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This is what the news should sound like. The biggest stories of our time, told by the best journalists in the world. Hosted by Michael Barbaro. Twenty minutes a day, five days a week, ready by 6 a.m.

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  • AllyG1213
    Fear mongering
    The podcast has turned into very depressive content in light of keeping people and fear. I am a liberal and I believe that it is important to tell our community the facts of what is going on during these crazy times however there has been almost no balance in the type of news that is being fed to ask daily. We know what is happening, we know that there’s variants, and that this isn’t going to go away tomorrow - but larger news companiesAre aware of their influence and they provide nothing but negative and terrifying news stories. It’s becoming so exhausting that I have unsubscribed and I’m staying away just for my mental health. NPR can choose to bring light and positivity to the situation and they don’t at all ever.
  • Sonikkicks39
    Hit or miss
    Sometimes the podcast is really good and relevant...other times idk. For a podcast called The Daily, one would expect more of a daily news feel and not random conversations or long interviews.
  • B.Judkins
    Well executed, and actually relatively fair
    Though a registered Dem, I feel The New York Times (as with most media) has gone off the rails in an alarming and divisive way that I would have never expected. The Daily, and specifically Michael, do a great job at covering a wide variety of issues with the fairness, openness, and criticality that has all but vanished from the rest of the publication. While some guests go all in on identity politics and pandering, Michael manages to always keep the tone shockingly professional and objective no matter the guest or topic.
  • Freddie bag of donuts
    Media covered it up
    Cuomo killed more Americans than 9/11.
  • ckburke
    Really good podcast. Interesting topics (usually) and presented with enough detail to take you beyond the headlines (i.e. the right length for people who don’t have super short attention spans).
  • mr. group think
    Nursing home covid
    Funny that this is only coming out now;) The right has been talking about this for months. Thanks NYT
  • Charles Marshall
    The tacit support of Amazon’s disgusting union busting activities provided by playing blatant Amazon propaganda ads without comment is unforgivable. This as ran three times during a 20+ minute largely celebratory eulogy of famed bigot Rush Limbaugh. Really makes you wonder who the NYT thinks their audience is and what they value.
  • hitthequanamalone21
    here’s what else you need toknowtoday
  • armchairargonaut
    Intersectionality exposed. Sunlight is the best disinfectant ;)
  • MiddMs.
    The best podcast BUT
    The Daily is a fabulous podcast with diverse and interesting topics that range from Covid issues to the popular radio host Delilah (great story), and everything in between. My only complaint with The Daily is it is a too long. Things could be more tightly edited! I think programs ranging from 30 to 40 minutes would be MUCH better!
  • OaklandReal
    Should Be Better Than This
    Considering the skill, talent, and resouces at the NYT, this podcast should do interesting and innovative work; instead it’s frequently rehashed or already overstated stories, or worse yet a replay of old stuff with shallow new reporting to ‘refresh’ it. Occasionally a solid listen, mostly less good than one hopes for.
  • hhhehhuuuuueu
    Randy’s can write anything here
    Rush Episode
    It’s a very sad day. I’ve been listening to The Daily every day for almost a year. I genuinely look forward to the days topic and have generally found the reporting and delivery to be pretty fair, provocative and entertaining. But today’s episode on Rush Limbaugh was absolutely disgusting. Whether you agree with him or not, you just ripped a mans life apart while highlighting only the negative moments that advance your own political and professional agenda. Today you were to the left what Rush was to the right. You lost a subscriber.
  • violacgda
    Good content; annoying voice
    Consistently interesting content, but the vocal tics get on my nerves. Especially the close. “Here’s. What you need. Toknowtoday.” Arrrgh.
  • calimom39
    Kids and COVID
    Wow just wow. I’m lefty whose kids have every recommended vaccine, but you’ve gone over the edge and have lost me...The chilling totalitarianism, the gleeful sanctimony.
  • TunedInHuman
    Equal opportunity uptalk
    Tuned in for the bad takes. Stuck around to hear a couple 30 something men try to out vocal fry and uptalk any valley girl stereotype. Voices for newspaper.
