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This is what the news should sound like. The biggest stories of our time, told by the best journalists in the world. Hosted by Michael Barbaro and Sabrina Tavernise. Twenty minutes a day, five days a week, ready by 6 a.m.Listen to this podcast in New York Times Audio, our new iOS app for news subscribers. Download now at

Recent Episodes
  • The Supreme Court Takes Up Homelessness
    Apr 19, 2024 – 00:29:46
  • The Opening Days of Trump’s First Criminal Trial
    Apr 18, 2024 – 00:30:07
  • Are ‘Forever Chemicals’ a Forever Problem?
    Apr 17, 2024 – 00:24:51
  • A.I.’s Original Sin
    Apr 16, 2024 – 00:28:04
  • Iran’s Unprecedented Attack on Israel
    Apr 15, 2024 – 00:23:54
  • The Sunday Read: ‘What I Saw Working at The National Enquirer During Donald Trump’s Rise’
    Apr 14, 2024 – 00:43:18
  • How One Family Lost $900,000 in a Timeshare Scam
    Apr 12, 2024 – 00:33:52
  • The Staggering Success of Trump’s Trial Delay Tactics
    Apr 11, 2024 – 00:28:38
  • Trump's Abortion Dilemma
    Apr 10, 2024 – 00:23:05
  • How Tesla Planted the Seeds for Its Own Potential Downfall
    Apr 9, 2024 – 00:30:46
  • The Eclipse Chaser
    Apr 8, 2024 – 00:29:31
  • The Sunday Read: ‘What Deathbed Visions Teach Us About Living’
    Apr 7, 2024 – 00:26:47
  • An Engineering Experiment to Cool the Earth
    Apr 5, 2024 – 00:28:04
  • Israel’s Deadly Airstrike on the World Central Kitchen
    Apr 4, 2024 – 00:31:12
  • The Accidental Tax Cutter in Chief
    Apr 3, 2024 – 00:27:12
  • Kids Are Missing School at an Alarming Rate
    Apr 2, 2024 – 00:28:08
  • Ronna McDaniel, TV News and the Trump Problem
    Apr 1, 2024 – 00:34:47
  • From Serial: Season 4 - Guantánamo
    Mar 30, 2024 – 00:41:54
  • Hamas Took Her, and Still Has Her Husband
    Mar 29, 2024 – 00:48:33
  • The Newest Tech Start-Up Billionaire? Donald Trump
    Mar 28, 2024 – 00:30:12
  • Democrats’ Plan to Save the Republican House Speaker
    Mar 27, 2024 – 00:27:02
  • The United States vs. the iPhone
    Mar 26, 2024 – 00:27:47
  • A Terrorist Attack in Russia
    Mar 25, 2024 – 00:25:06
  • The Sunday Read: ‘My Goldendoodle Spent a Week at Some Luxury Dog ‘Hotels.’ I Tagged Along.’
    Mar 24, 2024 – 00:21:39
  • Chuck Schumer on His Campaign to Oust Israel’s Leader
    Mar 22, 2024 – 00:35:30
  • The Caitlin Clark Phenomenon
    Mar 21, 2024 – 00:27:18
  • The Bombshell Case That Will Transform the Housing Market
    Mar 20, 2024 – 00:25:44
  • Trump’s Plan to Take Away Biden’s Biggest Advantage
    Mar 19, 2024 – 00:27:29
  • Your Car May Be Spying on You
    Mar 18, 2024 – 00:23:18
  • The Sunday Read: ‘Sure, It Won an Oscar. But Is It Criterion?’
    Mar 17, 2024 – 00:29:24
  • A Journey Through Putin’s Russia
    Mar 15, 2024 – 00:32:21
  • It Sucks to Be 33
    Mar 14, 2024 – 00:26:27
  • The Alarming Findings Inside a Mass Shooter’s Brain
    Mar 13, 2024 – 00:25:24
  • Oregon Decriminalized Drugs. Voters Now Regret It.
    Mar 12, 2024 – 00:26:59
  • The Billionaires’ Secret Plan to Solve California’s Housing Crisis
    Mar 11, 2024 – 00:28:13
  • The Sunday Read: ‘Can Humans Endure the Psychological Torment of Mars?’
    Mar 10, 2024 – 00:49:35
  • The State of the Union
    Mar 8, 2024 – 00:29:43
  • The Miseducation of Google’s A.I.
