The Bald and the Beautiful with Trixie Mattel and Katya Zamo


The Bald and the Beautiful with Trixie Mattel and Katya Zamo features a pair of grizzled gay ghouls exploring the cultural boundaries of modern beauty through interviews with gorgeous guests who inhabit various facets of the beauty industry. From models, moguls, influencers, drag queens to adult performers, actors, and more, Trixie and Katya break down the beauty behind it all.Subscribe to the ad-free version: advertising opportunities please email

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  • JenC620
    A small Problem
    I really love the podcast but theres so many ads
  • the Quadfather86
    It's hilarious
    Having never seen a full episode of Drag Race, from any season, I didn't know who these 2 were until seeing them together on YouTube. That sent me down the Trixie and Katya rabbit hole. Needless to say, these 2 together are a total laugh riot.
  • Nicholas Morrisohn
    I —
    Al you need in life. Period.
  • Heather_was_here
    I love listening to these two. I have so much content to catch up on at all times but I will happily shift this pod to the top of my list. 💕
  • ianscottthethot
    Hi bye hi
    Hi. So I’m sure you’re never going to read this, which is fine but I feel like I need to get this off my chest because this is a lil crazy lol. So, first off, this is Ian. I went to Rehab with you at serenity house in Arizona. Second off, feel like you’d be proud to know that I haven’t done any hard drugs in 3 years. Anyways, you were a very pivotal part of my story. LITERALLY because of you I fell in love with ME and my feminity that held me in a mental prison for years which lead me to the confidence I have today which probably lead me to my fiancé lol but anyways, point off all this is I’m doing Ayahuasca with my partner in June and there’s some weird correlations with you always and I don’t feel as though I met you by accident. I feel like this is mother aya confirming to me that she’s finally stepping into my life for all the hard work I’ve done and it started right around when I met you. Idk. I just felt I needed to get that off my chest. I’ll forever love you and appreciate you more than you could ever know. I hope all is well my friend. Xox
  • Mollyanncamilla
    I love this podcast so much, new favorite
  • amrad347
    Katya’ s ad reads
    are hilarious! they caught me off guard in a very fun way.
  • Bemyturtledove
    Mom episodes!
    Loved hearing the gals with their moms!
  • brooke3214
    My two favorite queens, thriving 🥰😍
  • athenaroyalecupcake
    Love them . So amazing.
  • ckellystudios
    This was a good one.
  • Little rat 27
    Ew so ugly and dumb
  • illstarttomorrow
    I can see it now...
    Katya and Katya’s Mom: new podcast weekly. Y’all had me cacklin at work🥴😍🤣🤣
  • Peolguin0227
    Katya’s Mom😍😍😍😍
    Please set her up with her own podcast!!!!
  • puggle5786
    Can’t stop relistening and still gut laughing
    That’s it... this whole series is a wonderful crisp breeze of laughter through the dust of 2021 daily life, but this episode is that much more even brilliant and tears laughing
  • Cnunn92
    Katya’s Mom is Moira Rose
    When Katya’s mom was on the show, all the pieces came together. Nothing in my life has ever made more sense than Pat being Katya’s mom and I don’t know how I imagined anyone else.
  • McVicker9333
    I have truly passed away, this show is too good!
    I adore Trixie and Katya as it is....but the last two episodes wherein they interview their Mothers was such a beautiful, funny and entertaining peak behind the curtain of where these Queens came from. It warmed my heart and reminds me of own unique and miraculous relationship with my own Mom, who created this adoring weirdo. Well done, love the pod and both of you so very much. -Amanda
  • Justcallmed
    Omg it all makes sense now
    Two minutes into the interview it all makes sense on why Katya is how she is.
  • mdenney304
    love lovelove
    omg itslike uhhhnnnwith focusfantasticjustfor the banter and dads are caringin awayyou dontexerence elsewereevendurigthe sexloeitmy exhastwo love this pod the episode with katyas mom was truly upsetting for meoh wellthats on metoo crazy crazy for me still love katya of course
  • pekrauz
    A breath of fresh air in my stoma
    Don’t skip the katya’s mom episode!
  • Calamitykid
    I love a good trans vaginal mesh story mamma Katya.
  • Tomerama
    The Moms
    This was the wildest ride ever. Love the podcast and all you both do. However I had just received my first COVID shot today and thought I may have been on a flashback drug trip listening to Katya and her Mom. Love love love. Haven’t laughed so hard in a long time. Xoxo
  • fowstus
    Katya’s Mom is Wild
    I don’t know what I was expecting but had to step away from work due to laughing too much. Better bits than most comedies.
