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From New York Times best-selling author Rachel Hollis comes the ultimate podcast for anyone looking for more joy and purpose in their lives. Featuring candid interviews with top performers in business, media, and lifestyle, as well as deep dives into topics like health and motivation, the Rachel Hollis Podcast has everything you need to level up your life! New episodes premiere every Tuesday and Thursday.

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  • MrsKylieB
    Your motherhood episode is GOLD
    Rachel your honesty and vulnerability in your story with Noah and flipping your perspective with strong willed children blew me away. Along with parenting each child differently. Every parent needs to hear this. I love all your episodes but this is my favorite. You are changing mothers which will change children and future generations. Thank you for what you do!
  • FelixHumboldt
    Write yourself real notes
    Know who you’re quoting. Know the name of the product you’re recommending. Pause the recording and look it up. It’s disrespectful to the listener to not do the bare minimum.
  • calls622
    I love Rachel Hollis and I feel so connected to her…through her perspective, struggles, humor, curiosity & randomness….I hear myself in her story and it’s relieving to relate so closely with another person who can use her words in ways that I deeply struggle to find. Thank you for being so vulnerable and raw!
  • Jess3884
    Glimpses of Inspiration
    I have been a Rachel fan for years I loved her when she was first coming out with the journals and was doing conferences. I’m not such a fan of hearing about her life details and songwriting but when she does have some of those goal oriented conversations, she really inspires me.Not a huge fan of Rachtalk Episodes but I am still a fan of her goal oriented topics.
  • AshCosta2018
    Crying in the club
    I just finished listening to episode 282 where Rachel shares the song she wrote with Walker Country. It gave me the strongest goosebumps i’ve ever felt and brought tears to my eyes! I will listen to this episode on repeat just so I can listen to this song until hopefully one day I can download it from iTunes.Thank you for this absolutely beautiful creation!
  • food mom 72
    So all I have to do is read a book…
    Checked out a couple of episodes because I had a few friends recommend that ‘wash your face book’, and then I happened to see the fallout from her ‘I don’t want to be relatable’ Tik Tok or IG live or whatever that was. Ummmmm…. How did she get such a platform and following in the first place? I’m honestly so confused about what I just listened to. A quick word about anger??? You read a book and have an anecdote to share and now our anger just collectively is addressed and disappears? Bless your heart.
  • Marge Inovera
    Nothing new to add
    Her “expert” advice is not based in any kind of reality or actual lived experience. There is nothing new in this podcast.
  • Danielleford86
    Feels like a friend
    I have loved listening to Rachel Hollis podcast lately. As someone who loves to learn and explore more information about things and is just curious about random stuff all of the time, this podcast feeds that! It feels like a chat with a friend about whatever random thing she’s into right now or checking out. It’s not about sharing expert, perfect professional advice about every topic. It’s just getting to hear (and sometimes benefit) from the things Rachel has checked out, looked into, has access to that maybe I wouldn’t have otherwise. When I need real professional advice about my health, I’ll go to a therapist or a doctor, not an authors podcast, so hopefully listeners know that too. She has disclosed that several times and she’s a real person, she doesn’t want us to suffer or to get the wrong info. We all have or have had friends we chat with who maybe offer a perspective or new insight or thing they learned and it may give us something to look into further with a professional, but we don’t hold that friend accountable for their idea of a good way to get rid of a headache, for example. Like I said, she’s the kind of person I’d want to be friends with irl, and I’m so thankful for this friendly, positive podcast 🫶🏼
  • nikki1289!
    Love the Tom Douglas episode!! So cool your pursuing a new passion and getting to know new people in new areas.
  • @suefit
    Stopped listening to Rachel a couple of years ago. Needed something new. Decided to give her another chance today. 40 minutes of wasted time. Rachtalk is not for me. Nobody should have to listen to how great she thinks she is.
  • StephanieM5683
    Soul food
    This show always meets me where I am. Very grateful for the real, the grit and the work that I know this must take to create. ♥️♥️♥️
  • T37284
    This whole episode was all over the place i couldn’t even keep up with what she was ranting about half the time. It seemed like she couldn’t stay on topic i used to love this podcast but not sure i love it now.
  • vickilind
    She is NOT qualified
    It’s like she reads a book and then is suddenly qualified to ‘teach’ on it. Her ‘third eye chakra’ was tragic, like she saw a diagram and boom! Now she’s an expert. As a former follower (had all the gear) I listen with a more informed ear. Her internalized misogyny is so apparent. I hope her current followers begin to see her lack of expertise and maybe see that she not, in fact, relatable.
