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ART FOR YOUR EAR brings you stories from some of my favorite contemporary artists. When I studied Art History, the best part was, well, the gossip. I loved finding out why artists did certain things, what was going on in their personal lives, and behind-the-scenes details about other artists they knew and worked with. This podcast is exactly that ... inside-scoop stories from the artsiest people I know. You'll hear first-hand from these talented, successful, full-time artists (who also happen to be regular people with hilarious stories) BEFORE they’re in the Art History books. - Danielle (aka The Jealous Curator)

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Recent Reviews
  • Irmgard Geul
    Personal interviews
    Love the personal down to earth interviews with all these great artists!
  • appqueen
    Love the podcast, hate the chewing
    Podcast is amazing , I learn so much each and every episode . I love paint chips too, but OMG listening to anyone eat is torturous. I am with Martha Rich on that point. Please keep every else and lose the eating on air. Unless... you’re planning to send me those amazing sounding salted caramel chips to ease my misophonia. Just saying...
  • Jessie Laura
    Petah’s insights are so great!
    Awesome episode
  • Miriam Schulman
    Intimate interviews
    So much fun “getting to know” important artists through these intimate interviews. I particularly enjoyed the conversation with Calida Rawles @schulmanArt. Host of The Inspiration Place podcast
  • majhenn
    So inspiring
    I love Danielle’s interview style and positive and supportive attitude towards the artists she interviews. It’s really inspiring to listen to this podcast as a person who is getting in touch with my creative side that has been stifled. I listen to this show while I sketch. Thanks for all your work Danielle!
  • karas2323
    So soothing
    Absolutely LOVE the most recent episode with Bisa!!! This podcast is so great to put on and just tune in with a puzzle or embroidery!!
  • SP2010
    Super good
    Love the interviewer’s questions and the different type of artists coming on the show... and I always want to know how they got started :) which is covered in every podcast. Also the topic of feeling like an imposter/feeling doubtful is being touched on... another thing I am very interested in.
  • jenAisforlovers
    Love your show!
    I have loved the past two episodes with Martha Rich and Esther Pearl Watson so much I had to leave a review. I appreciate your honesty, humor, and understanding so much, and I just wanted to say thank you so much for your show! <3
  • Alli Bell Art
    Such an awesome podcast! Thank you for creating cool content to make my commutes entertaining. I love the level of honesty you bring to all your interviews! I get so excited when I see a new episode available to listen to. Thank you!
  • tee_jag
    Keep politics O U T
    The conversations are lovely until the snarky comments inevitably come regarding US politics. Don’t you understand how it can detract from the good vibes? Latest polls suggest you and some guests aren’t well informed on how Americans are viewing Herculean efforts to fight the Pandemic, by our Leader in the US. A comment you made on the recent show I attempted to listen to was downright divisive. We don’t need that attitude right now if we are to get through this together as families and artists. Just one persons opinion.
  • saragm99
    Love this podcast!
    I started off today listening to the one where she interviews her family ...her husband sounds like Ira Glass with a Canadian accent. Such an inspiring podcast!
  • cynthiabarnesart
    My muse and companion!
    I have dedicated the last year to making as much art as I can and “The Jealous Curator” podcast has been my muse and companion throughout the process—thank goodness! I truly don’t know if I could’ve had the attention span and focus to do this without the support of this online podcast artist community! To listen to other artists talk about art and their own art practices has been invaluable to my coming to terms with my own artwork and art practices. I have filled a small notebook with inspiration and ideas that have come into my head from listening to the podcast. I can barely wait to bring them all to fruition! Thank you for helping me pursue what I have always known is my life’s purpose!
  • iPaint2
    Thanks for sharing your story
    I know it took courage but I think you helped a lot of people.
  • kathleeb
    Great eye for work
    I’ve been a long time follower of yours. So happy to have your brilliance in a podcast. I love the work you share, fantastic eye. Keep up the good work. Ps Pennylane made me cry too. Kathleen Beausoleil
  • hollandandjuniper
    My daily pleasure
    I love this podcast! I listen when I’m painting. Amazing artists - so inspiring. Thank you, Jealous Curator!
  • Aarthi H.
    One of the best!
    I’m ADDICTED to art podcasts and have listened to just about every one out there. So I can truly say that AFYE and Danielle are among the BEST out there. Each episode is filled with the perfect combination of intellect and humor. The episode with Natalie Baxter is my favorite one! Like Danielle and Natalie, I am an artist and mother (and many more things, thank you). They gave some seriously REAL talk about art, gender, motherhood, sexism, guns, quilts and more - and who knew those things have so much in common? Well, they do, and you’ll have to listen to the episode if you don’t believe me. 😊
  • susansa in the hills
    A true gem! One of my favorites!
