The Bald and the Beautiful with Trixie Mattel and Katya Zamo


The Bald and the Beautiful with Trixie Mattel and Katya Zamo features a pair of grizzled gay ghouls exploring the cultural boundaries of modern beauty through interviews with gorgeous guests who inhabit various facets of the beauty industry. From models, moguls, influencers, drag queens to adult performers, actors, and more, Trixie and Katya break down the beauty behind it all.Subscribe to the ad-free version: We wanna make the podcast even better, help us learn how we can:  For advertising opportunities please email   Privacy Policy: 

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  • Fr0nts
    My new favorite podcast
    These ladies are honestly 2 of my favorite people. They’ve gotten me through some really dark times. I love them both so much and I’m so excited to catch up on all the episodes!
  • timmygatl
    Truly Laugh Out Loud
    I am a huge fan of Unhhhh!! I am so happy to have found this. Trixie and Katya are hysterically funny and real. And not afraid to be honest about themselves and others. Thanks Ladies!
  • Shizkid
    New podcast listener
    Just made it to the Mother’s Day episodes and I’m cracking up at Katya’s mother starting to sound like Derrick Barry at the haters roast. I love this podcast so much.
  • Hootie51
    I mean, it’s Katya and Trixie (in alphabetical order); the pinnacle of drag excellence 💅 Of course their Podcast is amazing. I live, laugh, and love. Keep up the good work, ladies!
  • Alexandriajoan91
    Would you have the power…
    … to have the dudes from Workaholics on the POD ?? They also have a POD (This is Important) and I think you two chickadees would VIBE with the energy that they bring 💝
  • Joey37428
    Best Podcast
    Katya and Trixie’s podcast is the best one out there! Absolutely love it and them!
  • Butt dragon
    love this podcast but the misgendering in the sarah ep. is just wrong. it was continual and wouldn't stop after so many corrections by sarah..
  • airspells
    We love to hear it
    Of course it goes without saying that Trixie and Katya are incredible, buuut there is an occasional questionable guest that T&K have no chemistry with that makes for an unenjoyable episode. And by that I mean Sarah Schauer, that really was a rough spot.
  • it's me, samm
    shine on
    i would listen to these two fart into the mic and wheeze at each other for a 7-hour roadtrip
  • JDC2537
    Great Show - questionable guest recently
    Awesome show! Usually great guests that bring different life experiences and stories. But wanted to call out the Shauer guest (honestly forgot her name) was just bad casting. I couldn’t finish the episode as it was unbearable to hear the clear lack of chemistry, no intersecting stories or personality and Brian/Brian’s failed attempts to engage them.
  • jadsrucmches
    I think a very important note that T&K need to take and ive read other people have talked about it, is the mic issue, from watching the pod ive seen the audio go in and out for trixie whenever katya was talking at the same time (this was the ep with Sarah) it might be a noise canceling feature that is causing the problem. non the less i enjoy the topics they talk about and it’s very enjoyable to see T&K interactions together. also i dont really enjoy the solo eps and that’s not to say that they can’t be alone and not entertaining but i like this podcast bc i like to hear / watch T&K interact with each other, they’re just a really good duo imo. love you girls.
  • Abraham Gama
    Questionable audio
    Unfortunately I am not intrigued enough with the solo episodes. Some episodes it sounds like Trixie is sitting on a rolling chair and scoots in and out and in and out with each word she speaks. Constant increase and decrease of audio. Also pls erase the episode Katya did for Mother’s Day... that gave me a permanent migraine
  • ave.
    CONVULSIVE COMEDY !!!!!!! however-
    LOVE LOVE LOVE T&K BUTT HATE HATE HATED THE SHAUER GUEST … pleash, pleash no mo’ dumb tick tong or gen cheeze or whatever it was unbearable
  • Emzy biscuit Hildete
    Bald, beautiful, and curing my depression
    My favorite podcast and pretty much the only thing keeping me going right now. Intrusive thoughts? Just drown them out with Trixie and Katyas screech laughs. Stuck with straight people 🥴? Bring the queer spaces right to your earlobes. Thank you for everything y’all do. Much love from boston <333
  • dew melon
    The episode with Jeff had me rolling. I live for Violet and Bob, always
  • YourMomsLasagna82
    I love yinzes!!!
    You know I love y’all more than my luggage but PLEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAASSSSSE stay on mic. Like….y’all will be talking and it sounds like you both are constantly just moving your heads back and forth, so the sound comes in and out. That’s it, that’s my ONLYEST complaint.
  • brookesimonds
    I have never laughed so hard at a podcast.
    Katya and Trixie are my absolute new favorite duo. I cry laughing everytime I listen. I love how Katya calls Trixie “Mary” 😂😂 LOVE these two!
  • dustywinters
    If Your Will to Live is Weak
    Listening to this podcast is a how to in remembering that laughter is real, your tribe is out there, and dark humor can lighten moods. Enjoy b*tches (´◉◞౪◟◉)
  • Rdarnold
    I can’t stop listening…
    The Katya/Trixie chemistry is alive in this podcast more than I ever expected it be. So much fun. I CANNOT GET ENOUGH.