  • oreo20102010
    No credentials
    Scam artist, so clear in the first few episodes I listened to. She is soooo blind to the wide variety of challenges and struggles people face. For someone who built herself up being “relatable”, she is just so clueless.
  • jjt1412
    Love the show
    I love your show! I love the content and find you very authentic and a great cheerleader for women. Scrolling through the comments I couldn’t believe all the negative comments. I completely disagree with them! I loved the Tony Robbins episode! I finally had to look up what sent all these people in a tailspin. I don’t know if it was the best way to deal with the “unrelatable” comment but we’ve all made mistakes. I don’t think this was that big that people are wanting to “cancel you”. I personally think people have lost their minds! Keep up the good work and stay true and authentic!
  • KateKatie32880
    Keeps it real
    Always real and informative
  • Penjenta
    She said God was a she
    Was my first listen… after all the hooplah… idk what … i thought she was a christian but maybe not anymore. Idk … maybe she isnt using that hook now? I mean i could care less i was just confused. Peace
  • Nataliestarrrrr
    Preachy and narcissistic
    The context is preachy. Not sure what her qualifications are to be trying to teach me about life? This person sure loves herself and thinks we need her guidance in life for some reason. Not interested on a random persons thoughts on life and telling me how to live it
  • mmarone80
    What happened?
    She used to have good content and now she’s all over the place. Very annoying now. Bye.
  • Leelees_tunes
    Big Sis Rach
    As the first born in my family, I’ve felt alone in some of lifes adventurs. Having to navegate them without the aid of a “big sister”. I discovered Rachel right after “Girl Wash Your Face” launched. She felt like the big sister I so badly needed. Her story resonated on so many levels. With my own divoice (that again feels all to similar to Rach) I’m soaking up all her wisdom once again. You may not agree with all she says, but I am certain if you give her a listen, you’ll find answers you may not know you need.
  • NoraB1984
    Nonsensical drivel
    Let’s see how many different “experts” Rachel can bring on to blame Covid on fat people 🤔also if you’re recording a podcast you can pause and google whatever actor/movie/adjective you’re looking for and then come back and edit it so we never have to know how much you are grasping for words at all times.
  • Hiefoeodfhdisoddjrfggsoe
    Not a podcast with a true intention to help
    There are ads every other minute in this short podcast. Even skipping through them, i end up taking a short podcast down to just a few minutes. Rachel also spends a lot of time forcing herself on her guests, talking more than she listens, insistent on making sure she is validated.
  • alicatwink
    How could you?
    Using that story about Ford was where I draw the line. Why would I want to glean anything from a woman who heckles her children? Girl, bye. Unsubscribed.
  • momtruth
    First her son is embarrassed by a peer, then by his mom. Why must she be so mean to get content? Leave the kids out of it!
  • Mirrka Kapriz
    3% chance that you learn here anything useful
    I can't believe how what used to be a successful podcast on growth went upside down and turned into gossip by a cooler.
  • counselor kristen
    Self help is great, I am all about it. BUT.... I have to reinforce one major fact...Rachel Hollis is not a trained mental health professional. I feel it is important to remind women that this podcast, her content, her books are not a supplement for therapy. Drinking water is great (everyone needs to be hydrated), moving your body is helpful, BUT she is outside of her scope to generalize her experience to women without training. It takes a Masters degree and then on average TWO YEARS of supervision to have a license to practice counseling. Life experience is not the same. If you are struggling with trauma, anxiety, depression, or any other mental health concern, Rachel Hollis is not trained as a mental health professional. I feel strongly that her speaking on topics like “neuroplasticity” & “cognitive behavioral techniques” are way outside of her scope. It’s borderline unethical and she should preface EVERY podcast, book, etc with the fact she has ZERO professional training in the mental health profession. It’s not okay to monetize on woman's desperation when she has ZERO training. Read her books, listen to the podcast, but by all means, seek help from a licensed professional. Rachel is not equipped or educated in a way to protect people and abide by the American Counseling Associations Code of Ethics. She has no professional standards because she is not one. Be careful. Seek a trained therapist.
  • ADizza
    Episode 265 was fire!
    I am loving this Rachel. The real, raw, truthful Rachel. and through it all u are trying to stay positive as u become enlightened on the “why.”
  • The SHE IS Podcast
    Perspective on why the episode was listened to…
    Listening to Rachel go on about the “success” and numbers for the episode about How to know if your relationship needs to end is hilarious to me. Does she or her team really not know that it was the talk of the internet because of how she was talking about Dave?! I am really surprised that she is sharing all this info knowing her kids at some point will hear her sharing all these private things about their Dad.
