The Bald and the Beautiful with Trixie Mattel and Katya Zamo


The Bald and the Beautiful with Trixie Mattel and Katya Zamo features a pair of grizzled gay ghouls exploring the cultural boundaries of modern beauty through interviews with gorgeous guests who inhabit various facets of the beauty industry. From models, moguls, influencers, drag queens, RuPaul's Drag Race contestants to adult performers, actors, and more, Trixie and Katya break down the beauty behind it all.
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Recent Reviews
  • MegAries
    Ur mean Ralph.
  • Cini B
    My favorite podcast
    I love Trixie and Katya so much and this podcast is as amazing as they're series UNHH. This podcast is my favorite to listen to when driving, I laugh so hard and I also cry when they talk about serious topics which is rare but when they do they express what we're all thinking. To this day I relisten to their podcast with River Ramirez & Patti Harrison, one of the funniest podcast episodes ive ever listened to. It's a chaotic dark humor that I can't find anywhere else
  • CNonyem
    Makes my day and week😁
    Love Trixie and Katya! They are hilarious and insightful! Their honesty, openness and transparency are the hearts of this podcast. I wish they would post twice a week. If you love their drag and personality even a tiny bit, give this pod a listen. I prefer when they don’t tap to guests except for the episode with their Uhhh producers. I love their kiki with one another. I also appreciate their opinions on politics and social issues even though they try to avoid it. It’s ok ladies. I agree with y’all’s perspective on the dumpster fire that is America at the moment.
  • sarahwheeler
    A judgment free zone to laugh your balls off
    One of my favorite podcasts to listen to when I just need to feel like I’m with friends. I always find myself chuckling, and I love the hilarious perspectives. I also really appreciate how hard Trixie and Katya work to make this a safe and inclusive space. Truly, they’re the right way to be “woke.”
  • Trapped in ky
  • every god ever
    I don’t think so.
  • DragHer
    Uuhhhhh wrapped in 40min of commercials
    That’s it. They’re still likable… most of the time.
  • redwolfhopw
  • AmazingReviewerBoi
    One of the best, obviously.
    i listen to a lot of pods at work and girl… i have yet to find a podcast anywhere near as funny/relatable to listen to as this one. every episode leaves me wanting more, because they’re one of those iconic duos that you can never get enough of. which is sooo crucial for a podcast. ily both and thank u for all the laughs 🫶🏼 if ur a gay man especially or love unhhhh, you’ll love this podcast. 69/10 fr.
  • nmastrom
    Always funny and entertaining!
    This podcast is such a great platform Trixie and Katya to share their hilarious happenings, I’m always laughing whenever I have it on!
  • Anna Reichel
    my favorite
    My favorite podcast. Every episode is just pure entertainment and they are both so smart and funny.
  • nevi dance
    I seen all them
  • Sue me...
  • Sadie_Kay
    As a mountain biking vampire witch from the future, I love Trixie and Katya the most.
  • ashley8299
    hi moms!
    love u! (also stop complaining about ads y'all. u can skip thru them. let these women make their coin)
  • Jazz.mae26
    Used to love.. just 80% ads now
  • Shawnyb0y
    Hilarious! Just gotta skip all the ads.
    The amount of ads is somewhat overbearing, ladies. Especially at the beginning. So I think most of us just skip them. And then what’s the point? Your advertisers aren’t getting what they paid you for. Do you enjoy being subjected to over five minutes of repetitive ads before you watch something you care about? Nonetheless thank you for all the laughs!
  • Glitter Dragon
    A relief
    When I start each episode i toggle out 5-8 min. and rewind at 15 second intervals. Every sound bite is hilarious with no context whatsoever. Makes life a little better
  • Nhearn123
    Adds, Adds, ADDS
    Great content, but OVER FIVE MINUTES of adds in the beginning of the podcast frustrates me SO much.
  • mcshe
    My favorite HVAC podcast
    Love these girls
  • Hnimrick33
    The Ads
    I love Trixie and and Katya and could listen to these two talk about nothing for hours, however this podcast really is starting to just feel like a cash grab. The amount of ads is unlike any other podcast I listen to where I literally have to fast forward thru 5 minutes of fully relatable ads to even start the show.
  • foxygrandpaa420
    Love listening to these two so much!!
  • Razmikapple
    best pastime
    i am not a podcast person, i never followed any podcasts before but i am always happy to hear these two talk and kiki together every few weeks or so and it’s so entertaining and calming. i have been listening to this podcast since it started and never miss an episode. i can listen to them while working or studying or at a gym, or be fully immersed in their conversations. they are so important to me and have taught me so many life lessons and im just so grateful that such successful performers, comedians and artists are putting out all this amazing work out there for us to enjoy.
  • rj_rq
    Hit or miss
    The guests are hit or miss. The Patti & River episode was like listening to the annoying theater kids who think they’re better than everyone else do terrible improv. But the quality of the recording for this episode was absolutely terrible.
