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Jason Weiser and Carissa Weiser tell stories from myths, legends, and folklore that have shaped cultures throughout history. Some, like the stories of Aladdin, King Arthur, and Hercules are stories you think you know, but with surprising origins. Others are stories you might not have heard, but really should. All the stories are sourced from world folklore, but retold for modern ears. These are stories of wizards, knights, Vikings, dragons, princesses, and kings from the time when the world beyond the map was a dangerous and wonderful place.

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  • YoGab3
    Got ‘Em!
    This podcast is DOPE. I’m a HUGE Greek Mythology nerd so I LOVE those episodes but the others a BLAST to listen to as well. He’s such a PHENOMENAL storyteller no lie so these are RIDICULOUSLY easy to listen to, you tell by how many of my words are in caps🤷🏾‍♀️Anyway, LISTEN to this Podcast, you’ll get smarter and have fun!💕
  • I’m just a Poe boy
    Fantastic and accessible storytelling.
    As a fellow literature nerd I appreciate the stories that are shared here. They are accessible to a wide audience because they are clear and easy to understand when sometimes the original texts referenced can be dense or difficult to read. 1000/10 I recommend!
  • SFmim
    Carpool legends
    For the past 4 years I have driven a carpool full of severely dyslexic/adhd boys to their specialized school. 3 of 5 are now graduating from 8th grade and will be moving on to different high schools. M&L turned our 45 minute commute into magic carpet rides. So often our dyslexic children have limited access to material that they actually are fully able to engage with. Your shows opened a world to the past, to the far away, to the beautiful and the wonderful. Thank you! Meriem P.S. just ordered 5 t-shirts to commemorate!
  • hazelmmg
    I ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 your podcast!!!!
    Your podcast is great! I think that you should do an episode about Otera and the amazons,and how they came to be.
  • bobnffguOYsuraihfwoyeaoyraiyra
    I love love LOVE this podcast!!
    I LOVE this podcast!!! It’s the most amazing podcast in the history of ever!!! I once saw a review were someone said there were too many ads but there are only two per episode. But that aside I think this is an excellent podcast and you should listen to it!
  • Gibby smalls
    I listen to the stories while I am going to sleep. I made it 4 stars though because sometimes there are some background noises that are used that are kinda loud (I am not talking about the commercials). The commercials are fine because I know they’re coming but there was a random blow horn in one episode that threw me off a little. Overall though, wonderful.
  • This_Queen_is_slayinggg
    why’s this so good😍
    i’ve only listened to this consistently for abt a year but i’ve almost finished all the episodes… it’s addicting ok! love it so much thank you!
  • Seilide
    Favorite Podcast
    Myths, legends, and fairy tales from around the world, retold in an accessible and gently humorous way. Even though the episodes come out Tuesdays, I save them for my Friday homeward commute to kick off the weekend!
  • Anonymous92863
    I love this podcast because it's the perfect mix of suspense and comedy with a dash of some other stuff but honestly it's got to be the best myth and legends podcast I have come across and I love the all the podcasts Jason hosts because his voice is so soothing and puts me to sleep when I want and can engage me when I want. Jason keep doing what you do best, you are a G.O.A.T and so are your podcasts. 👍🏽🔝✔️
  • wolfie/wolf
    Gave it a 5
    I really like how he has made myths and monsters more family friendly. There is a little to much PC sometimes. But really good stories from around the world It's one of the few podcasts I listen to regularly
  • 183549-
    Hands down the best
    I love listening to this podcast! He turns boring, far too long myths into humorous stories that are just the right amount of time. Would recommend.
  • dkcjndnfgbm
    To scary but I like it
    I love la llarona It’s so fun and scary
  • 3eteer
    The best podcast ever!
    Love all myths but I would love to hear more about Greek mythology. Like the classics and I’m up for the last stretch of the journey to the west check out they’re other podcasts today!!! Also sub to Technoblade Random person 2019
  • #95 Beast Jones!
    Kansas City Chiefs fan!
    This is one of my favorite podcasts!
  • olibear5457
    Monkey king
    Need more monkey king NOW, please. I have also been reading journey to the west and the three kingdoms and it is amazing. You guys have really inspired me and I love your podcast soooooooo much. Keep up the good work.
  • Juices_are_juicy
    Not as good as Donkey Kong
    In 1984 I started busking in the streets of New York City for money to buy cigarettes (I had a crippling nicotine addiction). I was only seven at the time, but I was still really good at the kazoo. But it wasn’t enough. I wanted to go big. So I signed a contract with Broadway to play the entire cast and band in the hit musical “Weezer: From Brazil to Riches”. The director was named Licin J Daeli. With his help, I became the first transgender British socialist stage 6 cancer patient to play every role in a play. But then I learned that the real Broadway was the friends we made along the way. I quit the show before it opened and everyone involved lost thousands of dollars except me. I used my new found wealth to buy the entire state of Kansas, in which I currently reside. In other words, the show was good, but not as good as Donkey Kong.
