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There’s a reason the History Channel has produced hundreds of documentaries about Hitler but only a few about Dwight D. Eisenhower. Bad guys (and gals) are eternally fascinating. Behind the Bastards dives in past the Cliffs Notes of the worst humans in history and exposes the bizarre realities of their lives. Listeners will learn about the young adult novels that helped Hitler form his monstrous ideology, the founder of Blackwater’s insane quest to build his own Air Force, the bizarre lives of the sons and daughters of dictators and Saddam Hussein’s side career as a trashy romance novelist.

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  • Dj sleepingAwake
    I docked you a star…
    …because Robert’s Boston accent was so bad. I’ve never wanted to punch a person through my phone before but here we are. Btw your Andrew Taint episodes were fantastic.
  • Icelander 02948
    Love this show
    Amazing pod, horrible subjects
  • nnnjru
    When you turn over rocks
    Fascist pedos be uncomfortable
  • Kikkyo
    Fascist podcast
    Openly fascist and they laugh about putting on masks and assaulting people. Police should look into them.
  • USFS Patrol
    Potential to be very good
    This podcast has awesome stories and episodes that could be so great if they didn’t do what so many other podcasts do: yak endlessly about unfunny things that nobody wants to hear. Present the information in a clean way that’s easily processed and keep the banter and ADHD trails out of it; it’s just unfunny and sometimes in poor taste to do things like laugh and make jokes in an episode about, say, the trafficking of children. Nobody thinks the jokes and banter is funny, you just want to say “Ok get to the point please.” Seriously, if they did that and just presented the information in a cleaner more concise but still entertaining way it would be one of my favorite podcasts.
  • bitkahuna
    Rambling and trying to sound clever
    Saying like every third word and dropping f bombs for effect doesn't make you sound smart. And your obvious political bias makes clear you have no objectivity at all. There are progressive think tanks too you know.
  • bipper bapper
    Impure Evil
    Every one who claims to love this vile lefty garbage and I do mean literal garbage is not pure evil ,rather impure evil, I say that lovingly, I love to say it!
  • Lvanwinkle
    LOVE this podcast!
    Such a great balance of information, history, humor, and friendly banter. It is also so refreshing that the host holds everyone accountable. He does not romanticize certain times in history or historical figures. Every time I listen, I learn something, all while laughing. Give it a try.
  • A_Snow
    Great Show
    Love the Dr. Kaveh episodes!!! More More More!!! (Kylo Ren voice)
  • ktisanerd
    Favorite podcast
    Has been my favorite podcast for years now. Funny, well researched, and Sophie rules-don’t listen to the insecure men in the reviews
  • lagerheadO'Toole
    I think it’s time BTB asked the question “What is going on with Morrissey?”
  • sicklypinkcat
    Fantastic podcast, instant recommend to all of my friends. Sophie’s great also leave her alone!!!
  • Ezra Chuck
    Just a bunch of leftist garbage. Boink off!
  • Dr Simmons
    Great all around
    Very well researched podcast, love learning about various historical figures, and I love the dynamics of Robert, Sophie and the guest
  • andgonow
    One of my favorites
    I love Sophie’s banter with Robert, she is the great overlord and that’s why weak men don’t like her. She’s hilarious, as is the whole podcast, or at least as funny as you can be when talking about the worst parts of history.
  • The name Steve was taken
    Specifically a fan of Sophie including herself in the show
    SAYS IT ALL IN THE TITLE. I love this show. Informative and funny. Sponsors should pay extra for the excellent ad lead-in.
  • ReverendSKA
    Only One Issue
    The concept is great, the host is great and the show is great. The only problem is that the guests are hit or miss and can really wreck an episode. Some of the guests feel the need to insert their jokes at every turn which can be unnecessary and some just constantly go off on tangents making it hard for the host to stay on topic. Prop completely derails the flow of the show. It’s incredibly hard to listen when he goes off on some half thought out sidetrack.
  • GETini44
    A perfect complimentary to historical podcasts
    I really enjoy this podcast. I laugh constantly and love the variety of guests, especially Billy. The show goes well with historical podcasts I enjoy like Revolutions and Pirate History Podcast by fleshing out individuals and moments from historical dramas. But the best part is the sources. I have now read some really interesting books on Jon Brown, the Dulles Brothers, Raoul Wallenberg and many others. Keep up the excellent work! It is much appreciated context and perspective.
