The Bald and the Beautiful with Trixie and Katya


The Bald and the Beautiful with Trixie and Katya features a pair of grizzled gay ghouls exploring the cultural boundaries of modern beauty and pop culture through spirited conversations, as well as interviews with gorgeous guests who inhabit various facets of the entertainment industry. From models, moguls, influencers, drag queens, RuPaul's Drag Race contestants to adult performers, actors, and more, Trixie and Katya find the beauty behind the insanity.
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Recent Reviews
    Honest review
    Honestly…she ate
  • Puckasaurus Rexy
    Podcast is Great (except when there are guests)
    Long time listener & I love Trixie and Katya’s dynamic. However, this particular episode with Justin Martindale as the guest is the first time I’ve had to turn the pod off, mid stream, 1) for generally being not funny, and 2) after the guest was a general prude and sex shamer, and more than once. Not funny anecdote about (thinking) he was mistaken for a sex worker, for example. And then making fun of the terms. Or being proud of being “a gay Karen” for getting a steam room shut down for 5 months. Looking forward to turning it back on when Katya returns and the content is good again. Sorry!
  • emmaaa6669
    My favorite podcast and duo ever
  • brinx00
    Love it fabulous
    But the girl in the background needs to stop laughing and tee-hee-ing.
  • Tiddylord69
    Couldn’t live with out it
    Love this podcast and would’ve driven my car head on into an 18 wheeler several times if I didn’t have this show to look forward to <3
  • Angels with Filthy Souls
    Bald and hilarious
    I can’t tell you how many times I’ve almost swerved off the road listening to this podcast. Katia and Trixie make me laugh so hard it tests my bladder strength
  • Tre' From The Bay
    More ads please
    Don’t think there’s enough ads. Please do more. Also that girl laughs too much
  • Diet Vodka
    oh yeah
    this and nymphowars are simply the best
  • samilovelyyyy
    Mary, I’m obsessed!!
    I’ve been obsessed with these two since DR. I’m loving have another platform to listen to their shenanigans.
  • LB SD
    The best and most chaotic brilliant pod out there!
  • Beh.meh
    Worth every penny. I am in love with Katya, also, she is my adopted sister.
  • mollyem333
    From the giggly graphics gal 🫶🏽
    Okay. I AM WHEEEEEZING. I laugh so friggin hard EVERY.EPISODE. But my laugh is a wheeze because I’m in my office cubicle and my civil engineer coworkers don’t need another reason to question what I, the graphic designer, do. I cannot get enough of these two. Truly, you two make my days brighter and make me laugh harder…even if it is a wheeze.
  • Shobijin354
    The dolls are living!!!
    These biological women get me through the beginning of the week with all the laughs I need! 🤣🫶
  • Jamesonzz
    Great laughs every time
    I absolutely love listening to them, so funny every episode
  • tawtaws!
    It’s like hanging with your fun but psychotic friend whenever you’d like
    Love the babes, they are nuts and I’m glad they keep it that way
  • BandBreviewer
    My fav pod!
    Love these girls - they make me laugh so much!
  • 💗Draculara💗
    Trixie and Katya are my favorite queens fun to listen to
  • Justin7s9n6w0a
    Two Rich Old White Men Complain
    This show is literally I just two very successful famous and rush people complaining about everything. They’ll complain it’s too hot, they’ll complain it’s too cold, they’ll complain about how hard it is to Star in a sell out world tour of their own making. The elitism with these two is grating and their disdain for their fans, the general public is palpable. Their lack of relatability is rivaled only by the Kardashians.
  • Daggotry
    More Film Reviews, Please
    Truthfully, I can listen to them talk about anything nothing and hours of incoherent cackling and I do! The movie review episodes are a particular favorite because Katya w likes the same weirdo trash as we are both chain smoking (formerly, in her case) grey ghouls and Trixie is endlessly fascinating.
  • KatHops
    Oh my best friends are in my ears
    Murder shows for manic Sunday cleaning? No more. Thank you TriKat. ….she ate…..
  • liverx
    A godsend
    Wrapping me in bubblegum pink silk and ferrying through my work day. Hilarious, poetic, tangent-filled, wonderfully perfect nonsense. I’m so grateful my housemate recommended this to me
  • Chris2868
    Amazing podcast. My only critique is there definitely could be way more ads :)
  • Two Hot Pleasures
    Never have I left a review on a podcast or laughed so hard
    I cannot stress enough, I have never cared enough to leave a review for a podcast. And I have really loved a decent number of podcasts. When I say, I died, and was resurrected, to die again- BREATHLESS- when they ping pong mimicked the psychotic intro moan of Erika Jayne’s “One Hot Pleasure” - I mean it’s an understatement. And then they continue to randomly insert the moan at perfect moments… i just, cry from the beauty of it all. And that is merely one, of innumerable unbelievable moments of flawless natural comedic genius, that just IS casual conversation between these two. I feel like the inner psychotic sex fiend sanctum of my mind is so seen after listening to them. Nothing is better.
