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A Pediatric Podcast here to feed pediatric knowledge food to your adult-sized brain hole & provide weight-based dosings of fun.

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  • Ped in 91107
    Highly recommend
    Love this podcast! I have been in practice for many years but I learn a great deal with each episode. Even if it is about a subspecialty subject I gain better understanding of the topic and learn when to refer and what workup is appropriate.
  • WilliamsVT802
    Get your own labs then 😂
    Just started listening to the pod, love it, learning a lot. I’m an RN at peds hospital. Heard the quip about us drawing labs off the IV. If you don’t get a good discard then obviously the labs will be off. However, our go to on 99% of labs is to get them off the IV as to avoid unnecessary and frankly extremely difficult sticks, especially on kids like this who are likely dehydrated and have terrible veins. So if you want all your sticks to be straight ones we will gladly show you where the needles are. Until then, just make sure you get a good discard. Signed - an RN who’s entire hospital gets labs off of IVs. TY! Love ya.
  • MegPR7
    Informative, helpful, and a dose of laughter as well!
  • MollyNP
    New peds primary care NP here and find these episodes so helpful! Interesting, informative, evidence-based, and funny! A must listen for anyone working in peds! Thank you for providing this information!
  • HaleyGNP
    I’m a NP working in primary care peds and the Cribsiders podcast is part of my daily 1-hour commute and morning routine! The episodes are excellent and I have learned so much! Would recommend to anyone working in peds.
  • Aganon
    Excellent podcast
    This podcast is so informative and well produced. Always useful clinical pearls. The CME credit is such a bonus. Highly recommend.
  • Gearsnsjsjsjsvg
    Huge fan
    Love the show, very well produced!
  • StudentNRSE
    So helpful for my PNP education!
  • Caeesch
    Funny & Smart
    Was blamed for a hole in his parents basement hall.
  • C Pop!
    Perfect work commute listen!
    Tons of relevant pediatric pearls with a side of dad jokes 👌🏽
  • KB, MD
    Crib siders!
    Great podcasts!
  • easttexaspedi
    Davida Wardell M.D.
    My favorite stop. Golden for people who miss academic medicine and work away from it.
  • cincypeds
    Excellent pod
    The pediatric ARDS episodes was outstanding. The perfect depth of physiology and management.
  • RKKiddienurse
    EXCELLENT discussion of the diagnosis and treatment of appendicitis. Glad that race is brought up-to say that problems are the result of socioeconomic issues rather than a physiological reason.
  • PA Beav
    Thank you!
    I’m a USAF Family Med PA - this is a thank you review! I love the curbsiders and when I found out you were going to start cribsiders I hopped right in. The two podcasts really compliment each other and round out a good family med provider - because we see everyone for everything! I really enjoy the format of the podcast, I’m always impressed at the caliber of guests, I learn a ton. I look forward to each episode and I think I’m a better provider because of it. You’re good people. Thank you!
  • Saaj16
    Perfect for pediatrics Residents!!!
  • Calnoc
    David B Gropper, MD
    I’ve been a practicing community pediatrician for over 30 years. These podcasts are phenomenal, concise, relevant, entertaining and informative! Thank you for producing such excellent CME!
  • future PNP
    Phenomenal- do not miss
    This podcast is phenomenal. I love being able to get evidence based, relevant and applicable information on the go (driving, walking, commuting) AND get CME credit for it. Will be a permanent listener. Thank you for providing high quality education!
  • Pbh30
    Must listen
    Im a peds hospitalist. These are a must listen for content and practice changing knowledge. Many podcasts have sent me on tangents from the resources they discuss. Plus its a super easy listen! Hosts are hilarious. Guests are laid back and present in a dialogue format. Ive been sending these to my colleagues.
  • plantstnalp
    Love this
    I’m a PICU RN & just found this podcast… I love it! Great info & fun to listen to! I’m excited to see what future topics you have on your show!
  • evidence please
    Evidence free gender affirming podcast
    I have found most of the podcasts by the cribsiders to be of excellent quality. However I found the evidence free nature of their most recent podcast to be quite concerning. Especially in light of podcasts like “things we do for no reason” where they emphasize the importance of practicing evidence based medicine.
  • SkittyKittie
    Best pediatric podcast so far
    I’m a practicing PA in general peds and studying for my CAQ. I’ve been trying to find a podcast to help supplement my studies for months. Finally found this one and it is perfect for my needs. Fun, conversational, evidence based, and of course there is CME to be gained ;) Thanks to the team for this podcast, keep them coming!!
  • jbstud99
    Absolutely delightful!
    Love how informative and engaging this podcast is! I consider this show an essential component of my education. I look forward to each episode!
  • stepppphers
    This episode was so informative and well presented! As a former community health worker I was trained to ask the ACE questionnaire and was amazed how little I and the community know about trauma informed care and social determinants. I wrote a thesis during nursing school about trauma informed care and how nurses can implement these practices on a daily basis. Thank you for bringing this topic to the show!
  • ktullz
    Great! Love this podcast!
    Love this!! Great overview of these topics! Can’t wait for more to come out ☺️
  • HSM160
    Incredible resource
    As a pediatric resident, I learn best through case based conversations and this podcast has been an incredible educational resource
  • vega-situ
    For pediatric nurses too!
    I’m a nurse for medically fragile children, and I’m so glad that there’s a podcast dedicated to pediatric diseases. It helps me understand and advocate more for the children I care for. Could you also cover Trisomy 18? 😊
  • lilyan9315
    Amazing med peds podcast
    Super learning something new each time and hearing fantastic discussions. An engaging podcast for all
  • Sam25825
    Great podcast
    Great content, great guests.
  • pedires20
    Great podcast for residents
    This podcast is great - they sit down with experts in the field and have a conversation with them. As a pediatrics resident, it offers an opportunity to sit down and take a deep dive into peds topics. The topics are so relevant and they do a great job finding knowledgable and engaging guests. The episodes have a ton of great information - I can’t wait for more episodes to come out!
  • AnjV17
    Educational with expert interviewers and entertaining!
  • Allewelt L
    THE Pediatric Podcast!!
    What a great podcast. I’ve already learned so much and fills a HUGE space on the pediatric podcast side. Looking forward to many more excellent episodes from the cribsiders crew!
  • anoynomous
    Extraordinary Podcast
    Fantastic education on pediatrics topics and such a fun crew! Can’t wait for more!! Every pediatrician should subscribe!
  • KickstaterBacker
    Best New Pediatrics Podcast!
    I've been waiting for years to listen to a pediatric companion to my other favorite medical podcast "The Curbsiders." You guys have hit it out of the park. Love listening to Justin Berk and The Chiu Man bring their Curbsiders experience to this new podcast. Looking forward to what you have in the future!
  • DoctorVataha
    Instant classic
    Sick peds podcast!! Love it. Great info, entertaining format. Can’t wait for more episodes
  • Gerads
    It’s finally here! 🎉🎊🍾
    Weight-based knowledge food for your brain hole. Dr Berk and Dr Chiu are such knowledgeable and personable hosts whom we all know and love from the Curbsiders. They really know how to break down expert information and evidence based medicine pearls for neanderthal clinicians like me. I only wish they had more episodes! This fills a much needed void in the #FOAMpeds podcasting space. Thanks for all that you do! Gerald @ GrepMed
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