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There’s a reason the History Channel has produced hundreds of documentaries about Hitler but only a few about Dwight D. Eisenhower. Bad guys (and gals) are eternally fascinating. Behind the Bastards dives in past the Cliffs Notes of the worst humans in history and exposes the bizarre realities of their lives. Listeners will learn about the young adult novels that helped Hitler form his monstrous ideology, the founder of Blackwater’s insane quest to build his own Air Force, the bizarre lives of the sons and daughters of dictators and Saddam Hussein’s side career as a trashy romance novelist.

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  • 420seank
    Horrible editing. I love the show but the editing is flabbergasting with how poorly it’s done every time. *******update with example******** episode posted on Tuesday, may 23, with 2 minutes 38 seconds left the audio skips back several minutes and the end of the episode is cut off. Great job guys. LOL UPDATE Episode posted on may 25th, at the 1 hour 15 mark, Robert plays a clip, that doesn’t play for the listener. Just blank space for a minute. Good job 👏 keep up the good work editing, love getting into a series and not be able to understand the last 15 minutes.
  • AndyCandy1231
    To many jokes
    I came to listen to the Vince episodes. There is too much chatter and joking. The main host laughs at his own jokes when no one else does. Maybe it’s a missing issue. He seems to be louder than everyone else and his laugh drowns out anything they might be saying.
  • VietSchlong
    The ultimate in GHEAY weak takes
    The men on this podcast are like rotting vegetables, completely divorced from any notion virtue. They should all be horse-whipped
  • average joe the first
    Laughing waste oftime
    If they simply got to the point and cut out the mindless chit chat and chuckling, they could cut the length of the podcast in half
  • 77x77c
    Every once in a while you find a new podcast that will boggle your mind….this is one of those. The heir of superiority coupled with a very narrow band of intelligence makes this so hard to listen to. The lack of ability to view a different point of view and the self righteousness that accompanies that is truly unique. Save the minutes off of your life and listen to something that makes you think instead of something that tells you what to think.
  • Paige42986
    Behind the police trailer
    I am a law enforcement supporter and I am giving you three stars for the simple fact that you are respecting police officers enough. The saying is a good cop hates a bad cop and win talking about police officers and violence you should remember that because there are so many good cops out there that listen to stuff like that and get discouraged about their jobs because you are saying that police are violent and what not that’s the only reason I gave you three stars because I usually like the stuff you do just not this
  • mrmann1819
    Sophie is awesome
    Don’t listen to that other guy.
  • Elisa bee
    Love this podcast
    Only thing I wish was different was that there wasn’t a weekly “It Could Happen Here” episode. I like having BHTB on auto-download and binging one after another during long commutes but no matter how many times I delete TCHH, new ones get into the queue.
  • Emily Rakovec
    Co Hosts Can Be a Drag
    Please limit Sophie’s involvement. She says way too much without actually saying anything at all.
  • ckreese15
    One lie
    One of my go-to pods twice a week. Been listening for years for both entertainment and historical background on some of the worst people to walk the planet. Great jokes and professional openings and pitches to their product and services.
  • Elena!
    Sophie is a buzzkill
    I used to love this show. I would listen to this religiously years ago, but ever since Robert included Sophie as his co-host, I can barely make it through an episode. She is constantly putting him down, is very pretentious, and rarely stays on topic. It is just painful to listen to. The dynamic between them is uncomfortable and a buzzkill. Robert, you had a great podcast going. There is still room for improvement. I so badly want to love this show again.
    Amazing Podcast - Terrible pacing for their adds
    I love this podcast. I listen to it all the time. I am up to date and keep will keep it that way. I have no criticism to make actual playtime better. Their add rolls though… OMG. The way they set it up it is actually easier to just skip the adds, which maybe the point. But over 2mins of adds to start, then many 2-3min add breaks is too much. Idk if it is because the way they set them up or what but I find the add breaks during this show particularly terrible. Fortunately they are really easy to skip. Love the show guys, rework the way you present adds, I know your stuck doing it wether you want to or not but you manage to make me less excited about the adds… most podcasts I just put up with them. Good luck.
  • worldtrashfires
    Listen to this show!
    Well researched and explained
  • Bad Advuse
    They use the word LIKE like in every like sentence and you know like I had like to leave. Like I just like can’t listen. OI !!
  • Nocturnal311
    Interesting topics but wish the hosts would leave their own political opinions out of it
    Interesting topics but wish the hosts would leave their own political opinions out of it
  • Cjgdghhbbb
    Sophie, I’m so sorry
    Sophie I used to not like you for why idk but youre hilarious I love you I was a bad feminist and thank you for your presence!! Amazing show guys
  • Sakisma
    My newest addiction
    This podcast makes me look forward to my morning commute! I love the newest episodes about Mengele and yoga. Right up my alley! I only gave it 4/5 because there was one subject I really wanted to hear but one of the guest hosts was driving me crazy and I could barely force myself to finish the first ep. I know, you can’t please ‘em all but that’s why it’s not 5.
