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Dig deep into the lyrics of classic rock songs and the storytellers that created them in "Behind The Song," a podcast by The Drive's Janda Lane. Hear what was happening behind the scenes while some of the most iconic songs in rock history were being written.

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Recent Reviews
  • Quinn /Coal
    By Far …
    My favorite podcast . I could listen to Behind The Song all day.
  • Carolyn Chambers
    Blown away by this Podcast
    I love the deep dives. Highly addictive & I binged right through it!
  • RNpink
    Most annoying voice
    Ugh! Good songs, but that flat nasal staccato delivery make it unlistenable. Just terrible , which is a shame sine the songs are good. And omg when she reads a lyric...misplaced emphasis on words, no musicality at all
  • cølleen
    Love this!
    ❤️each podcast is a gem 👍Then afterwards, When you hear each song again you remember all the new information you learned. The writing is really top notch. I feel like I am increasing my vocabulary as well.
  • joijoi
    Great song selection
    In addition to the great song selection, the content within each podcast is informative and entertaining.
  • KelsBell67
    More women rockers!
    I love your podcasts on digging deeper into the lyrics of classics. Let’s hear about some female singer/song writers too. Heart, Joan Jett, and some many great singers from the 90’s...I am looking forward to it!
  • Baseball1818
    Janda’s through research coupled with her keen intuition cuts these iconic songs to the bone. You’ll be sure to learn something you didn’t know or had never occurred to you to consider before. And you get to hear it all spoken to you in a voice that’s dark, like tinted glass yet beautiful and rhythmic.
  • Johnius Caesar
    Guessing at the meaning of lyrics?
    Love the concept of the show and getting the scoop of what the song writer really meant when writing the song. Which does periodically happen in this podcast. But when this narrator of this show periodically says things like “hazarding a guess” about what a lyric means, I kind of feel that defeats the purpose of this podcast. I could guess all day what the lyrics mean and really don’t care what other people “guess” it means. Maybe skip those lyrics you don’t know or choose a different song.
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