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Bestselling author Annie Grace invites you to explore the role of alcohol in our lives and culture without rules, pain, or judgement. Ready to make a change? Join The Alcohol Experiment - a FREE 30-day challenge designed to deliver happiness, wellbeing and self-respect. Check out The Alcohol Experiment at

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  • redheaded bombshell
    Annie is truly changing the manner in which we approach alcohol use and sobriety. Her work educates and informs us to empower us in the process rather than offer rigidity and harmful labels. Authentic, honest, and kind.
  • Tory0918
    Great podcast but poor audio
    I started listening to this podcast after reading Annie’s amazing book! There is so much crucial and valuable information in each episode, which has led to many “aha moments”. Annie breaks it down into bite-sized, digestible pieces. I love the content, but the audio quality is often very poor and there is a lot of background noise. I’ve found this to be very distracting and sometimes unbearable. Please consider upgrading audio equipment.
  • galflorida
    Great but cannot take it in with fast talking
    This is great to hear including the coaching sessions, but those coaching sessions are spoken so fast with no pauses (Chris I think his name is) that I cannot take it in. He will have 3 points and zip right by so I constantly have to rewind and think. Could you slow down a bit? Makes me anxious at current pace
  • Pooshay-shay
    Love it!
    Great book! Help me tons! So I followed up with the podcast, but I have a hard time hearing everything you and your guests are saying. Please! Get better mics!
  • kLove2020
    Science based knowledge
    I love Annie and her movement for quitting drinking. She has so much amazing knowledge on the subject and an open mind and sense of curiosity that makes one feel comfortable with a very taboo subject. The book and the podcast have really guided my journey for sobriety. She is so candid and caring as well as enthusiastic! Keep it up!!!
  • Person who wasted their money
    Inspiring and helpful!
    I have read both This Naked Mind and done the Alcohol Experiment. I am currently 50 days alcohol free, and it really does feel like freedom! The podcast is a wonderful way to stay inspired and feel supported by hearing other people’s stories. Plus, the scientific information about alcohol has really helped me understand just how toxic alcohol really is. This is a podcast well worth hearing!
  • AimeeLiz73
    Life changing!
    Annie has given us all a gift. She has deeply researched the topic of becoming alcohol free and has discovered how to help us make the change ourselves with scientific, fact-based information. The info has changed me and I hope that others get the same benefit!
  • Bohard
    Best podcast ever created
    This is the best and most important podcast ever. The book is the only thing that’s better. If you’ve ever known deep down that you want to quit drinking but didn’t know how you have finally arrived. Annie will show you how to achieve freedom of alcohol instantaneously. It’s truly miraculous.
  • CQRobistow
    Annie’s info made it easier to stick to healthy habits and goals
    I LOVE the mix of informational resources, personal stories, and listener questions answered because it’s a variety that helped me stick to my newfound relationship (more like a breakup that feels freeing!) with alcohol. I HIGHLY recommend Annie’s books and podcast for anyone even remote curious about what a shift in their relationship with alcohol might be like. She’s not beating you over the head with an abstinence message...she’s just helping us all be less like mindless wanderers who are stuck in the same old habits and more like informed decision makers who choose things in our own best interest (in a healthy but not selfish way). Thank you, Annie!
  • sober justme
    Changing my mind
    I always knew that alcohol was as hurting me, But I still could never stop using it. It makes no sense but it’s true. I’ve read your books and listen to this podcast and it has helped me understand why I couldn’t stop hurting myself with alcohol. I’ve now stopped and it is such a beautiful life. I wake up and feel good. I am learning to trust my emotions and listen to my body without numbing them. I’m noticing all the beliefs about alcohol that kept me sick. Thanks for all you are doing to change the false beliefs we have around alcohol.
  • hodgesd
    just the best
    If you need help with addiction, Annie Grace is the palce to find answers!
  • bates171
    Really helpful
    Annie Grace does an excellent job with the alcohol experiment and her podcasts. Anyone that suspects cutting back on drinking would help them they should get involved with this. I was ready to make a change last fall and saw a post on Twitter about someone had just completed the Alcohol Experiment. I checked out her website, started listening to her videos, podcast, and I can say it was was one the best decisions I have made. Thank you Annie Grace!
  • Laura Missy
    Great Podcast!
    I have just started listening to podcasts and this was one of my first choices to listen too. Very knowledgable information given, researched and overall a great way to work on projects with this in the background!
  • TheWriterJess
    This podcast needed to exist
    Annie Grace is a wonderful host and these conversations are so complex and so necessary.
  • Stingybone
    Love it!
    Thanks for all you do! Very informative!
  • VMüller
    Love it but please get a new microphone!
