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Jason Weiser and Carissa Weiser tell stories from myths, legends, and folklore that have shaped cultures throughout history. Some, like the stories of Aladdin, King Arthur, and Hercules are stories you think you know, but with surprising origins. Others are stories you might not have heard, but really should. All the stories are sourced from world folklore, but retold for modern ears. These are stories of wizards, knights, Vikings, dragons, princesses, and kings from the time when the world beyond the map was a dangerous and wonderful place.

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  • Whitty-D
    Funny and educational
    Love the podcast and the wide variety of myths and legends you cover - especially the Greek myths. I’d love to hear about the sorcerous Circe!
  • Zeus of olimpus
    This podcast is sheer perfection🤌. I would like some more Greek myth though.
  • N’ate
    Really good
    I love this podcast Jason keep it up, you should definitely listen to this podcast the narration is really good I love this podcast I have been listening since it came out and I love it
  • Cold Blooded Lord
    The Mythlets require an offering
    We would like some Native American myths. Or tell us about another god.
  • Charcoal the sand/night
    Amazing podcast!
    This podcast is great, I keep updated every week and am super exited for future events! Though I wish there was a link to the first monkey king episode, I don’t understand what’s happening in those episodes.
  • Forever Ago Fan!!!
    I love all the French ones and Pretty Pretty Pirate! I also like Clever Girl (episode 156). Thanks for all the work that you all have put into it. Amazing jokes and storytelling! I tell these stories to my friends, and they love it!
  • letme live my life
    Only podcast I listen too
    I have been listening to the podcast for over 4 years and it is really good and always improving. But, please bring back the old cover, and do more monkey king episodes please!
  • Sonic_Wave06
    New Fan
    Enjoying the journey of this podcast I’m on ep 111 I hope you have an episode on spring heel jack thanks for storytelling
  • Molikai
    315-Korean folklore: Mountain Magic
    This episode brought tears to my eyes. Thank you!🙏
  • Know who? maybe🤔
    Mythlets assemble!!!! 🤌🤌🤌🤌🤌 chefs kiss
  • wolfie/wolf
    Good stories
    A great way to keep the classic myths and stories alive Along with those not so well known A little to "Woke" sometimes But good stories for families with children
  • sweetpete76
    Best podcast
    Dude, this is the best! I love this podcast so much, I have listened to it over and over again. You have outdone it, the voices are incredible and you speak so articulately! Every episode is a masterpiece,🤌🏻. The only reason
  • VigdisUlf
    Very entertaining 😎
    I have acute insomnia and I love folklore. This podcast is intelligently comical, keeps the essence of the origins of each individual story and the hosts have voices that are easy to relax and listen too. Hey I’m probably not going to just fall asleep ever but I’ll definitely be relaxed and entertained. Highly suggest to anyone to check out Myths and Legends. At least if you love folklore and a great sense of humor 🙃
  • j VHF
    MYTHLETS :🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🔥🔥🔥
    I am a very long listener I have been listening since episode 29.🙃This is the best podcast ever I have listened to at least every episode 5 times!👍If you haven’t checked it out your missing out I’m on team simply safe for the win.🥇I don’t know what the deal with the ads is but you can just skip ⏭️ them.I use this to sleep 😴 to it’s not working and that’s ok I love ❤️ it so much that I still use it to sleep.Bye myths and legends for the win and also I like the old logo better. :3
  • Iguana boy888
    Myths and legends
    I love this podcast! It is so cool and I love the creature of the weeks. But can you start making more best of the worst episodes please
  • theangryfaceduckling
    Love love love this podcast! Been listening to it forever and the stories are always so interesting and fun! Monkey king is my fave, though the Iliad and odyssey episodes were fantastic, too. Love that there’s humor and jokes, it kept this from being like other, dryer podcasts. This is an absolutely amazing podcast that got me interested in myths and legends and turned me into a mythlet for life. Keep up the amazing work!😁 Also, 500+ episodes already?? They are all magnificent, and if you are considering listening stop being on the fence and just do it you will not regret it everrrr!!
  • poultrykitten
    Best podcast ever!
    I love this podcast and it teaches atypical lessons and gives you all the feels! This podcast can’t get any better! I would love some Aboriginal stories from Australia and some Native American stories. Thanks :)
  • Alyssa 🫠🫶🏻
    I love this podcast. I love the way he tells the stories and makes it seem like your actually in the story. I love the episode of the little mermaid and it was a total shocker and thriller. I’m not even through all the episodes but I love them! I
  • GimmeContext
    Good but flawed
    A good podcast that draws from a wide array of sources, not just the usual ones. Provides context for much of the history and culture surrounding the stories. The humor can be grating though.
  • QueenOfHeartsCard
    Absolutely Obsessed
    Everything about this podcast is awesome. I can’t get enough. My favorite part is the creature of the week segment! I’m a new listener but I can already say this is my favorite podcast! No one tells the tales of myths and legends better then Jason! I can’t wait to listen to more!
  • Bob Newvill
    The mythlets must be a thing, it is needed. EVERYONE JUST TALK ABOUT THIS AND IT WILL HAPPEN! Also @Cold blooded lord love the I started it up myself. And @Na’te stupid potato is a person who commented not too long ago if you look a bit you should see them.
