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On the RP Podcast, Nick and Lori discuss various nutrition and training related topics with both the super accomplished members of RP’s 1:1 coaching team as well as with RP’s amazing athletes, across various sports!

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  • Eliz Ann 12
    More Dr. Mike
    Please bring Dr. Mike on consistently... Not to discredit anyone, but I’ll tune into EVERY episode with Dr. Mike. Thanks! 😊
  • El Lercho
    An awesome companion for RP Clients
    Nick & Lori gather amazing guests and coaches to bring valuable, useable information to anyone working on fitness and health goals.
  • a_mose15
    So much good information!
    When it’s Monday at 9am and you don’t see the new RP Strength podcast in your feed yet 😭 I love every episode; each is packed with such good information and motivation to help anyone reach any health and fitness goal. Thanks, guys!
  • A fried moose
    Knowledge is power!
    there is so much awesome info here!! thank you for putting it all out there. I am looking forward to hearing all that you have to say!
  • Ryleigh21
    Content is Fantastic!!
    I LOVE every episode I’ve listened to so far. Incredibly informative and full of information for someone on a fitness journey. They touch on so many relative topics and the one I just listened to about maintenance really hit the nail on the head. Thank you!!
  • Julio O A
    A great complement to everything else RP provides
    The podcast is a great complement to both the RP Diet App. Nick and Lori do a wonderful job of walking you through the ups-and-downs of dieting using the app as well. Also, unlike other podcasts they don’t try to sell you all their other RP products all the time.
  • EmKoCo
    Nutrition Coaches in your pocket!
    I love this podcast and it’s helped me navigate my nutrition through fat loss cuts and maintenance. They give useful tips for losing, maintaining, and adding weight in a healthy way. It is the perfect addition to using the RP diet app! The podcast and app are game changers!
  • stephars541
    My favorite podcast
    Lori and Nick rock! Always giving us the real talk! Love Dr. Mike.
  • Granite 1994
    Super dieters
    Great pod cast Dr Mike is the man. I always look forward to listening to his no nonsense training and nutrition. Thank you again RP !!
  • Andrabewak
    Pop > soda
    The episode where nick says he says pop not soda gained even more cool points. & as always dr. Mike is HILARIOUS. I love this podcast and look so excited to listening.
  • Kalirally
    Approaching fitness realistically
    They’re offering practical tips and advice to simplify your fitness journey - systems to incorporate and what to realistically expect.
  • SalPal01
    Good information
    The episodes with Dr. Mike are the best, and highly informative! I like the episodes that feel like I’m listening in on a health or science college class. Thanks Dr. Mike for that! Sometimes I feel like Nick and Lori spend too much time complaining about RP clients who don’t understand/aren’t willing to go through the diet. It seems like their outlet to complain about annoying commenters in the Facebook group, and it gets repetitive. Stop complaining about bad customers, when the ones listening to the podcast are the good customers. You’re preaching to the choir! Otherwise, great podcast that keeps teaching me new things about nutrition!
  • JayDubb76
    Great information but a lot of talk about their app
    All of the coaches at Renaissance Periodization are incredibly well educated and knowledgeable, and they generously share much of that knowledge for free on podcasts and YouTube videos. They are also very passionate about the products and services they offer (especially their app) and talk about them at every possible opportunity. At times the podcast just sounds like an hour long advertisement for the RP app or whatever coach they are featuring that week. If you can get past all of that, there is a lot of great information.
  • Heather Whimsical
    R.P. Podcasts - Love it !!
    Listening to these Podcasts is educational and most of all makes you feel connected to the entire RP Family. Content is relatable, clear and concise, summed up well and easy to understand. I’m excited about these Podcasts.
  • lizzored87
    Painful but worth it most of the time
    The dullness and awkwardness can be painful to the point where I have to stop and restart multiple times an episode, but I almost always finish listening bc the content is worth it and so fact-based.
  • Garm666
    Killer podcast!
    This podcast covers all the info you need to succeed with your fat loss, size or performance goals.
  • David Steamer
    Stop pairing male and female advice!
    It is time for Nick and Lori to split up and either make separate episodes or whole new podcasts the mixture gets annoying, repetitive, and long!
  • De La Soul is from the Soul
    Good content. More Dr. Mike!! :-)
  • awwhite137
    King of Podcasts for Physique Management
    If you want real information about how fat loss and muscle gain really work, this is your podcast. I also SUPER appreciate how structured and on-topic they keep their episodes. Lori is awesome at keeping the boys on task 🤣 I love the conversation demeanor, the nuance, and the personalities. Dr. Mike is absolutely hilarious. I can’t recommend this enough if you’re interest in physique management.
  • vma_nyc
    Gold star!
    This podcast is gold, like everything Lori and Nick and the RP crew puts out. Thanks guys!!
