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This is what the news should sound like. The biggest stories of our time, told by the best journalists in the world. Hosted by Michael Barbaro. Twenty minutes a day, five days a week, ready by 6 a.m.

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  • HK25Mom
    My favorite podcast!
    This is by far my favorite podcast. They do such a great job. The reporters are so good at presenting their stories. The production with the soundbites, music, and editing adds so much to their stories. Great interviews. Stories are fascinating. Interesting topics. I listen to this podcast everyday! It is so good!
  • Soon to be Husband
    A Population Slowdown in the U.S. 5/04/2021
    What a privileged, misogynistic, delusional take on a decline in birth rate! The Best part of this podcast was when they told us, “Just how worried we should be.” LOL. Let me see if I understand this part clearly... An 80% decrease in teenage pregnancy is a bad thing??? I’ve got an idea, Sabrina Tavernise, explain to me, “Why have teenagers practically stopped having pregnancies?” Oh, what’s that you say, you silly boomer? “They are having less sex.” Hahahahahahahahahaaa! Sounds like you asked those teenagers and they said, “What? NO! We’re not having sex!” There’s even a section where we are told just how worried we should be. F*** “America’s superpower status/super economic status!” Just like white supremacy, racism, homophobia and sexism, that delusion can die alongside the boomers. We shouldn’t have to worry about reversing this birth rate trend so we can work, so we can pay our taxes, so we can support the much larger population of dying boomers. Many of the things I just mentioned were viciously perpetuated by that generation.
  • drea perk vador
    Sunday Reads? More like Sunday zzzzs
    The articles themselves are fascinating, but the pro readers reading them put me to sleep every time. Often I must go back to listen to a section again because the monotonous cadence of the reader caused me to zone out completely. I wish they’d let the journalists read their own works. As for Michael’s “here’s what else you need to know today” ... love it!
  • KpHans
    Was better before
    I can’t listen to Asteads podcasts. They lack any emotion. Sounds like it is being read directly from a script. This doesn’t take away from the information presented however.
  • Dog Walker - Podcast Lover!
    Depopulation: Celebrate it! Please!
    Sorry folks, Depopulation is pretty much our best path forward. I can’t believe how the daily podcast is measuring human success in such a narrow, blind manner, instead of exploring new ways to live with fewer people clogging the planet. Promoting consumerism, pitting country against country, and ignoring the needs of our environment has done nothing but dig us further and further into an unsustainable quagmire!
  • OC Neighbor
    The Daily Delight
    Informed, insightful, compassionate. Thoughtful interviews which deeper than most. Topics are not skimmed, not boxed up and presented. They’re carefully explored. Unusual, forthright reporting. Listen to understand what I’m attempting to portray.
  • Joshualaska
    Usually great, but occasional annoyances
    The Daily is in my top podcast rotation every week. I try to catch each episode as it comes out to be current with ever-changing events. I am not annoyed by the “hmm” or other vocal cues. To me, it engages the speaker and sounds like an active listener. However, there are times that do bother me. I fully accept that they are my issues alone, but I would hope this is taken as constructive feedback. Today’s episode, Shrinking Society in Japan, was a perfect example. The many, many times repeated grammatical error using the singular “woman” in place of the plural “women” was like nails to a chalkboard to me. It would seem that the NYT and the team of editors and producers would catch this or would be able to correct the mistake. We do have rules in the English language. I don’t care how someone speaks, what accent they have, vocal fry, etc, but please when speaking about a serious topic, injecting the wrong word for effect (I presume this was why) just distracts from the discussion.
  • gbrown03
    Can't pronounce "Women" correctly?
    This podcast has gotten more and more questionable over the past couple of months but this mornings interview with Modoko Rich finally put it over the edge. She must say the word "Women" 50 times and pronounces it like incorrectly every time even as Michael repeats it to her and the podcast plays interviews with other correctly pronouncing it. Was actually better NYT
  • Ooeygooeey
    I never miss a day!