  • MauiMama808
    Making connections
    I love how this podcast cracks open stories, myths, legends, and folklore in a way that can give us a different insight into some of the thoughts, lifestyles, and beliefs of our many different ancestors. The way he covers a variety of cultures from around the world, and brings to light how similar we all are and humans while also highlighting our important and beautiful differences within our cultures is fascinating and thought provoking. Thanks for this!
  • DoG$$01105
    Sun Wukong!
    More Monkey King episodes please! I’ve been reading Journey to the West (translated by C. Yu) and it’s one of my favorite stories now! I love hearing Jason tell the stories!
  • rani3000love
    Good,scary creatures
    I think this podcast has so much potential,but the creatures of the week thing is terrifying to me.I try to got to bed with this thing once or twice and the creatures especially the nightmare one is terrifying.long story short could you make this less scary or alps least make a kid version with less of the scary creatures. (FYI this is my opinion,not trying to be rude)
    I love this podcast so much, I am so glad you are doing the Greek gods! You really bring these stories to life.
  • Larry bobshhh basssss
    Keep Up The Good Work💟
    I Listen To Your Podcast All The Time And I’m Not Disappointed! I Love How You Have So Much Voice In Your Story Telling. The Only Thing I Don’t Like Is How You Say Hercules In Greek Mythology When It Is Pronounced Hera-cules, Besides That It Is Amazing Keep Doing What You’re Doing And I’ll Keep Listening.
  • poultrykitten
    Best podcast ever!
    I love this podcast and it teaches atypical lessons and gives you all the feels! This podcast can’t get any better! I would love some Aboriginal stories from Australia and some Native American stories. Thanks
  • yed101
    pretty good
    i like it a lot but it needs seasons and topics for each topic. it also should have more on Egyptian mythology
  • aizee🐬🦄🦢🕊❄️
    Love it
    I love this podcast. All the stories are fascinating and funny. You will not be disappointed. Also check out their other podcasts!
  • ThatOneGhostie
    LOVE ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • Merc pour
    Great podcast
    This is an entertaining and satisfying podcast. There are so many high-quality episodes waiting for you, you will not be disappointed. The ads aren’t very exciting but if you don’t like them honestly just skip past them or spend five dollars on a membership. Ti Jason: episode 313b. Yes. Kobold. You referenced the stats correctly! One thing though. ‘Reptilian’ isn’t a tag. #Dnd
  • NawImOutBoo
    Gromer Somer Jourey’s Out
    I LOVE THIS PODCAST so much that I went all the way back to the first episode and have binged every single one! If you’re kinda nerdy, love dad jokes, aren’t ashamed to LOL when you’re the only audience member in the grocery store, and you’ve been looking for THE podcast, you found it! I waited to finally post a review until the end of my binge to definitively say that I’m DISAPPOINTED… that it’s over and I have to wait till next week for more!!! I told myself I’d wait till I ran out (which took quite a while) to get the membership, and now I’m headed to do that and order a “blame it on the butter cat” sticker for my garage/grown ups only/sticker fridge. Honestly, listening to whatever random thing on Amazon was more expensive than the membership was one of the highlights for me. Ok, Jason, I’m convinced. I’ll admit, I did buy the salt bug shooter first. Deep South porches require extreme measures to maintain serenity, and I had it before I ever heard this podcast. Anywho… it’s on to member podcasts and Fictional for me! P.S. - The title is a shoutout to my husband who is not the Tolkien loving, fantasy fan girl, all around nerd I am (yes, jocks do secretly love nerds), but I made him listen to one of my favorites with me thinking he HAD to like that one. The look of pain on his face as he suffered through the entire thing for true love is now legend in our house. Ever since, he constantly references Sir Gromer Somer Joure to tease me about my allegedly poor taste in podcasts. I think the only real explanation is that he has bad taste in everything but women! He said he’d like it better if it was scarier like a true crime or horror podcast. I’m not going to make him listen to another M&L… unless maybe you’ve got an ideal episode to bring him around to the myth side, Jason & Carissa? You’re WISER than I could ever hope to be when it comes to content, but man I’d love to be able to listen when we’re both in the car and maybe one more would be the deciding factor lol!!!
  • rose szurek
    Love this so much took me 8 months start to finish minus member episodes
  • digksks coals
    Too many ads
    It seems like each episode they get longer, and more frequent. It’s at least three ad breaks per episode. I would just buy the membership but that was also extremely expensive for a podcast. Starting to feel alienated…
  • Mel Cavendish
    How Clever
    Myths and Legends has done it again! The clever way Jason (and Carissa) weave the story of Hermes to include his attributes has me chuckling to myself every time I think back to it. Speed? Check. Travel? Check. Guide of the Dead? Check. Thank you for all you do to bring the past back to the present.