    Good but not focused enough; too much rambling
    Super informative but Nick rambles something awful with commentary and personal asides. I wish he’d let Lori get in a word edgewise. She gets to the point. The cutting episode was more lecturing than actual instruction. I mean sure, a little lecture but Jesus.
  • Melissa Kacos
    Informative, funny, real
    The RP podcast is extremely informative, the hosts and guests bring both knowledge and humor to the episodes, they have some pretty awesome guests, and they have specific q&a episodes collected from their listeners. Its also an easy listen for the “non-scientist” to learn from! Love it. Thank you Nick and Lori!!!
  • babajajaa
    Review number 120 woohoooo!
    Excellent content and great knowledgeable hosts and guests! Can’t wait to binge listen @Titanfuelsupplements
  • Andy94618
    Great info and perspective
    I’ve been listening to episodes while I warm-up for my workout and it has been a great way to maintain perspective on nutrition while I’m 52/84 days into a cut using the RP Diet App.
  • Behnke6837
    The best
    The Shaw’s are the best and Dr Mike is the greatest. This podcast and company are great. They offer the simplest and knowledgeable nutrition and fitness advice around.
  • js2328
    This is No BS nutrition
    Love it! It’s just straight, non-sexy nutrition science. If you’re so tired of trying to wade through all the gimicky crap out there, just start here. And I can say from experience that the RP lifestyle (yes, this is life long, people) works. Nick and Lori are great, and of course we all love when Dr. Mike shows up! The more info the better, in my opinion. Thanks guys! Keep it up!!
  • Yribe06
    Love it!
    I really enjoy this podcast! Good information and it’s like hanging with the cool kids for an hour or so!! 😊
  • DebDz0
    Helps so much on my RP journey!
    I’m so happy I found this podcast! I started RP by just jumping in because a couple of my friends have had such great success. I started using the app on February 4th and I felt overwhelmed, confused and frustrated but decided to still give it an honest go. A couple weeks in I found the podcast and it has made all the difference! It provides so much clarity and really helps me understand the best way to use the app and approach the diet. Thank you for making my RP journey easier and more enjoyable!!
  • 4everfat
    Dr. Mike Fan!!
    Listen to all his podcast and he is hilarious and very informative at the same time
  • FunctionallyfitFrank
    Awesome Content
    I love that Nick and Lori ventured into the podcast world. I wish they put them out more often. Only critique is the sound quality when Nick is talking, sometimes sounds distorted. But other than that there content is always awesome and guests are great. Love hearing from the people that put all the programs, templates and the app together.
  • OneDaySwole
    I love Mike and the rest of the RP
  • Dr. Mads
    Stick To What You Know
    The comments made regarding antibiotics and impact on gut health... giving your kids antibiotics for “cold and flu season” should be your bigger concern. Those are viruses that antibiotics do not treat. That’s why the first 1-3 rounds aren’t working. Because it’s a virus. It’s also contributing to antibiotics not working anymore, called resistance. Antibiotics aren’t “stronger” than other antibiotics either. They are broader and cover more bugs. And the broader the more GI upset because it’s wipes out your gut microbiome. Unnecessary antibiotics just cause side effects and resistance.
  • Goals 2020
    Very informative podcast
    I enjoy to hear RP podcast. I learn a new thing on each episode and it keeps me motivated to continue with my fitness goals.
  • actionpreston
    Info brazy
    Best podcast on nutrition. Helping sift through a lot info available both academically and on the internet. Mike Israetel needs to do stand up comedy.
  • Link23
    No BS info!
    Been listening and loving the podcast. Especially the latest myth busting one. I laughed a few times and really enjoyed Dr Mike’s frankness.
  • DeeMontyAz
    Too much Jujitsu talk
    There is some nuggets of good information, but there are too many tangents making the podcast way longer than it needs to be.
  • Kotch360
    Love it.
    Not only is this helpful on a personal level but extremely helpful as a coach. Keep up the great work RP
  • MzMeatMuffin
    Great content!
    A great source of info to compliment the RP program! Covering topics like motivation and the mental aspects of dieting.
  • tonymizzi00000000
    Love RP
    Love RP, thanks for doing the podcast!
  • Southerngirl12345
    Fantastic podcast!
    Can’t wait for more episodes!
  • cherbear💪🏻🏋️‍♀️
    Great podcast!!
    Love it, keep them coming!
  • KBHellberg
    Excellent supplement to the body of RP
    This podcast provides excellent information that supplements the RP Diet! For those who want to learn about a healthier lifestyle and the proper way to eat, train, and live, this podcast provides an excellent source of information that helps you continuously learn and debunk social myths on diets & health!
  • Noelle age8
    1st episode was an hour of app promotion
  • Boytre123456
    About time
    Loving their app. Good information to make the best gains.
  • jayboknows
    RP is legit
    Looking forward to this!
  • Blue_7187
    Love RP
    This is much needed.
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