    I LOVE Annie, her book and this podcast’s content. She’s totally changed my life. However, I can barely listen to this because the sound quality is sooo bad. Sometimes you can barely hear her voice but you can hear background noises, or her swallowing. It takes away from the amazing content. Please get a new mic, Annie!!
  • kell Fos
    I’m sold!
    Thank you Annie Grace! Words and I thoughts I’ve been yearning to hear. If only I heard you three years ago...but everyday is a new day to begin again. Thank you for sharing your story, wisdom and for your inspiration. I look forward to this happy journey and new way of living.
  • brg and Free
    This Naked Mind Podcast
    Thank goodness is all I can say. Candid, honest ,refreshing, no shame ,blame path to healing relationship with alcohol. Thank you Annie Grace!!
  • angelareneemkk
    Fresh perspective
    Love Annie’s perspective and experience on recovery. Her advice is gentle and encouraging. Her teachings create a sense of overwhelming empowerment as I’ve learned to take the reigns on my own recovery.
  • Sph1966
    Bad sound quality
    As much as I love and need this podcast, I am unable to hear much of the dialog due to the poor sound quality.
  • theperfectapp908
    Open conversations
    Please keep this podcast going! Your open conversations about alcohol are my daily dose of sanity in a world intimidatingly and progressively fueled by a pain-numbing poison.
  • nome-seattle
    8 years without alcohol.
    Finally a podcast that fits my life. I didn’t go to AA to quit, I stopped in my own way. I read every book/ article about alcohol and alcoholism and I went to therapy. I feel like I can really relate to her journey. It’s a wonderful podcast that anyone questioning their alcohol intake should listen to.
  • San Franny
    Good concept, deplorable audio quality
    I’m sure this podcast really helps a lot of people; it’s informative and interesting. But it’s almost impossible to listen to because the audio quality is scratchy and tinny with dramatic volume changes. Some upgraded recording equipment will only make this podcast better. A couple hundred backs will buy you a decent microphone with a built-in pop filter. And a little post-processing will have Annie Grace sounding like a pro. I’d love to listen to more of this podcast, but the audio is just unbearable. That said, 4 stars for excellent content.
  • MaineMom14
    Audio quality is terrible
    The host needs to get a proper podcast set up. The echoes, background noises, scratchiest, and harsh volume shifts make this unlistenable.
  • MNanonymous
    Great but noisy
    This podcast and the book are a great, but Annie needs to get into a studio! The background noises (traffic/barking dogs) are very distracting! 🙉
  • Dafhjcd
    Life changing podcast.
    This Naked Mind came on my FB feed when I was 90 days sober and miserable. Without judgement, pain or rules Annie, Scott & Co. share their personal experiences,scientific based methodology to help me reverse my subconscious thinking process with booze. It’s the #1 tool I recommend to anyone struggling in their relationship with alcohol. I only wish I found it sooner.
  • j Dee yweb
    Loving it!
    Started at 1, I’m on 27 and plan to work my way through all the episodes. I love it and can’t get enough.
  • lindasusername
    Thank you, Annie
    Thank you, Annie, for your research, your book, this podcast, and for keeping it real. You've helped me finally stop drinking after years of trying and failing.
  • TeresaPWell
    Need to have better audio
    Really enjoy the message, but getting lost with the scratchy audio.
  • lash3602
    This podcast is amazing! Definitely a new tool for my recovery toolbox.
  • dfygdnvfhvfh
    Thank you🔆
    I am one of the most “hard headed” people you will ever meet and when this pod cast was recommended to me by my best friend with the same initial issues sent this to me I wanted to scream and tell her to buzz off. I chose to listen because she repetitively texted 5x before 8am. Thank you BF❤️ Annie, your story is so identical to our own personal stories, it’s pro-founding. Thank you. You are a rock star. Keep it up!
  • susanaid
    Always reaffirming
    This Naked Mind podcast is always reaffirming all the reasons we stop abusing alcohol in the first place. This is absolutely needed for so many who may still be questioning if this was the right decision!
  • Kgdhju
    AA for introverts
    When I first came clean about my addiction and sought out counseling, it was suggested to me to check out NA or AA groups. This just never felt right for me and I was scared and nervous to be in a room full of people that I didn’t know, talking about my addiction. I wanted the connection but I wasn’t ready. Listening to this podcast brings that connection to me. Even though I am not in the room with the person talking about their story, I feel connected to them. This podcast brings me so much light in to what is a dark area in my life. I really enjoy hearing other people’s journeys and how far they have come after acknowledging their addiction. I loved reading This Naked Mind and I love that this podcast provides me with more information and connections to people. If you feel alone in your journey, this podcast will bring you the connection and knowledge you need. ❤️❤️❤️
  • deltstar
    Very helpful!