  • dblwb253
    Too many commercials in latest episode
    Title says it all
  • AshleyMarieMC
    Dear chick who said this was trash,
    You’re likely trash in some way. (It’s okay, we all are sometimes!) See you’re self out. It’s a goddamn masterpiece.
  • Belize the Butch Qween
    Half of the show is ads…
  • 👁‍🗨👄👁‍🗨___/☕️
    Why bald? Why old?
  • D.m. C.
    Usually good !
    Love the newest episode where katya is alone because I finally get to hear her finish a sentence . More of that !
  • Filmuzik
    Such chemistry!
    These two friends are so much fun to listen to… Even when they are just prattling about nothing in particular. The true miracle of the show is that Katya’s ad reads are actually entertaining. Well done!! So glad you decided to do this, and the YouTube video version is a nice bonus
  • KSid9
    *twilight zone sound effect*
    The guests are great but honestly I am loving just listening to hours of Katya talking about her wild psychoactive drug treatments. Also the ads are godawful but Katya’s demented voices makes them semi-worth listening to.
  • KenZie3300
    Lord help me
    I was today years old when I realized it’s the BALD and beautiful, not the BOLD and beautiful. I’ll see myself out. No but really you’re doing great sweeties.
  • Hguhuhi
    i especially love brian
  • ryuu-chan
    Hi Flop
    Sucking DI*K and C**K!
  • Klmcdnald
    Satiating, validating, gratifying hilarity
    At last, a juicy dollop of beloved femme fatales, Katya & Trixie, straight to your ear holes. Everything you crave about uhnn but more. Thank you for the laugher ladies, we all need it. Update: I reviewed this on ep 1 and just want to add I’m STILL hooked!! This is the only podcast that I don’t fast forward on the ads because Katya’s ads are so entertaining!
  • 19erik85
    I’m so glad they’re doing a podcast
    Because I was getting carpal tunnel from their videos
  • Wclydedd
    The Greatest Podcast of All Time
    Pure serotonin. Moments of extreme insight scattered within episodes filled with absolute shenanigans and tomfoolery. Two time-worn buffoons—eroded by the sands of time—sharing revelatory and universally applicable insight, packaged within a post-political and trans-cultural sea foam, netscape fantasy. Pure serotonin. I’ve listened to each episode at least twice.
  • manda_panda710
    Love you
    Love you two!! But the commercials are horrible!
  • glittercheese
    Perfect but omg long commercials
    The commercials are soooo long. Come on.
  • PonchoAzulGarcia
    One of my favorite podcasts
    I risk death on a freeway to skip through Katyas ad reads though
  • DannyBoyWonderQ
    Condom broke
    And Shangela was robbed hahaha
  • LauraBlackbird
    Guaranteed to make me laugh
    Huge huge fan of Trixie and Katya and absolutely anything did they do. I adore this podcast format so I can throw on headphones and get stuff done around the house, answer emails, whatever, and always finish in a better mood than I was when I started. These Epic Queens are hilarious & the chemistry between the two of them, their ability to play off one one another, never fails to deliver comedic excellence -with some very legitimate deep thoughts and wisdom at the same time!
  • happy35649
    my god...
    after listening to this podcast i have found what true beauty is...Trixie & Katya the best & epitome of perfection! thank god for these natural women
  • mr.hea16
    One part mad I didn’t know this existed until now.. two parts excited I have something to binge.. it’s so good !
  • Tacky.mob
    THIS IS IT!!!
    I love Trixie and katya, I love them on uhhhh I love them on drag race, the pit stop, Netflix, point, blank, period!! They bring this amazing energy to the table and have the best relatable conversations ever!! Trixie and katya can tie me up and water torture me and I’d live for it!!!!
  • jlimandri
    Not my first choice
    I love both of these two together, especially on their YouTube Channel. I also find them very interesting on their own. For some reason, this podcast isn’t doing it for me. I personally haven’t been a fan of many of the guests. Them together talking about random topics is how I like it. AND, Katya’s ad reads are enough to stop listening. She speaks so closely into the mic it’s excruciating, especially with an accent. I will continue to listen but i encourage them to listen to feedback.
  • 313_313_313
    The Ads, The Ads, The Ads
    I’ll be the one to say it: the ads are irritating. Too many of them, too long, and as much as I love our beloved Lady of Katya; that voice is annoying in such abundance. If we must have 4-6 ads per episode, make them quick. It seriously breaks up the momentum of the podcast
  • cryingbff7
    Fun, silly, perfect
    Thanks flops!
  • blueribbonwoods
    Two biological women busting beauty’s balls
    This podcast is so great, it revived my dead husband!
  • donbo615
    Terrible Ad Reads
    Katyas ad reads are so awful I make note of the products she’s talking about to NOT purchase them, then fast forward. Really really joyless and bad 👎
  • thequeensfool5
    The only podcast where the ads are as entertaining and funny as the show!
    The only podcast where the ads are as entertaining and funny as show. Love it!
  • amberkaeee
    I love you Queens!
    So fun 😊❤️
  • Judy ❤️ Erika
    Good Review
    Love,love,love you ladies!!!
  • BarnacleBoy2020
    Infectious laughter
    Half the time I’m laughing and have no idea. Always leaves me better :)
  • IamRoyalty36412
    This is absolutely one of my favorite podcasts. I look forward to next weekly episodes!!!!!
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