Blood Ties

by Wondery
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Our family members are not always who we think. When Eleonore and Michael Richland (played by Gillian Jacobs and Josh Gad) lose their parents unexpectedly in a small plane crash, they must choose between two very different paths: honor their father’s legacy as a world-renowned cardiologist -- or risk everything for the truth. The first season of a new six episode fictional drama from Wondery, the makers of “Dirty John,” “Dr. Death,” and “Over My Dead Body.” Starring Gillian Jacobs (Community, Love), Josh Gad (Frozen, Book of Mormon), and Amy Landecker (Transparent).

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  • crime cara
    I’m lovin’ it !
    Great podcast. Is it a true story? Easier to listen to than just the regular storytelling podcasts. Love Josh Gad’s voice !
  • Laurie252
    Short and Blah
    I loved the idea of this story, but it just lacked any depth or detail. It’s only 6 episodes and I’m pretty sure each episode is less than 30 minutes, including a few commercials, an opening song, and credits. Disappointing in comparison to similar podcast.
  • Michelle Burlingame
    Cool story
    I’m so bummed that they accidentally released the “behind the scenes” episode before releasing the finale and spoiled the whole ending of the season for me! Cool story, wish it was ongoing or had a longer season.
  • midnight1313543
    The Best Podcasts!
    Just started listening to Blood Ties. It is compelling. I love it! I also love Wondery and Lyndsay Graham. He is simply the best storyteller ever! I listen to a lot of podcasts. If the voice is not right for my ears, I delete it! Lyndsay has a true gift!
  • StephanieMarie527
    Ah I mean good but not great
    Listen I did binge these, it is a good story. However I have such high standards for wondery and I saw so much of this story coming. I give it 4 instead of 3 because the production makes it flow so well you’ll listen back to back to back. And I do like all the Voice actors
  • Ph4591
    Feels like I missed something - only half a season?
    I just finished episode 6. This podcast has short episodes and Im not sure why it ended here. Also, it feels like there are missing episodes i.e. it’s only half a season compared with other podcasts. Overall the story is good, but it would have been better to delay the launch to allow time to develop more episodes
  • EliVicCor
    Really good!
    Hurry up season 2!!!! This was my first crime post cast and I’m hooked.! I can’t wait for season 2 to come out!
  • Who knows 2345
    Fun but too short
    Love the podcast but the episodes are too short considering there are commercials, there were only six episodes, and they are released every other week. I guess that’s what you get w a highly commercialized podcast.
  • Lindseymmurphy
    Great take on a scripted true crime podcast
    Really awesome and different take on true crime podcasts. This was my first scripted podcast and boy was I glad I found it! I really loved and it made it a little easier for me to follow. Now I’m mad I have to wait for the second season! I plowed through the first season in a day!
  • Shenny156
    Blood Ties just ate the lunch of all the other podcasts
    Why can’t all podcast dramas be this good??
  • Ttheta
    Great Cast
    I really enjoyed this podcast—the actors are all so talented. I also appreciate Gillian Jacobs character and her determination to stick to her moral truth. Looking forward to season 2
  • OfficialMartini
    Patiently Waiting
    I’m hooked! Bring on the next season please!
  • CowboyWNY
    Painful, trite, sophomoric
    Listeners beware: this is not a true crime story. It’s also not a well scripted or well portrayed story. It’s agony. Save yourself the trouble. Move on to the next podcast about plucking your eyes out with hot spoons. That will be less painful than this. Womp womp.
  • ShinyStar2356
    Hard pass
    Started getting pretty predictable
  • Yolandenni
    Too short, didn't grab me.
    I think it would have been better for me to binge this in one sitting rather than wait week to week. The episodes were too short and too much time between episodes to really get me hooked into the story. I didn't really care by the last two episodes because the momentum wore off. Bummer. I'll binge next time... Or they should just release an episode a day or every other day for season two that would be much better!
  • UOPXgirl
    More please!!
    Oh my goodness, such a great Podcast!!! Please bring another season!!!
  • shannonraeinski
    Need. More.
    Well, I listened to the entire 6 episodes in a 36 hour time frame. Highly recommend waiting until at least two seasons are out just so you don’t have to go through the torture of waiting for more! 😂 Well written; keeps you speculating.
  • Danube G
    Please don’t fall victim to lazy storytelling
    This story ropes me in so early on. The perspective of the daughter is unique and powerful as a protagonist in this situation—a truly gifted guide to the audience as far as leading us through the scenario and drama attached. I was excited with each and every new dilemma and problem arising, looking forward to new and creative ways and means of problem solving to forward the plot. And while I may not understand the production timeline for this program, the convenient and unexpected arrival of previously unheard-of “insurance policy” proof at the end of the show undermined the entire production in my opinion. Lazy storytelling comes to mind in a story I thought was going so well. All it took was the nurse to casually mention an “insurance policy” or something in a previous episode and it all goes by so much smoother. This casual solution completely robbed the season cliffhanger of the father’s mysterious phone call of all excitement as it had just so easily smoothed over and solved most perceived problems in the show. Love the content, just maybe wish there was some more concise story planning involved.
  • VietnaMinja
    Gillian Jacob is the perfect choice
    I can’t hear her voice without picturing her character Britta Perry, which is perfect for this podcast. No one captures “needlessly defiant” like Gillian 😂
  • ShopownerAK79
    This podcast kept me on the edge of my seat! I listen to a lot of podcasts and this one captured me within the first 30 seconds and I couldn’t get enough! Can’t wait for season two!!
