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A Pop-Culture show hosted by comedian Kristian Harloff with movie and streaming reviews, pop-culture talk, and a special blend of comedy.

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  • Pleased Audible User
    UFO talk? Seriously!
    I really enjoyed the show up until the strike hit. It was really Ok and I began to miss the content but when he started filling it in with the UFO talk, you lost me. Not as much a fan anymore, all the conspiracy theorist and Government stuff is not what I followed for.
  • westcoastspidey
    Love the vibe, tech issues make it hard to listen
    Really like the shows on The Big Thing. It has the feel of sitting with your friends talking about movies and tv and I mean that as the highest compliment. Kristian and his guests all have great chemistry and you'll feel like you're part of the conversations. Not a single person on the different shows shy away from their opinion on something, but they all know how to show some class by staying respectful and down to earth, even when they disagree. The only issue is for months there have been technical issues where the show jumps around and skips over things. I listen to a lot of podcasts during the week and this is the only show it's happening to so I'm not sure what's going on.
  • CMacAttack007
    Showing some class
    Been listening to Harloff for years and with The Big Thing he’s at his best! Love the weekly lineup and different vibes with each set of hosts, the free flowing, extended conversations, and the positive, common sense community he’s building. Keep up the great work and thanks for the quality podcasts!
  • Bhe28
    Keep it up!
    Been listening since the collider days. Great listen for the commute!
  • Kowan McGarry
    The funniest show on the internet.
    Kristian Harloff hosting and Josh Robert Thompson as a guest, need I say more. Watch the YouTube show or listen to the podcast and I guarantee you, you will have to stop the show or the podcast because you will be laughing so hard, you won’t be able to breathe. I promise you, you won’t be disappointed. If you like comedy, this is the show and podcast for you. Leave serious at the door and have some fun.
  • Sharkguy
    Favorite podcast and host
    I’ve been a fan since the Collider show. Kristian has really hit his prime on this show. I listen to all 3 editions most weeks and it has really become a part of my routine media. If you are a fan of Star Wars, comics and action pop culture, this is the show. Great team and guests. Like, subscribe and “show some class”
  • Slap Box Yo Ex
    It’s okay
    I feel like the show is 1/3 Ads, 1/3 Ramble, 1/3 Topics. Idk it’s not for me.
  • mattpennington
    Ok not great
    A decent podcast/show but way way wayyy too much of the topics and “facts” being presented are just rumors that seem barely supported by any evidence. Additionally, the way it comes across is that the Host read something somewhere once and uses the weirdest (often wrong) rumors to base their opinions, predictions and often times placing blame or when speaking retrospectively taking past rumor as fact.
  • JCubKC
    Hublevahsjdjdjjxjxjxj *uncommunicative boyfriend voice*
    Came here to show some class. Typing this in the shower. Sue me. Keep up the great work!
  • Yo0@Oo0o0O0o0o@o0O0oO@O0oO0@0
    A Bunch of Dorks
    If you love listening to an unfunny, desperate-sounding guy that is clearly shilling for a certain studio hoping for more access or a real job, a severely abrasive girl with a grating raspy voice that that will give you tinnitus, a guy who knows nothing about anything, an angry swearing guy, a girl who just says "yaw" and "that's sick" and little else, and an intense motormouth who sounds like he has a pure caffeine drip in his vein all frantically wringing their hands in a garage about superheroes and star wars and discussing their "business plans", then this one's for you.
  • TommyToolshed
    Must listen
    If you're a fan of film and superhero movies, "The Big Thing" is the podcast for you. Hosted by the knowledgeable and charismatic Kristian Harloff, the show offers insightful and entertaining commentary on the latest movie news, trailers, and releases. What sets "The Big Thing" apart is Harloff's deep understanding of superhero movies. As one of the co-creators of the Schmoes Know podcast and a former host of Collider's "Movie Talk," he has years of experience analyzing and discussing comic book adaptations. Whether he's breaking down the latest Marvel Cinematic Universe entry or debating the merits of DC's filmography, Harloff offers a thoughtful and informed perspective on superhero cinema. But "The Big Thing" isn't just about superheroes. Harloff and his guests also delve into a variety of other genres, from dramas and comedies to horror and sci-fi. With his sharp wit and encyclopedic knowledge of cinema, Harloff always keeps the conversation engaging and enlightening. One of the best things about "The Big Thing" is the range of guests who join Harloff on the show. From fellow film critics and podcasters to actors and filmmakers, the guests bring diverse perspectives and insights to the discussions. Harloff's easy rapport with his guests makes for lively and enjoyable conversations that never feel forced or rehearsed. Overall, "The Big Thing" is a must-listen for any film or superhero fan. With its blend of humor, expertise, and camaraderie, the podcast offers a welcome escape into the world of cinema. Whether you're a casual moviegoer or a hardcore comic book enthusiast, Harloff and his guests will entertain and inform you with their passion for the big screen.