  • W13n2023
    I don’t know how Robert does so much research every week! I love this show — as a historian and journalist.
  • 11111118383932
    Solid show to me but has a few minor issues
    Love the show for it’s takes on garbage people or events in history. However, sometime guests on the show can ruin some episodes and this aspect does bring it down a star for me. The comedy of this is what I enjoy as much as I enjoy hearing about the topics the show gets into, since Robert is a very funny man. Comedy in this show might not be for everyone, so keep that in mind because it is a significant part of this show and not all guests are that funny or are even cringy.
  • vaguelyjim
    Yikes. I hate writing bad reviews, but this group of pseudo intellectuals are as pretentious as it gets. They have inflated egos and are unable to look past their own set preconceived notions to realize they’re not always right. To engage in a debate with them would be like talking to a wall that thinks it’s better than you.
  • Sdwyer888888
    One of my Faves
    And Sophie is fantastic
  • Windfoxj
    Bitter laughter lets you stare the bad things in the face.
    Robert’s format, where he conversationally reads an essay on a terrible person to one of a rotating cast of guests, is possibly my favorite way to learn about history. It’s goofy and off-color, which helps him temper his subject matter, but it’s also EXCELLENTLY researched and written, to the point where I’ve been ruined on other liberal/leftist edutainment that seems lazy and manipulative by comparison. Also, Sophie haters can shove it. Truly. She’s a great straight foil and I love her dynamic with Robert.
  • ketykorn
    This is my favorite podcast
    It might sound strange given the topics, but I love this pod so much. Robert Evans’ way of approaching each topic is commendable and I look forward to every new episode.
  • DwuudZ
    Ahh yes these are my people.
    I feel like this podcast was designed to hook me. I listened to the 6 part Kissinger masterpiece, and haven’t been able to stop since. My only real gripe is that from time to time, the editing is some of the worst I have EVER heard, to the point where it ruins episodes. There are random gaps in audio, skips, and occasionally entire sections of audio will repeat twice in a row or just be completely absent. Overall, the consistency of show could really benefit from professional editing, and a producer who knows when to mute their microphone (there are CONSTANT live mics). Also, the guests can really make or break an episode depending on how engaged they are in the discussion. Multiple guests rarely work unless it’s the guys from the Dollop or Cody and Katy from Some More News. Some other reoccurring guest highlights: David Bell, Prop, Joelle Monique, Billy Wayne Davis, Matt Lieb, Garrison Davis, Jason Pargin and Jamie Loftus.
  • slearl
    Could be better
    I enjoyed the information presented, but I just can’t stand the trivial banter between the hosts. The joking around isn’t humorous and it adds nothing to the topic (unless it is to drag the runtime to allow for more “products and services” ads). None of the hosts are remotely funny, but all think they’re A-list comedians. At first, it was tolerable being I was a new subscriber and was recommended from a Reddit post (red flag, but I went along with it knowing the pod was going to be heavily biased). After two parts of Josef Mengele, I’m done. I would rather learn more about this guy from Slayer’s “Angel of Death”.
  • ailingeric
    The show is fantastic. Sophie is ehh. The editing is terrible! Get a better editor! Multiple episodes where the last 4 minutes are just corrupted or blank! And typically there is some very good information in that time. It’s very annoying.
  • Longtimebastard
    Great content, bad editing
    I’ve been listening to this podcast for about 4 years and it’s disappointing how bad the editing has gotten. It just seems to get progressively messier like rough drafts are being published without listening. I hope it improves and I can update my review to match my opinion of the content.
  • Family destroyer
    Listened to nearly all episodes
    Really great and informative podcast. I enjoy hearing about personal stories from the hosts and getting off track—it shows humanity and makes light of awful stuff. It has made me appreciate the nuance in situations more deeply. It made start reading a bunch more and really changed my conception about why understanding history is important. Overall, 9/10. One thing to note: there have been moments when I have heard of the most unspeakable historical acts being committed, while I was waking up early in the morning, and thinking of them has really haunted me the rest of the day—exactly what I wanted.
  • CharChar Baby
    The best
    The only person whose cult I’d join before Robert’s is Sophie’s.
  • Ali H 30
    Behind the Worst People in All History
    Do you like podcasts about awful people? Do you like listening to someone joke about horrible people and talk about knives. Then stop looking for a podcast. This is the one for you.
  • Gassious
    Incredibly funny, informational, entertaining
    One of the better long form episode podcasts
  • Drafalski
    Any episode with Matt Lieb is a blessing. Producer girl needs less speaking time, I enjoy her laugh and banter with robert but when she interjects to give her feelings or an emotional response its annoying.