  • heiabhdb
    Kids and COVID
    This episode was atrocious. To lay out all the data showing what low risk children have, and that the vaccine has not been tested on kids, and then follow up with the nonsensical conclusion that we will need universal masking in schools until all kids are vaccinated is illogical and inflammatory. Completely irresponsible reporting.
  • Jake F.
    Officially done with the Daily and the Times
    The latest installment of the Daily is a travesty. It’s a glowing eulogy for Rush Limbaugh as a brilliant, ‘impishly mischievous’ tactician and virtuoso of his medium. He was no such thing. Rush was a schoolyard bully whose legacy should stand as a reminder that the cruelest drivel will sell itself, given its potential to appeal to the worst in all of us. I was incensed listening to the “paper of record” giving a tongue bath to the bigotry and hate mongering of this man with a couple of smug (the Times’ prevailing tone) disclaimers weakly shoehorned in for plausible deniability. For example, Limbaugh’s “AIDS updates” are momentarily touched on as “mean spirited” and “cruel.” More accurate words would be “sociopathic” and “evil.” The Times goes on to say this is one of the only episodes Limbaugh apologized for in his entire career. This may be technically correct, but a journalist who had actually done the research on this story would tell you, the apology was carefully worded so as not to disavow the bigotry inherent in the segments. This is not a small detail to omit. Doing so does a disservice to the listener, denying them the opportunity to fully judge the man and the moment. Providing such an opportunity to the citizen is the job of the journalist. Not feathering their foot off the gas pedal at the exact moment your speed might alienate a Republican PR agent. Over the past five years this country has lurched toward fascism because of moments like these. While we saw a flash of hope during the election last year, it is once again becoming clear the media’s priority is not to perform its duty as defined by the constitution. It would be sad if it weren’t so shameful.
  • Happijenn
    For the middle...
    Always hunting for accurate media that isn’t too far left or right (basically impossible); but it feels like they try here. Love Barbara though; he does a good job!
  • Jayhawklaw06
    Learn how to pronounce Cape Girardeau.
    Several times during the February 22, 2021 episode, the writer reporting on his deep dive of Rush Limbaugh mispronounced his hometown, Cape Girardeau several times.
  • JJCCTT130
    Eff rush cocaine snorting limbaugh!! Last time i listen to this garbage of a show!!
  • DmanDdog
    Almost always interesting
    A deep dive into something you feel better knowing about. A great listen.
  • Nima Jones
    Great stories, terrific coverage
    Always on topic and timely. Makes me expect NYT for their professional journalism so much more. Thank you.
  • WSJ everyday
    Too Long
    The Daily could be a can’t-be-missed podcast or the best podcast out there, if they would just get to the points. In a recent one on scammers, the topic was intriguing, the tech vigilante was a hero, but too many details about the author were time consuming and seemed irrelevant. If the author was a woman from Brooklyn, would the story seem less authentic? The journalist finding the scammer less important? Every person who has recommended The Daily always does so with the caveat that the episodes are very long. As they say in NY, cut to the chase. Or in the words of Mark Twain, “If I had more time, I would have written a shorter letter.”
  • Robblef
    Great poscast
    Boils down the news to what you need. If you don't like commercials - it is a podcast. You can fast forward through them.
  • macgyver893
    Glad to see FP expand into dynasty
    Happy to see that Fantasy Pros continues to listen to the people by making an exclusive show for just dynasty talk. Kyle and Ray have great chemistry together and feel like a natural fit. I also enjoy the random back and forth conversation they have about real world things like raising kids. You’ve got a loyal subscriber here and I plan on staying tuned in for the long haul. Good luck guys!
