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Wrestling #96

Jack Slack examines the ins and outs of upcoming bouts, the history of martial arts and the fight game, and the technical and strategic side of combat.

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  • MikeDanTonyy
    Top Shelf Fight Talk For The Bois
    Title says it all. Jack has a tremendous amount of knowledge and love for the fight game, and it comes across effortlessly in all his work. Whether it’s analysis of recent MMA fights or catching up on his boxing history series, I trust no one more to deliver the key take away points, along with a proper dose of humor, as well as ya boi Jack. Hit up his Patreon for the real goods. It’s nice to see someone putting out quality in our era of quantity.
  • mikeymolino
    Very informational and all that
    But what does this man look like??? I just spent 15 minutes looking and I just want to see what the nice little British man looks like
  • harshnoisedog
    Best MMA show around
    Ya tossers
  • endthefed69
    gegard mousasi
    Oi oi it’s ya boy the star of the local regional fight scene Jack slack
  • JBruck4
    My bottom boi
    Love the show
  • phillfromthepresent
    The boyest Boy
    Best MMA analyst / opinion sharer. This is a notoriously funny podcast, and actually a non-racist, non-Alt / hard-right. Slackly J is undoubtedly my boy, and I will continue watch and listen to his progress. If you have a good since of humor, are somewhat realistic/ holistic view MMA and MMA culture, you will enjoy this podcast. And I’m not even British! -Bless
  • Kingfishin
    His YouTube channel is gold too
    So insightful and unexpectedly witty. MMA journalism is a lot of chatter, but Jack’s pod is a concise way to follow the sport.
  • mattyparsons
    Smart and funny
    Great great podcast. Combines excellent technical fight knowledge to break down fights in a way that I can regurgitate down I sound really smart with a wicked sense of humor which often has me spluttering. Keep it up Slacky J!
  • infamous IA
    My Favorite Podcast
    Jack Slack has smart and honest breakdowns of my favorite sports
  • renocamo
    For the hardcores only
    This is not for the casual MMA fan, and I mean that in the most complimentary way possible. This podcast is EXCELLENT if you really care about the sport and are interested in deep dives.
  • Nate Barkley
    Nuanced fight analysis
    Jack is a prolific writer and has forgotten more about the sport than most ever knew. He clearly partakes in training and so does occasionally become overburdened regarding the pedantry of technique that is more helpful during instruction. He never takes it too seriously though. He sees the chaotic, dumb sport of MMA for what it is.
  • mr. friendlyghost
    Spectacular MMA podcast.
    Jack is wise, funny and hyper informative. Any martial artist will dig his content. I’ve gone back and absorbed every article and podcast. A real resource for fighters looking to understand the whole game.
  • Amityville64
    Very nice
    Really great analysis, funny guy. Not many describe BJJ in the detail he does. Is actually critical of fighters when they deserve criticism. Sometimes talks about stuff I don't care about but still makes it entertaining.
  • Gmorussinbot
    Witty , insightful , funny
    most podcasts that talk about fights are run by bro’s who take everything too seriously, Not this one.
  • whartman8204
    Best fight podcast
    Best thing to come from across the pond
    Best Fight Analysis by Far
    Hands down the most informed and technical break downs of fights and fighters. Jack is also hilarious, keep up the great work Slacky It’s your boy...
  • Bran L K
    Excellent analysis!
    Love the podcast!
  • Alkigdgd
    Jack Snack
    The premier mma/combat sports analyst
  • cro crops left leg
    Amazing podcast for anyone in mma or trying to get in it
    Jack explains in a way that is both entertaining to listen to and to get useful information out of as well
  • Ttt111ttt
    My favorite podcast
    Provides a smart and witty analysis of the fight game. Listening to the podcast keeps me interested in watching the fights. Thanks for what you do!
  • Wilbur from Charlotte's Web
    Analytic ear candy for fight fans
    Best writer in the fight game has the best mma podcast in the game. I’m not surprised. Boi 4 life
  • GingerNic11
    Look no further.
    He’s the best in the business by a country mile.
  • Harry Puchalski
    Great podcast
    Love these breakdowns, jack does a good job at getting me excited for a lot of the lower down fights on most cards.
  • B-Piece
    Best mma breakdowns out today
  • dclose84
    Jack seems like a cool and knowledgeable dude. Would have a beer with. Cheers
  • .kt.4
    none better
    slacky for life. patreon boi for life. best mma podcast out there
  • Not even a conservative
    He hath risen
  • Don Abato
    High fight IQ
    This is the farthest thing from the usual meathead MMA podcasts. Our boi Jack has very insightful technical and strategic analysis and perspective on the sport. He understands fighting! This podcast truly stands out from the other combat sports shows.
