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From New York Times best-selling author Rachel Hollis comes the ultimate podcast for anyone looking for more joy and purpose in their lives. Featuring candid interviews with top performers in business, media, and lifestyle, as well as deep dives into topics like health and motivation, the Rachel Hollis Podcast has everything you need to level up your life! New episodes premiere every Tuesday.

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  • glittermermaidprincess
    Life change. 😍
    I started reading “Girl, Stop Apologizing” and since then I have been fired up. I listen to Rachel Hollis’s podcast at LEAST once or twice a day. I am telling everyone I can about Rachel and I am ALL IN. So ready for my next season of life and in my new business. I’m waking up early and feeling amazing. 🤩 Thank you so much, Rachel!!!
  • Jakub[SOP]
    Great conversations
    Great podcast! This podcast will help you find purpose and joy in your career and lives. I enjoyed the episode with Gretchen Rubin where she shared tips on finding happiness.
  • Blah blah 12345
    Way too many commercials
    I love your message but wow it’s a lot of adds now.
  • MB584
    Love; Hate- Too many ads!
    I absolutely ADORE Rachel and all her positivity- she is truly one who throws it all out there about life especially when it’s super messy! I do enjoy the Podcast, but there are honestly way TOO many ads. I’d rather donate like others offer cause the ads just take up way too much time and are a huge distraction. Thanks for the encouragement! You are an AMAZING woman!
  • Me (the real o-g)
    Podcaster that rips off other people’s material & work.
    I have to wonder if Rachel has ever populated an original thought or if she’s too busy stealing other peoples work.
  • lynette x
    Stop bragging about being a “liberal” and speaking as if being a conservative is a bad thing. Educate yourself...One can be a social conservative, a fiscal conservative or both. Not everyone who has conservative views are like the people in the church you grew up in. You sound extremely judgmental and seem to have a holier than thou attitude. Try understanding and acceptance of others with different views than your own. After all, isn’t that part of what being a “liberal”supposedly stands for...
  • PRNerd
    So many ads!!
    I adore Rachel Hollis, but GIRL! So many ads!! I’d rather give to your show on Patreon and avoid the multiple interruptions to your interviews from the ads!
  • Marlis7
    Calling someone DUMB?? For joining an MLM really??
    I even have Rachel Hollis books but when I saw that sentence in her book Didn’t see that coming... 👎🏻 so disrespectful for a community that supported her so much .
  • Cgdgujoogefioppogrwcu
    Grit or Arrogance?
    I’ve always appreciated how feisty she is. She has grit that has gotten her through a lot however she sounds more and more arrogant as the years go by. She screams at us to do things her way. No mercy or compassion or grace. Just arrogant and talks a lot about herself. Not trying to hurt you, Rachel. Maybe you’re just overcompensating for fear or hurt but it’s just been disappointing. 💔
  • Ing M
    Too many ads to early into the episode
    13 minutes into the how to get unstuck episode and all i heard was ads, and info about herself and her businesses... I understand ads are important but sprinkle them in more subtly, further into the episode after you’ve given your listeners something valuable (aka what they are listening to the episode for...)
  • Dbressy23
    Same story every time..
    Nothing changes she will tell you the same few lines over and over and spin it as something new.. all while taking others words and using them as her own..
  • galkal
  • sunshine worker
    How can you end your marriage and not even address what happened? You NEED to come clean girl. You blindsided so many people who were struggling and simply shoved it under the rug! You said that anything is possible if you are willing to work on it. Why wouldn’t you stay in your marriage and continue to work on it? Why are you so afraid to be vulnerable? Why don’t you practice what you preach? These are the question WE (the people that gave our money to you) deserve answers to. But we will never get them as long as you insist on being a pillar of pride. Change needs to start with humility and you have zero. You are a self-centered arrogant fraud and it’s obvious that you are only in this for yourself, what makes you feel good, and what benefits you. It’s a horrible example for those watching. Don’t waste your time listening to this fake person. She is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. If I could do 0 stars I would.
  • NatBrown24
    Thank you
    Just listened to “Didnt See That Coming”. With tears in my eyes I scream THANK YOU! your work is amazing and this book was what I needed at this moment in my life.
  • Mrs.Lundstrom
    Not a fan!
    Not a fan! She is always talking about herself and how amazing she is.
  • Jill Clayville
    Really?? 3% ?
    Other the past several years I have been a consumer of your Instagram posts/lives, you community challenges, and your podcasts. I especially loved Rise Together podcast because it encompassed much about your relationships with your husband and others in your life (which is the #1 thing that matters to me). Imagine my surprise when I opened my podcast app to see a new logo in the corner of your album art and the name of your production company updated to— 3% chance. Really? From a couple who talked endlessly and preached the importance of giving others grace and extending forgiveness, I find this extremely disappointing. I am a firm believer that no one knows what goes on in a relationship other than the two people in the relationship, but this is like screaming and spewing spite through a bullhorn. Truly, Disappointed.