  • Shen2789
    Leftist propaganda trash
  • peacemaker04
    Children and the vaccine
    I found this podcast episode profoundly biased. The premise itself was at its core flawed, the idea that children need to be vaccinated at all. Children will not become deathly ill if they exposed to the virus. This episode comes from a idea that cases themselves are bad, not deaths. This episode also assumed that it was the governments job to prevent all cases. If there is a vaccine that is widely available and any adult can take it why would it be a concern. These adults opted out of the vaccine it is not the governments problem if they get COVID 19. We should not put the risk of long term side affect on our children to help adults who will not help themselves. If we simply want to prevent all deaths why do we not shut down every year in flu season. The world must resume normal life.
  • Orin M
    Mostly good but mostly wrong on covid
    Getting it wrong on covid- telling people to wear masks and not considering relevant data as to risk and ineffectiveness of lockdowns and masks has been deeply frustrating and disconcerting. Saying the word “science” does not mean you are actually correct about the science. For example, schools have been open in Florida since August and it has not created worse covid spread than states like California that have had schools closed for a year. Do the work- you have the resources. That said, on most topics this podcast does well.
  • Crimson99
    Ok been better
  • isafujikawa
    Kids and covid
    The fact that you are advocating a vaccine that has barely been tested for our children is dangerous and sickening. I’m a huge fan of the times and the daily but when it comes to what’s happening with these new vaccines you’re going to find yourselves on the wrong side of history. Stop turning a blind eye to all of the vaccine injuries that are happening and start doing some honest reporting from both sides.
  • bjohns383
    It’s Fine
    But the commercials are really bad.
  • Lexi Green
    Cannot speak highly enough!
    I cannot speak highly enough of The Daily! My family listens every single morning. My children expect Micheal as part of their morning each and everyday. The stories being covered, the heart, integrity, professionalism, and range of all the topics make me happy every single time I listen. Please keep up this amazing work!
  • Zed.T
    I really enjoy the show and the weekend listens are just fascinating. Granted the host Michael is an acquired taste but for most part he asks excellent questions. If you want to get deeper into any story of the day quickly, this is the show for you. It trims the fat, presents it without too much drama and thankfully absent of multiple talking heads.
  • ttss2211
    Can you please be unbiased, it’s amazing how left you have gone!!
  • katie rimi
    The story on Texas Power Outages - disappointed
    While I love this show, I was disappointed about the lack of understanding in regards to the power system in Texas. Power systems can be readily designed to meet most unlikely outcome requirements. The way hydropower is designed is a good example for this. However, it requires coordinated planning and pricing. In the Texas case no such planning has taken place leaving the transmission grid willfully unequipped and the consumer on the loosing end. Climate change is not the reason why the system has failed - its those who are responsible for planning that have failed the people of Texas. Countries other than the US seem to be able to cope with even lower temperatures (Norway, South Korea) - because their grids are being properly planned and priced.
  • J.376
    FB Ads
    Usually, I am a fan of this podcast but the recent ads from Facebook have caused me to stop listening. I don’t want to listen to FB talk about how it “cares about privacy” and “supports regulation.” Certainly, I don’t want to listen to this three times in one 40 minute podcast.
  • judyp87
    the Blackout in Texas
    Terrible episode, but increasingly common. The energy 'business' reporter (there's a clue) blames frozen windmills (which function well in even colder climates because they're winterized, btw), energy 'choice' and diversity for the black outs. Didn't mention that TX privatized and deregulated their grid, and profit motive w/o regulation led to not winterizing their gas lines and other fossil fuel and nuclear equipment, which froze. Windmills actually overperformed c/w expected lower winter output. The state was warned in earlier cold blasts to prepare their system, but cheap energy and profit rules all in TX. Terrible bias in this show and the host goes along with it.
  • Zezzledog
    I really want to like this podcast, but the host makes it impossible to listen to. His constant “hmm’ing” and interruptions makes it painful.
  • mitchy_mitchy
    Love this podcast
    Michael Barbaro is a fantastic interviewer. His calm demeanor and empathy bring a heartwarming in-depth take on the stories of the day. This is a must for me every day and has been for years.
  • Ads really?