  • Zootytravels
    It’s all about the hosts
    The topics looked really interesting & intriguing, but I couldn’t get through the hosts who seemed more about interacting then the stories.
  • LPIndyFan
    Recommend to a friend
    I am eternally grateful to a longtime family friend for recommending this podcast. I have become a big fan of a lot of the guests as well, such as Propaganda, Shereen, Margaret and more. If you like a little irreverent humor while learning at the same time, this is a good pick.
  • digitalbuddha
    Very Interesting and Informative
    If somewhat depressing… like if Ivan Karamazov had a podcast
  • fan of the old game
    Love it
    Idk why this dude story telling hit so different but It’s starting to become part of my routine, makes mental space feel better
  • Listener 77777
    Could be more
    Robert is an excellent essayist. I realize he’s writing hit pieces, but he does bring out nuance as well. Tightening up the editing, removing digressions, keeping discussion relevant could take this from kinda crappy with good bits to something I’d look forward to whenever it comes out. The guests occasionally add a bit to the podcast. They can get better, and editing would help.
  • istuart45
    One episode was enough
    I listened to the bobbby fisher episode. The main narrator was very good and informed. The other two were kind of idiots. It was too political.
  • Suzannekmoses
    Remarkable variety
    I’m always surprised by who is up next.
  • GareBeear
    Don’t listen to the haters
    This is funny. Aaaaaaaand contributing to the growing trend in cynical human nihilism. Let’s speed this ending up folks! Time for us to goooooo!
  • TheYoungInterviewer
    I love this
    Amazing dives into the depths of human depravity, that it honestly very depressing but informative. Every once in a while I get to hear a Doritos ad or hear them make Sophie laugh out loud, so that helps break up the darkness a little. Do yourself a favor and learn more about terrible people through this podcast!
  • Mukkuroni
    Stop the silly bantering, the cursing and the inappropriate descriptions
    and this might be an interesting podcast.
  • kelevated
    Worth a listen
    Interesting topic selection and the guests are usually pretty entertaining. Episodes guest hosted by Garrison and Christopher are auto-skips
  • AppleCaterpillar
    March 16
    Y’all are hilarious. And awesome. Could’ve been thinking of Final Destination with the whole sucked down the swimming pool drain, bit.
  • Caarrina
    Needs to edit edit edit!
    Good topics but most episodes need major editing down. There’s a lot of repeated jokes, unnecessary side stories, and random chit chat that severely drags down the show. The information in the recent Fox News two-parter was great, but gets completely lost. It takes so long to get any actual facts between ramblings. Those two episodes could have been edited down to one GREAT 45 minute episode in my opinion. Reminds me of when your favorite song is starting on the radio, but the DJ just won’t shut up. It’s good info, but honestly a chore to listen to.
  • RichBnc
    My favorite part about the show is Robert Evans. My second favorite part is listening to the show talk about Reagan the bastard while also pumping ads that promote gold coins with his face on it.
  • DaleSRforever
    Great for kids.
    I listen to this show when I’m babysitting.
  • Matt Newby
    Mildly entertaining but insufferable over time
    The hosts obviously put a great amount of energy into research for the topics of their podcasts. The researched information always very interesting. But when the hosts (and their guests) venture into opinion, they come off as insufferable pseudo-intellectuals who state their opinion as fact. Over time, this type of contribution to the conversation becomes more and more unpalatable. I have this show the benefit of the doubt and listened to around 30 episodes, but I’ve become so repelled by the condescending tone that I have to stop listening.
  • ChristineNYC
    Long winded & hysterical
    I’m an NYC liberal but I can’t take how indulgent this podcast is. I initially loved the title and expected a little more thoughtful content. But you’re not going to find any nuance here. It will be running screaming with hair on fire about woke issues. I wish it wouldn’t contribute to the hysteria. Yes, this planet has problems mainly the environment. But the current identity politics is tearing his world apart and spinning our wheels. The last straw is their podcast about a trans genocide. It’s gotten to the point where we can’t even talk about things rationally. I’ve watched Cody Johnson on YouTube and I think he could have a promising career if he calms down a little.
  • pinax34
    What an Air Bag
    American Filth should be the title of these flatulent and extremely lousy episodes The unreliable narrator of screeds is probably one of the most obnoxious and frightfully shrill voices of contemporary gossip columnists online. His marvelously useless ideas double as white noise one might turn to when trying to drown out bathroom noises. Toilet talking white trash style blabber mouthing largely educated and highly successful people who actually get along with other successful people of high rank is what the nonsense amounts to. The host is a little boy who got stuck being a man and doesn't like himself or life. Boring little boy needs attention. Better material can be located on bathroom stalls and your little brother’s 4th grade papers.
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