Tales of Silicon Valley


In a major new series Danny Fortson paints a picture of Silicon Valley - how it became the most important driver of tech and society on the planet, and where the people who run it are planning on going next.

Danny has been the West Coast correspondent for The Sunday Times since the beginning of 2017, covering all things technology and Silicon Valley. He also hosts the weekly Danny in the Valley podcast. Before moving to California, where he was born and raised, he spent more than a decade in London, where he grew up.

You can read more of Danny's reporting from Silicon Valley by subscribing to The Times and Sunday Times at https://www.thetimes.co.uk/subscribe/

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Recent Reviews
  • Kbbishop
    I stumbled upon this podcast while searching for insight into what built the tech industry. Now I am HOOKED on the intriguing history of Silicon Valley and the folks who pioneered an era of change.
  • thomashan
    If you’re in tech (or not). These are really interesting stories. Good job Dan!
  • apodcastaddict
    It’s a great podcast, but the repetitive cadence of the host makes it really hard to listen to for prolonged periods.
  • me rookie
    By chance found this and liking every bit of it
  • SiliconValleyMan
    Listen if you want to truly understand Silicon Valley
    Danny's background of being born in the Valley and being away from it for awhile gives him a very unique ability to dive into the awesomeness/weirdness of Silicon Valley without the fanboy tinge. If you want to know why Silicon Valley is what it is.. this is the podcast to listen to.
  • Ghjkfff
    A fantastic podcast! Interesting to locals and non-locals alike!!
  • Everyday Hustle
    A podcast that keeps it awesome
    I suscribe to not more than forty podcasts. Many have similar names, similar themes, similar topics. I can only imagine that if those same podcasts were to listen to this one, they would only see red. Mr. Fortson is a trustworthy version of Nick Carraway in that he offers a very telling "insider-outsider" narrative of a world that inhabits the modern economy like a bucking bronco. Leave the Fortnite behind and get into Fortson.
  • Sarahneyhart
    5 Stars
    Alway Excellent Reporting
  • besjsjs
    Elyas Khan an honest review
    This is one of the best podcast out there. It’s so interesting and shows the awesome stuff that happened at Silicon Valley. Keep up the amazing work 👍 -Elyas Khan
  • Le Chestique
    Real Tech Journalism
    It is so refreshing to find tech writing that is intelligent and skeptical... too many fanboys in this weird tech ecosystem we inhabit. Fortson is certainly not one of them, and the first episode is exactly the kind of smart narrative journalism i miss. Looking forward to the rest!
  • Melissa Fortson
    Danny’s podcasts are always great to hear and keep me want to hear what’s next! Very good past time, especially when on the drive!
  • mellow yellow
    He does it again!
    I heard about this podcast from listening to Danny in the Valley and it did not disappoint. Definitely recommend!
  • adiecoop
    Very well done
    I really enjoyed the first episode. Can’t wait to hear more!!
  • Happy Californian
    Listen to The Daily?
    ... Now listen to this! So happy to have this new edition.
    Such an interesting series!
  • MKinSB
    MK in SB
    A fascinatingly fresh take on how Silicon Valley came to be. The host makes a strong argument as to why the world should know more about the origins and trajectory of the ongoing digital revolution. Those lessons are especially critical now, with so much technological potential again on the verge of swallowing us all. And great logo! But dude needs a shave and a tan.
  • Hibbs4
    Love this podcast! Looking forward to hearing more in this series. A nice complement to Danny in the Valley
  • Silicon Valley educator
    Trek down memory lane
    As someone who was born and raised in The Valley, I have witnessed first hand how the technological paradigm shift has shaped and influenced the Bay Area. A little too young for Pong, but thanks for bringing the Atari 2600 back to the surface of my memories. Video games were a huge part of my formative years, and for someone who spent a small fortune on Street Fighter II, it is great to hear these personal anecdotes about pioneers in the industry. Great listen, definitely look forward to the next installment.
  • Niko Hronopoulos
    Entertaining and Fascinating.
    Great breakdown of the silcon valley world and its history. I want more of it. Way more. DF usually sells a no BS brand of journalism and once again delivers. And in a fun way.
  • Ahronopoulos
    What we need today in journalism is Danny Fortson
    Danny Fortson is a journalist we can count on to tell the story that is fair and balanced. No spin. Just the facts. He gives the listener and reader the opportunity to connect with the story by asking the right questions and not interrupting the answer.
  • jmthephotogirl
    Basically the history of everything that we use today
    You walk around with a computer that fits in your pocket. This will help you understand how we got here. Check out Danny in the Valley if you like even more tech talk.
  • Ms. Mssaey1
    Unknown by me
    So much great unknown by me information.
  • Zen Grey
    I’m here for it
    Love this. It was like an episode of the Daily but lighthearted and tech driven. The production was dope. Also leaned into my nostalgia. Pong was never a thing in my life but the Atari 2600? Bruh. That joint changed my life. It’s a natural companion to Danny in the Valley.
  • H.richardson
    Looking forward to hearing more from Danny in the Valley
    The trailer has me hooked. Great storytelling from a great storyteller.
  • Geeking out in SF
    Very Exciting - Can't Wait to Hear More!!!
    You've definitely got my attention. Can't wait to hear more.
  • CTR2017
    So excited!
    Can’t wait for this!
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