  • fogetabotit
    Last of us
    Great Show, We catch up on Monday’s - I get up to early Monday for the Sunday night gig
  • Pyro877
    Big fan, wish for higher volume
    I have been a huge fan of big thing and all previous shows following the crew and continue to enjoy. The only gripe I really have is the volume on the podcast can be low. In my car I basically have my car volume maxed out to understand what’s going on while driving on the freeway. And when it switches back to my regular radio it’s blasting since that’s where I had it for the podcast. Same when I am at work and listening on my headphones, the sound is not loud like other podcast and seems a little faint when the volume is all the way up. Just wish it could be louder.
  • Bjjfk
    Love the show, but…..
    You have got to do something about the audio volume. I tried to listen to Sith Council today and could not hear anything being discussed. Please and thank you!
  • Just me (007)
    "That's the show"
    Way too many impersonations, like every five minutes, and lots of really boring conversation about nothing. I've tried numerous times to get through this show, I really wanted to like it, but I frequently find myself zoning out, because they're just not talking about ANYTHING interesting. Tons of Ads, like every five minutes an Ad.
  • Luna6064
    One of the great shows and Podcasts
    I have followed Kristian from Collider to now and every show he is a part of is truly a great watch or listen. I can’t watch YouTube all the time but I listen to all the podcasts. This is the show for everyone to listen to that loves movies and entertainment. It’s just real and down to earth. Wonderful crew with Brett and Roxy, Steph and Mike and Winston and Coy. Everyone should be listening to this podcast.
  • Mwr.bos
    My favorite podcast/YouTube show!
    I adore this show. Kristian is a great host, if you’re a movie fan or if you aren’t that big of a movie fan but need an introduction into fandom, or even just one movie or show. My favorite combination is Kristian, Coy and Winston. But I also love Brett, Roxy, and all the others. Kristian brings out the best in all of them. He lets them be themselves. Which I love. Easily my favorite show on YouTube and my favorite podcast to listen to on here. I listen every day. I can’t say that about any other show/podcast other than Felger and Mazz here in Boston. But that’s a sports show, so it’s different. Anyway, if you’re a film fan, this is the channel for you. It has everything, and tons of variation, and different viewpoints. Which can’t be said about the other shows that are comparable.
  • EleventhCubFan
    Fantastic stuff
    Kristian Harloff is one of the best out there when it comes to covering entertainment news. He brings on the best people and the conversation is always great. You should definitely be listening to this podcast.
  • 70sRockFreak14
    Can’t get enough!
    Love the content, funny and informative.
  • Deromi77
    Love it!
    I really love the new format of the show and having this be Kristians focus. I never could get in to Schmoes and the podcast was tough with the robo questions always interrupting, etc. With the new show it’s all about Kristian and the crew chatting and covering all the topics. I only get to listen to the pod as I can’t watch the show while at work, but this is my new go-to pod.
  • Quote Nevermore
    Amazing listen
    Love to listen to this everyday at work. Can’t always watch the video but I never miss a listen.
  • IgnacioNachoPadilla
    Great show
    Kristian knows his Star Wars very insightful tremendously charismatic very intelligent and the shows are pure entertainment
  • JT (who can spell)
    Here for the 1 star reviews
    Love the show and the podcast. Been a fan for over 5 years now, but honestly the 1 star reviews have me dying.
  • Tadboy99
    7/16/21 Best Show Ever
    I loved the conversation on Friday’s show and how it organically went from Kristian’s favorite movies of Rocky and Terminator. To connecting that with time travel and Loki season finale. To a mind bending multiverse discussion and what could happen after you to. To the emotional personal store of 9/11. Ending with the laughs of line jumping while taking a crap and doing acid (not recommend). This episode was a nice treat for my birthday. Great show keep up the good work and love listening to you in the car. Kate you are hilarious. I give this show 10 schmoes!
  • Seikaru1722
    Jurassic Park
    I feel like these guys are too narrow minded to even see the beauty in the franchise. They also can’t even title the movies right. It’s “The Lost World”.
  • Ahab12
    Fantastic show
    I’ve been listening and watching Kristian and many of his guests since the old Collider days, and this show continues the awesomeness of that old content in spades. I listen nearly everyday. Thank you for providing informative entertainment discussion, with a heavy splash of hilarity. It’s like hanging with a group of friends you haven’t seen in years! Best wishes, and cheers!
