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Inside the biggest stories in music, hosted by Rolling Stone senior writer Brian Hiatt. Featuring interviews with top artists, expert insight on new releases and breaking news from the Rolling Stone staff, and much more.

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  • San Juan mountains
    excellent podcast
    I stumbled across this podcast & thoroughly enjoyed the Nirvana episode- makes me want to read the books! Thank you for such a thoughtful review of this band, their impact & band members. Fantastic!
  • lgavs
    Never miss. Loved Latest episode on 30th Anniversary of Nirvana’s “In Utero”.
    Look forward to this pod like I used to anticipate the next Rolling Stone magazine to hit my door step. Latest episodes on 30th Anniversary of Nirvana’s “In Utero” so good! Three terrific interviews. Thanks.
  • JaredSch10
    A bit too political
    I appreciate music discussion but i can’t stand the recent diatribes for sections of the Jason Aldean and Oliver Anthony discussions. Americans love Americana music from time to time and they shouldn’t be mocked for it.
  • Moderate Mom
    That Jimmy Buffett Interview…
    Such insightful questions! I cried at the end.
  • Spiz Gabimbo
    Rich Men Left of Richmond
    Listening to these liberal city nerds try to break down Oliver Anthony’s song “Rich Men North of Richmond” is excruciating.
  • Conservative Texas Marine
    Just say the Oliver Anthony has a good song
    Definitely not feeling the episode on Rich Men North of Richmond. Y’all are trying so hard to say that MAGA is behind the song’s popularity without owning the fact that you’re saying it. Give the man, and his song the deserved props. It’s a populist anthem that resonates across demographics for a reason, the elite, the establishment, the men behind the curtain and their puppets in DC have been screwing us over for years and the People are tired of it! This song articulates what almost everyone is feeling.
  • Salwa Says
    Sinéad Episode Half Right
    The first interview with Shirley Manson was engrossing. Her respect , love, and adoration for Sinéad was expressed with such unfiltered eloquence and honesty. As much as I was captivated about the truths of Sinead’s life and art, I marveled at Manson’s expression. Brilliant. But then, to bring a male music writer to the discussion with no real personal connection other than an interview over 30 years ago? To bring him to the mic with no insights and to simply conjecture about Sinead’s mental illness he may or may not have witnessed?! Shame on allowing a distant male voice interpret Sinead’s experiences.
  • Bostonfans5
    Loved the episode on Sinéad O’Connor!
    I’m listening to everything I can about Sinéad as I still am reeling from her death. Thank you for the interviews you did that added perspectives!
  • LostListens
    Maybe stick to music you understand?
    I wish I could unlisten to Brian Hiatt mansplaining Boygenius lyrics, but all I can do is leave this one star review.
  • Nick Bastian
    These hosts really want to be trendy.
    Great guests…. Sometimes. A whole lot of pandering opinion sharing.
  • P_dc95
    Not the TS x Ice Spice collab predicted 3 months ago
    I was just listening to the Eras tour episode and y’all legit make a joke about her featuring Ice Spice on tour 😭 I can’t
  • Noplacia123
    Pure Joy
    What a fantastic, eclectic, deep discussion of music culture. Feeds my soul and mind.
  • AnyManWithaMic
    MTV News
    Great episode. It’s cool to catch up with the giants of MTV News - Kurt, Tabitha, and John. Good behind the scenes information revisiting the 80s and 90s heyday.
  • MandyLou0806
    Consistently Good Podcast!
    Enjoy Brian’s work on this podcast….helps to keep this old-timer “in the loop” with today’s music scene!
  • Zed_55
    Fascinating show on songwriting copyright.
    Excellent podcast with experts with authentic experience and insights. Highly recommended.
  • Paul Richie
    Great episode about Lana Del Rey
    Can’t wait for more!
  • 5280Dave
    Production values need work
    For a show about music, from Rolling Stone, your production values need some work. Music excerpts are short and abrupt, with no fading in or under the conversation. Volume levels are all over the place. I enjoyed the current episode, More Terrible Albums by Great Artists, but I could barely hear the music excerpts. I’ve worked in public radio, and it isn’t difficult to edit voice and music in post-production. Hire someone with some audio experience and your podcast will sound 100 percent better.
  • NickTDiamonds
    Hire an editor, Jann Wenner
    This podcast is a lot of fun, and the content is right up my alley, but good god, please hire an editor. It sounds like you’re using an AI program like Descript to edit automatically and as a result, there are tons of glitches, cutting off lines mid sentence every few minutes, and even a bit about Pantera repeating minutes later. Get it together!
  • fashnbl
    Left Turn albums
    The pod today covering left turn albums for artists was so fun! There were a couple I thought you would bring up for sure, but overall a lot I had forgotten! They were quite spot on. I hope you guys do a part two and include John Mayer and his Born and Raised/Paradise Valley turn.
