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SGT Report’s new podcast titled ”The Propaganda Antidote”. Providing exclusive interviews and the very latest breaking REAL news & information from the world’s most trusted alternative media sources, SGT Report is your daily source for truth in a time of universal deceit.

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  • Im in peace
    Your Amazing Shawn
    Cutting edge, deep state exposing fact based news. Thank you for all you do ! God Bless you my friend!
  • Apanda76
    Broken link
    Our amazing grace link is broken. Just want y’all to know. Thank you for your work. God bless
  • gathsss
    Your arrogance is blinding
    I’m not sure if it’s a very specific old world Christian views or it’s just that you’ve been doing this podcast so long that you truly think you’re right about everything but your arrogance is overwhelming. I must say I agree with a lot of what you say but your view that you and your guests are enlightened and smarter and better than the general public is a very ignorant and counterproductive way of looking at the world.
  • Evrowbri 951
    Good content, too much of the host
    I really like the content and the guests, but the host, Sean talks way too much, and he voices the same rants every. single. day. He also likes to come up with insulting play-on-words nicknames that he thinks make him sound very clever, but it’s immature, and he really overuses them. Also, I feel like he often stokes the flames of the left-right paradigm. Instead of being so focused on “demorats” and republicans, I think he should focus more on the immoral vs moral, unjust vs just.
  • sweetheart gram
    Thank you for your program. I just found it on the podcast listening. Your program is OUTSTANDING! I’m glad I found you! Keep up the great work in informing the public!
  • lammbo_2
    Follow or be lost
    Sean at SGT Report is what every journalist should aspire to be. He digs constantly for the truth and then elegantly delivers it to his audience. His interviews are always top notch and over the years he has managed to change my world view 180 degrees! If you aren't following SGT Report you are going to be lost misinformed or uninformed. Keep up the amazing work Sean!
  • doc lock
    Trump won
  • BJohnson65
    Horrible but Necessary!
    I wasn’t aware it was this bad. I knew it was bad, just not this bad! My wife and I had COVID-19 (Omicron) in January 2021. I got better, she got blood clots, and was hospitalized. I thank God for the “conspiracy theory” podcasts for giving us understanding. Remdesivir was heavily pushed, starting in the ER, and mentioned daily, after that, until she was discharged two weeks later. The Pulmonologists actually seemed disappointed that she got better so fast! What’s up with that? Thank you for mentioning Hydrogel, I’ve never heard of it, but I already know I don’t want it! Time to investigate!
  • Yoda Nasrudiyn
    Wake Up
    Trump is still pushing the jab, just bragged he got a booster. Not A Dem vs Rep issue. There are none so blind who will not see…please quit confusing your listeners with your cognitive dissonance!?
  • awake to the truth
    This is a great podcast, but Biblical scripture is constantly taken out if context. For instance, Sean says the Bible tells us that God will not give us more than we can handle. The Bible does not say that. Please learn what your Bible says so that you won’t be misled by people who tell you something is in God’s Word, but it is not. There’s also a lot of misinformation with “end times” interpretation too. So many have assumed that Revelation is in our future. That was in John’s future, not ours. It was prophecy for the Fall of Jerusalem which happened in AD 70. It’s all over and done! The Olivet Discourse has already happened too. Could we now be in Rev 20 where Satan has been loosed to deceive the nations? Quite possibly so. Seems very plausible. Please learn what your Bible actually says. And Tivon says the world is a big ball, it’s a big sphere. There are over 300 verses in the Bible that go against that Copernicus lie. Take a look for yourself at what God says about the shape of this earth. Every single “picture” from space has been computer generated. They are not real photos. Sean, you’ve got to stop disseminating these lies. You are doing such a great job with all of the other lies and deception, please be responsible in this area as well. May God bless you and your efforts.
