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The Giant Bomb East team gathers to talk about the week in video games, their lives, and basically anything that interests them. All from New York City!

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  • nutter921
    Used to be great...
    I still LOVE all things Vinny. That guy is an amazing entertainer. Everything else has been sliding though, and I think I’m ready to get off the train. I really hope they find what they’re missing as a unit, because even though I’m no longer on-board, Vinny is one of my favorite folks to listen to, and I got several years of entertainment from this show. God speed, Beastcast!
  • dtown8532
    Leave the politics out
    Though it’s still better than Bombcast due to the chemistry between the crew, they need to drop the politics. We don’t care about your political opinions and how “awful” these last three years have been for you because of the president. Honestly, the show was much better before Abby Russell joined it. I miss Epic Battle Cry.
  • Fitgamersnet
    Ep 242 yikes
    Is this the direction the cast is going? Thank goodness for Vinny. I can forgive Abi because she’s so young but Alex.. yikes. Little less of the hot takes from Alex on how culture should be. Not sure I want to listen if this is the way the beastcast is going too. Giant bomb is one of the last few remaining level headed big names in gaming. Don’t go the way of IGN and Kinda Funny and lose all your fan base to YouTube streamers.
  • AliothNJ
    I bought the shirt...
    That tshould tell you everything. Entertaining and keeps me up to date on what’s going on in the video game community. Listen once. Get hooked.
  • Petey Wubbz
    It’s Almost Like Having Friends
    I seriously get this weird catharsis when I hear the intro music, as though I’m about to spend some quality time with some close friends. And whenever the corrections music drops, I have this terrible song of sadness that in 2 or 5 or 10 or 20 years I will hear that music for the last time and the podcast will be over, and I will be painfully alone once again.
  • xxtuffxguyxx
    The best gaming podcast
    Can’t get enough of these guys.
  • Christopher Martin C.
    Better than the Bombcast!
    And really it’s not even close. Not to throw shade but Vinnie is 10x the host that Brad is and it makes this podcast so much more fun and lively. Love this group, keep it up gang!!
  • FunTimeFapper
    How now
    Brown cow
  • BittenHand19
  • GuyKas113
    It’s fun
    These people spend most of their time rambling about random stuff and I wouldn’t have it any other way
  • dc sears
    Our Secret
    Don't tell the west coast guys I love this show just as much as the OG Bombcast.
  • svn22
    My favorite podcast but on east coast time
    Love the crew and the show.
  • hsbeizuhszyfhaikosoksj
    Not as good as the Bombcast but decent
    A lot of potentially interesting conversations derail into non gaming related tangents and the crew too often leans hard into annoying bits, but generally a pretty good podcast. If you don’t have enough time to listen to both GB podcasts every week I would definitely recommend the Bombcast over the Beastcast. The insight Jeff Gerstman’s wealth of experience allows him to bring to a gaming conversation is unmatched.
  • Crankintosh
    It is great
    It's great
  • Meatbed
    Jeff needs to chill
    Jeff has been extremely annoying the last couple of months l. I’ve listened to every episode and he takes away from the interactions with the rest of the crew with his neediness and rude comments. He literally told Vinny to shut up on the most recent episode. Vinny did a great job taking it in stride as a host does, but dang Jeff. He acts cooler than everyone one else. Trust me I understand the dissing on your friends humor, I’m an ex-college athlete and professional coach but you should bring something to a show where you’re a guest, regardless if it’s a regular spot for you. Instead it’s the other members of the beastcast constantly catering to his fragile ego and rude mannerisms. Please have a talk with him and tell him to chill out. I know I’m not the only one who feels this way. But it was so bad this last episode that I had to same something. I’m not opposed to changing my opinion about you Jeff, but please just listen to how you talk to people. It’s not very respectful Thanks guys.
  • Le0hart
    A great group of weirdos!
    I love just listening to these doofuses talk about pretty much anything! Sometimes they can get VERY derailed, but it’s always fun to hear! Vinny is the cringe-y dad I never knew I wanted! Give ‘em a try! You won’t be disappointed in the number one podcast in the world!
  • Apollo Au Augustus
    Abby made this podcast go from great to perfect, love you guys!
    I’ve been listening to you guys for years now, but I just love that Abby is on the show now, I love hearing her unique perspectives!