    Great topics horribly biased interviewer questions from Michael Barbaro
    I’ve been listening to this podcast for years, have recommended it to countless friends, and generally enjoyed the topics and people being interviewed. I don’t always agree with Michael Barbaro’s point of view but am open to other people’s perspectives. But recently the interview questions from Barbaro have become so biased and ridiculous that it’s painful to listen to a whole podcast. The most recent one that comes to mind is the one on laïcité in France. Why is it ok for Barbaro to question an entire country’s motto of separation of church and state and purposely say it’s discriminatory against Muslims when that isn’t true? Instead of championing France for being much more welcoming to immigrants compared to other European countries and giving the audience an unbiased overview on laïcité and how these laws can/should be applied equitably to everyone in the country his questions come off as under researched and belittling a set a of laws that have been in place to promote equality since the French Revolution. Believe it or it, yes your prejudice is showing when you think it’s ok to tell an entire country to change their laws for the sake of immigrants that they’ve kindly taken in and not the other way around. This is just one example of the many troubling podcast episodes I’ve listened to. Please stop these judgmental questions and give us back interesting educational podcasts on relevant world topics.
  • Vellgoo
    Great content
    High value production covering a wide range of topics from politics to the economy and social justice. But please stop with the long obnoxious credits at the end! No other podcast does this and it’s annoying af. Your team does a great job but nobody cares (except probably your staff who wants to hear their own names).
  • Chimpu 06
    Used to be a great show
    This used to be a great show. Now this has become CNN. I don’t care what Michael thinks. Just report the news.
  • Ni ni ni ni ni ni
    Distracting reactions
    It’s a good podcast and Michael asks good questions but his noisy reactions (i.e., un huh, mmmmm, etc.) are very distracting.
  • micahdz
    Don’t read anymore reviews
    Just listen and form your own opinion
    Killing Suliemani
    You ask, “Why did tRump do it?” Maybe because he is facing a Senate trial for his impeachment! Think Bill Clinton attacking to delay his impeachment vote. The US government says, “ eminent danger.” Think “Weapons of mass destruction.” Lots of lies, corruption and violence. Julia Thursday’s podcast You emphasized Trump wanting peace with Iran. Really, he just assassinated their commander! I heard what Trump said: it was loaded with contradictions, like more punitive “sanctions” and “peace.” I learn from the daily; however sometimes you make me shutter by what you say. Julia Aftershocks of Iowa in NH. I noticed that you interviewed only older folks from NH. You barely mentioned Bernie and didn’t interview younger voters. As much as NYT does some great in-depth stories, you are CORPORATE media; you want to maintain the status quo. The Results from NH. Once again you barely mentioned Bernie and when you did, you played down his win. Looks like you’re backing a “moderate” that is more likely to pursue a corporate agenda. Wendell Potter who used to be a corporate health insurance executive, says that Pete Buttigieg uses all the corporate health insurance talking points. NYT doesn’t seems liberal or progressive to me. Julia Historic Unemployment Crisis I am surprised that you didn’t mention that tRump has been encouraging folks to go to church and to go back to work! Also trump’s incompetence at handling the pandemic has made it worse than it had to be: no testing, no contact tracing, no PPE, no ventilators, no honesty, no regard for humanity and above all, no sanity! A person of Suspicion - EXCELLENT! Hello Michael, I am suggesting that you listen to the latest podcast of DECONSTRUCTED with Medhi Hasan. How the Media helped tRump win in 2026; are they doing it again? Pandemic Killing Black Americans - excellently and clearly explains why. Pain and Protest - excellent Coronavirus- The young man in Atlanta Georgia who was killed by the police was not doing anything wrong, not resisting, the taiser was used on him, he did not want his hands handcuffed behind his back - considering George Floyd, I would run too SHOW DOWN in Portland - yes of course the reporter “should” say that the federal agent killed, was killed by right wing extremists, not protesters. Also he needed to say that when Lafayette Park was cleared out for tRump’s photo op, they were peaceful protesters. Antifa to my understanding is more a philosophy against fascism, not some powerful group. Is that correct? The New York Times, I believe, promoted the invasion of Iraq for “weapons of mass destruction.” My point - The NYT is corporate media, which is beholden to money/power over truth. Is that correct? Julia SHOW DOWN in Portland - please listen to RUMBLE with Michael Moore 101 and 102 EMERGENCY Podcasts. Vaccines - last week on democracy now, Amy Goodman interviewed a professor from Nebraska University. He said there’s four things that need done NOW, to curb the corona virus. We do not need to wait for a vaccine. 