  • Raemi95
    The long haul
    Been listening to you for years SGT… tonight was the best with Marty Leeds! Best one yet!!! Keep bringing him back! Keep up the amazing work you’re doing… Chill on the cripto… too much but omg… Crrow 777 episode 364!!! I could listen to Crrow all day… you two knocked it off the plane with this one! xo
  • Review Goorew
    One of my favorite podcasts
    I find the information presented to be both relevant and compelling. Following the flow of the corporate media narrative will keep one ignorant and endangered. This podcast presents some important guests to an audience that is enlightened and educated.
  • midrashportzcova
    Not for Sale
    The truth is not for sale! Best comment I have heard in ages!
  • OnlyinIdaho
    Thank you
    The episode with Dr KL is amazing Sean, thank you for all the great topics you cover. I have really appreciated your voice in these trying times!
  • cheapazz
    What’s a anyisemite?
    Problem with the woke crowd is they’re products of the “public edumication” system. They don’t know what they’re talking about, probably can’t even spell what they’re talking about, but they still yap about it ad nauseam. To them, everything is racist, police, cars, dogs, pancake syrup……
  • RWS2250
    Bring on your show a racist anyisemite?
  • Ejpatch81$
    Great listen!
    Awesome guests, great conversations. New information and new ideas presented in actionable ways. If find Sean to be authentic and genuinely concerned and committed to finding the truth and teaching the listeners and learning together, all the political, legal, philosophical and spiritual questions we all face daily. Thanks SGT!!
  • Hosh187
    Love your knowledge
    Apple podcast seems to hate your knowledge they always make it so hard to listen, have you ever thought to going to rokfin. Love what ur doing keep it up my friend!
  • sheepDog part Wolf
    Useful information
    I’ve listened to your show for years, I generally enjoy your information but wish you would point out that Trump is just as guilty as Fauci. Trump is all to proud to point out that HE got us this shot, that HE forced bipassing testing. That HE financially weaponized both republican and Democrat governors as well as corporate USA to push lock downs and vilifying the un vaxed through his (Trumps) C.A.R.E.S act. As well as pushing medical murder and medical kidnapping by hospitals by federal funds received for pushing ventilators and avoidable situations of death falsely accredited to COVID. Biden is a dictator while Trump is a charlatan
  • Mocha tornado
    Jew hater?
    I appreciate your show, but somewhere there is a strong antisemetic thread in your heart. You hate Zionism, the rothschilds, the Musad , George Soros who does not even consider himself Jewish but you constantly call him that without being an antisemite. What part of I will bless those that bless thee and curse those that curse thee that you hate? Wondering if you hate the Jews for killing the Good Lord Jesus as well?
  • 40kall
    My favorite show by far!
    Thank you, I have learned so much from you and the show! Things I never even thought about I can now see. I live 40 minutes NE of Seattle and almost all people outside of the I5 corridor do not agree with what is happening at all. THANK YOU .
  • AZ Horse Gal
    Owen Benjamin interview WOW!
    Great interview, excellent workable solutions for living free! Funny guy too. Really enjoyed it!
  • mrepatriot
    Thank you
    I deeply appreciate your efforts to inculcate the world Keep up the great work
  • jimbo99xx
    Support this program!
    I had the consultation with American Frontline Doctors two weeks ago and am still waiting for my Ivermectin. Glad it wasn’t a life or death situation.
  • Fckbanks
    You’re new microphone is garbage! Good pod but seriously get a new one
  • UltimateHomer
    Essential show
    Always excellent.
  • Behobo
    Great content
    Good show with good guests. My only complaint is Sean use the phrase “circle back” and it causes me to vomit.
  • J.U.I.C.E.
    Fear mongering at its best
    Lies. Lies. Lies.
  • Stop Kiryas Joel
    War on USA
    Great show! Great guests too! FYI Public Health of England reported over 75% of delta deaths were among vaxxed, July tech report 18, current report pg. 17 at bottom. That’s up I think 10% over last week. God bless you and yours!
