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SEN Live is a daily two-hour entertainment show hosted live by Kristian Harloff ('Movie Trivia Schmoedown') on YouTube at 11 a.m. PT and available immediately after as a podcast.

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Recent Reviews
  • DTFrosty
    Daily Relief
    Great blend of comedy and movie commentary, love everyone involved... so yourself a favor and subscribe
  • Scott Tennyson
    Helps make work fly by
    Love listening to SEN Live it really helps and make these 8 hours go by fast.
  • Pixie4248
    So good I subscribed twice
    I watch/ listen on YouTube every episode, but to show the support I can I have subscribed here as well, all hail SEN!
  • erasebrett
    Great Gardening Pod!
    If you’re looking for a great gardening show, you’ve come to the right place!
  • pacmanduane Washington Dc
    Love this
    If you looking for professional and no fart humor this show is not for you and that’s ok because I love it and plenty of people do join the sen Community for fun movie discussion and fart jokes
  • israelg200
    Love it
    This show is so entertaining
  • Raw006
  • HighWayJonny
    this show f*&king slaps
  • guppy 315
    Try so hard not to miss an episode
    Try so hard not to miss an episode. It brightens my day
  • Steaksauce85
    You’ve got some nerve
    The absolute best show
  • Mjgr79
    Fun & informative
    Cool show... thanks
  • Sal Scalici
    SEN is fantastic!
    Love this show. Love this crew. Daily watch with amazing people who provide us a freedom from the daily mess
  • ShellyB2461
    Tons of fun each day! Impressions, movie/TV news, and just general silliness. Good stuff!
  • V13Z
    Incredibly Entertaining!
    Kristian, Brett and the entire crew have brightened my days with laughs and interesting conversations.
  • Mad_skdz
    Schlongs :))
    Just amazing, come be apart of a great community
  • corcam27
    Hey Rah Ring!
    The Schmoedown community is the best there is. The friendship/chemistry between the talent on the show is superb. Come for the movie news, stay for the ridiculous impressions and fart talk. Cant always be so serious.
  • SaladVonBaco
    SEN Live Daily Keeps Me Sane
    Life can be a great big pile of dung sometimes. Kristian, Brett, RB3, Kate, Ben, Winston, Rocha and everyone that shows up on the show make me laugh dailly. They truly make fans of the show feel welcome and part of it. The community is amazing.
  • daniel almendrales
    I love this show!!!!
  • Bilbo_69
    Good content
  • Tyler Supersad
    The crew gives the audience insight on many topics as well as indulging them with shenanigans. Such a great listen from beginning to end on every single episode. I enjoy the movie talk and all but, I mainly stay tuned for the comradery between amazing friends :)
  • DeniseP1538
    One of the funniest Podcasts - Want Something to make you laugh - Try SEN Live
    Absolutely hilarious and fun podcast. I never miss a day! Check out the Movie Trivia Schmoedown, excellent Movie Trivia competition with the flavor of professioanl wrestling. Sounds weird, but it Rocks!
  • Joseph 2179
    Improve songs
    The ability to improvise songs at any moment is amazing. Brett is the best.
  • benboldt
    Always Funny
    The hosts of SEN Live always make me laugh
  • Raybea5
    Live these people. So funny
    Love these guys and gals. Kept me on the up and up during hard times. Keep doing what your doing!
  • Bigbob420
    Good Stuff
    Listen everyday.
  • Vegas_Player
    Best morning show
    Watch every day
  • Adam Teaches
    Be a Schmoe and not a Goog
    Making morning magic everyday so watch and enjoy all the merry mischief!
  • Grusma
    The Best
    SEN Live is the best podcast!
  • Akumashogun259
    Best Podcast on Apple
    This is the greatest Podcast on Apple. #zaflertinflouse!
  • snakeeyesrocks
    Fun fun fun
    Fun hosts, fun guests, fun topics. PMA Entertainment more times than not. Glad to have discovered the schmoedown community. Now you know, now you know.
  • Chelsea186
    A show and community worth 5 stars
    The Schmoedown community is one of a kind. If you don’t laugh during this fantastic show, I don’t know what would make you laugh. Thank you to the whole SEN team for bringing me joy as I’m an essential employee during this crisis.
  • dvd19931
    Some of the best entertainment news and craziness out there
    There is no better combination of news catch up and insanity joking around out there. I dare you to watch the episodes of #zaflertinflouse and not laugh your face off!
  • Bob Lob Law 0456
    Insane comedy
    The stuff they come up with is completely crazy and yet totally entertaining. You will literally laugh out loud.
  • LexusC44
    Never thought I would like this evolution of the show after Collider Live.... boy was I wrong! Harloff has assembled a fun bunch of people that I look forward to listen to every day!
  • beernick
    awesome morning show
    this show is helping keep me sane during the quarantine!
  • Caveman_1601
    Keep up the great work guys!! Always watch and listen to this show to brighten my day. Don’t forget to use your lawnmower 3.0 and have a party at the fart tower!
  • Cjdatd
    Der Flertinflaus das goot!
    Der Flertinflaus das goot!
  • Mr. Officer22
    Sen live
    Love the movie talk! Love the nonsense!
  • JamisonBB
    Perfect show for a quarantine
  • PacRed
    The only Morning Show I need.
    The best morning drive show to listen to at anytime.
  • Urzamishra
    Love this show!
    I’ve been a fan of this since the Schmoes Know days. Thank you for being there for us with a fun show that keeps me laughing! Everyone you have on is the best and keep up the great work!
  • JediGothic
    Incredible show 🙏🏻
  • Matticase
    Best Podcast Ever!
    Now you know.
  • Barain87
    Awesome show of nonsense
    This shows is great and it helps to have a show entertaining like this to help in dark depressing times. Rah reen!!
  • Needing Grace
    Great show
    One of my few must listens each week!
  • Danielhaygood
    Only thing on here worth listening to
    SEN Live is the reason I ever opened Apple Podcasts in the first place.
  • JG - SW
    Perfect Diversion
    In this time of constant isolation when we usually just get bad news, this show has been a constant presence that brings joy and amusement to my day. Thank you!
  • CBonius
    Been watching and listening for years!
    SEN has the Live show and MTS. The Live show is phenomenal!! Such great personalities. I love this show so much!
  • Eskuhvel
    Best part of my day
    I listen every single day. I hope this show lasts forever because I swear its my medicine. I laugh so much while I listen at work that my coworkers must think I’m psychotic. Cannot recommend this show enough. The free form and raw style makes you feel like your just hanging out with your crazy friends as they have a conversation. Highly recommend!
  • wrestler lu
    Great show. Talk about a variety of topics movie and trivia related. They show that they care about the fans and try their best to make the best show possible.
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