  • Lknapik17
    Very annoying and disappointing podcast
    The show art looks like it’s going to be a horror series only for it to be a totally unbelievable and boring show. The first episode was good but nothing happened the last 5. The entire show was a guy dying and his kids finding out he had a few affairs and his daughter being unbelievably adamant to throw her dad under the bus for a clear conscience. Waiting a whole week just to hear 20 minutes about a flight to Mexico and 3 ad breaks?! Good luck with season 2
  • momcamper1
    Blood ties
    Actors are hockey! All sounds staged - you can do better,
  • Jomomister
    It’s ok
    It’s very professional and well-produced with solid performances but the storyline is mediocre. I listened to the whole season in one sitting but wasn’t overly impressed so won’t be holding my breath for season two.
  • Photolove71
    Love the story!
    Love, love, love the story. Hate waiting for more. Either need more episodes or more stories like this that I can listen to while I wait. Great job all!!
  • HisShawty79
    I...NEED....MORE!!! Love this podcast! 😡 at the fact I have to wait 6 months for the next season...ugh
  • walking my dog and listening
    Despite the narrator’s quote in ep 7 “we want you to obsessively listen to this podcast” it’s impossible due to the painfully slow release of content and episodes. I’ve already forgotten what happened last week, and hardly care what’s to come in season two to be out “later this year” cmon, this model of weekly release is for boring TV from the 90s. Times have changed and people want to hear/watch episodes in entirety. I will unsubscribe bcs too many other good podcasts to listen to NOW.
  • let me use this
    Huge waste of time
    Unfortunately the great voice work is limited to the narrator and commercials. Everything else sounds like they recorded the table read. The Christmas music is unnecessary especially since they held the overly predictable finale until late January. Also the clumsy attempts to be inclusive come off as slightly racist!
  • Jutghjjmn
    20 minutes once a week
    Dumb show that is 20 minutes long and has 6 episodes that they released once a week.
  • Matt the bomber
    Predictable but.....
    Entertaining. You see the end of season 1 coming in episode 2 but it’s still worth the listen.
  • 03gusgus03
    Great story!! Can’t wait for season 2
  • PamTNC
    Weak story, good acting
    Forced myself to listen to last episode... really lame.
  • Rregn
    Addictive and intriguing
    I’m only beginning episode 3 and I’m completely hooked. The audio and music and dialogue set up paint a really good mental landscape. Really looking forward to digging deeper into this mystery. *update- wish the episodes were longer and still really looking forward to season 2!
  • Amy92086
    Short episodes, short “season” with commercials
  • Sellinpeoria
    Caught me and kept me
    Great first season Can't wait to hear what happens next. Welcome back Radio Dramas you have been missed.
  • Not the sweater
    The series did get my attention but I never listen until all episodes are available. I hate waiting for a week for 1 episode.
  • Pwbnyc
    Not sure why this gets such high scores
    I called the end twist about 3 minutes into episode 1.... a little cliche on the political slant.... still enjoyable.
  • Ari Ya
    Welcome back Old Time Radio
    While I wasn’t bowled over by the story (it started out strong enough), I am so happy to have quality radio dramas coming back into the arena. It reminds me of childhood listening to The Whistler. Hoping for more!
  • mmchap
    Typical Anti-Male Drivel
    Very predictable, poorly written, and inconceivable. Acting was bad too. People don’t go on murder mysteries when their parents die in a plane crash! Very obvious the dad was still alive. This podcast is a dud.
  • TaraOE
    I somehow made it through every episode, even though I was so annoyed with Eleanor and some of the improbable parts of the story. I would’ve quit listening had the episodes been any longer - they are very short, considering the long advertisements. I won’t be listening to the second season.
  • Jack Bacata
    Ads ruin an otherwise wonderful podcast
    While the story is well-written, compelling, and fascinating, the frequency of interruptions for paid advertisements is too disruptive. I’ve never listened to a podcast with so many cuts for ads. Very disappointing.
  • Tetzen
    Eleanor’s vocabulary consists 20% of the words “what, where, who, and why.” She’s in a perpetual state of ignorance punctuated by the dual volumes of melodramatic shouting and quiet boring discussion. The brother is no better and lacks any deep character traits of interest. May revise this review at the end of the show if I feel otherwise.
  • #limittheads
    Great production but boring storyline.
  • Aettymonster
    Actors Paid Too Much = short show
    This could of been a fantastic show. We all know podcasts don’t have a lot of $ and nowhere near film studios. So I’m assuming the 2 main actors obviously felt like they will give what they are given. But they are missing the potential of a podcast and not thinking about the people that may look up to them. When you look at it this way you begin to see greed in a whole new way.
  • mizkenna
  • Theodota
    Revolting, but an absolutely intriguing truth-is-stranger-than-fiction story
  • Mewysol
    Blond Ties
    It’s engaging; loved the little commentary of 80’s music in the Caribbean and Mexico. Too predictable and Eleanor was too dramatic against everyone else’s calmness.
  • Sir dub1979
    Decent acting/ dumb story
    Not sure the point of this. Each episode was 15 mins after you subtract all the commercials. The story was so predictable and pointless.
  • Grateful2bgracefilled
    Blood Ties
    The storyline for Blood Ties is exciting, delving into family secrets. Enjoyed the first season and expecting more intrigue in season two.
  • BethanyPA
    I sure hope you’re writing more! I’m hooked!
  • FensterC
    I love this podcast! More Please!
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