  • mmaben
    Gm a
    Seen you on GMA.. what a great inspiration you are to people ❤️❤️
  • jillianne85
    You can heal episodes 163
    Seriously so incredibly beautiful and powerful to hear such beautiful truths from such a treasure of a woman that obviously has crazy amounts of wisdom and life experience! ❤️😭Thank you for this guest!
  • Jessica Sue Hart
    I can’t thank you enough for being so incredibly honest and raw about being in your dark place. I also “didn’t see it coming” as I am going thru a divorce after 11 years of marriage during this pandemic. Everything you expressed and felt is exactly how I felt and feel even still. My whole world was ripped out from under me. I am 49 and was a stepmom of two boys. I have no children of my own..mourning the loss of my family has been so hard and heartbreaking. Your episode on 7 steps to do when in a dark place has given me so much hope and inspiration. Your words resonated with me so much. I know the “low” I am feeling now is temporary. Life is Beautiful, Life is Hard..and we must carry on! Love & Light , Jessica Sue
  • Carrie Daniel
    Because my life isn’t picture perfect, I am okay with Rachel’s, not being either. She has a lot to say and she is really good at keeping me motivated. Despite imperfections, she’s a talented light.
  • Homeschool Manager
    3 percent chance
    Using that tag says it is like you are trying to shame your husband. And it is ego-driven.
    Beyond Disappointed
    I was a huge fan of Rachel’s for a very long time. I bought her books, listened to her podcasts, raved about her to friends...and then even before her divorce, I sensed that her “schtick” was more about money than anything else. Then when the divorce came, I was so saddened by her lack of honesty, authenticity, genuineness...the traits she has been “teaching” us for the last few years. Rachel..I am no longer a fan. I will not buy your books, I will not listen to your podcasts. You cannot dupe me anymore. I hope you can return to the values that you espoused early on and not fall for the trap of stardom.
  • Heather Elena R
    Sing it Sister
    Ok, this might be an odd review but here goes. I’m not an avid, avid over the top fan but I listen and I have my own business and generally feel there is good value and I have come to enjoy listening. I just came to check out the latest podcast because I have been listening more and have really have related to the content, especially during COVID and ALL the stress that has come with it. I’m also a first time Mom so it’s been a crazy time, especially with a 3 month old. Listening helps me feel better and calms my anxiety, which is no small feat these days. But I digress. Like I said, I came on to listen to the latest podcast and I hit something and I saw the reviews. And all I can I say is, WOW! SHAME ON YOU LADIES! SHAME ON YOU ALL! Avid listeners, self proclaimed fans for years and years and the hatred and vitriol that you are spewing is so hurtful and quite frankly distinguishing, I feel compelled to respond. Rachel Hollis certainly doesn’t need me to stand up for her but I hope you ladies take a good long look in the mirror. I just hope that you ladies never deal with a real life, personal problem because clearly you do not have the capability, maturity, or grace, to handle it. Thank you Rachel Hollis for providing quality content, free of charge I might add, with helpful tools to help me run my business and reflect personally. I praise you for showing up on your best days, your worst days and every day in between. I will be pre-ordering your book today because while everything might not always be my cup of tea, I am happy to support you and grateful for the information you share. Keep on, keeping on and thank you for providing your perspective as a strong, successful, honest woman and entrepreneur. Sing it sister!
  • counselor kristen
    Self help is great, I am all about it. BUT.... I have to reinforce one major fact...Rachel Hollis is not a trained mental health professional. I feel it is important to remind women that this podcast, her content, her books are not a supplement for therapy. Drinking water is great (everyone needs to be hydrated), moving your body is helpful, BUT she is outside of her scope to generalize her experience to women without training. It takes a Masters degree and then on average TWO YEARS of supervision to have a license to practice counseling. Life experience is not the same. If you are struggling with trauma, anxiety, depression, or any other mental health concern, Rachel Hollis is not trained as a mental health professional. I feel strongly that her speaking on topics like “neuroplasticity” & “cognitive behavioral techniques” are way outside of her scope. It’s borderline unethical and she should preface EVERY podcast, book, etc with the fact she has ZERO professional training in the mental health profession. It’s not okay to monetize on woman's desperation when she has ZERO training. Read her books, listen to the podcast, but by all means, seek help from a licensed professional. Rachel is not equipped or educated in a way to protect people and abide by the American Counseling Associations Code of Ethics. She has no professional standards because she is not one. Be careful. Seek a trained therapist.