    Excellent podcast. Great journalism. Informative and engaging. Thank you!
  • ShowMeSomeSubstance
    Listening to the May 5 issue on Japan’s birth rate and the reporter does not know the difference between the words “woman” and “women.” She keeps saying “woman” for the plural. It’s grating.
  • fullmetalangel795
    Wasted time
    Is it necessary to have the long spans of time in the middle or the end of interviews where there’s no conversation, only sound before Michael says “we’ll be right back” or thanks the guest for coming? I listen at 2x speed in order to fit in multiple podcasts and I always feel like listening to The Daily wastes my time because of all the silence.
  • Jefferson Castano
    Avid listener for years! Please speak of Colombia
    Love the pod and listen on my daily commute. Please talk about Colombia. The governments it’s killing its own people
  • TheRover
    Whoever the person is who likes to say Mmmmmmmm during the interviews is a horrible host. It's the NPRish overly dramatized delivery that's just so difficult to listen to. Just talk like a normal person dude. The guests and production are great. The host not so much.
  • Stevilstyle
    Where is Michael
    These new hosts are really not great. It feels forced contrived at time and the entire tone of the podcast has changed. If NYT wants to give voices to other hosts make a new podcast. People come Here to listen to Michael and his take on things so don’t “fix” something that’s not broken.
  • Babs1967!
    The Daily
    Why have they forgone using Michael Barbarro as anything more than a face and voice to announce the show??? Today’s two hosts were fine but one sounded like a 20 year old robot. I don’t listen to the daily so random people can talk about anything. I listen because of the hosts journalistic experience and neutral take. If the show’s subject isn’t important enough for him to do the interview then it’s not ok for the Daily to just use the platform as an opportunity to blab. Very bad, The Daily
  • with all due respect
    Thoughts on the Classics.
    I sit with Shakespeare and he winces not. Across the color line I move arm in arm with Balzac and Dumas, where smiling men and welcoming women glide in gilded halls. From out the caves of evening that swing between the strong-limbed earth and the tracery of the stars, I summon Aristotle and Aurelius and what soul I will, and they come all graciously with no scorn nor condescension. So, wed with Truth, I dwell above the Veil. Is this the life you grudge us, O knightly America? -WEB Dubois An irony is that I hear the most about AOC from the hard right and the most about right wing nut jobs from NPR and New York Times. Is it possible each side picks the easiest targets from the other side to caricature? It’s easy to dismiss the opposition if we can conceive of them as ridiculous, or evil. I expect more from the New York Times.
  • juleswcu
    Voices matter
    Firstly, this is my first time actually writing a podcast review. I typically just rate them with stars. The Daily has been my go to morning podcast for years. I love Michael’s voice and interview style. Over the past year or so there’s been more and more interviews done by other reporters. I understand he needs time off for other things, but I beg the producers to get rid of Sabrina!!!! Her voice grates on my last nerve!! I typically delete the episode after I find out she’s hosting it. I realize this is a subjective matter, but I can’t be the only one who can’t stand her, right!?!
  • Wah7647000
    “A Population Slowdown In The U.S.” is an A+ episode
    I love this podcast and listen to it daily. I am so impressed by the “A Population Slowdown In The U.S.” because it does accurately describe what women of childbearing age are going through right now. It is not talked about enough. So thank you to everyone at The Daily who collaborated on this episode. ❤️
  • Metric fan
    Why Micheal?!
    When the host is in conversation, he talks totally normal. But for some reason he pitches down his voice when reading copy. And WHY can’t he say “here’s what else you need to know TODAY” without slurring? It’s just so weird.
  • ICan'tPickOneNotTaken
    Less forced narrative please…
    I’ve been a “Daily” listener since day one…it seems that the Daily is spoon feeding a lean or a narrative vs reporting straight news more so than when it began. Let’s watch out for that.
  • adgirl_brkln
    Makes my Dallas, TX morning!