    So happy that Danielle is back! I love the new format of the show and looking forward to the 2020 listening and learning ahead. Thanks Danielle and guests for all the work you put into the episodes.
  • s-k8
    Whew! You’re back!!
    So glad Danielle is back. Love her insightful & amusing interviews with artists.
  • Andréa Daly
    Welcome Back!
    This is one of my favorite art podcasts to listen to. Full of inspiration and insight. All of her guests are current and have wise words of wisdom for struggling or emerging artist. I'm a single mom and artist who cleans houses to support my family. I dread having to clean but my perk is that I save this podcast to listen to on my cleaning days and it helps me get through my day. I was sorry when it was on hiatus but fully understand Danielle taking a break after the loss of her father. I'm glad she's back and thrilled with the new format!!!
  • dustyspringfeld
    I love this so much!
    Danielle is amazing to listen to. She asks the artists the best questions. I am always inspired by her and her guests/friends. Thank you for doing this!
  • evanicholsKunstner
    Life is f... GOOD Again!!
    Welcome back Danielle! I have missed you and your empowering Podcast soooo much! So sorry about your Dad- it’s tough to get through, but you know he’s still with you just not in a physical form. It takes time to get used to! Love your new format and you have picked some amazing , strong, powerful women to be your co-hosts! Congratulations on your kids book- can’t wait to get and read to my new, amazing, strong and adorable little granddaughter Sofia! (Who knew it is so fun being a Grandma!) Okay, now I’ll go break some watercolor rules! Hugs and love from Eva in Truckee, CA @EvaNicholsKunst
  • Trashmagination
    Helps me find creative reuse artists
    I started listening to The Jealous Curator because I have a podcast called Trashmagination about the creative reuse of materials in art. Danielle helps me find artists I wouldn’t find on my own who creatively reuse. Also as a fellow Canadian, I love hearing that perspective. I hope she keeps featuring creative reuse artists!!
  • Csbme
    Awesome and inspiring
    The Jealous Curator is by far one of my most favorite podcast. My wife’s a professional artist and I dabble so I enjoy listening to these interviews. It’s especially great that she keeps them at an hours rate. Plays for a good pastime to and from work.
  • fronkenstein.
    thank you!
  • Robyn Arouty
    Girl’s Gotta Dream
    As a veteran photographer & new artist, this is the colorfully class act podcast I want to be interviewed on! ❤️
  • carolinaelizabeth
    A creative, encouraging and inclusive voice in contemporary art
    Thank you so much for having such a creative, encouraging and inclusive voice in contemporary art. I enjoy and learn from each interview you host. Thank you for making such wonderful company in my studio.
  • Creative Queso
    Ashley Longshore
    I was on a podcast bender this week and decided to add your interview with Ashley Longshore to the que. Long time fans of both of you guys. The juxtaposition of your personalities made me crack up. Danielle I could feel you blushing through my phone just as I could envision Ashely dancing singing "make that money". Great interview as are all the others I've heard. Walked away feeling inspired and ready to create and take on the world. Pretty sure Ashley might be a long lost sibling as my sister has been painting dead rappers for years and is now doing sculpture and Ashley and I have similar wardrobes. Thanks for the great chats and information. Adding the interviews with Faythe and Mr. Pizza to the list next. Jennifer Perkins
  • -KatieStorm
    Woop woop!
    I love every *gasp,* ahhh, and *sigh* because it shows her true admiration for art and these artists. She’s been a great inspiration for me as an artist, talking about real problems and giving stories of hope.
  • gva3.
    My favorite podcast
    I recently came across The Jealous Curator after searching Pinterest for favorite podcasts for creatives. Danielle’s voice is soothing and kind, and so easy to listen to for hours. Love listening to the many different and inspirational stories from so many incredible artists. Thanks for he great content!! Xo
  • Perkcasso
    Breath of fresh air
    Wonderfully fun, insightful and engaging. Terrific podcast for art lovers.
  • christine mahoney
    the kind of podcast that breathes fresh life into you. a gorgeous tapestry of how makers live and make. well done, and thanks to you, danielle.
  • Kandiw28471
    Favorite Art Podcast
    I've been listening since the beginning and love these interviews so much. The conversations are fun and down to earth - very inspiring and a great companion while in the studio! I look forward to every new episode. :)
  • Leigh Hannan
    My go-to for inspiration!
    These interviews are in-depth, fun and inspiring (because the artists are real people, and make you realize that they went through everything you are going through)! I have listened to every one of them and cannot wait for more. Thank you, Danielle, for providing this service!