  • seb2385
    Exploiting your child’s pain = lowest of low
    I am appalled that you would exploit your son’s experience of being rejected on Valentine’s Day on Rach Talk. So. Truly. Horrible.
  • lynnber10
    Roller coaster
    Used to love the podcast and would share with friends. Then it went down hill for a long time…. Recently I was really enjoying the podcasts again until the last two weeks… the Tony Robbins podcast and podcast on Tuesday with the couple… both of those podcast were SO bad and I did not enjoy at all
  • hnv17
    Please learn how to apologize
    I have never before taken the time to leave a negative review, but I firmly believe we need to be accountable for the people we give power to in society. I haven't been a regular follower ever, I honestly wish Rachel had never been given the power she has, but hopped over to these podcasts sincerely hoping that Rachel would step up to the plate this time around. It concerns me that after a month of reflection, peer support, and the ability to hire any coach/therapist/educator you want, there still seems to be such a disconnect between her words and what actually happened. Her "apologies" are centered solely around how she feels. It would be refreshing to hear Rachel say exactly what she has done wrong without justification of her actions. Share the exact lessons you are learning - someone else here probably needs to learn them too. I was sort of shocked that she felt the need to teach others how to go through this situation... maybe instead of pretending she knows the way this time, she should step into the student role and learn.
  • Susieriveraa
    Wow 👏
    The Tony Robbins episode was AMAZING! 💕💕
  • Romance de la pena negra
    Robbins ignored Rachel
    Rachel recently said on her podcast that when she opened for Robbins, he totally ignored her. Yet here she is in this embarrassing “interview” just fan girling while Robbins spews 100% narcissistic nonsense. He sounds unhinged and she sounds like an extra on a movie set. It literally could have been anyone sitting and smiling and nodding at Tony’s insanity.
  • Sapphire151
    I use to look up to her but then realized she got rich off things that she has no business teaching. Now she claims to be a Christian but disses people and drops f bombs along with a few other choice words. I can’t look up to someone like her any longer. Do yourself a favor and find another podcast.
  • Ahop2
    Find yourself Rachel
    Icky that she lets Tony Robbins spout Covid disinformation. Grow a backbone! At least cut it from airing, seriously gross. Rachel, who are you? I honestly don’t even think you believe what he said about Covid. It sounded like you were being cautious and I don’t think your youngest is old enough to even be vaccinated which makes it even worse. You swing from trying to get your own clothing line on qvc to only buying used clothes. You give marriage advice then get divorced. I strongly believe girl wash your face was called that because you were suffering from your stress induced facial palsy while shooting the cover. Own up to it. Tell us the truth that while that book was good in some ways it’s also very toxic. You also said you didn’t want to be pregnant again and that’s why you adopted Noah but then you’re happy to be pregnant (not trying to insensitive about your loss) but it’s confusing. So confusing. You do stuff like that pretty often. It’s not authentic. It’s fine to change but it seems like you don’t even know who you are. Find yourself then talk about these things. Talk about how and why things changed. Be you and be real.
  • sbritton0612
    Tony Robbins interview awful
    I’ve been somewhat enjoying this podcast lately -until the Tony Robbins interview. He freely spews disinformation and down right false medical information. To say the only people that die from C0v1d are obese and afraid??!! How absolutely disgusting. He clearly knows nothing about this virus. To say people manifest cancer?? How is someone with clearly ZERO medical background and ZERO understanding about disease get a huge platform to talk about disease? My Dad died from cancer in August-but apparently according to Tony it’s because my Dad manifested it -and then didn’t think positively enough about it to survive?! How dare you! I literally felt sick to my stomach after listening to this episode. And why is Tony saying all this??? Oh yeah that’s right-he’s trying to sell you a book 🤢🤢🤢. Don’t listen to epidemiologists and virologists-just buy Tony’s book 🙄. Don’t listen to your oncologist -just buy Tony’s book if you want to cure your cancer 🤬. I hesitated to give this podcast one star because it was Tony and NOT Rachel spreading the outrageously dangerous misinformation. However Rachel did make the choice to publish both podcasts and promote it on her platforms.
  • Richem20
    Used to be a fan
    I used to be a huge fan of Rachels. She truly did mentor me for a season and I am grateful for that. However, after the divorce I felt mislead and that she has become a person I would have never followed. Maybe prior to the divorce she was a fake person just trying to earn her success, and now we are seeing her true self which is a hurt, and broken person that used to be intentional in her teachings. From speaking about the gospel and being raised in the church, to smudging sage and using crystals and manifesting??? The inconsistency is sad to see. I lost a lot of respect for a women I once admired and looked up to. Sad to see what “appeared” to be a great family be dismantled by pride and money. I feel I got scammed all those early years buying into her books, products and teachings. The podcast no longer brings joy to my heart, so I stopped listening.
