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Keep it casual with the Casual Inference podcast. Your hosts Lucy D'Agostino McGowan and Ellie Murray talk all things epidemiology, statistics, data science, causal inference, and public health. Sponsored by the American Journal of Epidemiology.

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  • NickiMina
    Great conceptually but vocal fry undermines experience as a listener
    Highly interested in the episodes and guests but unfortunately find it grating to listen to. Many people do not have natural speaking voices that are well suited for podcasts or radio (myself included). That said, news anchors are a prime example of our ability to improve our speaking voices. The hosts are clearly bright and have great energy, but could benefit from investing in vocal training in the interest of expanding their audience.
  • breggurns
    Excellent podcast!
    I would highly recommend this podcast to anyone interested in Epi/Biostats! Excellent job, this is quickly becoming one of my favorite listens while driving to work!
  • Pete Amer
    Great podcast
    This is a really fun and informative podcast on causal inference and data science. The hosts both are great at communicating topics in research design and stats to semi-laypeople like myself. My only critique is that the audio is pretty quiet, i hope the mic setup can improve.
  • Dylan_Pete
    Great Podcast!
    I love this podcast. Lucy and Ellie help me find joy in learning causal inference and enjoy their sense of humor!
  • Crnichols423
    A must-listen!
    I love this podcast. It’s helped me tremendously throughout my first two years of my PhD program, leading up to my comprehensive exams. I find the way Ellie and Lucy explain things to be so clear and memorable. I’ve listened to some other epi/stats podcasts, but always prefer this one! Thank you Ellie and Lucy!
  • havyn:)
    This is so good!!!! I am 14 and really enjoy math and science I have always tried to ask my teachers to teach me but I never understand this is epic
  • The Happy Barista
    Data Science & Causal Inference
    Causal Inference is a topic that is way underrepresented in data science content for how important it is. This podcast is epidemiology-focused, but data science practitioners will find it fun and insightful as well. The hosts are very sweet and fun. So glad this show is back!
  • CuriosityUnbound
    Episodes are too long by 2 inexperienced hosts
    This podcast has potential but the 2 hosts are just annoying and the episodes too long. Every once in a while the show is punctuated by the shrill laughter from a host. They may be having fun but not the listeners. On a podcast you want to make every word count.
  • Sherman Dorn
    Friendly and highly informative
    Variety show about causal inference? Pretty close! Interviews, news, occasional teaching segments, Q&A, and only missing the musical numbers. More seriously, the hosts are ecumenical abut the different disciplinary approaches to inference, keep things relatively nontechnical, and fun.
  • izzyka
    Love this show!
    The hosts are very smart, know a lot about epidemiology, biostatistics, and causal inference, and have a lot of fun! They have very good guests on. Extra props for the focus on “keeping it casual”
  • JosephWesley
    Fun, insightful and highly engaging conversations with field experts.
    This is a great podcast for people new to causal inference as well as those helping to advance the methods. It’s ‘casual’ and guests are buzzed if they introduce words or concepts that need definition. The hosts interview leaders in the field and the conversations are always fun and insightful. Podcasting at its best.
  • Shooter6789
    Cooler than cool
    This podcast is a treasure. The hosts are amazing, the guests are insightful, and the topics are always interesting.
  • O melhor ouvinte
    Excelent podcast
    For all the people that work in the epidemiology field these are super interesting conversation
  • xapata83
    This is an absolutely fantastic podcast by experts in the field, featuring great guests who are also pioneers in the field. It’s a great “casual” introduction to a lot of important statistical techniques.
  • NotKG
    Approachable and informative
    Love the podcast. It wonderful that references to articles are provided. That is so helpful.
  • foobar_stats
    3 things..
    1. Great intro music. 2. Great name and logo. 3. I like that they keep it light! It actually feels like a conversation at a bar...about stats! I love listening to this on my walk to work. Keep em coming!
  • Doc_Claire
    Everyone working in epidemiology, biostatistics, or data science should be listening to this podcast. The hosts address state of the art methods in a lighthearted and approachable manner. Kudos to the American Journal of Epidemiology for sponsoring this great content.
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