  • operaghost21
    Best mma podcast
    I'm only a filthy casual mama fan, but Jack Slack is the best. Not only is he super knowledgable about the fight game, but he's also super funny. Come for the technical analysis, stay for the British wit. Slack bless.
  • dscream
    Gaethje bless.
  • Aznblaze
    Jack is my boi
    We’re all bois on this blessed day
  • canyoumakethismoredifficult
    Best martial arts podcast in the game
    The only martial arts podcasts that’s funny and provides high level technical analysis. Conor bless. Jack is my boi.
  • Air Lats
    One of my favorites
    Haterz need to cash me outside; Jack Slack is my boi. Great analysis and funny af. Slack teabags Luke Thomas without even trying. Ooooooaaayyyyy
  • Parviz Malakouti
    Best MMA analyst and dry wit to boot
    Simply the best.
  • hawaiimma
    Worthy replacement for John Pollock
    When John Pollock's MMA podcast shut down, I was stuck and didn't have much options for interesting and entertaining MMA news and analysis. Well, Jack Slack fits the bill and then some.
  • Guapodegato
    Real fight analyst
    Jack is one of the best at breaking fights down. Provides listeners with insightful opinions that are not convoluted with b.s.
  • Vic Nice01
    Must listen
    If you are a MMA fan, then Jack Slack is on of the best podcast out there.
  • Fernandocvs3
    The true Fight Commentator.
    A literature historian at heart with the acumen of any of the greatest boxers and knowledge of Martial arts styles that spans Sumo wrestling, lethwei and bjj, this man is not just a lover of fights but a true pioneer of the fighting & literature.
  • Tetradukan
    The most in depth and informative Combat Sports podcast
    Jack Slack will always teach you something, always point out something you missed, and will always drop dry lines that leave you stomping your feet, in laughter. Nobody is more consistent, nobody has as pleasant a speaking voice, he's the itunes store Joel Casamayor, Jackie Slack!
  • @jacobskinsuit
    Best fight journalist. Love his work.
    Jack Slack has taught me more about fight strategy than any of my MMA instructors. I'm switching camps and coming to ya, Jackie, m'boy!
  • Loudog Nowell
    Just what I was looking for
    This is the exact type of podcast I have been looking for forever. It has covers of different kinds of strategy and tactics and talks about upcoming UFC fight and fighters. Another really good podcast I found that focuses more on the workout side of fighting is fight camp conditioning podcast. You can listen to all their episodes for free on their website
  • Zro124
    Excellent podcast!
    Really enjoy this podcast! Very technical and really broadens the way I look at combat sports. Thank you!
  • Ace no Jocelyn
    Big fan
    Enjoyed Jack's articles on fightland, so I came in with high expectations. Jack delivers. Best MMA podcast out there.
  • Hips n nips
    Excellent combat sports podcast
    I've been a fan of Jack Slack's articles for a while, and this podcast lives up to the name. Great insight and entertaining content around the fight game.
  • The jay man 007
    Great show for new MMA fans
    Really nice layout of the show, fantastic insight and I love the style of the speaker. Humorous yet detailed and informative. Keep up the good work! Subscribed.
  • hendricksont
    For years, I have read and treasured Jack's articles and video breakdowns; I was completely ecstatic when I discovered he had begun podcasting. If you are at all interested in boxing, mma, or grappling--fighting and martial arts in general--this is the guy you to whom you want to listen. He is a genius when it comes to breaking down technique and strategy and his comments illuminate so much of the game for both novice and expert alike. Give the show a listen!
  • Adelo28
    Great fight analysis podcast!
    This podcast instantly found its way to the top of my list of weekly listens. Having read Jack's articles for a while now, I've been hoping for a podcast from him for a long time. He's got great analysis that really focuses on the details, which I really appreciate. Keep up the good work!
  • Eddyedsedd
    Legit combat sports analyst
    Jack's been around analyzing the various arts of fighting since back in the day. His articles on fighters; from legends to prospects, old school boxing to mma, he's always maintained a standard of excellence and insight that's unique. He's also quite the fight historian and is able to follow the lineage of certain disciplines, walking the reader/listener through the evolution of techniques. Cool stuff. Would love to hear him and the guys from "Heavy Hands" riff on their favorite fights in a some kind of joint podcast episode.
  • Dave75346
    Jack Slack seems to have encyclopedic expert knowledge of MMA. I find this podcast extremely engaging and interesting. I listened to the latest episode twice I enjoyed it so much.
  • Hotmeiyo
    Love this podcast!
    Jack Slack's analysis is one of the best in the game. Technical and concise, yet easy enough for casual fans to understand such as my friend Landon. Love your breakdowns, keep up the good work!
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