  • Chick from Miami
    Tuesday is my favorite day cause new podcasts load
    Reading other reviews, it’s clear people are projecting their own views versus evaluating content Rachel is not the first podcaster to get a divorce. Both Dave and her have been very open with issues they have had I find the content over past 2 months very informative Very excited with the new road Rachel is taking this podcast and I will be a weekly listener
    No real substance
    Utter crap. Geared toward women with no direction. Lacks any real substance. Meaningless content for "basic" women looking for enlightenment. Maybe it will help some of them, but this is definitely not for the experienced and educated podcast listener. I'm FLOORED that this is currently within the top 10 iTunes Podcast rankings. Must be a lot of people out there looking for this sort of meaningless drivel in their lives.
  • Ctapia93
    Love the topics
    Still love this podcast, love the topics and different people she’s interviewing
  • Jameson8888
    3%, Rachel Hollis show, whatever...
    As an avid listener since 2018, Rachel’s worsening condescending tone is not the kind of inspiration I want. Her and this podcast are very disappointing. One less listener, whether you care or not.
  • NeedToEdit
    GREEDY - NOT authentic - WATCH OUT
    I used to look up to this woman, and then I found out everything she preached was a LIE. She claims we all need to improve and own up to our mistakes, yet, she’s hiding from her mistake about lying to everyone about her “perfect” marriage. If she had been honest, I’d still follow her the same way. Everything is smoke and mirrors I guess. I also know so SO SO many wonderful women who have self esteem problems who listened to Rachel, and kept chasing the dream of being better and improving, but Rachel makes you feel belittled because you can’t do it all like her. Rachel, make a statement, follow your own advice and own up to this.
  • LoFro27
    Just not the same
    It’s a shame. I listened regularly, and was a huge fan. I read all her books, both fiction and non fiction. When the news came out about her divorce, I really felt lied to. All she did was preach about “an exceptional marriage” and to know that it was a sham, is disgusting. Please Rachel don’t continue lie, and say “You Didn’t See That Coming!” when a divorce of a 14 year marriage and 4 children doesn’t “just happen”.
  • Camerahead
    Girl, get a grip
    Figure things out without an audience. It’s embarrassing
  • Noodles & the Rockstar!
    Very disappointed 😔
    For the amount of influence God has given you, and the amount that you refer back to your faith, to have such low accountability and authenticity is very disappointing from one leader to another. Not for my life, but the thousands of people you impacted were blindsided by the things you chose to cover up while inflating a false image. Rachel, you should take a moment (like a couple months at least) to sit down and reflect, and then come back stronger and much more authentic… You’ll be a much more powerful leader when you stand in a place of complete humbleness and honest brokenness...not a prepackaged one. Just hurts to see how many sheep you led out of their own comfort zones and then left them to find their own way home. Regroup, then come back better.
  • RealTalkRyan
    The woman who borrows from crappy motivational speakers like Robbins. She interviews Shetty who is a proven plagiarist. I guess frauds interview other frauds. This chick is about as authentic as a politician.
  • Jana3H
    Girl! I have followed you for a long time. I thought loosing our brothers connected the same way. But as I watched you move gutter away from the true word of the Lord. I prayed for you guys. Don’t be to progress my sweet fried it isn’t biblical!
  • Jane Argh
    Difficult to focus (in this medium)
    Unfortunately this just isn’t for me. The production is quality and Rachel’s warm personality still shines through, but personally, I found it difficult to follow in this medium. I expect that the title of an episode will at least very generally be the focus (with a few expected tangents), but halfway through I can’t remember what the focus was supposed to be. There are multiple ads, multiple segments about her other ventures, and many short segments on loosely-related topics. It’s not always clear when one segment/ad ends and another begins. While I think it’s successful in a visual medium (like her show and YouTube channel), I have a hard time recognizing transitions in a strictly audio format. If you use this podcast as a supplement to her videos (or are just far more focused than me :), I imagine these things won’t be an issue for you.
  • trumpetcasey
    No shame
    Here’s a case of yet another influencer focused on money over authenticity. Can’t wait for her to become obsolete.
  • brekky45789
    When are we going to start holding influencers accountable for their actions? Selling courses on marriage advice behind a facade of three struggling years of marriage is unethical behavior. These are not strangers from the internet judging you these are members of your “community” that trusted you, supported your business and felt duped and deceived.
  • Sarahmr98636
    Horrific, greedy women
    I use to love Rachel and Dave Hollis & still follow Dave he’s actually genuine and has feelings and doesn’t care about $$. Rachel in the other hand is just a greedy women. You can tell all she cares about is herself and money. To me it doesn’t even seem like she wants to deal with her own kids . Will not be listening to this crap anymore. #boycottrachelhollis
  • Mallory_Joe
    Be careful....
