insert an episode of Bob Meyers’ podcast (??) with absolutely no context. Pure propaganda and insulting to Zach’s listeners. Corporate hackery.
  • captnzen
    Let Ramona talk!
    Lowe drones on into infinity & rarely gives her a chance to talk! I punched out because monologues become tedious to listen 🎧 to.
  • JeffC5643
    Get Ramona to stop saying Yeah…
    Zach: Please no more Ramona!! She’s not prepared for your questions about All Star and she can’t help herself to keep saying Yeah when you are talking. I will be passing over the podcast next time she is on. Otherwise love your pod!
  • Obi1Kenob1
    Get Ramona off the pod
    Holy god I wrote a review just so I don’t have to hear Ramona yell “YEA!” to interrupt Zach every 10 seconds. Stop trying to come off as knowledgeable Love the show in general
  • t.;fyl,i oi7cb8h/;.y8u98
    Thunder andrew schlect!
    Enjoyed talking Thunder on-court play with Andrew Schlect!
  • Led Gozeppelin
    Zach is great
    Hard working, likable and informative. The best of the basketball nerd class (way better than the the Mismatch which is unlistenable)
  • jsjdhebxh
    He covers small market teams and also expands my knowledge of the nba with interesting conversations. Awesome podcast Zach here are 3 questions I’d love for you to answer 1: pop called the nba a circus. Do you think the nba should have more physical defense? Hip checking? If so what changes would you make 2: do you think certain stars get special treatment on referee calls? Or have in the past? Does it take away some of there greatness? Is that okay or not okay to you? 3: should the nba ban trades and prevent super team ups? Should the league be more evenly spread with talent? If so how? Or do you like the super teams and multiple championships from one team like with the Celtics and lakers?
  • Homey boy
    Zach and his aversion to critical thinking
    Love Zach for his analysis. But why does Zach continue to refer to Kyrie issues last year( not taking vaccine) as “morass”? Is it because he is from NY metro area and is required? Is it because he squawks about the league and is mandated? Is it because his lengthy analytical written pieces and tv spots/pods preclude him from digesting even the slightest bit of information regarding that deplorable mandate and the now known repercussions? Even in the attempt to remain neutral, it could be referred to as “much debated” or “not as much was known”. Joe Tsai could have paid 50k fine to support a personal medical decision and yet it’s never mentioned. I am stunned at how someone that uses critical thinking skills to determine success of team defense schemes or the offensive cohesion of new teammates, refuses to use it for something so culturally important.Intelligent people can’t be intelligent only when they want. Otherwise, they aren’t.
  • tvills
    If you listen to Lowe, there’s only 4-6 teams in the league
    It’s a coin flip if the episode is going to be about the Nets, Lakers or Mavs and it gets so BORING. You literally had someone on to talk about the Nets a week ago. Do better
  • Casnh
    Good writer, poor podcaster
    Zach Lowe is obviously knows the NBA inside and out, but he’s really hard to listen to.
  • YosemiteLou
    Zach Lowe always funny, dropping knowledge
    Just a fun listen all the time and I’m a better basketball fan for doing so.
  • roosterfreak
    Favorite basketball podcast! Always great
  • rowjoand
    Used to be 5 stars
    Love Zach as host but between the shows getting longer and the cursing getting worse, I had to lower the stars
  • Hoelzlmd
    Dynamic Duo
    Chiney and Zach are fantastic together!
  • Finstagrum
    God I hate Nick Friedell
    I used to think he was a grizzled vet of the industry. He has his husky voice and talks about how he’s been around the various teams for a long time. Then a few years ago, he revealed that he was 30 years old lol. Each team he moves to: “Zack, I’ve been around this time ALL YEAR. I know these guys”. Slow down there Jackie Mack
  • Thoughtful Reviewer
    Zach is tremendous
  • jaaydubbb
    Punch pulling brown noser
    The only thing Zach seems to care about anymore is maintaining access and being well liked around the league. His player and executive interview podcasts are uninsightful and mostly involve him back slapping and brown nosing.
  • Bayrexington
    Get a pop filter please
    For the love of baby Jesus get a a better mic and a pop filter pleaseeeee. I can’t listen to this on my headphones. Best nba pod sounds awful tho
  • Platypus and pancake
    Has Gone Downhill
    Used to enjoy this Podcast, but cannot take the raised voice/yelling from Zach half the time. Notice how your guests talk in measured voices and don’t need to screech their positions? Think being around Stephen A Smith has affected this Podcast in a very negative way. If you can get your yelling under control would want to listen again. Right now though it’s like nails on a chalkboard.
  • Nola time
    ISO Journalism
    Zach used to be a patient interviewer. He no longer listens to his guests. He instead indulges his guests with a momentary sound of silence while building a launching pad for his pedantic and discordant monologues. My turn, your turn. It is no longer a dialogue. No passing on Zach’s court. Journalistic equivalent of ISO ball. Reminds me of late career, tired, vain Charlie Rose or Mike Wallace. But Zach is still young. He needs to go back to school and study Studs Terkel ‘s game.
  • Brudd3788
    Stop recording from the bottom of a well and get a real haircut.
  • Champagneluke
    Love this pod and all its guests! Currently having Lowe post withdrawals! Come back already 😂😭
  • StarryNight97
    Apprentice has become the Master
    Take all the skills of the Podfather and then double the actual knowledge of the game. this pod is amazing.
  • JimmyJam33
    “By the way…” with Zach Lowe.
    Oh, this pod is legit.
  • Pohn Catrick Joen
  • bosschang24
    Great show as long as…
    …Bontemps isn’t on.
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