  • Mindless Hulk
    The GiantBeast crew is amazing! I look forward to a new episode every week! The content is interesting and helps me also determine if a specific game is worth investing money into. Keep up the great work and I look forward to the next episode! 😁
  • Alec_F
    Go Abby!!
    she's great
  • d3c0yBoy
    2 of these things are not like the others.
    Abby and Dan ruin this show for me. They should have been kept as interns but I’d imagine they would screw that up as well.
  • fulltilted
    Excellent podcast
    This podcast has really grown on me. All the hosts have great synergy!
  • violentretard666
    Rip Ryan
    People like Abby is why i hope climate change kills us all.
  • Jizznmypants254
    This is a hate free podcast
    Abby is fantastic. Alex is fantastic. Dan is fantastic. The few people on these reviews need to stop being jerks and stop hating on Abby simply for having a woman’s perspective on games, hating on Alex for being knowledgeable, and hating on dan for being dan. This is the best podcast in the universe, and it’s still the best time to be playing games.
  • Teem Dodger
    Almost good
    It’s good if you skip ahead every time Alex talks. Which is a lot. He barely seems to do anything at Giant Bomb (and in fact did nothing for like two years straight), but sure loves to hear himself talk.
  • Dakemcblackops
    I only yell cuz I care <3
    “Ooooookkkkkk mmmmoooovvvviiiiinnngggg right along!” Is easily the most awkward transition I’ve ever heard! This wasn’t a problem till episode 220, it broke me from the conversation every time. I love giant bomb and I have for years, I even like Abby but the immaturity and awkwardness is simply painful! Keep up the amazing work east crew, y’all are the fresh air in a smoggy world! <3
  • stpierrenj
    not that it's a competition...
    but this is the superior Giant Bomb podcast.
  • TurboToribio
    better than bombcast
    way more freeflowing then bombcast, also I'm from east coast so >>>
  • Jedimaster1738
    Better than bombast
    Love this crew
  • Gdhffudgjf
    Consistently Good
    Very funny cast.
  • lokihellfire2008
    Amazing awesome show
    Abby is unbearably great! Fragile little boys get their pants in a knot because there is a girl in their club house, but she is a very welcome addition to an already awesome team of entertainers.
  • Ychjkgffyhv
    Good show
    Abby is unbearable though.
  • Carnell73
    Dan Rykert is an overrated, disappointing, privileged jackass. Can’t listen to his annoying voice another second.
  • Buckwheat the King
    Poor taste.
    Abby Russell recently appeared on the giant bomb episode of night 3 of E3. She was asked to talk about what she thought of the new Modern warfare demo, this begins at around the 6:40 mark. Before discussing the game even, which the demo is based in London. She decided to state she isn’t sure that she would call Americans for invading the Middle East, this is completely unnecessary political commentary on a game that has nothing to do with Iraq or Afghanistan. As a veteran of the war in Afghanistan I myself criticize the war now but I have issue with her assuming we want to be called heroes. When I signed up at 18 I just thought I was doing the right thing. It’s not lost on me that the areas of Afghanistan that I fought and pushed the taliban out of have returned to taliban control. I have plenty of issues with the war, but I never walked away from a fire fight after killing someone or not and called myself a hero. Neither did any of the men I served next to, we just wanted the guys the left and right of us to go back home to their families. I listen to these podcast because I appreciate the commentary on video games, not Abby showing her lack of insight into the war and the thoughts of those who have served. I would question if Abby even knows someone personally who served over seas. I’m not asking or even want to be called a hero for the things I did. I just wish Abby would have showed a little more class instead of thinking this was her opportunity to get some silly, low hanging fruit political stab at the war.
  • LukeHagerman
    I am a regular listener of the Giant Bombcast and thought this would be a great compliment to that show. Another 2+ hours a week of gaming talk? The prospects were exciting. I listened to episode 210 of Beastcast and I can only say that this show (mostly due in part to its cast) is an unlistenable dumpster fire. Long segments of yelling, shouting and talking over each other is not what I’m looking for. I’m all for passionate conversation, but here it just feels immature and the—what comes across to me as—weird moments of passive aggressiveness among the cast members is a bit cringey to say the least. The cast chemistry on this show is a far cry from Bombcast. I’ll try this show again in a couple years once the cast has turned over, if it’s still around.