  • klberg
    Tony Robbins interview turned me off for good
    I used to really enjoy this podcast, but the longgg lead in from Rachel to this interview had me so excited, only to find myself wanting to throw my phone across the room as soon as the interview began. Tony Robbins leads with junk science and controversial statements. Pompous and full of himself that his "science" was better than the every other expert re Covid, and "thankfully" they live in Florida and the schools stay opened and the children were not "forced" to wear a mask. Mr. Robbins, did you look at how high the death rate was in your state???? How many teachers got sick, died or passed Covid onto loved ones who lived with them because the children were free to spread a deadly disease. I used to have deep respect for Tony Robbins, but beginning this interview with his VERY controversial ideas about Covid and completely ignoring the fact that almost ONE MILLION Americans have died of the disease, not to mention to toll it took on health care workers to treat all the sick and dying. Holy cow. Yes! I agree it took a tremendous toll on our youth's mental well being. But how about the toll it took on everyone's mental health who lost a loved one. Listen at your own risk. It's not even close to what I was hoping for. So disappointed.
  • Reconstructed Charm
    Def not my “best friend Rach”
    ETA: this Tony Robbins “interview” is DISGUSTING. Rachel, you way missed the mark on International Women’s Day. Rachel circa 2019 was at least better at pretending to be authentic or relatable. Rachel circa 2020/2021 has given up and has been pretty straightforward about just wanting our money. Maybe she’ll have her “come to Jesus” moment and realize it was her relatability and her fans’ disposable income - not her 4 am alarm - that got her to where she is today. Don’t waste your time on this podcast, she can’t help you when she can’t even help herself.
  • ErinT1984
    Tony Robbins Episode is a Nightmare
    The episode featuring Tony Robbins is not an interview. It is a monologue where he is allowed to spew all sorts of health misinformation, and makes no sense. Rachel asks no substantive questions and does not contribute to the podcast at all. He is not a credible source of health information and this podcast should not have aired. Not to mention that Tony Robbins has multiple credible sexual assault allegations agains him. Trigger warning, major anti-fat biased. Save yourself the hour.
  • drm980
    Grifters gonna grift
    Please stop. Tony Robbins is terrible. He manipulates people for money. You should be ashamed of yourself.
  • TeacherWalsh
    Love this podcast!!!
    Thank you for such an amazing podcast! I wish you recorded every day. I take you on my lunch break walks, getting ready for the day and any other time. You do a wonderful job! I love learning with you!
  • Not a happy hour
    Snarky and hypocrite You are not a single mom if you have a freaking nanny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Natasha1981
    Life changing
    Thank you for this podcast, it has made me do some self realization and have a lot more gratitude.
  • RachelMHoch
    So fun, really enjoyable and informative
    I love Rachel’s podcast! Omg, from geeking out to musicals and LMM, to talking about crystals and manifesting, and amazing informative guests, it’s a great addition to my podcast playlist! Thanks Rach! :)
  • ABumpUser
    Rachel is the worst
    Her marriage advice grift was ruined by her divorce so now she’s trying to reinvent herself to keep making money. Come on, people. Stop falling for it. She’s “successful” because she had a rich husband and Disney connections. She didn’t manifest her money. That’s not a real thing. You know what they say…fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on…
  • danabbbbbb
    Look forward to each episode
    I love the rachel hollis podcast and especially like listening while I’m on a walk or on the treadmill. I was inspired to run a half marathon from her latest episode and then my friend DM’d me and said she’s doing one in … wait for it… 4 weeks. I have not liked running, ever. But, tomorrow I am going to push myself and see how far I can run without stopped at a moderate/slow pace to see if I can push myself hard enough to train for this in just 4 weeks. Any info would be appreciate thanks!!! @allthethingswithdana on IG
  • ETSmith77
    I did the impossible 🙌
    The episode about your recent marathon re-lit the fire that 2018-2019 Rachel put in me. It brought tears to my eyes. I have missed this Rachel and hope she’s coming back. Congrats on your 2nd Marathon!
  • CECE0720
    Amazing Podcast with multiple topics
    Rach does an amazing job of presenting content that is realistic and helpful. I love everything I get to hear and I am super excited about everything that’s available here in this space. Definitely working on manifesting intentionally!!!
  • Audswan
    Mean girls?
    Really upsetting to hear an episode about mean girls from someone who bullies and gaslights people into “changing” themselves. And who appears to exhibit every mean girl characteristic listed in this episode.
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