  • dynohmike
    I want to like this podcast…
    But hearing someone say “right” at the end of almost every sentence over and over and over and OVER AND OVER makes it impossible for me.
  • brub1399
    Love the podcast
    I enjoy both the humor and pragmatism of the podcast. Also Sophie and Anderson are great.
  • august dog
    This is THE best podcast.
    Wish you took this entertainment wagon on the road. Robert, any chance you do some shows in other cities? Boston? You can use your Revolutionary War accent.
  • issamomo13
    Love this podcast, but…
    Just awesome. Had to do 4 stars because I have no idea why Sophie involves herself in the conversation. She never says anything funny or intelligent, it’s behind annoying. Other than that, 10/10.
  • Retrosweater
    Unbelievable. The Steve Jobs series has solidified this as a new favorite podcast. Certainly seen through a lens, but that lens doesn’t lend itself to popular media, who might tell us our “heroes” are heroes. Keep it up, Robert!
  • TraderNewb
    Not good
    Was referred the show, but after listening to a 5-7 shows myself, it’s been a disappointing listen. I can’t recommend to anyone else. Entertainment at best, as there’s no accuracy, but even as entertainment there isn’t the structure or storytelling found in better podcasts.
  • cardinalcommando
    Self emulation. So hot rn
    This episode has gone off the rails. Jajaja! We started with a 25 year old Navy serviceman setting himself on fire for a cease fire in Palestine. This episode became how different modern China (Ping) reacts to Taiwan .
  • Rob Vale
    Great fun- and true!
    Great cast chemistry and live they gave the balls, sorry girls on the show, to publicly say what everyone in the know….know.
  • thelonegrape
    Super great history and important content
    Depressing history and horrible people covered in an amusing way. Historynpeople should be listening to. Robert and his guests always work to provide correct information with humor. I don't like the episodes with Matt and his soundboard, but they are just a fraction so I just skip those and 5 stars for all the others.
  • Bajordal
    Great show!!! BTB rocks!
    I listed to every new show as soon as it comes out. Cool zone never lets me down. Sophie rules!!!!
  • Jizzle Bizzlerator
    Love the show but…
    Somebody needs to coach Robert on how to properly pronounce “aesthetic”.
  • IAmJacksColon
    Long on Opinion Short on Facts.
    I searched for OC Podcasts and found this show. Though it would be interesting. To be fair I listened to the entire show even though they were wrong on so many things in the first 5 minutes of the show. It never got better or more accurate. Do some actual research outside of Wikipedia. Saying John Wayne Airport was a madhouse and you prefer LAX is just patently false. That was in the first 5 minutes and the misinformation just kept coming and coming. Later they said Knotts Berry Farm was the oldest theme park in the US. C’mon dude it’s not even close to the oldest. If I didn’t know any better I’d say these 2 had never been to OC. I will not listen again because this was sooooo bad.
  • Brudd3788
    The main thing about this show is that it is funny! I love when the host leads to an ad break by saying “you know… products and services!” It is funny every time! It hits every time!
  • laughingpenguins
    Good show, annoying feed
    Even though I like the show, I am dropping to 1 star because I’m so tired of other shows getting shoved into this feed. I don’t like It Can Happen Here or the new Tech show. I will never listen. Stop cluttering this feed.
  • yogurtgirl99
    Sophie is the best part of this podcast
    by far
  • Rj Skigod
    Great listen
    Always one of my favs. Robert is a super cool host and always brings fascinating info to the pod. I Appreciate it.
  • irregulargirl
    Pedantic Pronunciation Alert
    Robert - You're so intelligent & articulate, but it kills me when you mangle names. In the Kissinger series you kept saying Niall Ferguson's first name phonetically, but it's pronounced Neil. (He's Scottish) Also Goethe is pronounced "Gur-Ta".
  • Will D G
    I should probably stop listening to these as bedtime stories
    But they’re so good! I always fall asleep feeling educated, entertained, and a little better about who I am as a human
  • Scrodee McBoogerballs
    One of my favorite pods
    Robert is funny and knowledgeable. I feel the need to mention that the 4 Robert E Lee episodes contained too much Prop. His analogies are laborious at best. Who is his audience? People who want to understand war but need Prop to explain it in terms of a Snapchat? Very cringe, brah. Otherwise keep up the good work! And quit being so nice to your guests, Robert. Also you can take Mia and Shree off of the payroll and lose nothing.