  • bethanyduffy
    Art for your ear
    I love this Podcast sooo much! I look forward to it every week! Danielle is the best !
  • EmrB
    One of my favorites!
    Danielle has a warm, easy going interview style. I find myself listening to the podcast when I'm in my studio. It feels like a conversation among friends with me nodding my head in agreement and having "me too" moments. Listening to Art For Your Ears makes all of see that as creatives, we are more alike than not.
  • caghdg
    My Favorite Podcast!
    I’ve been listening for over a year now. I even went and binged all the way back to the beginning. This pod feels like a chat with friends who love art. It’s my go to listen while working in my studio!
  • happy fortune
    Interesting interviews and great information, plus Danielle has a wonderful interview style. Thank you for providing this fun podcast Danielle!!
  • Mumufmufcok
    A Great Podcast- impeccable taste!
    Often when I'm working away, creating my stuff, I just love having this podcast beside me chattering away. Really appreciate that you are out there gathering all this talent , promoting great artists and spoiling your audience by turning us on to them with your knowledge and touching respect as a fellow artist. Wonderful in many ways. Enjoy all your other projects too!
  • JElizabethP
    Such a wonderful, positive, podcast!
  • astralzombie
    One of my favorites...
    These interviews remind me of conversations I have with my creative friends. How did you do that? Why? How long did it take? But with well known artists! And I find the origin stories so inspiring!
  • mxs360
    Great podcasts for artists
    Really enjoy listening to it when I'm working in my studio. Danielle is enthusiastic, asks great questions and is really good at making artists feel at ease and having the interview feel like a conversation between two people vs reading off the list of questions like a lot of artist podcasts do. I also love that she interviews a lot of people who aren't super famous, as well as people who are just starting out, overall a great mix of kind, passionate artists. Hope she keeps it up as I really look forward to new episodes every week.
  • tarafloresart
    Perfect in-the-studio podcast
    Love listening to Danielle chat about everything from technique to concept to career path with artists who are doing the work and thriving. Perfect inspiration and encouragement while I paint in the studio, and I truly appreciate her down-to-earth, approachable and inclusive way of creating a comfortable space for people to get to know art and artists. Thank you, Danielle, for sharing your experiences as well and being outspoken about things that otherwise artists generally go through alone. I always look forward to Saturdays :)
    Searching for my Inner Artist
    I love this podcast. It is helping to re-inspire me to claim my inner artist that has gone missing for many years.
  • vanesskay23
    So valuable
    I love this podcast. Being able to hear these artist interviews keeps me inspired and knowledgable about many areas of the art world while keeping me company in my own visual arts career. I work solo in a home studio when not distracted by my day job and hearing other artists stories gives me motivation to keep working. This documentation of contemporary artists is so important for the art community as a whole, and is such a valuable resource for current and aspiring artists. Thank you Danielle Krysa.
  • AllTheGoodNamesAreTaken7
    My new favorite podcast series
    Found Art for Your Ear as well as The Jealous Curator site and am so glad I did. Both are fantastic. Thank you!!!
  • TraceyBernie
    Podcast 1st, then blog! :)
    I LOVE-LOVE-LOVE Art for Your Ear, and one of my favorite things to do is to listen to the whole episode BEFORE I check out the artist's work on Danielle's blog. It's fun to try and visualize what they're describing/discussing, and then I get to be super surprised when I check out the blog and get to see how close or off base I was visualizing. ha! Thank you for being you, Jealous Curator, and for sharing your convos with us!!!
  • marc.cardwell
    great and inspirational interviews
    i eagerly wait for these to refresh each weekend. each interview is like a comfortable conversation with friends.
  • Philip_Koch!
    A chance for artist to let their hair down.
    Art for Your Ear is great to listen to. Danielle sets a wonderful positive tone but insists on talking some of the time about the inevitable emotional hurdles artist face at every stage of their career. She has a theme that self doubt is ok- that all of us struggle with it and often fall into thinking we’re alone in this. At the risk of sounding superficial, I also think she has a great voice quality (Heck we’re listening after all).
  • somanykittens
    Art for Your Ear is fabulous
    As a huge fan of the Jealous Curator, I have to say, this just extends my admiration for what Danielle is doing! I listen to the podcasts while I work in the studio, most days. Danielle is the most generous host and interviewer.. I had the best time talking to her, and I have to say I have been learning so much listening! Thank you Danielle, keep making your wonderful podcast!
  • Smleechcornell
    Love it!
    Such a wonderful podcast that shares so much inspiration and creativity from a marvelous interviewer and an impeccable line up of fantastic contemporary artists and creators. Thank you!
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