  • semipenguin
    The best drag queen podcast
    I always look forward to hearing a new episode. The chemistry is amazing. I get a good laugh every time.
  • Cini B
    A treasure of a podcast
    Every couple of months I binge all of the episodes, and I continue to crack up every single time!! The humor is dark but they always make sure to bring it back to something hilarious or relatable. The chemistry between Trixie & Katya is undeniable as they can easily bounce off of each other in conversation, they're so fun with or without a guest :)
  • Oscar Santana Lies
    It Doesn’t Matter
    Trixie was great on the It Doesn't Matter Patreon podcast. Really funny stuff
  • Biff P.
    Weak in the knees
    When Katya did “straight guy” voice and then added *egg nog* at the end, I went week in the knees from laughing, and I’m serious. I’m such a fan.
  • Awkward Tofu
    It’s a good podcast but….
    Don’t get me wrong I love Trixie and Katya but there are so many adds!!! Love the podcast tho…
  • Wordfanzzz
    This show has everything. Sexy gay men, ghouls, bird screech laughter, important life topics.
  • Tut85
    Love, but…
    I absolutely love listening to these two and could listen to them talk about absolutely anything. My only critique is that I’d love to hear less interjection (read: laughing, noise) from those in the background. If they want to be on mic and actually contribute, great! But the random laughter dials down the professionalism just a touch.
  • cdr1242
    Croquely madame
    I love the quizzes lol
  • ShWhFan
    I love my girliessss!
    This podcast is my religion. Sad I started so late, but I’m loving going back and getting caught up.
  • md123455
    CRISPY R!!!!!
    the way i have been waiting whole life for someone to identify this or notice it at all. i feel seen
  • naodtt1999
    Poor people rise
    Love them but this pod is literally 75% ads and 25% actual content….. are y’all not millionaires?!?! Also the trixie little girl voice makes me want to commit genocide
  • _giuseppe666
    Freak show
    Disgusting and delusional henny
  • Bhbvdkllnb
    Amazing show but…
    Hands down one of my favorite podcast. However, the Etsy episode is absolute garbage. It’s like the Klarna episode of Unnghhh.
    These Kweens have my bu$$y on fire!
  • Marshmalow12345677899
    Love it here.
  • vico000
    ooh there ain’t no other way
    ooh there ain’t no other way!
  • Kimmay64
    What is wrong with you two??
    I LOVE it!!!!! I come for here information, stories, hilarity, and it's all consistently delivered every single time. Also, can we bring back the expression, "Love your hair, hope you win?" xo, Kim
  • F.Bayona21
    Great podcast!
    This podcast about HVAC and hyperhidrosis hosted by two women is absolutely fantastic! It’s like having drinks with your friends who love going to Dave & Busters and hate tiny fans that don’t actually cool you down but just circulate hot air. Great podcast to listen to when you’re on the 405 South at 7:30am. Highly recommend!
  • laconty
    Freak show
    Disgusting and delusional.
  • Okiedokiedokey
    Stop it
    I want you to know… and your advertisers to know.. that no matter what I’m doing I will stop and take the time to skip the ad reads with that stupid creepy kids voice. It’s not funny, it’s just grating. Stop it.
  • tebrnc
    💕💕💕 one of my fav podcast! So funny.
  • jdjerden
    The best thing that’s come out of podcasts since anal sex. Love love love!
  • udhskeoem
    In love
  • GTexter
    5/5 love it so much
    Katya and Trixie are everything.
  • josbrock1131
    The BEST!!
    Honestly these two calm me & tickle me all at once. All the content they have together & they still find interesting things to talk about. Speaks to their chemistry.
  • kristophermanjarrez
    Katya, Trixie…thank you girl
    You guys are my favorite drag queens to listen to, cuz y’all are old and bald. You guys are so unique! -Actually though, love y’all.
  • Danielson_100
    Not what it used to be
    Don’t get me wrong I love Trixie and Katya, but they ain’t what they used to be. What used to be effortlessly comedic now feels forced, advertorial, and conceited. Yes, I know, this is THIER podcast- but what used to feel like we were laughing along with them now feels like we are intruding into the droning content of their success and vapidity which feels dull and un-engaging. Like the later episodes of ‘Ughnnn’, the newer episodes no longer have the same charm or reliableness as the older ones, which may not be entirely their fault, but is nonetheless disappointing.
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