Blood Ties

by Wondery
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Our family members are not always who we think. When Eleonore Richland exposed her father’s dark legacy, she vowed to clean up the family business – and hired her half-brother, Santino Reyes, to help her do it. But old habits die hard. In the shocking new third season, Eleonore reckons with what her father always taught her growing up: medicine is a bloody business. From Wondery, the makers of “The Shrink Next Door” and “Dr. Death,” Blood Ties stars Gillian Jacobs (Community, Love), Christian Navarro (13 Reasons Why), and Peter Stormare.

All episodes are available now. You can binge the series ad-free on Wondery+ or on Amazon Music with a Prime membership or Amazon Music Unlimited subscription.

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  • pprincess716
    I cannot believe how much I love this series. I’m so sad I flew through it so fast. I compare every other podcast to this and I’m just not satisfied. This is hands down the best podcast!
  • amycamjake
    Gillian Jacobs was great in the show, “Love,” so this was very disappointing. She sounds like she is reading the script to the point it is cringy at times. Major overacting. The actor who plays her brother is much more natural, but many of the other characters also seem as if they’re just reading. The best example I can give is the difference between watching a live court trial as opposed to listening to someone read the transcript in reenactment form. It’s just stiff.
  • the world is quiet here person
    I love it
    I love this podcast it is so hard to find a good fictional podcast and with such good actors. I hope they make a season 4.
  • MusicIsMeKiaa
    Great show has keep me involved since first season I am ready for more
  • presummer
    Enjoyed Season 1 but question Season 3
    I really liked Season 1, not so much Season 2. Just listened to first episode of Season 3. The story would be better, IMHO, if Eleanore was not so impulsive and rash. She never listens first and acts after she she has all the facts; its always she half-hears some news and then promptly acts rashly, srews things up and asks questions later. After 5 years of being the CEO of a publicly traded drug company, you would think she would be smarter and not so foolish and naive. The writers seem to think the listeners will keep falling for the lack of character development in Eleanore through all three seasons.
  • Conshy123
    Love this podcast. Need more like it.
    Good fiction podcasts are next to impossible to find. This one has it all and is phenomenal quality. Please keep making it!
  • Ellisonhughes
    Love this show!
    The casting, writing, production are phenomenal! I love shows like these. And to be honest, this level of quality is lacking in dramatic podcasts. MORE SEASONS, MORE SHOWS MORE EVERYTHING!!
  • Cece5063
    Love it!!
    Just finished Season 1 and This was soooo good!!
  • Drea2550
    Subscription What a joke
    I don’t like to be forced into buying anything . Cheap shot Wondery. No class. A lot of better podcasts to choose from . I’m out of here
  • JeanFromWash
    Very compelling story with great acting
    I bumped into the story by accident in season one and loved it. I recently binged season two and three, and can hardly wait for four!
  • SSingleton22
    Captivating !
    Just finished season one and can't wait to start season 2. The storyline kept me interested all day and helped pass the time on a long road trip. The actors were phenomenal and the music at the beginning of each episode really sets the tone and atmosphere. Definitely recommend!!
  • JellaNugget
    Love it
    Just finished season 3 and wow I love this series. So AMAZING!!! Will there be anymore???
  • RichyRich509
    This show doesn’t make feel good. It makes me feel……..GREAT! Hopefully there will be more!
  • vickyvicky
    Unlike any other poscast
    I was hooked from the first episode. I also love josh gadd! Super recommended!
  • freakazoid4807
    Good show but...
    So many ads all through every episode
  • What name is not taken??!!
    Ended with a blah
    Ending had no irony and completely predictable— surprisingly predictable, kept waiting for a twist. Disappointing based on the standards of other similar Wondery podcasts!
  • Katrina-2000
    The podcast to which others should be compared
    Just finished binging seasons one and two of this two-season podcast: an incredibly engrossing story told with care and the highest production standards. Be sure to START WITH SEASON ONE! Well worth my subscription to Wondery + for ad-free listening. This is hands down the best podcast channel in depth and breadth for true crime fans. Update: finished season 3. Oh my gosh! Great job all.
  • marcobound
    Love this show!
    Listen during my drive. Very entertaining! Only issue to me is Michael and Santiago’s voices are very similar.
  • idontknowY
    Great show except-
    Please write out Santiago’s wife/ all that family drama no one wants to hear! Otherwise flawless!
  • qui bear
    Season 3 fell off
    Seasons 1 and 2 were incredible. Season 3 completely lost me. Kept listening hoping it got back on track or through me for a loop, but it just kept getting worse. Highly recommend the first 2 seasons though!
  • elsuperfan
    Great Story
    I love this story. Really hoping for a season 4. I see a lot of reviews hating on season 3 but I thought it important and tackling a huge real life issue. Hope there is more to come.
  • erinkenderdine
    Great start - downward spiral
    First two seasons were great. Season 3 was so boring and the direction they took the story in was super boring and depressing. I wish I didn’t bother with the first episode of the season.
    In love !
    I love this story so much ! Well written and acted out! Excited to hit the road with my husband and binge out ! Thank YOU so much for great writing!
  • nashlaw
    Short episodes
    I wanted to give a 5, but the episodes make me crazy because they are so short. Fun and engaging podcast, just wish each episode lasted longer.
  • gjklhdss
    Strange days