  • Rhino4322
    Awesome channel
  • Ihp7
    The Big Thing is…
    One of the most fun shows out there! If you wanna hear about the latest on the world of movies/tv and want to listen to hosts who know how to have fun, this is the podcast for you! Seriously, just give it a chance and you’ll get hooked!
  • MIDIchlorian.dll
    Always a great time
    Harloff has been my go to for movie and tv pop culture entertainment for years now.
  • disneybrian
    This is the classic Harloff you been missing
    Collider killed what was one of my favorite channels. Having Mr Harloff back and he is in the same form as years past,same energy and entertaining spirit that we all love, this is a must channel.
  • Bigmoose14
    Harloff Pays attention!
    Really knows how to read a room while not changing himself. Best podcaster in the world at connecting to his viewers while being himself. If If in charge of marketing a company Harloff would be free first podcast I turn to.
  • TommyBvS
    The Big Thing
    Prolly some of the best podcasting I’ve ever listened to, makes you feel a part of the conversation. Makes you feel like you could be at a bar or around the couch just talking. I’ve followed you guys from amc to now always great conversation.
  • EmileJ
    Love it!
    It’s a beautiful mess in the best way; real life talk, entertainment news and it’s always funny. You guys make the work day feel a bit shorter.
  • spike-the-1st
    The best podcast out there
    I have been a huge fan of Kristan Harloff and all of the schmoes from back in the day when I discovered them in high school. And now here I am at the spray age of 23 years old still listening and loving the evolution of everything and everyone! I’ve been listening to this new podcast; the big thing since it launched and have been hooked! Listening to these guys talk is like when you are sitting down with your friends having a few drinks and just having a fun time. Kristan is a phenomenal host and does a great job really engaging with his guests and bringing out a great conversation. These guys really help me laugh when I’m cleaning around the house, working, or just need a good laugh and escape after an extremely long day. I cannot recommend this podcast enough! Listening since the schmoes know days and just watching the evolution of these shows and where everyone has gone has been amazing to see as a fan! Everyday I come onto Apple podcasts and YouTube to see if a new episode has been uploaded yet because I just can’t get enough of these shows. Every episode is highly entertaining, the conversations really bring up good points, it feels really engaging just as a fan listening, and just listening to these guys stories make my day. And I love that the conversations don’t feel forced, they don’t stay on one topic for too long, and it just feels like a natural conversation where they don’t have to run through so many topics and stories within a set period of time. You really don’t get a whole lot of personality with other podcasts. But here you get SO MUCH personality and get a whole cast of different people. To where each episode always feels new. Always feels fresh. Keep up the great work on these podcasts and I cannot wait to see where this show and the others go from here!
  • Kmetz81
    5 stars
    This podcast is like shaving My nuts for the first time; true game changer
  • neverpayforbagels
    Great show!!
    I’m loving the big thing! Been following Kristian and the schmoes for several years and this is some of my favorite content period. Love the conversations and the lack of pretentiousness. It’s a breath of fresh air and I’ll support the show as long as it’s around! It’s tough to find a show with a host that cares as much about his fans as kristian. Feels like I’ve known Kristian, brett and mark for years thanks for all the good times. Keep it up Schmoes!!
  • Makkoi07
    Great show
    It is perfect when I’m at work with my headphones on
  • SmitheeSpeaks
    How Big is this Thing
    It’s HUGE people! Thanks for the great show Schmoes!
  • Riley "Mr. Nice Guy" Hughes
    Big Fan!
    Love this show! If you looking for great conversations then give this one a listen!
  • illxsion
    Don’t have much else to say
  • Mariomamba5
    A Show Of Just Greatness
    been following you guys since 2014 and just every single episode is better then the last #SENNation
  • Kale620
    I enjoy listening to this show while I workout
  • podcasterguy
    Listening Since The AMC Days
    Following the crew since 2014 and the AMC days. Definitely feels like that old school vibe!
  • RandallPaints
    My favorite Podcast
    Just Kristian and friends shooting the preverbal “S word” it’s fantastic!
  • reckoner2012
    May the force be with you
    Love the content guys was watching it on YouTube but if this helps you guys more Iam more than happy to go here and listen to it here instead
  • LanceLJG
    Entertaining and Informative
    My go-to podcast for a good laugh and movie / show news. Been listening to Kristian since the Collider days. Give these guys a listen.
  • tubulartommy643
    Harloff is the engine
    Here for Harloff, well done
  • Andy Sherpa
    Always a good time
    My favorite show to watch/listen to, highly recommend any newcomers to check out the channel.
  • dpniemi
    I hate it. This is better.
  • JCB1319
    So great
    They’re great! One of my favorite podcasts!
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