    Mar 7, 2024 – 00:30:31
  • The Unhappy Voters Who Could Swing the Election
    Mar 6, 2024 – 00:23:07
  • A Deadly Aid Delivery and Growing Threat of Famine in Gaza
    Mar 5, 2024 – 00:29:45
  • An F.B.I. Informant, a Bombshell Claim, and an Impeachment Built on a Lie
    Mar 4, 2024 – 00:24:41
  • The Sunday Read: ‘How Tom Sandoval Became the Most Hated Man in America’
    Mar 3, 2024 – 00:49:00
  • Biden, Trump and a Split Screen at the Texas Border
    Mar 1, 2024 – 00:30:17
  • How Poisoned Applesauce Found Its Way to Kids
    Feb 29, 2024 – 00:25:11
  • An Arms Race Quietly Unfolds in Space
    Feb 28, 2024 – 00:25:02
  • The Voters Willing to Abandon Biden Over Gaza
    Feb 27, 2024 – 00:35:02
  • The Alabama Ruling That Could Stop Families From Having Kids
    Feb 26, 2024 – 00:28:34
  • The Sunday Read: ‘How Do You Make a Weed Empire? Sell It Like Streetwear.’
    Feb 25, 2024 – 00:29:08
  • Trump’s Cash Crunch
    Feb 23, 2024 – 00:25:16
  • Putin’s Opposition Ponders a Future Without Aleksei Navalny
    Feb 22, 2024 – 00:31:31
Recent Reviews
  • Jo_743
    Vocal Fry is Not It
    A huge fan of the show, today’s vocal fry was horrific and unfortunately I couldn’t listen to the full episode. Please set better expectations for your guest speakers.
  • VP Linda
    Forever Chemicals
    I love your show but the vocal fry of this guest reporter makes it almost impossible To listen to.
  • ucgygvvycvvbgcvbbxgh
    Forever Chemicals
    This program is consistently excellent but today’s episode was especially well done. Kim Tingley and Sabrina Tavernese made a complex topic understandable without oversimplifying. They both described the problem well and addressed the difficulties with finding good solutions. Thank you for all the hard work that went into this episode and the show in general.
  • TTD7
    Vocal fry out of control
    This is a great show with very interesting topics. Sabrina Tavernisi is *chef’s kiss*. My problem with the show is that some of the guest/reporters have such bad vocal fry that I’m unable to finish the episodes.
  • BKWcbc
    Please tell your guests to not start each answer with “yeah.”
  • Waka101
    Deeply disappointed
    When is The Daily doing an episode any the Memo censoring language journalist can use ?
  • Jderham
    Try harder
    I appreciate the variety of content and listen regularly but your bias and left-leaning views simply cannot be disguised.
  • Md713
    Incredible Israeli propaganda bias revealed
    It’s impressive how much of a bias, in favor of Israel, a supposedly non-biased media company can have. Though it should come as no surprise given who runs the Times. Do not pay for or subscribe to them, they are not and should not be considered as true fact based journalism anymore similar to Fox News.
  • mari_hendrix
    Topics feel repetitive and narrow in their focus given the breadth of available stories
  • PetePeters69
    There is a particular response noise that Michael and Sabrina make whenever they are interviewing someone and I find it hilarious. It almost feels like an SNL sketch that’s how funny it is to me. It has become so distracting someone will be talking and they will say“MMMMM“ or “HMMMM“. It is distracting, especially during very serious stories. It feels like a canned response to let the person know that they’re still listening, but obviously they’re still listening because it’s so curated it’s more with a podcast like for me to hear the words of the interview then it is for me to hear the host response with cow noises, it’s too funny it makes it seem like parody and I don’t know how anyone thinks that those sounds are OK to produce on a serious journalism podcast. It’s just very very silly guys…stop it.
  • ijhanna
    One-sided coverage
    Your coverage of the Israel-Palestine issue is very one-sided in favor of the Israeli narrative. As a result you have lost all legitimacy as a news organization and I will not consume any more of your coverage on any topic.
  • Hear2Learn
    Timeshare Scam
    This is obviously a tragedy for so many people, but by the end of this episode the only thing I could think you forgot to ask this former law enforcement agent was “but, what were you wearing?”.
  • Natwalt
    Clear bias
    All this coverage about every minutia of the Israel/Hamas war and not a peep after the unprecedented attack by Iran. Just so disappointed with the way stories are chosen. Clear misuse of their immense platform and bias for one kind of narrative.
  • fromnoweare
    PLEASE allow the authors to read their own work
    Thank you
  • Danteen 41
    Iran attacks Israel and the Liberal”s talk about Trump. Wow!!!
    Okay this is suppose to be a news organization, but on a day you have breaking news. Iran attacks Israel and the Liberal”s talk about old news Trump and Stormy Daniels. Please stop being bias and cover the news not the Liberal agenda. This is a clear example of why no one trust the mainstream media now. At least be up front and label your stories Liberal bias so everyone will know.
  • Still Underemployed
    Good … But Still Biased
    The Daily is consistently well made and interesting. But its left bias has become irksome. If the NYT at least tried to be neutral, it would win over more paying customers. As a business, isn’t that what it wants?