    The book This Naked Mind really opened up my mind about alcohol and I’ve been sober since reading the book. Listening to this podcast has helped reinforce the healing the book had initiated. When I hear the stories shared in this podcast, I feel connected with others. I feel like I’m not alone in this. Annie’s tips are very helpful in breaking down the myths stuck in my subconscious that glamorize alcohol. I am grateful for the book and the podcast because they have helped me heal from a growing alcohol addiction.
  • Glass Empty = Life's Full
    Life changing
    Annie’s book helped me get on the path to sobriety and, just as important, this podcast channel helps me stay on that path. My life is forever changed and I’ll never be able to thank her enough. LOVE and appreciate all her guests, wisdom and coaching (and Scott’s!). From the depths of my heart—THANK YOU ❤️.
  • vcarol123
    The Naked Mind
    AMAZING! Life changing! I’m 64. I wish I would have heard something like this 30 years. I feel like she is describing ME! Such a horrible stigma to the word alcoholic. Shred the shame!
  • MamaCass84
    Good Information (Mostly)
    This week’s interview was kind-of strange, though. The woman was a former businessperson and she started a business that helps people in the corporate sector get sober. All well and good, but then she starts going on about her methodology of “getting to the route cause” of use. This woman (as far as I know) is not trained in psychology and really shouldn’t be speaking about such things. Annie, it’s your show! No need to be polite if you question someone. I know I did.
  • 1234nivkname
    Life changing!
    If you want to quit drinking but have been unable to do so, listen to these podcasts-they will help!
  • coloradocubana
    SO helpful!
    Altruism is alive and well here. Annie Grace gives of her time and experience to help others take an honest look at their relationship with alcohol without the stigma or shaming commonly associated with this topic of excessive drinking. Highly recommended with a great mix of personal stories, Q & A and interviews with authorities in the field of alcohol use disorder and recovery.
  • cblazed
    Horrible Audio
    Atrocious audio quality- which comes off as a total lack of respect for the listener and each guest. Why not invest a little money into production? I don’t mind listening to ads here and there. Unsubscribed :(
    I’m obsessed
    I bought this audiobook a while back and loved the change of mindset approach to being alcohol free. Just recently I’ve started listening to the podcast and I’m obsessed. I am working my way through from the very beginning and it’s very encouraging to hear the ideas of Annie and the guests on the show. Focusing on the positives of being alcohol free, instead of focusing on the the deprivation of being alcohol free makes the journey feel so much more manageable. Thank you Annie!
  • SoKelSays
    Eye opening
    I read Annie’s book last September. I love how she explains “ cognitive dissonance” as it relates to the overuse/abuse of alcohol. This podcast is a continuation of understanding the interweaving of the societal pressures and the destruction alcohol can cause. For those who don’t want “meetings” this is a great coaching piece to put in your daily learning routine. Practical advice.
  • hatchlink
    Poor audio quality
    After helping helping millions of people recognize the truth about the role of alcohol in their lives through two books based on research and her personal life experience, I was so excited to find Annie Grace hosts a podcast in which she does the same through conversations with others- accomplished, interesting, successful interviewees who share their experience of similar journey. I have been very disappointed by the sound quality, it is painful. I find that I have to turn my volume very high to hear the interviewee, and am then blasted by the interviewer with side comments and interjections. I’m hopeful this can be easily corrected, because I don’t want to miss the important content this podcast has to offer.
  • RJ514
    Audio quality is a struggle
    This podcast has some great content. The only thing holding it back is it has terrible audio quality. It’s constantly cutting out, hollow sound, a lot of background noise.
  • njhippie
    Five stars
    This podcast is helping me so much in my second year of sobriety. It is so helpful to hear the factual info Annie shares with us about alcohol. She not only educates her listeners but she enables us to educate others we interact with. The stories of those who come on her show are also so inspiring! I love the variety of viewpoints on addiction and recovery!
  • Iowalibber
    Love you but get better audio equipment!
    The information in this podcast is great! It’s just hard to listen as it’s like Annie is in her phone talking with quite a bit of background noise! Please invest in it😍
  • Whatshesaid22
    Background noise
    Great podcast. The only complaint I have is, during one of the episodes it sounded like someone was stacking dishes in the background. It really detracted from the message and it was one I really wanted to hear. I ended up shutting it off.
  • girlyjames
    Please get rid of the background noise
    The information on this podcast is great. However, some of the episodes have a lot of background noise, as if someone is cleaning or a kid is playing. It distracts from the message.
  • HiRev29
    Great support for quitting drinking
    I read her book and quit drinking. I listen to these every morning to reinforce what I read and keep me on track. So glad I found them!!
  • duffjody
    Annie Grace is real and refreshing! She provides the tools needed to regain control of your life. Knowledge is power and she shares her knowledge so we can be powerful and happy human beings.
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