    It just doesn’t feel like my day has started unless I listen to The Daily. I love Michael (known affectionately as “Mikey Barbs” in my house, as in “Today I was listening to Mikey Barbs and learned...”. There just isn’t any other morning news pod that covers as wide a variety of topics in both short and long-form journalism. I’m 49 and I particularly am loving hearing younger perspectives like Astead Herndon. He’s fantastic. I am looking forward to him getting his own show! Happy subscriber since 2009!
  • Stepho44
    I listen to this podcast, but wish Michael Barbaro
    Could cool down his eccentricities just a little bit. He really overdoes the “what more we need to know today” to the point of UGH. Get OVER yourself, Dude. I actually have to say it out loud sometimes when I’m listening.
  • netxnic
    My favorite daily news podcast
    I listen to this podcast every day. I love the topics and how Michael covers them with the guests, as well as the news summaries at the end of each episode.
  • AustinRancher
    Sunday reads
    I like everything about the Sunday reads until they’re handed over from the reporter to the professional reader, who lacks any of the character or texture of the journalist. The Audm readers lose me with the monotony of their tones, and seeming lack of interest in the text. But I’m a Daily fan otherwise. Just give me real voices!
  • DoubleDumbledore
    Lacks objectivity. Subjects are skewed to the left rather than being non-partisan. Journalism is dead.
  • NYC22spl
    The last thing I care to listen to on a Sunday is some privileged professor talking about whiteness.
  • Bethee1023
    Speaking of Russia.. and saying that Russia interfered with our 2016 election that was proven to be false is fake news. We listened to “Russian Collusion” hearings and briefings and news for 4 flipping years with no evidence of collusion. Yet, with verified reports of 2020 fraud, y’all just say, “nothing to see here!” Ridiculous. What about all the people who showed up to vote in person and were told they already voted by mail? Or the machines that weren’t supposed to be connected to the internet that were? Or all the audits that are currently happening that the democrats are trying to stop? If there is no fraud, why are they so eager to stop the audits? Or what about all the court cases that have been dismissed from groups of private citizens that have spoken up and have evidence of voter fraud? Or the video evidence of registered democratic city clerks filling out ballots for eldery citizens? Why don’t you cover these things? Also, when you say, “here’s what else you need to know today..” you sound like you’re plastered. Consider re-recording that.
  • SusV12
    Odessa was amazing!
    I absolutely love The Daily, but the special reporting on Odessa was particularly wonderful. As a high school teacher during this pandemic year I could identify with each aspect of the reporting and it was superbly emotional and captivating. Thank you for speaking with real people and delving into stories in such an engaging way!
  • AnnaCogswell
    Love the Daily.
    Daily is great, Sunday read topics are interesting but the voice of each reader can be hit or miss.
  • LnfromLSal
    Love Odessa episodes!
    I really enjoyed listening to the four episodes on Odessa. I love the music, the interviews, the pacing, and of course the topic. The pandemic is having a profound effect on high schoolers everywhere, I appreciate that you all took the time to highlight it.
  • KEKE1979
    Fear based journalism
    Michael’s voice is perfect, he could lose a few ‘mmm’s’ but the reporting is SO FEAR BASED it is unreal. They present worst case scenarios using words like ‘could be’ ‘estimated’ ‘terrifying’ ‘devastating’. Even months ago listening to the episode about someone taking care of their husband with Covid, it was overly dramatic. I wish they would lose the drama and fear and just present the stories because they are very well produced.
  • chffddhjibsagyvbk
    Stop with the weird vocals
    This show has great content but the vocal fry/whine is hard to listen to. Stop with the burn out voice so I can continue listening. Had to turn off the Odessa shows.
  • Clearvibe
    Odessa Story was everything!
    This story was wonderful. The variety of voices and experiences, all ages and it sounded like a variety of race and ethnicities. I listened to every show and was very impressed by the placement of the final real, a bit harrowing and uplifting -on a Friday morning. Something to feel good about as we embrace all of our humanity. Thank you.