  • mindcentric
    Beatles Revolver breakdown show was utterly fascinating!
    Beatles Revolver breakdown show was utterly fascinating! The very best!
  • Terry212am
    one of the great music podcasts
    Yes, this a one of the great music podcasts. No, not every host is equal. I have my favorites and less-favorites. But they cover so many genres--all with enthusiasm--and yet occasionally slag someone so you know they aren't fake and pretending to like every single artist and song. Who has better access to talent than RS? The big artists are willing to sit down with them. They do a real service particularly when it comes to the interviews.
  • popeyedoyle76
    What’s up with the editing?
    Man, are they using some kind of software to cut pauses or gaps or a noise gate of some kind? It’s really jarring. Overlaps and cutoffs make it really hard to listen to. It’s great info but really tough to listen to. Smooth it out please.
  • CBogush
    I had to stop listening to episode on Revolver too much misinformation terrible show
  • ydbchris
    Some content decent, constantly hearing bad edits
    I just really wish this podcast utilized someone adept in natural sounding editing, it’s really annoying to be taken out of the conversation with quick robotic level changes and weird speech transitions. Higher a good mixer/engineer, don’t just use descript.
  • Called himself Dan
    I enjoyed your podcast and review but some corrections. Paul is playing bass on She Said She Said. It’s in the book that accompanies the box set and is specifically addressed. And on the song You’re Gonna Lose that Girl, Paul sings harmony with George while John sings lead. It’s even in the movie. Finally, in the book Paul says he was thinking of Pet Sounds when he wrote Here, There and Everywhere, and thinking of Marianne Faithful’s vocal style when he sang it.
  • itsmejeremywm
    Mariah’s Butterfly Episode is Epic!!!
    One of the best Mariah interviews to date! I’ve been a fan since 1990 and heard most of the stories, but this interview had sooo much substance! Understanding her writing process and the stories behind the songs and lyrics - amazing! The breakdown story! This is a gem. Thank you.
  • Frankokirby
    David Bowie
    I really enjoyed this episode and finding out a little bit about the final days of his life and how eager he was to complete his art, before his passing. I’ve always enjoyed Bowie’s music. The segment with Nile Rodgers was epic, he’s a great producer. For some reason artists seem to work with him only once, get a hit single and/or album and then they move on. Bowie did it as well, then there’s Madonna, Jeff Beck, Duran, Duran, Diana Ross and a few others. I never understood that. Anyway, great show.
  • mrclaytonx
    Really wanted to like this. But Rob wants to be/tries to be Malcolm Gladwell so bad it’s unlistenable.
  • tm732
    Not good
    While the conversation is interesting, the jerky editing makes the whole podcast feel like two paranoids coming down from aderall yelling at each other from two separate rooms. Not a pleasant listening experience.
  • gigisurfs
    Musical honesty
    So grateful for this podcast.
  • Srconroy77
    Mostly awesome podcast
    Really wonderful podcast, I just wish they’d make a bit more effort on the production side. Too often these remind me of awful Zoom meetings at work where you have bad connections, too much background noise, people not speaking clearly, etc.
  • Mary Gladstone
    Rolling Stone Music
    I’ve enjoyed listening to Rolling Stone music as someone who dabbles in song writing it often provokes new ideas for creativity. How thinking outside our comfort zone brings about satisfying magic 😜
  • Megan 0571
    immature gossip
    programs and commentary with the likes of andy green and brian h, are inane. pathetic, brain clog yapp.
  • alexvoz
    Good content, subpar production
    I enjoy the conversations very much. However, the production value is pretty bad. It sounds cheap. Voice levels, cut-ins to and from the ads, even the filler music.. all sound amateur. I enjoy reading Brittany Spanos’ writing and appreciate her perspective and input.. but Brittany, please work a little bit on your “radio speech” - every other phrase seems to be “I mean” Again, good content. Informative and entertaining. Bad production.
  • camanz
    Rolling Stone politics?
    In response to comments about it should be just about the music, you obviously have no idea of what “music” “lyrics” are about. Keep it up rolling stone always a progressive view. And as far as Neil Young and GMOs, it’s not that things are GMOed, it is because Monsanto used the science to pollute and “kidnap” the gene pool of seeds to contaminate all that they “control” to use their product Roundup containing cancer and endocrine dysfunction glycophosphates into the food chain. I prefer my food without herbicides.
  • Sldub
    Skip the politics
    Not interested in the political takes. Stick to the music.
  • ChaucerXIV
    Would love to hear discussions on music - but what you will get here is nauseatingly smug, lock-step, left-wing, uneducated political comments from pseudo-experts in myopic sub-genres of trash. Did I mention smug?