  • Venture Industry
    Five White People Talk Approximately Accurate About Video Games
    See above
  • macster666
    Number one podcast
    Number one podcast in the known universe, accept no substitutions
  • JediMasterLex
    Been disappointing last couple months...😞
    I love Vinny and Alex but they go way to heavy on the “political” side of gaming with labor laws and ethics as of late. They only represent one side of the labor stories etc and go ham fisted into it without weighing both sides of the argument! It can be dangerous to talk about topics like unionizing without understanding it. I have friends it unions and it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. Especially when 20% of your check goes to dues you have no control of how spent outside of voting for a rep. Jeff and The Giant Bombcast handle it much better as they give a fair perspective! I get Vinnie is a passionate man but can go too far for. The only other gripe is some of the even light news topics aren’t always accurate when at times Bombcast is. I don’t think they listen to Bombcast which I get b/c it’s long but should compare notes. Used to not bug me but it’s happening more and more. I love the East coast crew but not sure how much more I can take and only way I know to make my opinion known is to cancel my premium membership. I’ve tried to keep this somewhat general and vague but I hope they realize the issues they gripe about are global and affect all industries, if they realize this then talk about it! They are blessed to have a job that very few people do and would enjoy as much as this group does.
  • LinusPrime
    The best parts of Giant Bomb
    All in one podcast!
  • MosaicM80
    The best!
    The best podcast in the universe!
  • The_Ruiner_Who _Ruins
    The GBE crew is the reason I still subscribe.
    Such a great group of people. The variety of personalities and feeling of mutual respect (even for Dan) makes it a hilarious and positive experience every Friday. Abby is such a wonderful addition. It’s nice to get a perspective on things and she’s so funny. Alex has really gotten comfortable with himself in the last few years and I’ve really grown to appreciate his points of view week to week. Dan is Dan. Bakalar is like having a George Costanza in a podcast (that’s a good thing). I miss Austin. Pay him whatever he wants to come back. Vinny is a treasure. If he ever leaves the site, I will cry for days.
  • DavidFD
    Mostly great
    One of the few gaming podcasts I listen to. A couple of the personalities can be grating but overall I recommend it. Biggest annoyance is the news section, where every single week they find some story that allows them to virtue signal all over the place, but luckily it only lasts for five-ish minutes depending on the story, and you can just scrub past it.
  • Old man light
    The #1 podcast in the universe
    Before I listened to the Beastcast, I never knew what pirates actually did or what those White Castle flavor crystals were. Happy birthday everyone if it’s your birthday, Kiss on the cheek.
  • williamBOXX
    Greatest Podcast in the Universe!!
    Love this show and their site.
  • GGF22
    Great Podcast
    That last guy’s a total idiot. Abby is great and a fresh perspective on a podcast that is the NUMBER ONE IN THE UNIVERSE
  • GrannyJake
    The sister podcast you always wanted.
    The 2nd weekley podcast of Giant Bomb, The Beastcast, is the sister podcast you need to go along with the bombcast.
  • Cherry Chandler
    My friends
    Giant beastcast is my friend. They bring joy. 10/10
  • The Tony Show
    Better than the podcast that spawned it
    Vinny, Abby and the crew are great. The original Giant Bombcast was awesome, but it’s gotten a bit stale lately as they tend to get bogged down in WoW conversations or long talks about video capture gear. The Beastcast, on the other hand, stays moving along at a nice clip, has lots of great chemistry between its personalities, and is consistently hilarious and entertaining. Check it out.
  • Box-Car
    Love it/Hate it.
    When these guys talk about games they can be very informative and have great discussions. However, sometimes I feel like they always try to cut each other off to throw in a joke here or there and it derails the conversation. I’m all for having fun but a joke every 15 seconds can be a bit annoying. Also, some of them use swear words just for the sake of it. Again, don’t care about curse words but man, can’t think of another word?
  • ACK32
    Real good!
    I really enjoy this podcast, the hosts have awesome chemistry and there is a real diversity of personality. One of the best!
  • LoboDelMarr
    Jeff Bakalar! You are the best! Along with everyone else equally! Lol. Abby, Vinny, Dan, and Alex (Headup) are amazing! GBEast is a must listen. Love the insight, personalities, and comedy that make my Fridays/Saturdays better every week. *Muah* kiss on the cheek. Also check them out on YouTube!
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