    I can write a review because there’s no nicknames left and that’s hard to believe. This is last time I’m going to try this. I’ve listened to most of wonder’s podcasts and I’ve enjoyed them a great deal and they where free to hear. Why is strange days not free ? Just wondering! Thanks, Deanna
  • fmtiggie67
    Season’s 1 & 2! Great Thriller! || Season 3: PROBLEMS!!
    The BIG DOWNER of the Season 2 podcast IS that IT TOOK TOO LONG TO COME TO MARKET! Nevertheless I HAD to give it 5 ⭐️’s for Season 2 bcuz it was such fabulous noir in an ’olde tyme’ radio play, but of course, in our super modern single-cast broadly distributed podcasts. The Acting is great—5! The Directing is well done.—5! The Editing is smooth & clean—5! Finally, there’re ONLY 2 things NOT TO MY TASTE that I’d strike were I the Director, & had time enough to do something different … But often you simply don’t have the time. The 1st thing is the amount of exposition of the story between “winter & summer” is shoe-horned into the episodes to make up for the lack of a ‘Spring’ season. 2ndly are the voices of a couple of the main characters. Season 3: The episodes were too short!!! You could have just about put all of them tgethr into 1 episode but that would have made it crystal clear how obviously too short the episodes were.
  • AgiChk
    Thank goodness for the free 7 day trial
    I was so eager to listen to the last season of Blood Ties. We’ll just say they jumped the shark.
  • mitzi4vols
    Started strong; ended weak
    Started really strong but went off the rails - especially in Season 3.
  • I tried to Use
    Don’t Waste Your Time
    Listened to all 3 seasons. First season was the best. Every episode got worse. Acting fine, but the story line was predictable and, in the end, boring. I listened by signing up for the 7 day trial and canceled as soon as I finished. “Ad Free” means that the only ads are for Wondery! Each 25 minute segment has, at most, 20 minutes of content, making the whole series pretty tedious to listen to. You might be wondering why I continued to listen…. well, I think I was stubborn about finishing and I was listening while gardening so I was accomplishing something! Do not be like me - find a better story!
  • marzard1
    Release season 3 for FREE
    I liked this show, but not enough to sign up and pay for yet another digital-based subscription. It’s sad because a good podcast/story has lost A LOT of listenership over this decision.
  • pleifb
    When will it be for free ?
    When will it be for free
  • McSchwarkie
    That I was able to listen to the first few seasons free of charge, and now charging for the latest season is pretty sad. Moving on as there are plenty of other good podcasts out there that I don’t have to pay:
  • manufancincy
    Miss Season 3
    I am mad and not going to pay to listen to season 3. I want to listen to it.
  • Edzgal
    Just like a lot of other people, I think it’s ridiculous to attempt to force us into a subscription to Wondery. There are plenty of other amazing podcasts out there. Hopefully I can finish this one with my free 7 day subscription.
  • mmmred19
    Ad Nauseum
    I could handle the ads. But I am tired of this world of digital baited subscriptions. Too bad, this show was good.
  • Jade07
    WHERE IS SEASON 3??????
    I can’t find it! 😩
  • Scotty Baby 929
    Big Disappointment!
    Presenting content as if it were true and then finding out that this is totally fictional is a huge disappointment. Additionally, the acting was poor and the fictional characters were not too well written. Wondery should stick to history, which it has done exceptional work with. For example, 1865.
  • johnDeere 83
    Season 4?
    I binge listened to this in a weeks time and I need more! Can we expect a season 4 maybe father isnt dead and comes back to guide the way for future projects?
  • Mental Mom
    Wish I Could Rate 3.5 Stars
    The story line is good and I am enjoying it. However, between the intro and the outro there are about 10 minutes to the episodes. Maybe 15. Why not do good, meaty, hour long episodes, instead of spreading it out like this? If I didn’t have Wondery+, there’s no way I’d listen, even though the story is good.
  • altitudemama
    Bait and Switch
    Enjoyed this podcast but was put off by the “now it’s free; now it’s not” approach. Not into the bait and switch, so I deleted.
  • la esperanza
    I liked this series a lot but after the first season you have to pay and the amount was big.
  • Blehhhfdsss
    Season 3 is so bad.
    This season doesn’t even feel like the same podcast. The writing is so bad. Eleanor isn’t even close to being the same character. The story makes no sense. I’m so mad I spent $5 just to listen to it early.
  • S3 E2 download
    Won’t download
    Season 3 episode 2 Great show but this episode won’t download
  • hotyankees
    So bad
    So very very bad.
  • knowledgeaholic
    As a paid subscriber and a listener to most Wondery podcasts this season does not impress. Poorly written and full of obscenities ( especially the F bomb) it was very disappointing. Btw the obscenities in no way added to the story and we’re completely unnecessary, which begs the question as to why they would include them? Let’s hope this is not a new trend.
  • Nurse Natasha
    Didn’t enjoy it enough to pay
    I listen to the first episode and enjoyed it, and then I realized everything after season one you have to pay for. Can’t say I liked it enough that I’d be willing to pay for it, so I stopped there.
  • XtaCat
    Started it, but doubt I will finish it
    Too many ads, episodes too short and Season 2 should not be subscription only still.
  • TarotNewby
    So Boring
    I forgot that I'd tried listening to this podcast before. It was still terrible the second time around. The pace is too slow, and the protagonists are unlikeable, whiny, and dull. Every detail feels left on a cliffhanger. Get to the point already!
  • rocking69sims
    Really a subscription
    This was a great podcast, then you have to subscribe to get anything after season 1. 🙄
  • Redick308
    I can see paying for a subscription to hear something early. But not for a podcast. What a joke
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