  • AlizaEss
    Katya’s ads these days leave me on the floor 👻✨👑💫💧 and Trixie’s mom interview is incredible. Stay laid back, Trixie’s moms. Thanks for such incredible content and life moments. You are both so talented and incredible 🔥 UPDATE: The episode with Katya’s mom was a WILD ride! Must listen for all Katya STANS 💖
  • mahkels lady
    I DIE over these two
    These two iconic quick Queens make me LOL each time I listen. The funniest snaps come from them...and the sound effects...STAHHHHP 😂😂😂😂😂too hilarious!!!! Watch their YouTube channel too -Pit Stop - and Trixies’s doc on Netflix - Moving Parts - a MUST watch!
  • Ldeponte
    Look at the material
    The only podcast who’s commercials are worth listening to. Truly the best
  • Tricia1278
    Love these 2 favorite QUEENS!
  • Oh Claire (not Wisconsin)
    I wouldn’t be surprised if we never saw Denise Richards again.
    Trixie & Katya are simply the best. I’m so happy that they’re doing a podcast. (So much safer than me “listening” to UNHHHH in my car.)
  • NuclearVee
    Here for it
    I’m here for the energy! Please do more duo episodes!
  • its gross
    I'm here for the accents
    Love these ladies! Two bona fide cool chix:)
  • yoursoccermomkaren
    i just love listening to my girls in my rotting basement with my rabid rat bring violet back
  • Kyra2286
    lovely content
    it is very nice listening to these two young debutantes coming out into society. however i wish katya could talk more PS when katya reads an ad in an accent it is so great i genuinely enjoy it as much and sometimes more than the actual content. i would listen to her talk forever
  • Greyland Goff
    loved the episode w ur mom she’s so cool
  • mykeyr
    The Katya Kommercial Kommentary (don’t use that as an abbreviation!)
    Please don’t use that as an abbreviation...anyhow...ONLY show I don’t fast forward through the commercials. The Russian wine commercial makes me feel like I’m tuning in to a prime time TV program with the fun campy commercials of the 50s & about a jingle commercial?...too much? And guess what? I may just put the promo code to use with how fun it’s made podcast commercial listening! :)
  • Neku10
    Love it
    Never stop!
  • Alycatteal
    I could listen to Trixie and Katya talk about anything! And I have a feeling anything is going to be an understatement for this podcast.
  • Qw467
    Amazing Podcast
    Please don’t stop making these. I look forward to it every week.
  • JSammTheCat
    So hilarious!
    Love this show and it’s energy! Just waiting for an episode where they invite their moms on because I know it would be amazing.
  • Woos in Thorgy
    C’mon Nosferatu!
    This podcast is perfect. It gives me the fix I need when Unhhhh is on break. These two beauty queens keep me laughing after I’ve listened to too many true crime stories. They are my light at the end of the tunnel. Love you both! Woo!(in Thorgy)
  • pizzac8
    Loving the podcast so far, Mary! I’d love to hear an episode about tattoos.
  • My loves for music
    My favorite show
    Honestly it’s the only thing I can listen at work without killing myself I love you guys so much keep being funny and stupid
  • SadieRose,SheHulk
    She’s a Merchant!
    Hearing Katya fly through the copy for those commercials ... ooo wee... not only do I NOT fast forward through them, but I’m even tempted to MAKE A PURCHASE! *gah!* 😯 Goddess bless these women!!!!!!!!! 👑🙌🏽🌈🫒
  • aeriellane
    Just the BEST.
    Love these two and their chemistry. Katya CRACKS me up with her voices- makes me even want to listen to the ads. They’re my favorite drag queens. I look forward to this podcast every week. KEEP IT UP.
  • janaudkil
    Flawless duo
    I couldn’t be more happy these two finally have a podcast together 💓
  • Elrondotron
    I mean..
    Its Trixie and Katya. Always pure entertainment.
  • E.T 14
    Party ❤️
    Most delightful podcast in existence with two of the most gorgeous and hilarious humans in existence.
    The best podcast out there today
    Every single Tuesday morning I hate my life a little less because I know that a new episode of this pod is going to drop. Every episode, with or without guests, makes me literally laugh out loud. Every form of Trixie and Katya content is gold, because they mesh so well together and even if they’re talking about the weather, their personalities still shine and they make it interesting. Top episodes I recommend so far: Brittany Broski (pls do more with her, y’all), Fena Barbitall, Alaska, Pearl, Jada/Heidi, and Ashley from the Blah Blah Blahs
  • Rexifries456
    I have yet to listen to an episode that I haven’t loved. Trixie and Katya you both are amazing and your comedy and banter is endlessly entertaining and refreshing. Love y’all :’)
  • TappedSerraAngel
    Visual ideas
    I don’t believe everyone wants to see you in drag on the pod but just in your boy looks. We never get to see the Brians
  • Luna Lunita Lunera
    Life Inspo
    My heart is full. The episode with Pearl was perfection. Good for her! *tears*
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