1. Federal leadership 2. Testing and contact tracing 3. Citizens to wear a masks, socially distance, wash hands 4. Take care of the patients in the hospitals to save their lives US POSTAL SERVICE I wish that you would’ve mentioned: the billions of medicines that are slow down by DeJoy messing with the post office; DeJoy and his wife have $75+ million dollars invested in competitors to the post office; did you say that he’s also a big Trump donor! I have sent two payment checks to Verizon, since DeJoy took his position, neither got through. This podcast was not thorough enough. About Those Polls Please listen to DEMOCRACY NOW Thursday November 5 to hear Juan Gonzalez’s brilliant analysis of who voted and why. start @ 16 minutes into show About Those Polls Both you and Nate Cohen need to listen to DEMOCRACY NOW from today Wednesday November 11. Juan Gonzalez gives the second part of his voter analysis, especially of Latinos. Stacey Plaskett - the end of this wonderful podcast is cut off ????
  • scared senior
    Amazing how little we are taught about slavery and oppression of others. The Daily is a great part of my morning. Short, insightful and well researched. Thankful for your efforts. GC Am not horse, please don’t address us as “hey”...... Thanks, GC Enjoy Podcasts very much. Listening daily. Tired of hearing long list of contributors, helpers, producers. Do they need to be given Daily? Thanks, Dr. GC Strong Language does not mean filthy language. Was disappointed to start hearing F... this as commonly used as if “normal speech. “ Was lucky I listened first before recommending this filth to my students. Dr. GC Really like the podcasts. It is really necessary to hear a LONG list of staff to thank every single podcast? Are their egos needing to be stroked every time there is a podcast? Dr. GC Still enjoying the podcasts. Still tired of LONG list of contributors to preparation of podcast. Too much. Thanks again, Carol So impressed with podcasts but SO tired of long list of staff members who have responsibility to get podcasts out. Is that necessary every day? Dr. GC Like listening but litany of staff is not necessary. Dr. GC Nixon was prosecution target because of crimes he committed. Not because he was President. Missing information on the podcasts does a disservice. Still waiting for less “ bragging on who helps with podcasts. “ Thought it was better but today litany continues. Dr. GC Thankful for the information on Daily podcasts. Still annoying litany of contributors to producers of program. Guess someone needs ego stroked but so many people are listed. About 2 minutes of bragging rights? Maybe a lottery so 5 are listed instead of ALL. Thanks, Dr. GC Thankful for excellent reports on riot. These anarchists are NOT “ protestors or individuals.” Please do not give evil people political correct names. Dr. GC Frustrating when commercials cut off speakers. When the long list of contributors is given perhaps the editorial staff can correct this? Dr. GC
  • Hoops0145
    Today’s podcast
    I listen every I am done with it, will never listen again.
  • Nora Boston
    Not held to NYTimes’ news standard?
    Note that The Daily is from the same unit that created “Caliphate”, and The Daily host understated the wrongness of Caliphate. A top person at The Times just confirmed that their podcasts are not reviewed with same standards as NYT news is. I am less confident in The Daily now. Not sure I can rely on the content or Babaro any more.
  • podcastfan100
    OK, but better daily news podcasts out there
    I’ve been a longtime listener but am starting to reconsider. Most of the news stories covered lean very negative. I don’t look at the world through rose colored glasses and understand news is sometimes depressing, but there are a lot of positive developments in the world they mostly shun from the podcast. Also the host is very overdramatic. His tone makes it seem like every topic is do-or-die.
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