  • cycgidvsfsfsfsgahqjqhgxw
    I love this Podcast so much but I think that there are to many adds but it’s my favorite podcast!!!! I love all the podcasts you do and wright. Plus you haven’t had any new scoundrel episodes since last month or the month before#PENGUINS1&2 P.S. Hephaestus is pronounced (hu•fest•us)
  • WonderWomanSherrie
    Consistent favorite
    Me and the entire family have listened to this podcast for years now! He made me realize how horrible the Greek gods were (Hollywood really made them way more “good” than they ever were written - Zeus is the worst), and how incredible the Viking stories are (every story is tragic but epic)! I’m glad for the exposure to original storylines!
  • j VHF
    King More now
  • EvangelineWolf
    in story 203 the first story the mom sew rocks in the stomach then made the wolf drunk and had him dump over a bonfire then had him burn so the wolf ran to a river to cool down but fell over and went over a water fall that’s the original i know because my mom is russian and the storie was passed down generations in my family but i love the channel and good job
  • koterthecooch
    Great podcast
    More monkey king please
  • awsome pod
    Great podcast
    I’m listening right now. I can’t stop it’s an awesome podcast he’s so funny and makes the story’s more interesting with his own point of view. I literally listen to it All THE TIME when I’m not at school I listen to it all the time. Yes I’m a child even with the bad stuff he dost say it he doesn’t make it tragic. Literally awesome podcast. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • A K O's Momma
    Used to be my favorite until tonight so disappointed!!!
    This was my favorite until the paywall went up. Very disappointed. I have been listening since Arrow Odd. I understand folks need to get paid but this was unexpected and disappointing. Have throughly enjoyed but I’m out. Good luck to you and Karrisa.
  • Basketball Buckey
    Best Podcast out there
    This podcast it the best and I feel like a character in every story. It makes me feel the best. Keep up the good work.
  • Chuck Noble
    Outstanding podcast for all ages
    The narrator delivers classic myths and legends with unique insight and good humor. Update: still listening years later. This guy, along with his wife, make this world a better place with their work. Gracias Weisers, you two are among the best!
  • Eli-0830
    I love this podcast!!❤️❤️❤️❤️ it is humorous and is very entertaining.
  • Madison Belle
    Only podcast I actually pay for
    This became my hyper fixation in 2022. When I started listening I thought I’d never be able to listen to all of them…. I was wrong I ran out of episodes so now I pay for it and then two weeks later I ran out of the subscriber episodes. This is the perfect podcast. His voice is nice and he doesn’t try too hard for asmr or be weird about it which is a reason why I don’t listen to books on tapes. All of the stories are interesting and cool that they are from all cultures.
  • cookie coole
    I love your podcast!!
    If you like myths and legends you should listen to this podcast.
  • Rambling Rabbi
    Excellent reading voice
    I like the way the narrator skims over the boring details and keeps the story going. The contemporary language works well with the old stories and the narrator even makes the scary and gross parts almost fun. A joy to listen to.
  • Sunny-D7713
    The best podcast ever!!!
    I love his writing and storytelling and most of all the humor that goes into the stories. Jason Weiser makes history fun
  • gdsfhiydsfhiywwffgjitrhjt
    Hi there this is a great podcast and it should be a five star review
  • Confederazi
    West African Folklore Episode 40
    I listen to your podcasts everyday while I’m working and enjoy them immensely, but I have to say that today’s made me laugh out loud-fortunately I was the only person in office at the time. Thank you for entertaining me.
  • JSwitzer
    Such a great literary adventure
    I’ve listened to every episode and I can’t find words to describe how enjoyable it is to listen to these story interpretations. Clearly a master of literature.
  • Makala21
    Favorite podcast by far
    I’ve been listening to Myths and Legends for years and it never lets me down! Great stories, great narrator commentary, and such a great learning experience every week. This is the show that got me ‘into’ podcasts and basically the only one I regularly listen to (besides Scoundrel, also by the Wiesers)
  • 46416854
    I love this Podcast
    I LOVE this Podcast! I love how the Stories are from all over the world 🌍! I also love the Creature of the Week! My Favorite Episodes, are the Egyptian Mythology! But, I Love them ALL of them 😍🥰! Can’t wait to see what Jason does next!
  • ShannonRose31
    Love, but…
    James, if you don’t get your nasally, annoying, nose laugh and hard breathing under control, you’re going to ruin this great thing you have going for you. It is THE WORST.
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