  • CinciJJ
    Always interesting
    No matter the topic, The Daily is always worth listening to. It’s great to hear directly from NYT reporters who cover the area.
  • Keltheceo
    Its my morning default
    I really enjoy it and you will too. I personally don’t big Pharma commercials but they are far and few in between.
  • Shaycr16
    Time share scam
    This is so painful to listen to. Questions: Does James have a memory issue or traumatic brain injury or did he have a stroke that impaired his judgment? I know I am not him and I wasn’t the one being manipulated. I just wonder why in the world would he have given away so much of his and his wife’s money? Is there something going on that he doesn’t talk about? Please people do research before giving anyone your money, and if it is too goo to be true, IT ISNT TRUE!! I am angry for his wife, here he is making this horrible decision to give their money away, he was basically gambling. So maybe he has a gambling addiction as well as cognitive dissonance and a memory/intellectual disability.
  • elgr02
    Please, no more Katrin Bennhold!!
    I’m certain she is a great reporter, but she is not cut out to host this show. How can you all not see that? Very hard to listen to the monotone phrasing and responses.
  • Clay534
    Hilarious scam coverage
    Former state trooper giving away all his money was pretty funny. His Wife should leave him for this
  • bbFAN28
    Take the listener’s advice
    Nearly EVERYONE in the comments has the same issues with the show.
  • Milinowski
    It’s the New York Times! Why is a German lady hosting this?
    I have to be honest: I am having hard time listening to this very pronounced German accent. It’s not nearly as enjoyable as listening to Michael and the other host. Sorry………
  • Tuhin Sheikh
    Propaganda Machine for Neoliberal
    It’s a propaganda machine for neoliberal and I****L.
  • C Donegan
    good news, hosts too cute, ads cringe
    The podcast is impactful in terms of news summary and exploration. The problem is the cast who either try to create cute “memes” with their rapid pronunciation ( hereswatelzyouneedtanoaboattaday) or “teehee” about things like reproductive healthcare…not funny. Adding to these annoying tics are the ads which feature forced affects of coziness or sing song utterances to lull you. Nails on a chalk board both. After years, I only listen a few time a week as these maddening affectations make the news somehow more depressing, if that is possible.
  • artsdistrictchic
    Barbaro downplayed attacks on World Kitchen
    April 4th episode Barbaro asks”it’s not clear whether Israel targeted World Kitchen?” When in fact it is clear that they targeted World Kitchen. Barbaro has substituted the concept of “not clear” for not admitting to. A much better less bias question would have been, when Israel admitted the attack on world kitchen was a mistake did they mean that targeting them was a mistake?
  • JPJ!💪
    Good show…sometimes
    There are occasional gems, in which the reporting is exceptional and the delivery is well thought out, but unfortunately I come away with no new information more often than not. I also do not care for the suspenseful music and speech patterns, it makes the show uncomfortable to listen to. The show is fine, you never know what you’re gonna get…
  • grauface
    NYT: Normalizing Years of Trump
    Enough already.
  • kbeksk
    I’m liberal but...
    But find reporting a little unbalanced. Want to understand both sides better. Also sometimes I feel like all episodes are made to make us feel cortisol/stress about the world we live in. Also please stop reporting so much on Trump. He does not need an additional platform to spread his hate.
  • KarizzaFan
    I am thankful for the discovery of this podcast. I understand what people say in the reviews when they think it’s biased. There’s different kinds of journalism and it’s amazing to see what these journalists go through for their story. Truly admirable in their quests for facts or “facts” like some people may say. These journalists spend hours, days, not eating, sleeping, etc. for the stories they have. Looking back at my previous review, I was so thankful to this podcasts. But, for example, the extremely screwed view they have of Tesla and Elon Musk is embarrassing and so factually incorrect that I’m wondering what other lies NYT is telling. You alienate a lot of people who own a Tesla, listen to Elon Musk, etc. when you tell stories like that.
  • AK0008
    Great content but…
    The hesitation between words- a weird affect, like the host is trying hard to sound impactful, is very frustrating to listen to. Just speak like a normal human and I’ll come back to listen again. Thanks!
  • Yoryaki
    More of a “magazine” than “daily news”
    Some days you’ll hear about things that just happened (news). Other days, you might hear about how an eclipse chaser met his wife. Don’t care.
  • NYC22spl
    Mixed bag
    Well done show but it’s hard to balance that with the NY Times of it all. Never quite sure which facts will make it. For example, reporting on the massacre of WCK aid workers omitted critical info (3 separate strikes; total aid workers killed since Oct 7). Practically tiptoed through what happened. And I think you have a responsibility to mention an American escorting them also was killed.
  • bjohns383
    Great Podcast!