  • Card playet
    Heartwarming and heart breaking
    The Odessa series was both heart warming and heart breaking. Knowing these young adults (kids) were experiencing such complex issues. I cried, I smiled I wanted to hug them and protect them. Bravo to them and to you for bringing this story, one of so many during this pandemic, to us.
  • diane7111
    Subscribe to the NYT
    Odessa brought me to tears. As a retired teacher, I’d not been exposed to the damage that this pandemic has wrought. Thank you to all who contributed to helping me understand; it was a beautifully done story.
  • ilovrepodcasts
    Vocal Fry
    I love the Daily, but the woman narrating the Odessa series has vocal fry so badly I had to turn it off.
  • Cartersauce
    Biden is not our president he barely knows where he is... also corona is fake DONT wear the mask!! This podcast will fill you up with lies.
  • Coltan Severson
    A podcast that does a great job of subtly pushing a biased and often false narrative.
    I would appreciate you bringing people on who are not just puppets of your own spin on the top story of the day.
  • 58 Ranger
    Not a voice for podcasts.
    The Sunday 4/25 voice is not made for podcasts. No offense reader but this isn’t your calling.
  • cole4858382
    Here’s what else you need...
    tenner day? Please, I’m begging! Re-record this bit!
  • lexlexnj
    Love the Daily; LOATH the Sunday narrators
    The only reason why I can’t give the daily a TEN star rating is because the Sunday narrators are truly awful. The story choice also feels very random and uneven. I appreciate the effort to bridge the gap during the weekend — since most daily or weekly podcast do not drop on Saturday or Sunday but I cannot listen to the Sunday pieces, even when the story is of interest.
  • StarSharon
    The Children in the Shadows episode deserves a Pulitzer
    I love this podcast. The investigative journalism, high quality writing, gripping subject matter set each episode miles above the rest. I just finished listening to one I’ve the best pieces of investigative journalism I’ve ever heard or read. Please give this episode a listen. Thank you to the entire staff for this wonderful podcast. This podcast just keeps getting better and better. It provides information that’s allows me to get insight into today’s current events. APDATE: After listening to so many episodes I can say the this is the best podcast overall.
  • mrgrtmryd
    Hadn’t listened in a long time and remembered why - not worth wanting to gouge my eyeballs out over the host’s racist and classist “just asking questions” approach. calling India’s vaccine uptake a problem of complacency and magical thinking? Framing the vaccine apartheid as an issue of personal choice or belief of poor people? Such basic questions and barely any analysis with this one ugh. I get better journalism from leftist comedy podcasts produced in living rooms.
  • djkezako
    Good content and moreover good sound!
    Thanks for your consistency in quality and sound quality.
  • Dwork7777777
    Fewer Barbaro Subs Please!
    Michael Barbaro makes this show, and while the other reporters who occasionally sub in are okay, it’s just not the same. Especially the emergence of Astead Herndon—episodes he hosts feel like an NPR remake of The Daily...
  • bjohns383
    A Mix
    Some good stories. Mostly vocal affectation.
  • wakandaforevaaaaa
    Great podcast! But those Sunday Reads
    *cringe* what’s with the voice from the 4/25 Sunday Read?! It’s super annoying and distracting. Couldn’t even finish the episode.
  • veryboringbot
    New Readers
    Please get a new reader for the long read. The most recent one is like listening to a robot describing the drying of paint. Really, it’s awful.
  • Jojo4300
    Good listen
    I really enjoy the topics and the length of the stories. They are easy to listen to in one sitting or a drive to and from work. Interesting and on point with the times.
  • shannon493
    Weird Sunday featured
    I love the Daily during the week. Michael is great. My question is why do the Sunday reads always sound like really intense radio newscasters from the 90s? Esp April 25th. This woman sounds insane. Just talk like a normal person. We don’t need audiobook voices.
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