  • Dana Arsenault
    Podcasts guest constant interruptions
    I love this podcast, the Lee series was excellent. The guest interruptions are BRUTAL though.
  • Renny83
    Guests are almost always awful!!
    Similarly to the feedback of others…the guests rarely add anything notable to the discussion. I’d much rather just have the main host. More often than not, the hosts are loud, corny and make the banter go on and on. Just present the story!! There is so much filler it detracts from the actual podcast…sometimes to the point where I need to turn it off.
  • ChrisCarter71
    Some great info but the forced humor is so cringey I can’t take it.
  • Turbotoke
    The fact that in one episode they took the podcast “Dudsey” as serious as they did, it made me realize that he is only human and can not dive into to every source he dives into. Dudsey is not skynet. Other then that I think the show is great! Good job boner!
  • prudentrush
    Raytheon did not pay me for this.
    I love this show and the stories it tells of not just bad people but the context in which their bastardry ensued. I will say, don’t take this show too seriously. If you’re looking for NPR levels of decorum about these topics it’s not here. However, if you want a show that’s easy listening, informative and fun; this is it. Sophie is great. Robert is great. If you find yourself trying to be a para-social executive producer, remember you don’t make the show. Keep up the good work, BTB. 👍🏼
  • biggest5sosfan1
    looking forward to future eps :)
    I like this podcast. Makes doing my dishes approximately 2x times easier. I don’t know if there’s a particular bastard in this story, but I would be interested to hear them cover whoever was responsible for the nuclear testing on the Marshall Islands.
  • Lobomama
    Great show
    I love this show. Robert is a treasure. Sophie gives me some secondary embarrassment :/
  • PFL0222
    No more Prop
    Please no more Prop. I wanted to learn about Robert E. Lee.
  • Brown Seed
    Seemed promising but there’s way too many issues to keep enjoying
    The first few episodes I listened to were good. Crazy stories that I didn’t believe until checking the sources, guests that had some funny comments, and good hosting. But the more I listened the more I got annoyed with it. Way too many ads, there’s 4 or 5 ad breaks an episode that are 2 to 4 minutes each, which gets extremely repetitive when it’s the same ads over and over again (and very questionable ads at that). The guests are extremely hit or miss. Some are good listeners and don’t interrupt too much, there will be funny zingers sometimes or they might meaningfully contribute to the discussion. But way too often they were just annoying; totally ignorant, nothing worthwhile to add, and just far too many jokes that got super stale. This especially got annoying with the political comments, which in general I didn’t have too much issue with, but when several episodes in a row are making dumb comparisons and jokes over and over again, it gets really annoying.
  • Bamanhattan
    Ads are Disappointing
    I generally enjoy this show but I’m really disappointed by some of the ads they sell. They’ve been selling BetterHelp (who sells your medical data) for a while but now I noticed DraftKings (a skeezy gambling app!). Robert could be making episodes about these companies but instead I hear his gentle voice selling them to me instead. I really can’t listen anymore with this in the background.
  • Refriedbeanss
    No longer subscribed
    In agreement with previous reviewers, the topics are interesting. However the male host makes it unlistenable. The jokes have a self congratulatory vibe and remind me of Michael Scott, “sometimes I start talking and I have no idea where I’m going.” A joke is not needed for every sentence. Editing is needed. It’s a distracting and unrewarding detour from the story. I really don’t like it. Wanted to. The name’s funny; it’s all over Reddit. And I see why it’s a Reddit fav. It’s very early 2000s frat humor. Not well informed. The 1910s is not the Victorian era.
  • mackinol
    Love the banter
    They do an amazing job of discussing dark and heavy topics without it being depressing. The hosts and guests are very funny and informative!
  • Dunbaraj
    Difficult to get through if you actually want to learn why Vince is the worst person ever
    Just listened to Vince McMahon eps… good research I guess but ya, way too much cringey humor and it takes forever to get to anything that actually supports the Vince is the devil of devils sentiment aside from him being a harsh businessman. Had to give up.
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