    I like this show because they personalize the news. Little tidbits from reporter’s lives make me feel smart and engaged… even though the show itself isn’t really very informative
  • AMM71975
    The Daily lies
    This is how NYT covered the Jose Andres Gaza slaughter on The Daily: “What that suggests, of course, is that this convoy was targeted. Now, whether Israeli officials knew who was in it, whether they were aid workers, seems like an as yet unresolved question.” NYT & The Daily should be ashamed.
  • Nauseous and delirious
    Question about WCK ?
    Do ALL nytimes fake journalists and propagandists take ALL its readers and listeners for idiots??? The phony handwringing in this episode was f’ing insufferable!!! When it comes to Israel, I hope some day soon you jokers will finally take the mask off and look at yourselves in a mirror. Perhaps the sight of the extreme MAGA Republican looking back at you will shock you into finally reporting the news, especially about what Israel is and has been doing for 75 years, honestly.
  • pinkedlyjocko
    stop with the verbal tics, all the hmms and hmmps. and stop with the music. your info's good. but it's become intolerable with the above list. thnx
  • Aging Veteran
    Aging Veteran
    Does anyone remember Viet Nam or farther back to WW2? More tonnage of bombs were dropped on SE Asia during the VN era. Approximately two thousand Americans were killed during the attack on Pearl Harbor. The subsequent Japanese deaths were in the millions. Modern warfare is brutal and does not discriminate its victims. That does not mean it’s purposeful genocide. Horrible yes, genocide no,
  • Sam9546
    Disappointed by Gaza coverage
    I used to love the daily and listen for my everyday news, but it’s coverage on what is happening in Gaza is so disturbing. The recent reporting on the world central kitchen attacks glossed over and straight up left out some key information about those attacks, from the fact that it was three separate attacks miles apart and minutes apart, where travelers in the first car ran and escaped into the second which was then blown up to how Israel has shown repeatedly how they are systematically starving the Gaza population by not letting aid in.How this could be left out of this story makes no sense to me. Instead it tried to spin it into a feel good story about the history of the non-profit, with the mildest questioning of what happened. It seems as if the New York Times is going out of its way to poorly cover this situation. Very disappointing and frustrating, and at the cost of so many lives.
  • Mamabear1953
    Too simple
    Not as thoughtful as I would expect from the Times
  • verogmejia
    Disappointed in the lack of coverage of Gaza
    Unsubscribe after many years
  • Kristenhowerton
    Disappointing lack of coverage of an ongoing Genocide
    I have been a Daily listener for almost a decade. It has always been my go-to source for in-depth coverage of world events. I am absolutely shocked and appalled at the way this podcast's journalistic integrity has failed as Israel continues to commit war crimes. It has barely been covered and when it is, it is never from the perspective of the people suffering in Gaza. I honestly don't know how anyone involved with this production is okay with this. What a disappointment and what a lack of care and compassion for the people of Palestine.
  • Azia12345
    Where is the episode about the massacre at Al Shifa hospital? How about the death of World Central Aid Workers killed? Are you seriously still trying to discuss 'hostages'?!
  • WB7591
    Hit and Miss
    I think the podcast as a whole has some value. It represents a certain set of viewpoints in the states right now. However, very hit and miss. Some of the reporting is blatantly biased. There have been a few sweeping generalizations made recently in episodes that went unchallenged (which I find both shocking and predictable). Overall, a clear representation of The NY Times. If you drink their brand of cool aid you’ll love it.
  • alexawp
    April 2nd School Ep
    I feel that an additional contributor to the issue with attendance is anxiety around gun issues and violence in our schools. That seems like something this program would have touched on. American parents have to make a choice every day when they decide to send their children to school.
  • RSE*T
    Publish Max Blumenthal. Fire Gettleman.
    Publish Max Blumenthal. Fire Gettleman and retract your false article which was simply Israel’s false propaganda from a very disgusting and sick society
  • Michael BaBoring
    Clear bias for Israel
    More one sided reporting on what was done to Israelis, and silence on the current genocide being enacted against Palestinians. I’ve been disappointed in the Daily since its coverup of the Ohio train disaster (NYT’s biggest investors, Black Rock and Vanguard, were responsible for it). The biased coverage of Israel-Palestine is the final straw. The AIPAC has the New York Times firmly in its tendrils, and it SHOWS.
  • Jennarad
    Daily listener no more
    I used to listen to almost every single episode religiously. But the podcast’s coverage of the situation in Gaza has damaged my trust in not only the podcast, but also the paper. There are some clear, shameless elements of propaganda in their coverage that have been just cringe to listen to. It’s changed my view of their coverage.
  • diab olino
    I’m so tired of this kind of journalism
    I am so tired of treating everybody the same. You should not treat an organizations that tries to destroy the country as normal political party.
  • City_windy
    Have unsubscribed
    The New York Times continues to be biased in its reporting on Gaza and favors Israel instead of doing honest work. A stain on the name of journalism. I will not be listening any longer.
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