  • applefreak1616
    fun but ADs?
    i don’t know many podcasts that start with 5 minutes of ads … fun though
  • Ca-Caw!🦤
    Best frens ❤️
    I appreciate every bit of content you two out out together and alone, and I gobble it all up!! Thank you thank you thank you❤️
  • The Ehrets
    Love it & healing
    Thank you so much for just being yourself. This podcast is just two friends hanging out. It’s really helped me through my cancer treatment as I listen to it during tests and procedures.
  • rosie955555
    I love it !
    I listen to this at work! I think it be awesome if Rupaul was on the podcast!
  • AmpedAddict
    I can’t
    I love this podcast and these ladies, but I can’t handle the noises of people eating and drinking. Katya is probably one of the worst with this and thank god they have never eaten on the show, but today that changed and I am out. It’s so rude to be making all those sloppy noises while Trixie is talking as well.
  • PrinceUnicorn
    Genuine Conversation
    Let me start by saying I never review Podcasts. I will also say that I adore these performers. My only critique is that you both could stand to listen to each other more and be more curious about what the other is saying. I think this goes both ways; Trixie is often on her own cloud speaking about experiences that are fun to listen to but it could stand to be a little more grounded and she could also show an ounce of interest in Katya. Katya is also on her own cloud, likely tired of not being asked anything so she is disengaged and, as a result, doesn’t have to focus on being virtually ignored by her cohost. These two are interesting people, they have fascinating and very different pasts, and they are both becoming more and more famous. Talking to each other about your lives, how they are changing, what old habits are sticking, where you’re growing, what you’re learning, how your performing is changing - these would all be compelling conversations. Recounting what it’s like to live on a bus for hundredth time or (god love ya) how effective or ineffective a venue’s air conditioning is, is not interesting.
  • DN38415
    They rock!
    Such a fun show to listen to. I look forward to every new episode that comes in.
  • Nohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    I’m Sadly Over Trixie
    Katya is a perfect angel baby and I wish her nothing but warmth and comfort and love for all her days. Trixie constantly talks about her fans like we are idiots. It is really insulting and not cute. She just seems so conceited and pretentious and I’m just over her (and I’ve been an adoring fan for years). Trixie, just go hang out with Lisa and Iggy and make music and stop talking. It’s not funny anymore and you’re just rude and have a huge head.
  • mikebeacham1127
  • EveringAmber
    Currently listening…
    I finally decided to listen to this podcast because I love Trixie & Katya. Currently catching up to two years worth of content and omg I’ve never laughed harder at a podcast before… Love the interviews, jokes, movie quotes, tips, advice. I LIVEEE!!
  • JohnBPowell
    These people need mental help, not an applause
    This is disturbing to everyone, even the people pretending to be on board with it. Get help not an audience
  • jaevans52
    You better not stop. I love this podcast no matter what you talk about you make it entertaining.
  • Dpbrasil
    I love these ladies so funny
  • cramm1180
    Much needed
    These bishes are A-Ok!
  • Hungry in GB
    Jimberly Kimbull
    Enough said.
  • peepeeg
    Less ads
    My brother in Christ, trixie you’re already a millionaire, do I need to listen to 4 minutes of ads before the podcast starts?
  • AmyCole94
    New fan
    I just discovered Trixie and Katya (yes, I do live under a rock). I’ve been binging all of their content and loving every second! I’ve been listening to this podcast while at work and walking around laughing to myself. My co-workers are concerned🤔 so many of their stories remind me of my acting school days. They were the best of times 🙌🏻 anyways, back to listening and laughing to myself.
  • che2be
    So many commercials now
    This podcast is full of commercials now…. such a shame. Some that advertise predatory loan shark companies? Disappointing given the statics of those companies.
  • baddiemaddieladdie
    Do I listen to this show while planning for my freshman English class?
    Yes. The answer is yes. This beautiful monstrosity of a podcast keeps me sane while trying to plan a lesson that makes fourteen-year-olds even slightly excited to write an essay. Trixie and Katya scratch an itch in my brain that helps me more than my ADHD medication. Basically, I think I need to pay them for the psychotherapy they’re currently giving me for FREE. Thanks for making my lessons unhinged and my brain ten-times more optimal to teach freshman English at a rural, conservative high school. See you in Saint Louie this summer, ladies.
  • luke_larue
    Amazing show!!!
    I listen to this every morning before work. Your show really makes my day less hellish 💙
  • granruPoppy
    I love you two, however…
    The sound quality, lately. It is annoying to my ear bones and please go back to making good sound. 💕
  • oliviadaddy
    They’re bald & they are in fact beautiful.
  • M.K.J.
    So beautiful—
    They’re like Janie Lee Curtains almost!
  • DivineIno
    You are saviors
    I was about to jump off a cliff but thank goodness this bussy is gaping
  • hoeveta
    I mean, who doesn’t love Katya and Trixie
  • TheMissbean
    My Fav Pod
    This podcast makes me laugh the whole time. I absolutely adore these two.
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