  • ThexxxGuyxx
    Trump was never on Parler ever…… They had a page for him but he never went to Parler period
  • Pewsquirrel
    Love this channel
    Been listening for years! Here is real news! Just want to thank you for your work and sacrifice for We the patriots! Nothing can stop it nothing! SIT BACK AND ENJOY THE SHOW PATRIOTS 🍿🍿 WWG1WGA 🇺🇸
  • blubberlips
    Ep 76
    Max Igan explained so much, so wonderfully and in easy to understand language! Thank you for the great program! BMW Ep 90 I'm sure Jesus didn't POLITELY ask the money changers in the Temple to leave!!! HE THREW THEM OUT! And I have a feeling he used some salty language too!
  • parker-1
    You people are crazy!
    Get help!
  • Restore4Life
    Great Podcast!
    Really fantastic podcast. Thank you for the great information that you share with us!
  • iamslumjesus
    Gods bless Sean!
    Extremely close second to my favorite podcast War Room Pandemic! Sean you rock awesome work brother!
  • criped7785
    Keep it up
    I usually like the perspectives on this show however # 64 Juan keeps going round and round, this isn’t how the world works. Sean keep up the good work.
  • Eric Luciano
    Sean always brings the truth!
    Sean thank you for your hard work in continuing to bring the truth to us and your commitment to exposing the darkness of all their agendas for we the people!
  • Mvemjsunp
    Marty Leeds discussion
    Whether you agree with Sean or not, this man makes a lot of sense. Thank God for people like Sean trying to get the truth out there. You decide...✨✝️✨
  • I am the Spaghetti
    True Colors
    Biden has NOT signed an Executive ORDER related to gun control. Nor has Biden signed an Executive ACTION related to gun control. Even if Biden does sign an E.Action, it is different than an E.Order. Do your own research and STOP getting distracted with disinformation like this podcast.
  • Eli#10
    C19 vaccine transmitted
    Thinking about the Covid mRNA vaccine, if it entangles with a persons dna, then can it be passed to another person through sexual contact just like a std? I’m personally not worried about it, I’m happily married and my wife and I are anti vaccine. But I worry more for our children. Not sure if no one is thinking about this or maybe it’s just not possible. I know your not a doctor but you have way more contacts then I ever will. Thanks
  • wewwweewwwww
    One of the best podcasts led by a powerful patriot
    Thank you for everything you do to awaken us. God love you and bless you to the moon and stars!
  • Mis Misty
    Big lie
    Why would anyone STILL be talking about the big lie? You need to look at the legal statements not conspiracy theories.
  • Morc1
    Love the show very informative but she is an idiot!the comparison of what’s happening in America to the Christ death for us is beyond prideful ignorant and most arrogant!
  • imyourmoderator
    What is this?
    Not even complaining about the information, but seven minutes of reading someone else’s article with four minutes of commercials is not a podcast. Most people who’d listen to this already read the article yesterday when it came out. Effort level = 0
  • Jill Zie
    Wow, I never thought America would censor this Podcast and other similar conservative shows. Is this Communist China? This is very scary.
  • howmanynickbsmes?
    The government of God
    recognize the government of God and the blessings of Israel bestowed upon the tribes by the creator who has given us his law, his government. We are created in his image.. America is designed to mimic ancient Israel. So By two or three witnesses all things are established there is spiritual power that falls upon the land. Whatever we open on earth is opened in heaven. Jesus has made us free by bestowing the blessings of his kingship and priesthood upon us.. By the messiahs actions we are all now grafted into the family of God. A nation of Kings and priests.
  • Rollin_Trick
    I don’t agree with everybody political views on both sides but when you start censoring our first amendment rights? let us make the decisions of this true or no. we’re not for violence we just want to hear a different opinion or view...
  • 304512
    There’s not even a way to enter a password. Is this real or another shut down?
  • bcmattes
    Password requested from podcast?
    Hello, just recently told this feed is password protected on podcast? Is this another way to silence the truth?
  • Captain yum yum
    I’m all for questioning the MSM but these wackos are peddling ridiculous conspiracies while failing to bring forth any credible evidence-bunch of idiots but give it a listen if you need a laugh
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