  • bostonme
    Steely Dan
    How I love them They write the story of my youth!!!❤️❤️🌇🙈💯
  • apple itunes official stevejob
    Spineless critics
    Publicists must love you. Do you have backbone to like do your job and be critics? Or I guess I should assume we live in this amazing cultural moment where everything that is popular is also the best! My gosh how could we be so lucky!
  • NBNJ
    Fix the volume!
    I will listen to Rob Sheffield and Brittany Spanos talk pop music all day every day, but please fix Rob’s audio. He sounds like he’s recording with his mic under a pillow.
  • Sofakin Haught
    Moss grows on stones
    Rolling Stone,in all it’s entities i.e. magazine,podcasts,whatever,has sadly gone the way of other once great fonts of journalism like Vanity Fair ( AKA the reincarnation of National Lampoon or People Magazine with bigger words) in it’s quest for the younger,and much more stupid audiences,which ironically are not big readers lol..The mere fact they consistently rate Eric Clapton the best guitarist of all time tells the intelligent music afficianado to look elsewhere (NPR springs to mind) for serious music journalism
  • Gruvymn
    Douchenozzles With A Platform
    Every once in a while I’ll come back to this because of the subject matter. RS has access to so many musicians with actual talent. But I can’t suffer this group of pompous morons who have no real job or life experience and thus never developed the intellectual maturity to realize music is subjective and taste and opinions are developed through an infinite combination of complex individual experience. The music that you relate to doesn’t make you somehow worthy or superior. Instead, these fools nurture and laud their pointless points of view (to quote Billy Joel who these talentless hacks love to bash) like objective fact. Your opinions aren’t important. And they’re not true. I have a PhD and work in healthcare actually affecting people’s lives while conducting research to improve society. No, I’m not stupid because I enjoy Joel, Sanmy Hagar, or the Eagles. And yes my tastes are much broader, from Bach up to Autotune. But when creepers like Brian Hiatt use terms like ‘dad rock’ while gushing over teenage female pop sensations to desperately grasp at relevance all I can think is yes, I listen to dad rock and as a dad I’m smart enough to keep my children away slimy stilted adolescents who host this podcast.
  • onekneedownmoto
    Gotten sneakier
    Like many podcasts, you guys have started to try and sneak ads in mid-sentence into the content of the show. This is an act of desperation. This tells me you’re seeing the numbers, and listeners are ffd-ing thru them so you’ve resorted to desperation and trickery. It doesn’t work. I still skip every single one of them.
  • Nahdeeyah
    White Supremacy So Funny
    Brian Hiatt is cracking up all through the Eric Clapton Is a White Supremacist (paraphrase) episode exactly why ..? Hee hee hoo hoo- violence against black and brown people sure makes me laugh! Must be so nice to be white, eh.
  • SpongeBobbyHil589
    corporate rag
    sounds like a poorly put together confrence call between hipsters larping as journalist and an older music critic that's babysitting his junior members. Make sure to sprinkle in diversity. Many fan made podcasts provide better insights, anaylsis and overall production than whatever this is suppose to be.
  • DomerGGS
    No Music Clips?
    Most of the episodes I’ve listened to don’t have even a few snippets of the music being discussed. Don’t know if it is a rights issue or just lazy podcasting.
  • 1SoccerStud
    Justice for “Take on Me” lol
    Good podcast series but how can you talk about the greatest music videos of all time for an hour and barely mention the name of “Take on Me” by Aha? There are entire podcasts and documentaries about this iconic video. Big miss.
  • metasim
    Great content but needs audio engineer
    Awesome content, but it bewilders me that a podcast from THE music magazine doesn’t invest in a little acoustic treatment and basic vocal microphones. The host’s voice sounds like he’s in an empty room with only a laptop microphone, and the guests’ levels are all over the place. The amateur recording practices distract from the expert content.
  • Ichablog Crane
    Oddly refreshing.
    In the age of Facebook, and with high school ending for me over 20 years ago, I found this is a great way to reconnect I’ll level of obnoxiousness that I guess I was missing? I understand that RollingStone is desperately trying to find its place in current culture, but I guarantee whatever this is,They are still struggling. That being said, I appreciate being able to hear from new and old artists. I also The somewhat diverse perspectives, at least when those two obnoxious guys aren’t droning on.
  • Daxman5150
    I wanted to like this so much.
    I thought since it was Rolling Stone it might be great…but I forget that they are the band who hated Zeppelin…so… I listened to the episode about Billie Eilish and Van Halen. Seems like all they did was dog VH and how awful their songs were. If they had grown up with that music they would see it different, and EVH is the GOAT. Done with this podcast…
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