  • _dog_butt_
    Love everything y’all produce
    I have been working on getting through this podcast for a while, but I still have a few hundred episodes to go. I am a big fan of Fictional and like Myths and Legends just as much. Thank you for all that you do 💛
  • olibear5457
    Mythlet for life
    Let’s make mythlet a thing fr fr
  • Samiys Gmgy
    When I was younger my siter would make up and tell me these rily good stories but she left for college so I find a connection to my Siter through this podcast thanks so much (alredy binged the back feed lol)
  • StupidPotato23
    This podcast is one of my favorites. As a Mythlet (a person who loves myths and legends from different cultures) I am in awe on how good these episodes are! I learned about so many different cultures and places around the world and I LOVE THE NARRATOR HES SOOOOOOO GOOD AT HIS JOB❤️ thank you
  • nigel weatherbone
    Can you please start up fictional again
    Last time you said it would be here to stay an then you stopped could you please bring it back
  • orangesemen
    I have been listening to this podcast since before 100 episodes and i loved it ever since but where are the holy grail episodes cmon i just finished listening to the tristan and isolde episodes i love you guys i hope this doesn't come off bad but i neeeed them👍
  • trashtogold
    Love it
    The stories are interesting and entertaining. And you don’t have to know much about mythological or legends to listen. I’m 12 and I love it. My favorite episode is episode 11 the boy who drew cat. (Btw you can skip ads on Spotify
  • c lindin
    Funny, light-hearted twist
    Jason Weiser is at the top of my list of favorite people to listen to. He tells his captivating, age-old tales with a funny, light-hearted twist befitting of a fast paraphrase. I leave this podcast with a full imagination and the sincere sense of having become more educated.
  • Welchypoo
    I love this podcast so much!!!
    Thank you for doing this! I’ve had a hard year and listening to your podcast has made me smile and taken my mind off things. It’s fun and interesting; I truly love it!
  • Snow Kloss
    This podcast is amazing!
    This podcast is amazing, it’s a bit grim for me but I’m only 11. I’ve been listening to this since 2020 and I’ve listened to all the episodes at least 5 times. I’ve also been a member since 2022, TOTALLY WORTH IT I can’t even imagine it with ads anymore; and no matter how short the bonus episodes are you can’t beat there quality. My only request is for more Journey to the West.
  • El Camdo
    Love it😍
    I absolutely love this podcast. I watch it almost every night. He posts a lot and I personally love myths and legends I hope you all stay healthy And thank you for reading!😊
  • BuffaloBillsfor life
    You were right about Kang the conqueror he is the villain in Ant man -quantummainia
  • Happy911vvuhkuykv
    I love this show!!!
    This is an amazing podcast and I love it so so so so so much. Though it is a bit grim ( if you are looking to introduce littler kids go try greeking out ) it is amazing.
  • cycgidvsfsfsfsgahqjqhgxw
    I love this podcast and I’m only 13. I already really liked mythology before I found out about this podcast and it made me like mythology, even more of which I didn’t know was possible. I can’t wait for more episodes. Also I like the 2parters
  • JamesMoseley1984
    The best podcast ever!
    Although I may be a bit biased due to my love for myths, legends or any folklore, this podcast quickly grew into my go to listen! I’m currently on my third journey through the episodes, I’ve gotten my wife hooked on it as well. As someone who travels for work, it’s awesome to listen to Jason retell stories with the perfect sense of humor that is easily appreciated. Keep up the great work! Also, I’m definitely in favor of a revamp of the Volsung episodes.
  • la30910
    Great podcast
    Just found this podcast, and I’m really enjoying it! Thanks.
  • 😄Happy Pigeon😄
    Such great stories! Thank you. 😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄 Heheheh
  • quintesentce
    This has always been my favorite podcast. Love the monkey king episodes. Those guys are the best. All hail the dour sand man
  • kikuxe
    Super fun to listen to. Keep up the good work!!!!
  • Rare the flame
  • r3bot9zillw
    Great Pod. Love It!
    (Btw guys he already did Gilgamesh in 52-A And 52-B)
  • joe10000p
    I love it
    Amazing podcast
  • LogsTheW
    This is one of the greatest podcasts you learn so much and laugh like I feel like I’m there
  • #95 Beast Jones!
    Chris Jones 95
    Bruuuuuh! This is awesome!
  • do it ppl
    i absolutely love this podcast, started a couple weeks ago and istg I’m literally addicted!
  • 46416854
    I love this Podcast
    I LOVE this Podcast! I love how the Stories are from all over the world 🌍! I also love the Creature of the Week! My Favorite Episodes, are the Egyptian Mythology and the Monkey King and the Journey to the west, and the Legend of La Larona, But, I Love them ALL of them 😍🥰! Can’t wait to see what Jason does next! ( I DON’t like how some of the ads keep repeating though)
  • Jaime_riri
    My fav
    I’m starting my third run through every episode. I love M&L. I like to fall asleep to podcasts and Jason has a nice, even voice that doesn’t wake me up. And since I’ve heard them all already, the content doesn’t keep me awake with intrigue usually. But at least once a week I wake up to an episode I must have slept through before and don’t recall. So, unfortunately that keeps me awake but it’s also such a nice surprise. I wish they’d bring back Fictional though. I miss that terribly. But waking up to the Call of Cthulhu is absolutely terrifying. I don’t recommend having that in your sleep playlist 😂.
  • 3eteer
    The best podcast ever!
    Love all myths but I would love to hear more about Greek mythology. Like the classics and I’m up for the last stretch of the journey to the west. I would also prefer to see more episodes like episode 235 with multiple short stories instead of 1 long story that needs more backstory to keep up with.
  • WarmWind from ShadowClan
    Can you do the Epic of Gilgamesh??????????? My Social Studies teacher is teaching us about Mesopotamia and I desperately need to know the Epic of Gilgamesh, one of the first myths/legends about a demigod king!!!!!!!!!!
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