    Be careful who you let speak into your life... I looked up to her so so much but then felt totally betrayed when she announced her divorce from her husband Dave because they made it seem like they had it together. They made me want the marriage they had and then to find out they were steps away from divorce for THREE years. Absolutely appalling. For a woman who is all about being authentic you really don’t know how to properly do that. I freaking admired the heck out of you. Smh.
  • tij2966
    Forever fan
    I discovered Rachel and this podcast only about a year ago but I have binged every episode because I always find it so encouraging and uplifting. The news of her divorce was hard but as someone who’s parents seemed to have a perfect marriage but split anyway I know this decision wasn’t easy and it doesn’t have to make sense to anyone. I so appreciate that she’s still showing up despite going through hell. Thanks Rachel.
  • Nb9093
    Too many ads!
    If you need to be sponsored by multiple companies, make the ads shorter. No one wants to start to a podcast listening to 2 mins of ads.
  • saralhendo
    Cringeworthy - at best
    Like watching a little sister who hasn’t quite found herself but has followed everyone else to help define her, this is a sad show to follow. After years of leaning on her husband’s support (financially and emotionally) she’s now ready to spread her wings...and shame anyone who holds her accountable. Is it a coincidence that she has since shifted almost all of her communications to a one-way format? Podcast, email...all things that she can talk at you (or in the case of her poor guests....over you), all while monetizing from the number of “subscribers” she has. Meanwhile, Dave shares his feelings and journey openly showcasing his true depth of character to his FRIENDS (followers), not STRANGERS...on the internet. This used to be a motivational podcast, not it’s simply the Rachel show....where what she says, thinks, and monetizes is the only thing that matters. Do yourself a favor and do not even waste your time. Let the little sis grow up and find herself first.
  • K_1129
    Sad, but hopping off this train.
    Listen with discernment. Sadly she doesn’t stand for what I thought she did. Please please listen with discernment and be careful about who speaks into your life.
  • Ady Cakes
    This woman is a sham
    wow! everything about this woman is smoke and mirrors, it has been proven many times over that she plagiarizes material for her books and speaking engagements. Everything about her is fake including her marriage, she’ll make a buck out of anything and make herself the victim, please stop making this woman rich. Despicable.
  • Dmarie1993684027
    Just smoke and mirrors
    I used to love this podcast and the rose together podcast. I’d listen to Rachel and Dave laugh and joke with each other and talk about how much they “make out” and jump each other’s bones any chance they get and I would listen and say to myself wow is something wrong with my marriage? I wish we were more like them. Only to be totally blindsided by the news of their divorce. They sat there and raved about each other and talked about transparency but they were never honest with us. It really seems like a big sham. And then Rachel is on here releasing a book to capitalize off of it and talking bad about her confused fans. Telling us to subscribe to her email newsletter for updates on her divorce. Like what?! We are all just blindsided and confused and instead of being upfront and honest it all seems super fake
  • Hiefoeodfhdisoddjrfggsoe
    Not a podcast with a true intention to help
    There are ads every other minute in this short podcast. Even skipping through them, i end up taking a short podcast down to just a few minutes. Rachel also spends a lot of time forcing herself on her guests, talking more than she listens, insistent on making sure she is validated.
  • nxjskwbshs
    Rachel, girl...
    “I’m a liberal! I love everybody! Everybody should be accepted!” That’s not what being liberal means. I’m not liberal and I believe these things but since I’m conservative, I’m apparently not welcome on your channel. You think your entire following is liberal? How foolish. Also, stop talking about BLM now that you’ve been negatively affected. You didn’t speak once until your community called you out.
  • Haydenyellowlab
    Everything Mrs Hollis does is to make a buck. Whether it’s plagiarism or pretending to have the perfect marriage or being a fitness instructor. It’s all a sham. Her podcast is a non stop ad to take advantage of others.
  • lerb193747
    Used to be good, now 👎🏻
    Used to be good, now talks over guests, rants, sounds fake, no longer relatable. Much better content out there, keep moving
  • krissymorrison
    I tried to continue listening even after the whole thousand dollars tickets for marriage conferences while she was discussing divorce thing.. Never left a bad review in a podcast before but .. girl WHAT? There was some bashing the Church and Christians and then the ranting with Trent Shelton about what a victim she is because people called her out for her manipulation. Give me a break. No one is disappointed that you’re getting divorced - it’s the fraud part that upset “the community”. So full of crap. And you didn’t “build an empire alone”, you had a husband who made good money, stop pretending to be self made. It’s all so narcissistic and gross. I couldn’t even listen to the whole thing, it’s truly insufferable to listen to anymore. Yall.. please please stop investing money in this toxicity. It’s so fake and victimy. And the audacity to try to sell a book about rebuilding her life? Seriously? Anyone with integrity would’ve refunded the marriage conference tickets or never had it. Not Rachel! She writes a book to profit more off of the lie. Ewe. No.
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